At the Hakurei Shrine, Rika finds herself in Mima's arm, while the "evil" spirit lightly brushes her hair, humming a lullaby to her.

Confused, Rika asks "miss Mima, what are you...?"

Mima shushes her and while looking at her with a motherly expression she says "such a good child, and yet you've never felt the warmth of family, so now you let mama-Mima fill you wish so much family love you'll explode."

Suika stares at them with jealousy in her eyes, pouting with tears clinging to her eyes.

Mima stares at Suika, and with a neutral expression and sounding coldly casual she says "you're a big drunk oni girl who's not as cute as this child."

Suika start to cry twin waterfalls, bawling as she rubs her eyes with her fists.

Reimu walks into the living room and asks "ok, what did you do now?"

Suika rushes to Reimu and buries her face on Reimu's belly.

At first Reimu is shocked and readies herself to smack Suika away, but she just sighs, drops on her knees, brushes the top of Suika's head with her fingers and says "there, there. *Sigh* Mima, don't pick on her."

Rika has fallen asleep on Mima's arms by now, but Reimu wakes her up, asking "Rika, why did you got through all that? Was it all really worth it?"

Rika wakes up and instinctively answers "to learn, my lady."

Rika looks away from Reimu, to the outside of the shrine, and while looking at the sky she says "sometimes the only way to learn something is to go through hardships. At least... That's what I believe."

Reimu smiles, but before she says another word, Rika looks sadly at Reimu and says "I know I didn't do these things on purpose... but still..."

Reimu quickly says "I already told you not to blame yourself! You couldn't help it... AND if I had sealed that inside of you, who knows the damage that could have caused."

Rika chuckles, looks at her mistress with a thankful expression, then says "well we still got some time before this event, so I'll continue my story where I left off... if that's alright."

Mima, Reimu and Suika stare at Rika for a moment, then Mima asks "more?"

Rika quietly nods while Mima continues to pet her like a child, then says "like I said... Sometimes, the only way to learn something, is through hardships."


It's been around 12 hours since Rika finished those trials and fell asleep.

From afar, one would think she's enjoying an innocent and peaceful sleep, however upon a closer look it becomes certain that it is far from it.

Rika's face is twisted, showing signs of pain and discomfort... and the reason for that is quite simple.

Rika, in those 12 hours, has been experiencing the horrible deeds that her raging self committed while in Gensokyo.

How in that form she felt no guilt for her actions, just the feeling of anger that she unleashed without her knowing.

What's worse to her is the fact of Satori and her pets covering for her as if she hadn't done anything at all, the feeling of both shame and sadness cover her whole being, and with a frightened start, she wakes up.

Rika, who had been sleeping on what looks like the back pack she carried inside with her, springs up with her face full of sweat, as if she had been working out hard, but that wasn't that case for her at all.

She lifts her hand up and grabs her face with it hard and with a frightened voice she says "what…what have I done!"

She tries to look around her to see where she is, and that's when she noticed something.

She couldn't see around her at all. The place, from her view, looks pitch black to no end and then Rika reaches her for her eyes with her hand to touch them, realizing something she didn't want to believe……

She noticed that she is simply blind.

She wants to cry out her pain, but before she can even start, she feels a sharp, strong headache.

She feels her head might just explode, but to her surprise her headache quickly subsides in an instant, and instead of that, a flow of information suddenly rushes inside her head, helping her understand what she is going through, and somehow it gives her peace of mind.


What Rika sees in that information she received is all she needs to know about what's happening to her and to her body.

The blindness she's currently suffering through is temporary, due to one of the gifts being activated; and it's her families blood line limit.

Hers however, was late in awakening and had this drawback of temporary blindness, until her body gets used to it.

Plus, she also learns that she is a fully awakened being, and the proof is the wings on her back, which she herself tries to touch, and surely enough they are there.

She tries to will it, and manages to flap her wings for a short while.

