Dead from the Beginning – A Left 4 Dead Original Story

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the Left 4 Dead franchise, none of the characters in it, Special Infected, living, or otherwise, etc. I DO own my own original characters and scenarios and whatever else I may create.

Author's Note: Please feel free to make any sort of suggestions regarding my story. Like any special infected, crescendo events, uncommon infected, or anything. There will be five campaigns, with those shorter ones to bridge gaps between the campaigns (like "Crash Course" from Left 4 Dead 1 and the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2's "The Passing"). This is my first story on here, so don't expect too much. There will be things based on the game, as you will see follow…

Characters in Dead from the Beginning:

Gilbert Rochester: A young 17 year old man who loves to play video games, read tons of manga, and has a knack for getting into a bit of trouble and adventure for the hell of it. But when a virus arrived and zombified all of his college friends, Gilbert has found a new hobby to spend his time doing…killing thousands of infected. And with his new friends, there's not a thing in the world that'll bore him. (Based a bit on Ellis and Louis, he is both silly at times and an optimist.)

Hank Thompson: A former convict and former member of the biker gang "Halls of Death", Hank isn't afraid of anything if it involves handling a gun. Where people stockpiled supplies and went to hide or escape, Hank grabbed the closest gun he could find and popped many caps in many asses. There were no laws, no rules…if it wasn't because of the zombies prowling about, Hank could get used to life like this. (Mostly based heavily on Francis; besides, he is my favorite character from the first game.)

Fredrick Manson: The oldest member of this four man crew, Fredrick used to be part of the Brandonopolis Special Forces. With a massive amount of medals and honors, several life-threatening injuries, and a lot of magazines burned through, the unthinkable happened; Freddy ran out of wars to fight. Despite this, now a virus has infected the entire world, he has gotten what he has wanted again…an enemy to fight, and with how many years had passed, he should be glad his efforts won't be wasted. (As the description states, he's mostly based upon Bill.)

Yuki Everlife: A mysterious girl who met up with the group in tears, trying to escape the infection. Nothing is known about who she is, or where she came from, but the Infection has hit her hard, physically and mentally. With her new allies by her side, she hopes to see the Infection eradicated from the face of the Earth. (She is actually not based on anyone from the games. She's an Original Character).

First Campaign: Dead in Their Tracks

Chapter 1: The Suburbia

"All train routes are dead stopped, and nobody's getting out tonight."

Make your way to Grand Laine Metro and hijack a train out of a hellish city.

*The year is 2159. It's still late afternoon over a burning city, but the sun is beginning to go down. A massive virus has broken out widespread in Video Game World. A helicopter passes overhead as it calls out to any possible survivors, though the outlook is grim. However, four people are standing on the roof of an apartment complex, watching as the helicopter zooms past.*

"To anyone who can hear this, please proceed to the nearest train station to evacuate from Laine City. Repeat; proceed to your local train station to evacuate immediately."

*A young man is seen cleaning his pistol. He is a white male, wearing a bucket hat, a shirt with his favorite band's logo inscribed on it, and wearing a blue jacket over it. His jeans are white, but grime and dirt makes them appear gray. He has the slightest wisp of peach fuzz on his face, and his voice sounds a bit higher pitched than most people (since he is younger).*

"I don't know how that guy doesn't look over HERE. He could've set his spotlight on us and had us delivered out of here hours ago." says the young man.

*A tall, broad man with a bushy mustache and short brown beard steps forward. He has a stained grey shirt and is wearing an elaborate biker's vest, and brown pants. His voice sounds rather gruff.*

"Maybe he doesn't want to crash into a building and kill himself." says the biker.

"Very cute. That doesn't make me feel any better." the young man nervously replies.

*An old soldier walks towards the table where these four have set up. He has a soldier's helmet on his head, and is wearing what looks to be a special ops uniform. He has a long, white beard and several medals on his uniform.*

"Cut your crap. We have to get out of this town, or else we aren't going to survive this hell storm." the old man utters in annoyance. "Did you not notice? He said to get to your nearest train station. This means Grand Laine Metro Station. We can cut through this neighborhood and take some shortcuts…but it'll be risky."

The young man replies to the old man. "I'm going to agree with you. First things first, though. We need to get off of this building. It won't be as easy getting down as it was getting up. Those things will probably be waiting for us."

The biker nods in agreement. "Guess we have no other choice. Let's head for the metro station!"

*A young girl, looking no older than at least ten years old, is picking up a crowbar. She has blue and green hair with red eyes. She's wearing a simple white dress that is tattered and blood-stained.*

"I sense them…the Infected. They are in the building. Everyone…you may want to grab a weapon…" the young girl says.

The others grab their own weapons. The young man grabs a machete, the biker grabs a lead pipe, and the old man grabs up an axe. They open the door and begin their descent into hell.

In the apartment, infected are absolutely everywhere. They walk about in the room the group just entered…until they notice them. They quickly start to tear them up with their weapons as they descend further. Within minutes, they come across an elevator, but…

"Aw, damn it. This elevator's dead, guys. We will have to find another way out of here." the young man says, much to his disappointment.

They turn around quickly to keep going down stairs after sets of stairs. Soon, they come to a huge, gaping hole in the floor, presumably leading to nothing but darkness. The biker shines a light into it, and sees something solid to land on.

