"Just go away Ron!"

Hermione slammed the portrait door to the Head Boy/Girl dormitory in Ron's face.

He had done it.

He had kissed another girl.

Right in front of her.


Ron barely would kiss her, let alone another girl, but he just had to do it, then act like nothing happened.

She stormed down the small steps into the common room of the Head Boy/Girl suite, tears streaking her face.

Malfoy was lounging on the couch, reading a book.

She hated him.

She hated Malfoy with all her heart.

His very presence was infuriating her even more now.

"Granger?" He said as she ran by.

Obviously he didn't get it.

No one did.

"Mione, please!" Ron yelled from behind the door.

Then, the portarit swung open to reveal the orange-haired Weasley.

Hermione flew out of her room, seething mad.

"How the HELL did you get in here?"

Ron looked behind him.

"The portrait felt sorry for me and let me in"

Hermione furiously wiped tears from her cheeks.

"What do you want Ron? Haven't you caused enough trouble already?"

Her voice broke and more tears streamed down her cheeks.

Ron looked like he wanted to reach out and hold her, but obviously thought better.

"It was nothing Mione, it wasn't supposed to happen"

"But it did happen, Ron" Hermione's voice was thick with the impending tears.

"Lavender's just a friend"

Hermione's lips trembled.

"That's how it always starts" she whispered.

Hermione looked at Ron to see if he was going to say anything else, but when he didn't, she turned to go back in her room.

Ron grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly towards him.

"It's over. You're acting like a stuck up bitch"

Then he left, slamming the portrait door behind him.

Hermione stayed frozen where she was, slowly drifting into shock.

Draco cleared his throat.

"Glad to know that this was amusing for you" Hermione whispered, then ran back to her room, slamming the door shut.

Draco certainly felt awkward.

He couldn't concentrate on his book, kept awake by the heart-rending sobs from Hermione's room.

Maybe he should do something?

The next morning was terrible for Hermione, and the afternoon was worse.

Double Potions with the Slytherins was her last class of the day.

Pure torture.

If she was on speaking terms with Ron, it would be better, but all that remained was awkward silence.

Very awkward.

Professor Snape was his usual self, ordering them about and complaining about the Gryffindor's potions.

Everything started to go wrong after that.

Hermione couldn't focus, just barely managing to catch herself before she put the wrong ingedients in.

The potion was ridiculously easy, she could have made it in her sleep, but she just couldn't do it.

Then, to top it off, Pansy Parkinson dropped some sort of root into her cauldron, causing it to go from perfect to a zero.

Hermione tried to confront Pansy, but Snape thought she was just making trouble.

"Fifteen points, Miss Granger"

Hermione was stunned.

"And by the looks of it, you failed the assignment. How shameful, our little know-it-all unable to do the simplest potion"

Hermione felt tears sting her eyes as the entire class started to laugh at her.

"Another ten points for being ignorant"

Hermione snapped.

She picked up her books, threw them in her bag and left, banging the Dungeon door shut behind her.

She got about halfway back to her dormitory when she broke down and cried.

The sobs were ripping at her lungs in great, heaving gasps, so hard that she had to lean against one of the walls for support.

Hermione slowly slid down the smooth stone.

She was a failure.

A mess.

A catastrophe.

She put her head in her arms and cried.

No wonder she was a freak.

Draco was the last out the classroom.

He was almost out the door when he noticed somehting by Hermione's seat.

Her wand.

Stupid Mudblood, how could she forget?

Professor Snape was being a bit hard on her.

Malfoy picked it up and quickly exited the dungeon, eager to get to a warmer place.

He was headed back to his dormitory when he heard quiet sobs coming from ahead.

Quickly, he walked ahead.


Why should he care?

Malfoy slowed his pace a little.

Just a little.

He was surprised when he saw Hermione leaning against the wall with her head in her hands.

She looked up when she saw him approaching and quickly stood, wiping the tears off her face.

Malfoy froze.

What should he do?

Automatically, he held Hermione's wand out to her.

When she took it, a slight smile grazed her lips..

Draco felt funny, almost happy.

"T-thank you" Hermione whispered, wiping her eyes again.

He didn't know what took over him, but suddenly he was wiping the tears off her face.

They froze.


Draco's face hardened.

"You better not forget that again Granger, or you might become permanently stupid"

He spun on his heel and left.

Hermione sunk back down.

Why did people always have to do that?

They would be kind for one moment, then turn on her the next.

She was alone.

A solitary tear dripped down her cheek.


Draco picked up his pace to get away from the girl as quickly as possible.

He was supposed to hate her, for god's sake!.

Now he was wiping tears off her cheeks like he actually cared.

Maybe he had feelings for her?


She was a girl.

That sounded lame, even to him, but that was true.

The only girl that he had ever hung out with was Pansy, and strictly in a non-romantical fashion.

Still, he had probably made Hermione cry.


He had never thought of her as Hermione before, only Granger.

Now that he thought about it, her name fit her.

It suggested power, knowledge, beauty, and...


Did he really think she was beautiful?


He kinda did.

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