It's early morning at the Hakurei Shrine, and Reimu and Rika, accompanied by Mima and the half-awake Suika, sit on the small table, drinking warm cups of tea on the cold morning.

Outside blows a light snowstorm chills the inside of the shrine a little more, so Rika rushes to wrap her mistress with a warm blanket before beginning her tale.

Rika stares into Reimu's eyes and asks "where to start...?"

Reimu sighs and says "tell me everything, Rika. From the moment Yukari took you away."

Rika looks away from Reimu, trying to hide her eyes, but Reimu is cunning and quickly says "so you rather not tell your lady Reimu anything? You want her to figure it all out on her own, huh? That's fine. I'm good at figuring things out anyway."

Rika panics and shouts "alright, alright! I'm sorry, my lady! I didn't mean to offend you!"

Reimu lifts her arm in front of herself and says "relax... Now, tell me all that happened to you. Why all of this? What did you do to deserve all of this contempt?"

Rika sighs and says "my lady, It's not all that bad. ...Well, I went back for my yearly checkup, as planned, but things were a little different from when I left... And some things happened there, my lady. Wonderful, sad, scary... but I am glad..."


At a waste land full of mechanical scraps everywhere, a place where a battle had taken place, now just a land littered with the remnants of both the dead and moving, and unmoving metal.

Now it's just a place for the calm wind to peacefully pass by, counting, or maybe not counting, but passing by the victims on the ground, where all living return to, and there, the sun sets its eyes for the world to see a new day has begun.

Somewhere in that silent battle field a strange black hole opens in the air like zipper with a set of eyes inside that stare silently at anyone who may stare back, and from it comes a girl who we already know as Rika, emerging from that black Hole and into that waste land, still not noticing her surroundings.

She stretches her arms feeling the breeze of the air blow on her hair and face, and taking a Deep Breath of that fresh air, she hears and notices another black hole, the same as hers, open up, and from it comes out Yukari with her parasol at hand and still maintaining a smile while hiding it with her fan she notices Rika right away and with a smile on her face she says "how did you like the ride?"

Rika stares blankly at her then says "not as refreshing as the air here" with a smile on her face that only tells she speaks so naturally about it.

Yukari's smile widen as she responds to Rika "well, I am glad you enjoyed it. You will have another nice ride ones I come pick you up later."

Rika just smiles with a sweat drop on her face as she says "r-right……. Typical and playful from you miss Yukari."

With that last statement, both of them giggle for a while.

Rika then looks at her surroundings, and while she does that, she says "well, better get this over with so I can return to lady Reimu. I don't know if she can handle herself right or if she is eating…………………..Eh?"

With a shock in her eyes she notices the dead battle zone, and with wide round white eyes she says out loud "EEEHHHHH?!?!"


After taking some time to recover from the shock, Rika waves her hands at Yukari from afar, while she waves back at her before she enters the black hole again.

Rika told Yukari that she would handle herself and she knows what it's like to be in war, and reassures Yukari to not worry about her and tell her mistress that she will return as soon as 3 days.

Once she is out of sight, Rika set her eyes on what's beyond the battle field, ignoring the scraps of metal as well as preventing herself from making eye contact with dead body's around.

Once she is on clear grounds she sprints ahead, leaning her body in forward, and as she runs she looks at her Saboten Campus and adjusts her destination while saying "alright, got to get back to the base as fast as possible" then she increases her speed, still wondering when will she reach her destination.


Meanwhile, a large air craft that hovers with power from below instead of the back, green colored and with marks of stars shaped on both sides of it, with the name "Tri-Star" also colored in light Green, approaches the area where Rika is right now.

Inside it there are 3 girls, each in a different seat navigating the craft.

The one in the middle seat who has short green hair, keeping her side burns shoulder-length, and gray eyes; wears an open green long-sleeved jacked over a white long-sleeved blouse, a red ribbon around her neck, large round glasses, and a blue short skirt, who also appears to the their leader.

She looks to her left, then her right, then asks "any survivors Felia?"

The one in the right seat who looks just like a little girl, with Blue eyes, short blue hair, wears a pink long-sleeved blouse, a light yellow skirt, a split tip pink cap with round white fluffs on both tips, and carries a green cactus doll with hersays with a monotone normal voice like it was nothing "nothing her~……………ah, wait…there's one!"

The one in the middle replies in fast fashion "Really?!?!Where?!?When?!?Why?!?"

