this is story is a crossover between Yugioh and Yugioh GX.

I don't own Yugioh or Yugioh GX or anything to do with either of them

*Demons are not the creatures of evil that go around killing humans. These demons are a lot like humans in many ways, the shape of their bodies, the way they act, what they do for a living, the way the rule their kingdoms. The only key differences are their ears, tails and/or wings, which are those of an animal*. If the creature is a bird, then the demon will resemble a harpy*

Chapter 1 - Fox, Dog and Cat

Atemu gazed down at the people clustered below him, annoyance filling his eyes as they bickered about nothing… well it wasn't exactly nothing, they were important matters, but the way the council continuously argued about what course of action to take just took all the importance out of it. He sighed, drumming his slender fingers on the arm of his throne, his other hand cradling his head, elbow resting on the throne.

Can we get ON with this! Atemu thought, his patience starting to run dry. A few moments later, he lost his last scrap of tolerance. "Will you all just SHUT UP!" he screeched, slamming his hands on the golden throne. The throne room was deathly silent. Atemu smirked, the annoying voices now a mere echo in his tired mind. "As Pharaoh of Atlia, I command that you all to just stop arguing and decide on one course of action. If you don't, you may as well let the Xanerians carry out their plan , and Ra only knows what they're planning right now!" the pharaoh's eyes blazed a fiery crimson. "I will not allow their plans to succeed! Council dismissed. Tell me when you think of something productive we can do about this threat."

With that, Atemu rose from his throne and glided out the door, leaving the council left to stare as his sleek fox tail disappeared around the corner.

Yami lay on the bed, staring out the window at the cloudless sky. As the Pharaoh's husband and lover, he usually had to go to the council meetings, which were just as boring as waiting around alone in the rooms. However, the council only wanted to talk to Atemu and the Millennium priests this time.

Yami sighed, and rolled over onto his stomach, resting his chin on his arms and closing his eyes, curling his dog tail around his body and flattening his black ears. Just a he was dosing off, Yami heard the door to the room open and close, his ears snapping up. He didn't move, pretending to be asleep, as the intruder walked closer.

Suddenly the sound stopped, just in front of Yami. He heard a rush of wind as the person couched down in front of him, close enough for Yami to feel his breath ghost over his face. There was no movement for several minutes, enough so that Yami started to doze off again before the other made a move.

Yami's eyes snapped open as the Millenium Fox smashed his mouth against the dog's, making him yelp and wrench himself backwards, only to be followed by a very insistent Atemu. The dog demon wrapped his arms around the pharaoh's neck, making Atemu smirk in satisfaction and press harder against the other. He hadn't even realised that he had pinned Yami to the bed, until a knock on the door disturbed them.

Atemu jerked away from the dog demon, hissing; his smouldering eyes fixed on the locked door. He slowly slipped off the bed and stalked to the door, his tail fluffed up and twitching angrily. He threw the door open, glaring at a very nervous slave.

"Y…Your Majesty," the slave started, bowing low and shaking in fright. "The council has r…r… requested your p…p… presence in the th…th… throne room" the slave started getting more agitated as the Pharaoh's eyes narrowed in distaste at the mention of the council.

"Did they say what for?" Atemu growled, his tail twitching violently as he tried to control his temper.

"Yes, Ph…Ph… Pharaoh," the slave answered, still kneeling before his ruler. "They want you to look over the new slaves…" he trailed off, getting more and more freaked out by the second.

Atemu sighed, his anger lapsing back into its previously calm state. "Okay… tell the council that I will be there shortly." with that, the Pharaoh closed the door, turning back to his mate.

"What was that about?" Yami asked softly, still lying on the bed.

"The council wants me to look over the new slaves." Atemu sighed, flopping onto the bed beside his mate. "I have to be the one to look them over and decide if they're in good enough condition to work here."

"I'll be there with you. I can see you don't want to go." Yami said, snuggling up to Atemu. The pharaoh smirked, wrapping an arm around his mate's waist. Before untangling himself and getting up.

A few minutes later, everyone was assembled in the throne room, awaiting the arrival of the slaves and slave masters. Atemu slumped back against the throne, watching Yami settle into the throne situated beside his.

The slave masters arrived, leading a line of about twenty slaves. The slaves looked mistreated, the males wearing nothing but worn shentis, the females wearing long plain dresses.

Atemu ran his eyes over the slaves, all of whom were bowing low before him.

"Stand." he ordered. The slaves stood, their heads still bowed with fear and respect. Atemu's eyes trailed over the slaves again, stopping on one in particular.