She also knows many other facts about her family, and about herself now and she now knows that her elemental affinity has changed to that of thunder and light, instead of just wind.

She also gains the knowledge of what her blood line limit can do, and of course, she keeps all the info she has to heart, knowing what's going to come in the future.

She needs all she can get in order to not just survive the other world, but to better herself further, in order to gain the trust of others, be it nature, humans, or both alike.

As she thinks of this she prays a thanks that reaches the one who left her this information, and if that person didn't do that Rika knows that she would break down then, so she prays with all her being, that whoever did this may be blessed with a full life.

Unknown to her, that person already had a full life, and that person was truly happy about it.


Rika, with as much determination as ever, tries to get up and get used to her blindness.

At first she walks a few steps before she almost trips and falls over, but she tries many times again, not giving in at all, trying to overcome a weakness that might hold her back.

She knows by now that her senses are stronger now, so she tries to adapt to them with as much will she can possibly muster.

It takes her many hours to do so, but after some great effort from her part she manages to walk around the room freely, while sensing all the things around her in the right way, and before she knows it she reaches her back pack, pulls out some nicely done lunch boxes, and rests her tired body while eating what she thought was her best meal in a very long time.

She tucks her lunch box back into her backpack before carrying it on her back the same way she did when she entered the room.

She then confidently holds a piece of cloth up to her eyes to cover them in order to feel safer about her eyes, then she slowly walks to the door she came from when she first entered the room.

She goes past the door with ease, however Rika is hit on the head with what appears to be a silver wash tub.

Rika roughly rubs her head before she says to herself "note to self, always check for falling silver wash tubs in suspicious areas… They hurt really bad." and with that in mind, she walks out of the room.

Before she goes any further, she remembers that she came through a path full of traps, so now she must go back through the same route in order to get out of the ruins.

She concludes that she should adjust herself from the first trap so she could move on to the next one, and so on, until she reaches the exit.

She knows it's a long shot, but she is much more determined to do it, and if she wants to survive what she is been through, she would just have to work hard for that, and that means that she has to clear out every obstacle in her way in order to reach her goal in the end. Something that's already born within her, and that is the will of fire.


It takes Rika a very long time, so much time that almost the entire day passes on, but she manages to clear all the traps again and with her senses sharper and ever.

Usually, it takes someone days, some even months to gain that level of sharpness with their sense, but since Rika is now half a youkai she has more into her than just a normal human will, not to mention her determination plays a big role in making her reach what she desires, regardless of anything.

But now Rika is tired, so tired and stressed that she needs to relax somewhere.

The news of her blindness isn't something that can be accepted easily, even though she is determined her mind and body can only handle so much, but also she needs to rest and now, reaching the door to the outside at last, the sun light shines from the entrance.

For Rika it seems like forever since she felt the sun, so in her tired state she walks slowly but steadily, once more into the outside world.

Moments earlier outside the ruins, VIVIT has had enough.

She sits by the entrance, then suddenly roars in rage and while lifting to the air she shouts "I've had enough! She's been in there TOO LONG! Rika, I'm going to save you! Meteoric Blast!!"

She summons two machines that fly along with her then flies high above the doorway and starts to blast the ruins with all her power, however fails in making an opening.

She sighs at her current failure, but then yelps with excitement and says "to the side, boys!"

She goes to the left side of the ruins and starts shooting maniacally and shouting "Rika, hold on! Crap, I'm not doing a thing here! Let's try the back..! Rika, I'm coming for you, sweetie!"

From the distance, it looks as if a small aircraft is bombarding the ruins, however causes no damage to the structure, making VIVIT scream "RAH! What's this thing MADE of anyway!?"


While VIVIT bombards the building from behind, Rika walks out the doorway.

At first Rika can't sense any presence at all; nobody's waiting for her there. And how can she blame VIVIT.