The one on the left side of the seats, who has Pink shoulder-length hair, gray eyes, wearing a blue long-sleeved blouse over a black sleeveless shirt, a green mini-skirt, thigh-high black stockings and has a small headphone and microphone on her left ear sighs and says in a bored tone "Tolia, haven't you gotten used to her lies already?"

With a sarcastic tone, she adds "you should see through her IMAGINARY ways of seeing the future by now."

Tolia Snaps out of it and just shrugs while saying "this isn't the time for fun! Many lives are at stake so don't take things lightly here. We need to support those out there as best as possible" then sighs, ignoring Felia's blank Expression that always stays the same.

She looks to the left seat and asks "Ilia, are we good for one more spin around this area?"

Ilia, with a casual face, says "hmm………….. We are good for 2 more rounds before we have to turn around….. Your call, leader."

Tolia gets a determined loon on her face and says "alright let's do our best! Don't let your Guard down now, we need to find as many survivors as possible", and with authority in her tone of voice, she says "and that includes you miss FUTURE READER!"

Even after speaking in such tone, it does little to the blue-haired girl as she says in a monotone voice "hai~~~"


Rika has been running on the clear deserted fields for almost an hour now.

The battle zone that was so close before can no longer be seen, and as she runs she thinks "how much distance did I cover already, and how much longer will it take to reach the base before I get tired?"

With those thoughts in her head she gets worried, but shakes her head and moves along speeding up some more, and while she keeps sprinting about, not too far away, the Tri-Star craft approaches her, and inside it Felia says "got a life reading……………"

Tolia with a panicked voice says "WHAT?!?!WHERE?!?!AND DON'T YOU DARE LIE TO ME PINKY!!!"

Felia just "hmph" at her and says with a stern voice "it's close by. Displaying in on main screen now."

The screen in the middle displays a person running at somewhat too high a speed for a human.

Tolia looks at Felia with a dead serious face as she notices that, then mumbles about being no fun, and then she taps some things on her Command Control monitor, then the screen focuses on the moving object, revealing Rika sprinting at high speeds.

They all notice her, then Tolia points at the screen and exclaims "isn't…………isn't she that Girl? ......Isn't that RIKA?!?!"

All 3 Girls nod at the same time with Ilia asking "shouldn't we pick her up? She did tell us she would come back, but she didn't say it was so soon! But nonetheless……….."

Tolia interrupt her and says "yes…………let's do that or miss VIVIT will have our heads, should anything happen to her."

They all turn pale at the same time at that thought of VIVIT going on a rage, and not just destroying their craft, but at destroying them too.

They dismiss the thought and increase their speed to approach her.

Once they get close, Rika spots them and notices the Tri-Star mark at the side of the plane which tells her what she needs to know.

She waves her hands at them while still running at high speeds as they approach the ground beside her and fly close by, then a strange sound comes out loud from the craft saying "ahhh…..testing testing…..1..2..3..testing…1..2…3*SMACK*…………. You like the mic too much; you always keep doing this!!! GROW UP!! ...Ahh…………. Hi there Rika, what are you doing here in the middle of a deserted Area? Did you just arrive at the wrong place, or did you just happen to join in the rescue Squad?"

Rika stares for a while at that, then she answers with a smile while still running "glad to know that the Dynamic Stars are doing fine and well"

She says this with an innocent smile at her face, while Tolia, in a very loud voice while a vain appears at her forehead says "it's the TRI-STARs you got it!!? The T-r-i-STARs!!!!!!" then Rika with a sheepish smile while rubbing the back of her head says "oh…..sorry didn't mean to offend you."

Tolia with a vain still on her forehead thinks "if it wasn't for miss VIVITs warning I would let you taste the power of this craft first hand" then sighs and drops her hands in defeat and says "then again she didn't mean it. She is just being nice even though she got it all wrong"

She then looks at Rika from her monitor and says "ok, hop in! We might need all the help we can get since things have already calmed here since the end of war."

Rika looks at the Craft with confusion on her face.

Tolia notices that and answers for her "we are looking for people that might still be alive and out there, waiting for someone to find them."

At that Rika's eyes gets a little wide, then with a determined face she says "I would gladly help with what's needed!"

Tolia smiles at that remark, thinking "she's a good Girl alright" and they lower the craft for Rika to jump on.


Inside the Craft, they fly around searching more for survivors when Ilia gets up from her seat saying in a loud voice "we got a call from one of the rescue squads on ground search, though its only in voice"

Tolia looks at her and in a serious voice she says "relay it on the main monitor and answer it!"

Ilia immediately says "right!!" then plays it on main monitor for everyone in the room to hear, and with that she answers the call saying "this is fly rescue unit Tri-Star, can you read me?"

