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On to the ending of my baby...

August 13, 2012

Everything in the room caused my nerves to stir. The fresh crisp scent of the fresh flowers filling the space stimulated me. The delicate way that the bouquets were tied together played at my heart like fingers dancing across a harp. They were perfect, just like today.

"Bella, help me zip up my dress." The frustration in Alice's voice alerted me of her struggle. I turned around to face my very pregnant sister, unable to hide the chuckle that came out of my mouth. "I look fat, don't I?" her eyes grew wide and welled up with tears that threatened to run down her cheeks.

"No!" I crossed the room in a few strides. "You're beautiful." I spoke the truth. Alice's skin was porcelain white, stained slightly by a soft pink across her cheeks from her pregnancy glow. I looked down between us, her round, protruding stomach stopping just an inch away from my flat one.

Her arms were tangled in the soft lilac material of her dress. "I think I'm stuck," she huffed as she tried to pull her arm out only to be stopped by another strap.

"Here, let me help you," I tugged at the strap stuck under her the part of the dress that should have been over her head. "This needs to go over your head," I lifted it up and over, laying the material around her neck, "and this piece lays over it."

I chuckled at the exhausted sigh Alice let out once her zipper was completely done up, encasing her baby belly and swelling boobs. She looked over her shoulder and smiled bashfully. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," I wrapped my arms around her belly, my fingers barely touching as I reached around her. "You look so pretty," I rested my cheek on her shoulder, enjoying our moment alone before a light knock interrupted us.

"You girls ready?" Rosalie walked in the room.

"Yeah, Alice just needed some help into her dress." I explained.

"You two looking stunning all dressed up," Rosalie walked further into the room, a warm smile stretched across her perfect face. "Your mom is ready for you to come out."

I blew out an unexpected breath I didn't realize I was holding. "Bella, what's wrong?" Alice came up to me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"I just suddenly got nervous," I felt my cheeks flush, knowing I would be walking in front of a crowd of people.

"Its okay Bella," Alice stood to face me. "I'm going first, so you can laugh at my waddling ass." All three of us chuckled like young teenagers as we all pictured Alice waddling like a duck. "Okay, okay…" Alice piped up, "…we have a ceremony to attend." She passed me my small white bouquet of flowers. I held the fresh arrangement up to my face, inhaling the scent.

All three of us walked into the hallway and headed towards the end of the hall and down the steps to the main floor of the restaurant. I peeked around the corner, eyeing the rows and rows of people that were seated and waiting for the festivities to commence. I could hear footsteps behind me; I turned to see Renée approach us. "Mom you look gorgeous," I smiled at her gorgeousness. Her beautiful sequined dress looked exquisite on her.

"I must say, you look breathtaking Bella," she kissed my cheek.

"Okay Alice, you're up." Rosalie waved her over from a few feet ahead. Alice took the final steps that brought her into clear view of the spectators. I felt nauseous watching her walk off, turning to her right and disappearing from my view. I closed my eyes, feeling a churning sensation in my stomach. I can do this.

"Bella," Rosalie whispered to me. I opened my eyes and knew it was time. I stepped down, focusing on my shoes fully hitting the floor before I made any other move, holding the material of my long dress up with my free hand so as to give me one less thing to trip over. Once I was off the stairs and on flat ground, I sighed in relief. I looked over and smiled at Rosalie, proud of my best friend. She planned today perfectly; no detail was missed. Rosalie was the best event planner this city had to offer.

I turned to my right and my breath hitched at the sight before me, catching me off guard. I stood still, staring straight ahead. The narrow aisle was adorned with white rose petals. The front of the restaurant was unrecognizable. Large white panels of material hung from the ceiling, creating a beautiful backdrop for our family and friends standing there. At the front I spotted Alice on one side and her husband Jasper across from her. I stepped into the room, feeling all eyes on me as I walked up alone to the slow strum of the music that was being played by the live violinist. Beside Jasper was Edward.

Oh Edward. I hummed in delight as he smiled that heart stopping crooked smile at my approach. He stood very still, both his hands at his front. His black tuxedo made him look even more mouth-watering than usual. Stopping at the front of the altar, I smiled at Edward before looking forward and placing a kiss on my father's cheek.

"You look handsome, Dad," I whispered before stepping out of the way to allow enough room for my mother. All eyes turned to the back of the room, watching intently as Renée walked up gracefully to meet us. Charlie stepped forward, extending his hand for Renée to take. Her smile reminded me of the picture I remembered from their wedding long ago, she and my father both looked so happy. They walked up and stopped in front of the Justice of the Peace. I turned to face in his direction, holding my bouquet in front of me as he began the ceremony.