This boy was smaller than the rest, not appearing more than thirteen years old. He was a cat demon; his black ears were lowered and his tail curled around his legs protectively. His hair was remarkably like the pharaoh and his mate's, ebony spikes with violet tips slanting up in all directions, with blond bangs framing his lowered face but his hair was missing the blond lightning bolts that adorned the pharaoh and his mate's hair.

His hands were clenched with nervousness and his feet were bare. This one seemed to be in better condition than the other slaves. Atemu glanced to his mate, surprised to see the normally emotionless façade used in public by his mate starting to slip, his violet eyes filling with slight recognition.

Remembering what it is he was supposed to do, Atemu quickly scanned the rest of the slaves. "I think they're all fine." Atemu said and, pretending not to care, yawned behind his hand. "Everyone is dismissed."

As the slave masters filed their charges out of the room, Atemu turned to Yami. "Well, that's got the council off my back," Atemu said, rising to his feet and stretching his long limbs, his ears flattening against his head and tail stretching out behind. He glanced behind him at his mate and stared into Yami's confused eyes. " I'm interested in the boy with the spiky hair." he reached out and touched Yami's cheek. "He looks just like you."

To Atemu's surprise, Yami looked away. "Just like… both of us."

"He has your eyes," Atemu commented, watching for Yami's reaction. "Do you know why, by any chance?"

"I don't know," Yami whispered. "I'm sorry, Atemu."

The Pharaoh sighed in displeasure. "We'll talk more about this later, then?"

Yami nodded. Atemu noticed that his mate was twisting his hands together, a nervous trait of his.

"What's bothering you?" he asked, lifting up his chin.

"Nothing at all, Atemu. Please don't worry about me."

Atemu frowned. "Well then. Let's go take another look at that slave."

Yugi whimpered in terror, backing away from the guard stalking towards him. He felt something hit his back, and realised he'd reached a wall. The guard was close now… there was no escape. Yugi closed his eyes, fear clouding his mind, and sank to the floor. He heard the guard laughing, his lust clear in his voice.

"Leave me alone…" Yugi murmured defeatedly. "Please…"

The guard just smirked, leaning in towards Yugi.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" a voice asked from behind the guard. Yugi half opened his eyes, seeing the guard stop inches away from his face.

"Mind your own business," the guard snapped. He turned to confront the person, and ended up face to face with the Pharaoh himself. "M…my Pharaoh! I… I didn't…"

Atemu glared at him, an angry flare in his eyes. "You shouldn't have been doing that. Those slaves are NOT to be touched." Atemu hissed. Yami, who was standing behind him, nodded in agreement. "Now, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" The guard scurried off, his fear apparent.

"Are you okay?" the Pharaoh asked, turning his attention to the slave. Yugi's eyes widened as his still clouded mind registered who it was who helped him, and he rolled forward onto his knees.

Yugi didn't see Atemu smile, but felt him crouching down so that he was level with the little slave. "Are you okay?" he heard him ask.

"Yes, my Pharaoh," the boy said timidly, mentally wincing at the strong fear in his voice. "I am fine. He never even touched me."

"Good." Yugi was shocked by the abruptness in Atemu's voice, and forgetting that these were the rulers of Atlia, looked up at them.

The boy looked up at Atemu, relief, shock and distrust warring for dominance in his eyes. Strangely enough, he didn't instantly drop his face back to the floor like any other slave would have. Evidently, he was new. Possibly from where Yami -

Atemu filed the thought away for later, and then he spoke the truth.

"Boy, you were never meant for slavery," he said gently. The boy kneeling before him flinched, looking away. Atemu wondered if he had struck a nerve.

"I assure you, that man would've been severely punished if he hurt our personal slave," he continued.

The boy was still for a moment, then his eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

"What?" he said, shock and disbelief outlining his voice.

"I have decided to make you our personal slave. That's why we're here." Atemu said, bulling the slave to his feet. "What's your name?"

The slave paused, hesitating slightly before answering. "My name is Yugi."

Atemu nodded, and smiled down at his new pet. "A good name. What do you think, Yami?"

"It's a very good name," Yami murmured monotonously.

"Yami," the slave said pleadingly. Atemu jerked, and looked at his mate, who didn't respond. "Yami, why -"

"You're new here, yes?" Atemu said, then continued without waiting for an answer. "Well, here in Atlia, slaves don't call their masters by their given names. You shall call myself and Yami Master."

"Master," Yugi whispered. He did not look at Yami again.