She's been in there for a long time, and if anyone saw her like this, blind and having two small wings spreading from her back, as if she didn't belong to this world anymore, what would they think?

She fears she'll be shunned and cast aside, but she is proven wrong when VIVIT appears from the right side of ruin's main building, and once she sees Rika her face fills with surprise, gasping loudly and shouting "Rika!"

Rika mistakes it as a frightened scream and almost flees the scene so as not to find out what her teacher would do or say to her, as she is no longer a normal human.

But yet again she is proven wrong when her teacher give her a bone-crushing hug, saying in a fast and desperate fashion "your back?!? What happened?!? Why do you look like this?!?! Why didn't you tell me you would be gone this long?!?! Why do you have small wings on your back?!?! Oh wait... WINGS?!?!?"

After mentioning the wings VIVIT feels Rika flinch while in her arms and felt as though she wanted her to let go so she could escape, but her teacher holds her tighter, preventing Rika from escaping, then says in a soft tone "trying to run away won't solve anything, right?"

She feels Rika relax, but she can still tell that she isn't fine at all, and now that she looks at her more calmly she sees the small cloth wrapped around her eyes.

Confused as to why Rika is covering her eyes she asks "dear, why are you covering your eyes like that?"

Once more, Rika tenses and doesn't know how to answer or how to break the news for her, so she decides to answer to her simple, without any lies or distractions, but before she could voice her answer she suddenly feels herself tired and drained.

The strain from the day's events pick its toll on her and she passed out on the spot.

VITVIT panics and shouts "Rika!? Rika, what's the matter!? Rika~!"


It's morning at the base, where a lot of people are staying until their homes are rebuilt.

Rika is soundly asleep in one of the examination labs where some tests are being run on her to ensure that she is fine and ready to go home once again.

The silence in the room is broken when Rika suddenly wakes up, screaming in fright.

For the second time she was seeing what she had done while in her rage state.

Her frightened expression changes after she senses her surroundings and realizes that its one of the lab's rooms.

She sighs in relief after realizing that it's just a dream and she didn't really go on a rampage again, however she is still sad because of what she has done already and promises herself to make amends for what she has done, and that includes one hell raven's shadow.

She hears someone enter the room she was in, but she didn't know who it was since she couldn't see so she wanted to ask who it was, but before she mouthed her question she heard the one there saying with a cheery voice "well, it seems you have woken up dear Rika!"

Rika's face brightens up after hearing that voice before she gets crushed, once again, by in one big hug from her teacher right before she says "you poor girl! You kept on going that far, even while blind like that! I wish I had been there to help you!"

Rika hears her teacher cry close to her and she feels guilt for making her cry like that, so smiling she says to her, in a sad tone "it's ok, I am fine now. I just need to get used to this. Besides, it's only temporary!"

She changes her sad smile into a happy one, as if she just realized that her blindness is just temporary.

Her teacher asks in a questioning tone "temporary?"

Rika giggles a bit then sighs with relief before she starts talking about what happened to her in the ruins; from the very moment she entered it, to the very end of it when she comes out.

With her heightened senses she hears her teacher crying and with sad smile she says "sorry I made you worry… I..."

Before she could finish she was once again hugged and this time she hears her teacher's cries more openly while saying she says "I wish I was there to support you! You've had a rough life already as it is! And now…… why does life have to be so unfair to you!?"

At that, Rika simply answers to her with a smile that she hasn't seen for long time, only this time it was without her bright blue eyes in view "I can't complain now. I have some people who love me and take care of me just like family, and so many friends there at the other world! Plus, I still got my master and she is so~ nice to me! *giggle*"

With those words she proves that she has truly learned about bonds to heart.


It's early afternoon now and Rika's tests have finally finished with a all test runs turning to be of positive values, meaning that she is fine and ready to go home once again.

Rika walks out of her bed and goes to the door, but before she opens it, VIVIT walks into the room, surprised that Rika is already leaving, but her face changes to a thoughtful expression and then smiles while asking Rika "are you well rested now?"