A stern male voice answers back "this is Ground rescue squad unit Nightburn. We suffered heavy damage on our unit and there are only 2 members left. Requesting permission to proceed with the rescue mission."

Ilia answers with a stern voice "negative, I repeat, negative squad Nightburn. You need to return. As much as we want to save lives your units are also part of those lives"

There is no response from the male except for a "tch" then Ilia asks "don't they understand, their lives are also on the line out there? They still want to go through that; man I wish I could understand their stupid minds" then she gets surprised by Rika taping her shoulder and saying in a soothing voice with a smile on her face "and we have to back up those stupid ones so they can live and learn from their mistakes."

Ilia stares for a while at Rika, analyzing what she said, then she sighs with a smile and says "guess I can't beat that logic" then gives up and looks at their leader, who's in deep thought, then snaps back and says to the already smiling Rika "as much as I want to compliment that Holy smile and act of yours, there is only one way to back them up, as we are prohibited of ever having contact with the Ground unit"

Rika Stares confused for a while, then snaps and catches on saying "if that's the only way then so be it... Can you drop me somewhere close to where the unit is? Also, can you find me something that I can use to defend myself with?"

Felia gets up and in her still monotone voice says "follow me… I got just the thing…"

Rika pats the small girl which makes her change her expression into embarrassment, as she blushes after what Rika did to her, but doesn't hate it either.

She moves on while Rika still pats her saying "there, there, good girl"

They arrive at a door with a yellow sign with large black letters that says "WARNING, Generator Room"

Rika looks at Felia and asks "are you sure this is the room sweetie?"

Again, the little girl blushes, then says "yes, I am sure you can find what you want there."

Rika, taking her words at heart, enters the room along with her, without hesitation.

Once inside she notices a sword on a pile of many other things, from weapons, to gadgets, and other stuff.

She takes it and unsheathes it to find that it's still perfectly fine and well made.

As Felia points out many other things at her, Rika interrupts her by saying "I think this works for me just fine."

Felia looks at what Rika is holding, then with a smile says "ahh, this sword draws someone's affinity and turns it real within the blade."

Rika looks again at her and pats her head, much to the little girl's delight, and says "thank you for letting me know that. Now, could you please back away a little, so I can test it?"

The girl nods with a blush and moves some steps back, then Rika holds the sword to her middle-right side, then unsheathes the sword out fast and swings with blinding speed much to Felia's awe.

She then sheathes her sword back with the little girl still staring with awe, then Rika says "phew……….guess this might work."

She then nods to herself, only to notice a crack that opens right behind her. She turns to realize with a shock that she has mistakenly hit the generator, causing it to slightly spark then shut down.

Tolia's scream being heard from afar, shouting "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE SHEILD~~!!?"

From the sound of her voice, she seems to be in panic. The two girls rush back into the main cabin and Rika tells them what happened saying she is sorry and bowing all the time.

Tolia just sighs and says "don't worry about it! It can be fixed! Now…… we've already arrived at the destination, so get ready bounce off!"

Rika stops her apologize frenzy and then nods to her and says to all "thank you for the ride", then ones the craft reaches the ground, Rika gets down and scans her surroundings, looking for the 2 men left of the Nightburn Unit.


Rika looks around the area she is standing on, scanning for the two survivors of the unit called Nightburn.

After a while she spots two armored men with helmet covering their heads and holding what look like laser guns, both looking the same as each other.

Both notice Rika from afar and begin approaching her. Rika hears both of them talk as they get closer to her.

The first one says "see? I told you we would find a survivor! You owe my lunch today, my friend."

Then the second answers with a defeated voice "alright alright, you win! Lunch is on me today so take it easy!"

After listening to both of them, Rika frowns, her cheeks puffing up, and in a scolding tone of voice says "I am not a survivor here!! I am the support you requested a while ago!"

Both look dumbfounded at Rika after what she said, then the first man replies "but you don't look like you can handle much. Besides, we requested a back up, not a lone person."

The second one sounds happy as he says "hah! The bet is still on, my friend"

While the man looks at his friend with a defeated face, Rika face palms her forehead while watching them argue on about their bet thinking "ararara……. This seems like it's going to be a long trip….. Wait a minute… this sounds familiar..."


The now group of 3 people run on the open field, Rika trying to run as slowly as possible so the 2 look alike can keep up with her, leading on while searching for survivors.

The first one in a disappointed voice asks his partner "since when she become the leader?"

Not knowing when did all this happen to them, sighing at his partner, the second answers "seems while we were still arguing about that bet, my friend, we got on her wrong side somehow."

