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"I have two fetuses inside me is that another name for a certain type of cancer, Is that the bad or ok kind."

"Well it can be good or bad what ever way you take it and it means you're pregnant" He said

It ranged it my head 'You're pregnant'O-H M-Y G-O-D! I couldn't think of anything to say so I did this.



"Wait, Wait Yamaguchi-san I know this extreme for you now, you have to be calm and listen though." He said trying to calm me.

" Yes, yes I'll try" I took a few breaths and I was feeling better well, as good as you could be when you find out you're pregnant and wasn't expecting it.

" Ok, well when was the last time you had sex" He said seriously.

"On June 23rd "I blushed

" OK,so you are on the beginning of the 3rd month and in your first trimester about to move on to your second" He paused and looked at my face for something and I guess he found it because he started talking again.

"In your 9th month you should give birth but, you never know you could have earlier or later" He said in thought

"Ok" I said

"Man, this is so stressing how am I going to tell everyone" I said

"It's better not to be stressed you could miscarry because you blood pressure would be to high, unless you want to abortion the baby." He said worried

"I would never abortion a child!" I said

He smiled and said " I knew you would say that"

I blushed and said " Well... you know I couldn't do that it would be you know"

" I know what your trying to say" He smiled

"Well I have to go, when you leave go to the front desk and ask for your next appointment, oh and before I forget you need to get the medicine you need for your pregnancy." He said and exited the door.

"I can't believe this happened and with him, why couldn't I be more responsible then" I said out loud.

" Well, I might as well go" I said after standing up

I walked to the front desk and they had different people than before. So I asked for the paper.

"Can, I have the paper with my next appointment and my medicine?" She handed me the paper and medicine.

"Here you go, and have a good day." The lady said

" Yeah Right." I said mumbling to myself before leaving. I exited the door and walked to the school way to go home. 'I can't believe this is happening in to me in one day my life then changed drastically how am I going to tell everyone about this my students', grandfather. and Sawatari and the teachers. I will never to be able to be with Natsume'.'Oh! I almost forgot how am I going to tell Kuma and he knows the person the baby's for OMG! I forgot that Sawatari knew him too! i could feel my head spinning from all the thoughts but, I knew one thing the teachers could not find out about this are Sawatari would know'. Before, I knew it I was already at the door of my house.' Man I must been in deep thought the whole walk just went on by'. I entered the house and then what I seen oh my goodness, they where running around saying.

" We can't find Ojou anywhere if anyone kidnapped we are going to kill them" They all said in unison with swords in there hands. I sweat dropped 'I can't believe this Oh wait, I can. My Grandfather trying to calm them down said.

"I'm sure my Granddaughters fine where ever she is right now, she not a child she can take care of herself" Kuroda says. Unbeknownst to them I was standing right there so I tried to get there attention.

"UN! UN! COUGH! COUGH! I'M RIGHT HERE!" They all stopped their ministrations and looked at me and dropped the swords.

" Where have you been Ojou?" Tetsu said in a concerned voice

"Out, umm.. getting some medicine for... the... headache I had this morning and I wanted to see Natsume so I went to the hospital by the school to get it" I said excitedly holding up the bag with the medicine trying to get my lie straight.

"Now, I'm about to take this pill then go to bed I'm tired SO LEAVE ME ALONE!." I said sharply before sighing well at least that sentence was true. I went to the kitchen and got me some water opened the bag and opened the pill bottle took one out and getting the water, tossing the pill before drinking some water and swallowing it with the pill. Then, went to my room. I took off my glasses and took my hair out of the pigtails and sat on my bed and thought about the events today 'It has been a long day'. I laid down and before you knew it I was asleep on the bed.

I just had got off the plane to California , it had been a easy flight for me I slept through everything so I am wide awake right now. I walk over to the bar and sat down and ask the ask the man."Can I have a Margarita please?"


'Oh! I forgot I have to speak English, oh yeah I have a Japanese to English book'. I put my hand in my purse and search for the book. When I find it I open and look for somethings to say.

"Sorry, I-mean-Can-I-please-have-a-Margarita-please" I say slowly ' Clearly I didn't listen in my English classes'.

"Yes, Mam coming right up".He made the drink and handed it to me and I took it to go. I walked out of the bar and walked looking for the exit in the Airport, I found the exit and left the Airport.

When I was on the road I remembered that free ticket I got for a hotel from the school. I went in my luggage and pulled out the brochure and looked at the map and let it guide my way to the Hotel - West Gates. It took me hours before I saw a big sign saying 'West Gates' I had been finished with my drink so, I was tired. I entered and walked in only to see nobody was at the desk yet, I hurried up and walked up to the desk. I was glad I hurried because people started filling in behind me. I looked in my luggage for the ticket. It was hard to find it so when I finally found it and this idiot stepped in front of me.

"Hey buddy what do you think your doin". I said in my yakuza voice while touching his shoulder.

"well you was taki..." He said turning around.

I gasped"Shin"!

Suddenly I was wide awake. Oh, oh now I know when they say dreams come from your conscious it is true.

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