Rika didn't know someone was in front of her, but know there is now.

Rika smiles after recognizing the voice and says and in a happy voice replies "yes! I'm very well rested, and the tests have all ended well. I am fine and ready to go back anytime now."

VIVIT smiles at her and says in a content tone "then, since your fine and happy now, why don't you come with me? There is a friend I want to visit and I would be very happy to present her to you."

Rika looks happier this time, as she didn't know what VIVIT's close friend looks, or in this case sounds like, but she sure wanted to go and meet her anyway, so she mouths a cheery "yes!"

That was all her teacher needed to hear before she guides Rika out of the base and lifts her bridal-style while taking flight toward her destination.

Rika blushes lightly from the fact they she is being carried like that, but she feels comfortable anyway so she just lets it go and focuses on the feeling of the cool breeze that passes through her face and hair, making her feel even more comfortable about this fact, though at the same time she drifts her thoughts into what happened the day before, thinking of what she will do from now on, and how she will change for the better.

Suddenly a though crosses her mind, making her grin mischievously, then suddenly says "please, take good care of me."

VIVIT's face freezes in shock and surprise, staring at the mischievous little blind maid.


After a short while, VIVIT lands softly on the ground, making Rika snap from her long train of thoughts.

VIVIT takes the moment to tell her apprentice "here we are, you naughty thing, you!", to which Rika giggles.

They are now in front of a shrine that is reserved and well kept, which told that someone is living close to it, if not in it, and took care of it.

Rika takes in the familiar scent of her surroundings and for her the scent seems to remind her of her master's shrine back in Gensokyo, so out of instinct she asks "a shrine?"

VIVIT is surprised that she could recognize the place so quickly, and before she could ask how she knows, a voice from afar says with an excited tone "that's right! Welcome to the South-side Shrine, where your prayers can be heard, and your wishes might come true if your faith is strong enough!"

Rika just giggles at the excited voice, since it's really quite different from what she expected.

Meanwhile, VIVIT face palms herself with four of her fingers while shaking her head and sighing in a disappointed way and says "don't you get tired of that? There really aren't customers coming, you know!"

The girl comes into full view with a scowl on her face.

She is a slender woman with blue eyes, long black hair tied up with a blue ribbon on the back, wearing a long sleeved white kimono-like shirt and long red maiden pants; a basic shrine maiden outfit.

The girl says in an annoyed tone of voice "ah shut up VIVIT, I am not talking to you!"

She turns to Rika with a happy smile and says "I am talking to this beautiful angel who came to this shrine to visit."

Before VIVIT could snap a comeback, Rika bows to her and says "how are you doing? My name is Rika Onkamikami. Nice to meet you miss…"

The shrine maiden then says with a proud voice "Hirano! Hirano Sakurasaki, nice to meet you miss Rika!"

Rika responds with a smile "the pleasure is all mine!" and then asks, with an innocent questioning voice "may I offer a prayer to the shrine please?"

Before she could get an answer, the girl now named Hirano scans her face for a while before waving her hands close to Rika's face, thinking that Rika can't see her, however Rika fees that and asks "miss Hirano?" which startles the Hirano close to her falling, but she balances herself, then feeling a little embarrassed she says "ahh, sorry about that!"

She returns normal and sounding worried she asks "are you ok? I mean, why cover your eyes with a cloth? Unless you're not really seeing me?"

Rika face twists with a very saddened expression which didn't go unnoticed by both before she smiles again and says "it's alright, it's true. I can't really see you, but I can feel what you're doing."

Hirano has an apologetic look before she says "I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you."

Before Rika could say it was ok, she heard a smacking noise, then VIVIT shouting "that's what happens when you run your mouth wildly or take rash action, geez!"

Hirano then turns to her with a vain pulsating on her head and shouts back "and your no help at all! You just watch things go Wrong and then you go fix it by blaming me!" then they both start to argue, with Rika giggling the whole time at what's happening in front of her.