The first replies "well, just look at her! She can't be that strong at all, can she? I mean, she is even close to half our height, plus she is only carrying a sword."

The second one answers "well, we already pissed her off enough by saying she isn't capable of protecting even herself. Lucky us she isn't that hot tempered and just politely told us she is more the capable of protecting herself... In fact… she said she can even protect us. Arrg…! That kind of pisses me off! We can't let our pride slide like that you know?"

They both look at Rika's back now, as she runs in front of them. They both sigh in defeat, let the subject drop and just fallow her lead.

The first one mumbles "women..." while the second one quietly sweats and hopes Rika did not hear him say that.


After a while of running around Rika and company arrive at a place that looks like a scrap heap.

Rika, slowing her pace a little so they can look around, notices destroyed pieces of metal everywhere which makes the Group think that a small battle took place, making this the perfect place to search for survivors.

At the time, Rika notices a presence around her, lurking in the ruble, hiding from sight, and ready to attack at any moment.

Rika gestures with her hand for both of her companions to stop, then gestures at them with her hands, signaling them to hide behind boulders.

The 2 men, knowing what to do, hide behind the remaining boulders of some wrecked buildings while Rika stands her ground and scans the area.

Just when she notices that the presence in hiding is readying itself to attack, she jumps out of the way, hiding in a small crater while the presence in hiding charges a quick attack, blowing dust as it makes its way, but quickly realizes it missed Rika.


Rika continues to hide while she takes a good look at what she's is up against.

She identifies it as remote controlled machine monster..., this version though, looks like a giant spider machine with a large spiked mouth that looks like a grabbing claw.

As luck would have it, she also knows its weak point, which is the generator located at the middle of the spiders body.

She formulates a plan in her mind and starts acting it out, gesturing for both of her companions with her hands to attack the monster with the purpose of distracting it and backing her up.

She thinks "I am sorry miss Aya, but I think I will use one of your moves…. Please forgive me."

She takes a deep breath and then gestures with her hands, signaling the start of the plan.

Both of Rika's companions, seeing the signal, start shooting at the spider from their hiding spots, getting its attention to them, while Rika takes the chance to sprint toward the monster and get close enough before holding her sword to her side.

She then unleashes a swift strike that carries the air with it, shouting the move's name at the same time "Gust Sword!"

A small wave of air moves along the ground toward the monster.

Rika moves her sword again with the same as the last movement, only this time, waving from both sides and creating two waves at the same time, which follow the first wave from behind.

The monster notices the attacks, but it's too late and the two waves that were following the first, arrive before the first one does, each striking one of the spiders legs, making it lose balance, while the first wave reaches just in time to hit the spiders head, making it flip and fall to the ground, exposing its generator.

Rika, finding the right opening, sprints toward the monster and after getting close enough she jumps high and lands and the spiders stomach, thrusting her sword hard on the exposed generator.

She quickly pulls her sword off and jumps away, landing gracefully a few feet away.

The monster sparks a little as she sheathes the sword, and after it clicks in place, the monster explodes behind her, indicating that her job is done.

Her two partners watch all this in awe and admiration and the first says "remind me not to mess with the polite ones... ever."

His partner nods and whispers back "it's always the quiet and polite ones. Always!"


Rika takes off again, searching for more survivors around the wrecked place.

They do so for a long time and Rika almost fills herself with doubt that there are any survivors in this place, until she hears a cry of pain coming from some distance ahead.

She steels her resolve and fallows the voice until she arrives to a smaller clearing with more scrap heaps of machine battles scattered and destroyed everywhere.

She takes a deep breath, then starts looking around, close by to where the voice is coming from.

After a while Rika noticed a moving pile of scrap, so she sprints to it while praying and hoping beyond hope that there might be still someone alive... and her prayers are answered.

When she gets close enough to the source, she smiles with relief at what she finds in front of her.

There is a small child buried up his head, so Rika signals the others to help her with the scrap removal, and help the poor child out.

When they move the last of the pieces out, she stars some more at the child's face and figures that he's probably child of 5 or maybe 6 year of age.

Not only that, but the boy is moaning in pain because of great damage that was been dealt to the boy's body.

Rika, with a pained expression in her eyes, knows full well what the boy is feeling, so she reaches out to him and hugs him for all she's worth.

She keeps repeating soothing words to the boy to calm him down and to ease his pain, but then couldn't bear to witness the boy's pain anymore, so she places him gently back down and starts enchanting a healing spell that might ease his pain a little.

