"...it's not just a story, every word of it is true..."

Concentration, that was the key. Standing in line, suppressing the ever growing internal energies metabolised from the Time Vortex that would instantaneously break down his body to the quantum level and rebuild it again.

"...and she fell in love with this man, called John Smith. Except he was a visitor. From another world ..."

Should have cut another hand off. He knew Time Lords that had gone around being called 'Lord Stumpy' for five thousand years at a time. Would the New Him remember to go to a hardware store and get a power saw? Better write a note.

The new author, already growing disillusioned with the 'glamour' of the book tour, didn't even look the buyer in the eye.

"And who's it for?"

"The Doctor."

"To... the Doctor... Funny, that was the name he used ..."

Verity stopped, and looked up at the face that was dead identical to the drawings in her great-grandmother's diary. She desperately prayed that this ancient powerful creature didn't believe in copyright violation.

"Was she happy? In the end?"

"...Yes. Yes she was."

The Doctor smiled.

"... well, as much as an unwed mother in 1915 can be ..."

Never before has so much brain power been applied to simple arithmetic.

Verity decided that something else needed confessing. "Listen ... an advance copy was sent to a producer in Hollywood ... it's going to be turned into a movie ..."

Well, that was a bright spot in the Doctor's otherwise despondent day.

"Something about getting The Time Traveller's Wife crowd along with the Twilight teens ..."

Who was going to play him? A tough guy branching out to a challenging role? A character actor wanting to put another feather in his cap? A comedian with a solid radio background, wanting to embrace a dramatic role? Or an up and coming young actor with critical Shakespearian acclaim taking on the part of his dreams?

The Doctor stopped mentally casting himself when he realised that Verity's expression mirrored that of one Jo Grant when she confessed to completely destroying eighteen months of work.

"... and you have to realise ... casting the lead, especially for a first time author, is completely out of my hands ..."

"Who ... who's going to play me ...?"

Verity didn't look to happy "I swear, I didn't ..."

The Doctor leaned over the table "Tell. Me."

Verity bit the bullet.

"Shia LaBeouf."


The explosion in the London bookstore claimed no lives but did a significant amount of property damage. MI5 stated there was no evidence of a bombing, but security footage revealed that one young man literally exploded in a plume of flame, although no trace of his body or identity could not be found.

Oddly enough, a close up with digital enhancement revealed the expression on the man's face was that of pure relief.