It reminds her of how her master and her friend, Marisa, used to talk in what little times they were together.

Then after a happy giggle that gets their attention Rika says "you both seem like such close friends!"

They both look at each other in silence before both turn their heads away with a "hmph" which makes Rika giggle even more.


After both of them calm down, only exchanging glances for brief moments, Hirano sitting there with VIVIT at the shrine's edge, stares at Rika for a while as she prays at the shrine's monument, then speaks to VIVIT in a serious manner "she isn't a normal girl you know. That's obvious because of those wings on her back"

VIVIT smirks at her and says "so you noticed? I kind of thought you were too thick headed to notice that. But at least this shows me you do have a brain and eyes to see as well as I."

Hirano looks at her even more seriously this time, then says "jokes aside, from what I can see, until now she seems to have had a rough life, and even now though, she is brave enough to try and deal with it by herself, and to that I must say she needs a praise."

At that moment VIVIT's eyes show a small glimmer of sadness before she just nods.

Hirano looks at her one more time before getting up from where she sat and dusts herself gently before she walks to Rika, who takes notice of someone walking behind her.

She turns around and says "there! All finished. I hope this prayer reaches."

With a large grin on her face, Hirano says "I am sure it will." then asks in a simple yet friendly manner "care to spar with me for a while? I mean it would help sharpen your sense even further so you can be capable of defending yourself and those you care about."

Rika doesn't move for a while, but then she slowly nods her head in confirmation and at that Hirano smiles wide and says in a friendly tone "trust me, you won't regret it."

Rika, trusting in her words, went with her to the back of the shrine where there's a large field. A good place for battling and training.

Rika suddenly notices that she didn't have her family's sword with her and almost panics until she heard a deep voice in her head.

It wasn't talking to her yet she could understand what it says.

The voice sounded like a whale's voice from deep seas, a very calming voice, yet it held power and wisdom behind it.

Once again, Rika hears sound of the Messias Draconis, also known as the Savior Dragon, who now resides inside her family sword.

Rika focuses her mind and listens to what it says.

She turns around to her teacher, and with a soft voice, she says "thank you for taking care of my sword while I wasn't there, and thank you for bringing it here with you!"

VIVIT is again surprised and she voices her concern to her apprentice, asking "how were you able to figure out that I had that sword?"

Rika makes a small chuckle before answering "you could say that me and my family's sword share strong bond with each other." making VIVIT smile at how strong she has become, feeling proud of what she's become.

She approaches Rika with the sword on her hand and gives it to her.

Rika accepts it with an appreciative "thanks" and holds the sword close to her side with a ready stance, although she couldn't really see.

She will have to try and overcome any obstacle, not just for herself, but also for her master and the other world, and with a new found determination she says in a voice of conviction "I am ready miss Hirano!"

Hirano just smiles at the face that Rika made and replies in a happy but serious tone "that's more like it! Get ready!" and soon they both begin their training.


It has been about 6 hours since they started, and although Hirano isn't tired at all, she's stressed herself from all the holding back while against Rika, and only gets more serious on her whenever she gets better.

Rika at first was struggling to just sense the attacks coming, but she stayed determined to it, and every time it seems like she got the hang of it, things get harder on her, and she tries again to adjust to the battle and work her way through it.

After a while Rika figured that Hirano wasn't really fighting at her full power. She was holding back as to train her as she herself told her, and now they seem to be at a better, steady pace in fighting.

Rika repelling every single attack coming at her and waiting for her chance for the enemy to close in and score a hit, and Hirano with her amulets and charms set fires every now and then to change the pace and the range of the attacks in order to make Rika more used to random patterns.

Of course, Rika sometimes goes on the offensive and attack, but not very often, and Hirano, with each passing moment gets more excited at the girl in front of her and how she learns so quickly and flawlessly.