When she finishes her chant, her hands glow green then she gently touches him on the head, then moves down to the middle of his body, surrounding him entirely with the green light.

The green glow fades away, signaling the job's done, then she breathes lightly and looks at the boy once more.

She smiles, glad that the boy's pained expression is gone from his face, replaced by a wide smile as he falls asleep.

The face of the boy's total relief and peace almost makes Rika cry happily before she hears the boy say in his sleep "mommy……. daddy….. no….. please… don't go into the fire…… No…. co-come back….."

Rika's heart almost shatters after hearing the boy's pleas for his parents, so she decides to look around some more, hoping to find them, quickly finding them close by to where the boy was, With a big smile on her face, Rika moves closer to get them out of there, only to notice the horror…


They don't have a pulse, they don't respond. From the looks of the surroundings, it seems they protected their child from a powerful blast, giving their lives away just like… "just like… just like my parents did for me" she thinks.

At this revelation she almost breaks down to cry openly, but she steels herself some more, telling herself that she would not let the boy have the same fate as her!

She approaches the boy once more and hugs him again, only this time a little more tightly, as though she would never let him go, saying to herself with a more determined face than she's ever had in her life "I will NOT let this tragedy happen again, I will try my very best to prevent people from having to deal with the same fate as mine!"

With a determined face she breaks the hug and lays the boy down gently on the ground, then she looks at the far sky ahead, praying and hoping again beyond hope that there won't be any more people that would have share the same fate as hers, and that they would all live happily, without wars or fears.


To be Continued……

Seihou Characters and Scenario are a collaboration of ZUN and Amusement Makers

Touhou Characters and Scenario belong to ZUN –Team Shanghai Alice-

Rika was created by Snapshot 2010

Written by

Snapshot 2010

Edited and posted by

Willie G.R.


So this is the first part Rika's story. What happened to her after Yukari took her back home for her yearly checkup in the Seihou world. With this I open the curtain to certain events that occur on the next Sukima, that in turn affect the main event to a certain point, however... Every little bit counts. "A single grain of rice can tip the scale." I hope you enjoy these, and just so you don't feel TOO lost, I'm posting a little bit of this world's story under these notes. Hope they help *smile*.

In 2785, full-scale war breaks out on Earth over the various nations' rights to extra-planetary resources. This war ravages the Earth's environment, forcing humanity to flee underground.
It also sees the creation of the M.R.S. (Machine manufacture Research and development System), an automated manufacturing and battle system designed to allow wars to take place without actual human participation.

Unfortunately, within five years of humanity's flight underground, M.R.S. has completely taken control of the Earth's surface, and the first exploratory group from humanity's underground Shelters is annihilated.
Not long after this first exploratory mission, the M.R.S. system discovers the Absolute Dimensional Barrier technology and eventually refines it into the Dimensional Absolute Barrier Shield.
It uses its SMD series of warplanes to test and perfect the system. Unfortunately, the prototype unit, SMD-00x, disappears after activating the barrier for the first time, and though M.R.S. is eventually able to establish contact with the dimensional void into which SMD-00x disappeared, it's never actually able to find the ship again.

Nevertheless, the system continues developing the SMD series, creating smaller, more capable craft such as the SMD-24-0x "Samidare", which is piloted by a humanoid control unit, C-22, and the final unit, SMD-31-FX "Gesshoku", whose control unit, C-23, possesses an advanced, self-aware AI.

Meanwhile, humanity is busy urbanizing its Shelters, developing bipedal robots (armed lightweight walking vehicles, or ALWVs), and preparing to take the fight to M.R.S. Sixty years after the cataclysm that drove humanity underground, it finally emerges to retake the surface. By this time, M.R.S. has developed significant internal defects, and the battle is relatively short. Within two decades. Of course VIVIT had the big Role of Gaurding Earth at that time with almost all M.R.S.-created automata on the surface have been destroyed now.


Samidare's main story mode follows the major missions of SMD-24-0x: its testing against the bio-mechanical construct Sylphid, its encounter with Anareta, the defense system of long-ruined space outpost Tetra-Biblos, and its encounter with the SMD series prototype, SMD-00x.

VIVIT didn't talk it lightly that someone(or something) was stronger then her so ones the Samidare arrived on Earth she challenged it right at that time into battle in which she lost(extra Stage)while she was at that battle however, she did discovered the ruins in which was related to Rikas family, of course in the real game she didn't pay much attention to it.

However, Rika did appear in the middle of that war,and left right at the end of the final year of war,and the final battle that Samidare took in space, then Rika returns right after the long last battle, and the aftermath.