"There's a platform or something! It could be a way out!" says the biker.

Not one person argued. They all jumped down into the hole. Sure enough, they all landed on something metal. They find their selves on a massive platform with tank treads.

The young girl is the first to find the controls and activates the platform. The whole platform lurches forward and picks up speed as they go through the tunnel.

The biker finally speaks. "Anybody get bit on the way down? The LAST thing I need is someone transforming into one of those freaks."

The young man replies. "No, I think we're fine. Say, we didn't get to properly acquaint ourselves earlier. Now should be the time. The name's Gilbert. Gilbert Rochester. You?"

The biker follows up. "Hank Thompson. I gotta say, you do well with a weapon."

"Thank you kindly, sir." Gilbert says.

"I'm Fredrick Manson. I thought the wars I've been through were enough…but this…"

They didn't need any explanation. It has been hell getting to the apartment they just left. With a military back-story like Fred's, obviously it is hard to get used to war again.

Gilbert turns towards the young girl. "And who might you be, little miss?"

The young girl looks up, startled for a second, but quickly drops her guard and tension.

"Y-Yuki. Yuki Everlife."

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Yuki." Gilbert tips his hat off to her. Yuki follows this by smiling faintly.

The whole tank platform stops at what appears to be a dead end. It isn't. Instead, it is a gate to the outside. All they have to do is get it open. The tank itself, however, won't go any further, as it has hit a stopper.

"Well, I can probably expect that we're going to get some company here in a minute if we try to get this door to open." Gilbert said, with a twinge of…fear.

He hits the switch and the gate opens, producing a series of loud squeaks of metal forcing its way outward.

/!\ Gilbert has alerted the horde.

A massive yell is produced from the oncoming horde, and in a matter of seconds, a huge wave of Common Infected descends upon the small group of survivors.

"LOOK OUT!" screamed Gilbert, and the fight began. Although it looked as if they would be overwhelmed any second, they managed to fight it out. Within thirty seconds, the horde was defeated. At least 40 zombies lay dead at the group's feet.

Gilbert yells in excitement. "Yeah!!! We kicked those zombies around 'til they couldn't stand up anymore!!!"

"Don't get too excited. We've only just gotten out of an apartment and that was just our first horde. Let's not throw a party until we're out of the city." said Fredrick.

Gilbert calms down, and realizes they've only just begun their trek through this now dead world. Not a moment too soon, they walk out into the open. The sun is steadily going down over the horizon. The group finds a road and walks onto it. Miles of cars are piled up on the road, and there are no people inside any of them at all.

Yuki looks upon the cars as they pass them. Several that she passes have still corpses inside the driver seat. In one car, an entire family sits dead. "These…poor people. What did this? Who did this?" she says with melancholy.

Gilbert immediately replies to her question. "I don't know. But I know one thing for sure…it probably wasn't due to any thing good."

They come to another apparent dead end. Hank quickly tells the group otherwise.

"Over that dumpster!"

They quickly follow Hank over the absurdly large dumpster.

They keep following the road before finally reaching another impasse in the form of a semi blocking the bottom path of the overpass off.

Fredrick gives a sigh. "Poor, poor idiots blocked off the streets and everything they could. All it may have taken was just only one infected to turn the entire city."

Gilbert takes a short glance to see any other alternate paths. He sees the rest of the overpass still intact. A hill is leading up to the overpass.

Gilbert exclaims to the group as fast as he can. "Hey, guys! I've found another way we can go!"

Quicker the courses than they could possibly go, they trudge their way up the hill and onto the overpass. They walk for a few yards before encountering a part of the overpass completely destroyed.

Hank isn't pleased at all. "We come this damn far to encounter THIS?! What a waste of my time and life."

Gilbert, clearly not one to listen to Hank rant about the destroyed overpass, redirects Hank's view towards a parked semi, parked partially underneath the overpass.

Hank averts his current attitude. "Oh. My bad…"

They jump onto the semi and quickly jump off into the road again. Yuki takes account of a red car flashing orange lights on the inside, and avoids it as much as she can.

"Don't shoot that car. Infected have strong ears, you know…"

They didn't need to be told twice. They avoided the alarmed car with much care.

Seconds after encountering the car, they come across a stop sign that has been tampered with. It has the shape of a house with a symbolic cross in the middle.

Yuki knows the meaning of the symbol. "Safe house…we are almost to one."

Fredrick sighs in relief. "Thank the gods. I can see it ahead in that Tornado Gas Station. Be careful not to shoot anything that even looks the least bit explosive…"

They quickly run into the safe house and slam the door shut. Inside is a full set of health packs, guns, and the like.

Gilbert takes a deep breath and slumps against the wall. It's pretty clear that he is exhausted and scared out of his wits. "Man…I can't believe we made it. There weren't too many zombies…"

Fredrick interrupts Gilbert in the middle of his banter. "We may have gotten through here now, but don't relax yet. We still have zombies to kill. And we're not in the fullest concentration of the zombies either. That's your reason, kid. Anybody who needs to heal up, do it now. We've got a long road ahead of us if we intend to get to the metro station."

And there ended their first run through the newly infected land. But they have much to endure if they intend to escape and live to tell the tale.

So, that's my first foray into the whole fan fiction. Please leave me some reviews and let me know what you think! Also, feel free to give any suggestions on how I can improve here.