She wonders how would she fight if she were at full power and back in action.

While she wonders that however, she shoots some stray amulets that move at a higher speed then needed, and Rika barely dodges and repels some of them, but in the end she gets hit and falls to the ground.

VIVIT approaches Hirano with a dark aura around her and in a bottled angry tone she says "how… many… times… have I… told you… NOT TO GO WILD AND HURT SOMEONE!!"

Rika couldn't see what happened next, but she could clearly hear some exploding noises and the sound of Hirano, screaming "KYA!!" many times over, accompanied by some fast sentence afterward that seem to be an apology attempt, but they fail, and is shortly followed by another wave of exploding sounds.

Rika manages to get up slowly and in a soft voice, due to her being so tired she says "please, don't hurt miss Hirano. She was just trying to help me, and I don't think she meant to hurt me or anything. If anything, I should be the one to thank her for taking time to help me."

Somehow Hirano recovers suddenly and jumps back up from the ground where VIVIT was standing before, then she smiles brightly at Rika and in a high pitched and friendly voice she says "you know, you're too nice and sweet to be the apprentice of barbaric woman like VI…"

Before she could even finish, a punch is delivered at her jaw line and she's sent back flying to her own shrine.

VIVIT takes the moment to look at Rika and sees she is somewhat sweating and tired, so she calls in a hard voice "HIRANO!! Could you please show Rika to the shower so she can take one, maybe even a hot bath of you can arrange one!"

Hirano springs back up again like nothing ever happened to her and stands right next to the two girls then says in a cheery voice "why of course, let me help little Rika. Please hold my hand and follow me!"

Rika takes the hand that was offered in front of her and goes to where the shower is.

Hirano left her when she enters and looks at VIVIT while asking "if I'm guessing this right, she would use one of MY own clothes to wear, right~?"

VIVIT smiles widely and nods at her. Hirano doesn't say a word, but looks at where the shower is in silence for a while then says a nostalgic voice "she is really strong, not letting a chance for fear or any other hindering feelings to affect her… Sometimes… you wish she would just let go and be free from all this pain…"

VIVIT stares at where Hirano is looking and says in a sad voice "she suffered so much… yet she doesn't blame it on anyone, and she keeps on going with that all the time… Sometimes you wish she would let her heart rest… even for a small while…"

At that time Rika just remembered that she didn't have a change of clothes, but before she could ask anyone outside for anything she hears VIVIT voice calling to her and telling her "Rika~, once you finish up I put in a set of fresh clothes that you might actually like, so feel free to use them."

Rika didn't know what VIVIT meant by that but she heard the clothing set slide in before the door closes again.

She dries herself up and goes to pick the clothing, and once she feels it all over she recognizes it as normal shrine maiden's clothes. She smiles softly at it and thanks VIVIT in her heart for that.


Rika walks out of the shower, looking brighter this time and very refreshed.

VIVIT and Hirano see her coming and take on how she looks now.

She looks the same but with the her big ribbon that has the fire painting and the kanji for "will of fire" now around her neck like a scarf, instead of being neatly tied like a ribbon, and its ends now hanging on both sides of her neck to the back.

The yin-yang sapphire that was set in the middle of that ribbon is now hanging around her neck like a necklace, and she still kept the piece of cloth around her eyes to cover them from any harm.

VIVIT giggles a bit before saying "even though you changed your style, you still look very beautiful. And with your wings, you look more like an angel now."

VIVIT looks at Hirano for a moment before they both nods and say at the same time "plus, you look cooler now too!"

Rika couldn't help but blush while she held both of her hands on her cheeks and flap her wings in what look like happy bliss, even though she doesn't know that she did it.

At this, both of girls now hold their noses with their hands as small twin-trails of blood run down from their noses.

Both girls think at the same time "she is just too sweet and CUTE!!"

Before she can get close and hug her for life, Rika hears the familiar sound of a gap opening, and hears someone's footsteps getting closer to her.

