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~Celestial Body of Conflict~


"Watch your language, young lady."

"Then watch your tongue, you old man!"

"I resent that," sniffed the Doctor as he leapt around the console of the TARDIS. "I'm not even a thousand human years old yet—I'm practically in the prime of my life in Time Lord years."

Rose stared at him with crossed arms, a disbelieving eyebrow raised at the not-quite-human male scurrying around frantically. He paused as he felt eyes roll behind his back. The Doctor popped his head around to frown at the blonde woman before moving around once more.

"Sorry, Doc. I'm pretty tolerant and believing these days, but come on. There can't possible be a planet made of fire and ice. That's the stuff of fairytales!"

"Just wait and see this then," the Doctor said smugly as he slammed down a lever with excessive force, presumably being the one that halted the rumbling motions of the TARDIS. Rose recognized the not-so-small thump of the vessel as an indication that they had finally landed. "We've landed at the Celestial Body of Conflict!"

Rose barely had a moment to blink before the Doctor was pulling on his long, brown overcoat, his hand eagerly gesturing for her to join him at the door. He politely paused in his childish excitement to open the door open for her.

As she turned to thank him, the words stopped in the middle of her throat. And for good reason. Her eyes were captivated by one of the most beautiful and terrifying things she could ever have imagined.

The ground before her was like a winter wonderland, all snow and ice, pristine white that seemed to stretch for miles. So pure and clean that it burned her retinas. In contrast, the sky was blood red, the sun far too close to the planet, but somehow not affecting the fluffy snow below. It looked as if Hell was coming in contact with Heaven itself. There were dark clouds of dust and rock hovering above like sick imitations of clouds, smoke billowing wildly while delicate snow flakes swirled around Rose as she stepped out of the blue police box.

Though the majority her attention was captured by the sight before her, she still heard the Doctor's crunching footsteps in the thick snow as he walked behind her. She jumped slightly as the warmth of a jacket covered her shoulders, the Doctor slipping it on her to protect her from the chilly air that had slipped her notice. His cheerful voice was explaining things from behind her.

"It's not a natural occurrence. The locals of the neighboring star system had the technology and the inclination to create such a place. Tweaking the gravitational pull and the protective skin of the atmosphere, and ta-da! Their favourite food grows in ice, but needs constant sunlight. This is their compromise to farm it. It's quite a money maker."

"I don't see any food or plants, but it's so incredible anyway." The young woman watched her breath puff out in front of her with interest, the swirls of white quickly fading.

"The Kaido—that's who founded the planet's renovation—are slightly telepathic, you know. They're also a distasteful bright orange colour, but that's beside the point. Poor things have to follow the dress code the Emperor sets. Democracy won't come for them until the Great Assassination Fallout in about a century." The Time Lord ran a hand through his unruly mane of brown spikes, apparently not hearing how he was rambling on.

"Umm... okay?" Rose turned around slightly so the Doctor could see that she didn't actually get what he was going on about.

"Yep, sorry, got off track. Anyway, they sent out images of their plans for the universe to see, and Earth was hit with some of the aftershocks. Throughout history, certain people with the correct mind waves heard their message."

"Are you implying...?"

"Yeah, I am. The Bible talks of an afterlife of fire or ice. Early Christians had the visions mistakenly implanted. Have you heard of Dante? Famous writer? His acclaimed piece Inferno practically screams with the influence of the Synchronblaze planet. 'A lake so bound with ice, it did not took like water, but like a glass ... right clear I saw, where sinners are preserved in ice'," quoted the Doctor merrily. "If we take a stroll, we'll see that lake soon. It's dubbed by the tourists as Mirror Lake. But locals like to call it the Devil's Reflection."

"Doesn't that simply sound cheery?" Rose laughed, but she couldn't help feel slightly apprehensive.

"Oh!" The Doctor clicked his fingers together excitedly. "Robert Frost! Lovely bloke, met him in the early nineteen-twenties. Had the worst visions, but he hid them nicely. 'Fire and Ice' was another example of humans being much too easily swayed by aliens." The Doctor paused to wink cheekily at Rose, who simply rolled her eyes with lips quirked in amusement.

"I know that poem. In grade school, I had to recite it. Actually, I still know it:

'Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Blimey, it's depressing."

"That it is—" Whatever the Doctor planned on saying next was cut short as the ground appeared to disappear from beneath his feet. Rose watched helplessly before she was jolted down too, her feet unable to find purchase on the suddenly wet, slick ground.

Down and down they tumbled, like some unwanted slide formed with them as the first passengers. All too quickly the ride ended in a slosh of icy water, Rose choking as she struggled to stay afloat.

Rose looked up and saw fire, but all she could feel were shards of ice piercing her body, the cold water stabbing at her like tiny knives. The water around her was crimson, whether a reflection of the sky or dyed with her blood, it was impossible for her to tell. She was in pain, disorientated, and so cold.

So very cold...

Strong arms caught her around her middle and she felt herself being dragged out, her head occasionally diving under the water as her savior struggled with the lumps of ice barring their way. She faintly heard the Doctor calling her name, telling her that everything was going to be okay...

Upon awakening, Rose saw she was swaddled in blankets, close to a blazing fire. She was in a cave, a small one judging by the strange way the fire flickered and the light reflected from the walls. Across from her, she caught a glimpse of the Doctor, his face serious and almost contorted in a painful expression of worry and concern before it was wiped clear by the most relieved smile she'd ever seen on him.

He saw that she was awake and couldn't help but feel the crushing pressure on his hearts lift.

"Doctor," she tried to talk, but her voice was a weak croak.

"Shh," murmured the Doctor as he took her temperature, and checked her pupils using his sonic screwdriver as a penlight. "You swallowed a lot of water and passed out from the cold. I recommend you stay quiet for a bit."

Rose nodded, but her eyes were asking the question her voice could not.

The Doctor sighed heavily, sitting back with his arms propping him up. "I don't know what happened. There isn't meant to be water on this planet. It's meant to be at constant freezing temperature. At first, I thought it was simply a minor, temporary malfunction of the circuits, but then—" He motioned weakly at the fire.

"There's wood here," he continued with a confused, frustrated tone. "There only plant life that could possibly grow here is a spiny vine plum. And I can't find that anywhere. All I can see are oak trees. Which makes no sense; they cannot survive these conditions."

"Why not ask someone about it?" It killed Rose to talk, but she felt the need to help overpower the reluctance to irritate her throat.

She swallowed dryly as she met the Doctor's dark, worried eyes. "That's the other thing," he muttered darkly, the joking attitude from before replaced by harsh seriousness. "The entire planet, including the headquarters that's meant to be manned 24/7; it's totally deserted. We're alone. And I can't find the TARDIS."

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