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Memories on Mac's Desktop

Mac is called up by the Marines to finish his service. Stella becomes his replacement and it's hard to cope when you love that man. What will pictures bring back to her?

Stella, I'm sorry but I was called up. You're my best friend and I know it's going to be hard. I hope that…I'm just going to write good-bye. Sincerely, Mac Taylor

Stella was heartbroken. The man she loved and shared every moment of everyday with, was going to fight a war that didn't even need to be fought.

Detective Bonasara was sitting at Mac's desk, with his note in her hands, and her tears falling to the floor.

The rest of the team noticed her pain and before going home that night, they all talked with her. First up, Lindsay Messer.

"Stella, is every thing ok?" Lindsay asked slipping into Mac's office. Stella sat up and looked her friend in the eyes. She saw concern and sorrow in Lindsay's eyes.

"No, Mac was re-called up and I never had the chance to tell him that that I love him." Lindsay moved closer to her friend.

"I bet he already knows. He was always watching your every move. He then used what you did to plan his move and then he executed the move. Again after that he'd stop and observe; see your move, plan, then execute. Every moment he had planned to reflect what you did. I never figured out why he did this, because he has no life or he loves you, but I'm going to go with, he loves you!"

"I don't like the idea that he could die. Why did he have to be a Marine?"

"He was a Marine to pay for college and his dad was one. I think being brought up that way and being one for many years, makes him capable of being able to make it home safely."

"Linds, aren't you supposed to be on my side?"

"I am, it's just that I… I can't keep it from you any longer. Mac does love you. He told me awhile ago but I wasn't supposed to tell you. Then a few weeks ago, he told me that here was a good chance that he might be re-called up. He told me not to tell you and to keep his secret. I can't keep it any longer. I care for you to much to let my boss intimidate me."

"Lindsay?" Danny called. Danny was wandering the hall way waiting for Lindsay.

"Danny, I'm with Stella. Our boss needs my company."

"Oh, so that means he went, I mean, they went through with it?"

"Yeah, Mac is back in the Marines." Danny pocked in. He saw Stella sitting in Mac's chair with the saddest face on. He knew she cared for their boss but not this much.

"He had to finish his time. I'm sorry but would you want it later in life when you two are together and you're eight months pregnant? It's better now then later."

"Danny, that doesn't help."

"How about the cookies, cake, balloons, and chocolate back at your apartment? We knew you would want some sugar to wipe away the pain. It helped me when Lidnsay wouldn't come home."

"Thanks you guys. You two should go. I mean, the day is over and Lucy is going to need you to pick her up from kindergarten."

"Yeah, I can't believe our little baby girl is already five years old. Soon she'll be going to prom and homecoming. After that college, yikes!" Danny ushered Lindsay out, after both hugged Stella. Sid came in next.

"Hey Stells. I bet it sucks sitting from that side of the desk. I'm sorry that Mac's gone. He'll be good and he'll survive. Hey, you can come to my house anytime you need company. My wife and I would love to host you."

"Thanks Sid. I'll probably take you up on that."

"Good, just call me when you want to come."

"Why call?"

"I'm going on personal leave. My son's wife just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Stella Sida. They named her after you because you save my life. They would probably like it if they stopped by while you were there."

"Yeah, I'll try." Stella kissed Sid's cheek and he left. Don was next to come.

"Did you get to say good-bye to… Oh, Stella? My guess is no?"

"Ho! He left me a note and an empty desk. Nothing more or less."

"You haven't been home yet, have you?"

"Danny told me about the food and balloons."

"Oh." Don went over and hugged Stella.

"You should go home."

"I know," Stella said. Don left and Sheldon came in.

"Hey, you holding up?"

"No, I miss Mac. I have no clue how to run a New York City crime lab. I…