She then hears a voice that she had really missed these past 3 and a half days, saying "oh, it so~ great I found you. Reimu is worried sick about you and she took it all out on me... just because I forgot to tell her you were coming late. Now let's try this again, are you finished here?"

Rika recognizes the voice of Yukari talking to her, but then she looks at where she thought were VIVIT and Hirano were standing before Hirano says "amazing! Opening a forced rift in space without much trouble and walking through it like its nothing!! You sure are strong!"

Yukari opens the fan to cover her smile and says "why of course. I am the sage of all youkai. I should be at least be this strong, right?"

VIVIT then interrupts her and Hirano before she could respond and while bowing she says to Yukari "please, take care of her there! She's been through so much in this life already! I… I don't want her to suffer anymore! Could you at least promise me that?"

Yukari smile vanishes as she says in a even tone "the one who takes care of her is her master, not me. But so far she had done a very admirable job at it. You should be proud of your apprentice. She has the respect of one of the most powerful beings in Gensokyo... But not to stray from the subject, yes, she will be taken care of. She is part of our world now, and will play her role in it as she is needed to, so you don't need to worry about her, because…… Gensokyo itself will protect her… It's part of her family now."

Rika couldn't help but let small tears escape her closed eyes as she cries silently at what she just heard.

That she was family to them meant so much that she didn't know how to thank them for it.

But she steels herself as she always does and says "miss VIVIT it's ok. I will be fine. And this time I will be able to protect and help all of those that mean a lot to me, and I WILL protect that world the same way as my master does!"

Hirano fails to read the mood in the atmosphere and asks "miss... err... Yukari, right? Why are you covered in bandages like that?"

VIVIT looks at Hirano with contempt as she continues to stare at the bandages around Yukari's head and neck, then Rika suddenly gasps and asks "miss Yukari, are you alright!?"

Yukari sighs and softly says "kids these days."


Rika reaches for her own pocket and feels a small jeweled necklace that she had prepared as a gift to apologize for all she had done, and to somewhat ask for forgiveness.

She then thinks about what she will say to her master, and how she would react. Would she hate her?

However, she doesn't let those thoughts get to her, and for the last time she resolves herself to change and she will start from now.

She then says "alright miss Yukari. I am ready!"

After that, while smiling angelically she says "miss VIVIT, miss Hirano, thank you for all you have done for me, I will make sure to repay all this kindness someday and…"

Before she can finish her sentence, VIVIT hugs Rika tightly and says "please! Stay one more night. Please!"

Rika is lost for words so Yukari answers for her "no, we are leaving right now! Do you have any idea what Reimu will do to me if we...?"

Before SHE can finish her sentence, Hirano raises a bottle of sake in front of Yukari's face and says "we could have a bit of a wild night, my friend..."

She smiles mischievously while Yukari's face shows an internal struggle.

A fun night filled with sake and a following day of possible consequences, or take Rika back and be done with it.

A few moments later, Rika and VIVIT sit just outside the shrine while Hirano and Yukari drink away the night, then Rika asks "miss VIVIT, why'd you insist?"

VIVIT wraps her arm around Rika's shoulder and says "I won't get to see you again for a long time. Please allow me your company for just a little longer."

Rika smiles as she turns her head to VIVIT and says "thank you... miss VIVIT."

Rika feels her heart fill with happiness. Again she is shown that no matter what, those around her lover her unconditionally, and this means more to her than anything in the world.

The next morning, Rika and a slightly drunken Yukari stand just outside the shrine, while VIVIT and Hirano stand inside, staring back at the two girls.

VIVIT is doing her best to stop herself from crying, while Hirano simply smiles.

VIVIT can no longer hold it in, and while crying she grabs Rika and hugs her tightly, saying "please… Just be safe and at peace. That's all I need from you!"

Rika smiles back while being hugged and nods while VIVIT feels it before she breaks the hug.

Rika feels something flying to her and she picks it on instinct, she then hears Hirano say "here! I heard your master is one hell of a shrine maiden right? Show her this scroll. It's called Kekai no Gashi, and you can guess what it's used for from its name. Good luck, and be safe, child!"

Rika approaches Hirano and gives her a hug of her own, flapping her wings at the same time while mouthing a small "thank you."

She then steps back a little then takes her family sword, unsheathes it, then grabs a small portion of her hair and cuts away, then a small breeze takes it away.

Her hair now reaches down to half of her back, and with a small smile she says "this is my proof of change… for the better!"

She sheathes her sword back, then turns to Yukari and after feeling another small breeze that passes by Yukari before herself, she asks "ahh, miss Yukari? why is your head covered up like that?"

Yukari shivers at that question and feels the wound on her head throb more, even though its covered with bandages, and says in a frightened tone "please don't remind me of this. The memory is still fresh."

Hirano looks with shock at Rika and asks "wait, didn't I ask that just last night? And how the HELL did you see all that just now? Hey... are you listening to me? Don't ignore me!"

Completely ignoring Hirano, Yukari quickly grabs Rika and tosses her with one hand inside the gap before she herself goes inside it, but before she enters she looks at both girls, who didn't get to say another good bye to Rika, and says in an even tone "you should have more faith in her. It's what this world lacks, and you, shrine maiden, should know that better than anybody else, right?"

Hirano looks to the ground with a sad expression before she nods.

Yukari then says "then it's a start, so try to change how people view things. Maybe, just maybe you will see the world in a new light as well."

She then bows to both in a fast fashion and says "well then, take care... both of you, and good day."

She enters her gap and closes it right after saying that.

A small moment of silence passes by before VIVIT says "well, guess it's back to the old days again huh?"

Mysteriously, she holds a large bottle of sake in her hands and while smiling she says to Hirano "a drink maybe?"

Hirano looks at her and replies "you bet!", then both sit on the shrine's porch, drinking sake away and reminiscing on their old days to no one but their own.

And so the day goes by, closing the curtains for a time of change and opening again to the same days they lived on.

But who knows, there might be another change some day. For those two can only hope and work for that.


Into the next world…… again…

At the Hakurei shrine, everyone keeps silent after Rika finishes her tale.

Mima breaks that silence by saying "that surely explains a lot."

Reimu replies "yeah, but I still don't understand why do you have to do this!? Rika, just say the word and I'll have this battle cancelled."

Rika springs to her feet and says "my lady, I can't! She'll never let us live in peace until I teach her I am as valuable as anyone! No! I want to teach that girl that just because she has a pretty family name, doesn't mean she is better, or worse than anyone!"

Reimu looks away, feeling a little saddened, then sighs and says "Tenshi's an idiot, but she can be dangerous if you're not careful. Rika, if I even THINK you are in danger I am stopping the fight!"

Rika places both hands on her chest, smiling angelically at her mistress, a small tear escaping her left light-blue eye and says "my lady... thank you... for caring so much about me."

Reimu closes her eyes and turns to face the ground, then smiles and turns her sight to Rika, walks to her and wraps her arms around Rika's neck, saying "come on. It's almost time."

Rika giggles and says "right! Let's go!"

Suika, Mima, Reimu and Rika leave the shrine with haste, closing the sliding door behind them.

A short moment passes then Reimu opens the doors again and quickly heads toward a small cabinet.

She hurriedly rummages around, then pulls out a golden whistle, saying to herself "there you are. It's dangerous to leave you alone here like this..."

From outside, Rika shouts "my lady, is everything alright?"

Reimu flinches, almost dropping the whistle, but manages to grab it before it falls, then she sighs as she swipes her forehead, then pockets the whistle before shouting back "sorry! I forgot something important..."


My Enlightening Visit Home, My Lady Reimu... The End.

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