"Welcome everyone," he began. "Please sit." The sound of the guests sitting down could be heard behind me. I snuck a peek at Edward from the corner of my eye. I leisurely took in the way his tall lean body was framed by the delicious tux he was sporting. Nom nom nom…

"Today we are joined together to celebrate the love between a husband and wife." I felt my tears threatening to fall as the J.P. began to address my parents. "Today you both have come here to renew your vows originally made years ago. To affirm a love that was celebrated during the good and tested during the bad, the good always prevailing. You both stand before me and all of those whom you love, willing to recommit to one another for all the days of your lives."

I wiped the singled tear that splashed down on my cheek.

As the ceremony continued, I couldn't help but think that one day that could be Edward and me. I looked over to my side, my breath caught as Edward's eyes captured mine in his gaze. Perfection. I felt my cheeks flush as I held our gaze for as long as I could.

"I Renée, take you…" I smiled at Edward, picturing myself making those vows. I Isabella,take you Edward…"


I shook my head at the sound of my name, stolen from my fantasy. I looked at my mother, dumbfounded. "Huh?" Oh shit,did I say that out loud?

"Your father's ring, dear," she smiled at me her hand extended towards mine.

"Oh," I sighed in relief, untying the gold ring from the ribbon on my bouquet. I handed it to my mother immediately, not wanting to waste anymore of her time with my daydreams. I resolved to not look over at Edward for the time being, wanting to focus on the vows and promises that my parents were exchanging. It was wonderful to see that after so many unhappy years, they had somehow rediscovered their love. I watched my father's eyes well up as he looked at my mother in front of him.

The ceremony was short but sweet, and before I knew it, the J.P. announced, "You may kiss your bride." The moment Charlie leaned forward and closed the gap between him and Renée, cheers and applause filled the room. Charlie escorted Renée down the aisle, both beaming and radiating love.

I stepped forward and met Edward halfway. He extended his right arm, and I linked my arm in his. He guided me down the aisle, our bodies vibrating between us. He leaned down to whisper into my ear as we walked together. "You're drop dead gorgeous, baby."

I looked up at him, beaming with happiness. I pulled him down to whisper into his ear before we stepped out of the room to meet up with my parents. "You look finger lickin' good," I chuckled softly.

"What?" he pulled back to look at me, his brows furrowed as he chuckled.

"Absolutely mouth watering," I stood on my tiptoes and gave him a peck on the lips, eliciting a small moan from both of us at the contact.

"Congratulations, Mom…" I turned to see Alice hugging Renée, then our father. I grabbed Edward's hand and walked towards my family. We all exchanged hugs as the guests filled the reception area.

"I'll be right back," I excused myself, kissing Edward on the cheek before slipping through the swinging door of the kitchen. As soon as I stepped into the modern, well- equipped kitchen, a feeling of pride hit me as all eyes turned to me. "The ceremony is over – we're ready for the appetizers." I ordered my staff to commence with the evening's service. I walked around the kitchen, making sure everything looked exactly as I wanted before I left my fully capable staff to feed and serve my closest loved ones. I walked back out to the dining area. The private function was decorated with purple linens and flickering tea light candles. All of the quests were mingling as I scanned the room for the only person I wanted to be with.

There he was, standing by the bar with his father and brother, beer in hand. I stood there for a bit to watch him from afar, his laughter warming my heart. He looked so happy when he laughed.

"Bella?" I looked over my shoulder to see Alice approaching.

"Something wrong?" I asked, watching her waddle over. Alice was due any day now. I couldn't help but wonder if she was going into labor right then and there.

She looked flustered; her cheeks more crimson then pink. "No, I'm okay," she stopped and rubbed her tummy with her hand, the diamond wedding bands on her swollen fingers glistening in the light. "I was just wondering if you could get me some crackers," she smiled bashfully.

"Oh yeah, for sure," I smiled, relieved that she wasn't going to tell me that her water broke on the restaurant's new carpets.

I, Bella Swan, was the proud owner of Angel Eyes Bistro - complete with a menu of high-end decadent meals, and a bakery attached offering the most delectable desserts Seattle ever tasted. Edward managed to get be back into the culinary school as soon as I finalized my move to Seattle. At first it was hard to leave Forks, my family and friends. But this was my destiny. I went to school day and night to catch up to the other students; my mad baking and cooking skills eased the journey. I finished top in my class. My instructor was so confident of me that once I received my papers, he approached me with the opportunity of a lifetime. One of his friends was looking to start up a new and happening place downtown, but midway through the startup something came up and he needed to move down south. The building was for purchase and knowing Edward's business background he figured I would jump on the opportunity. And I did.

I went home to our condo (yes, OUR CONDO!), and filled Edward in on the specifics. Edward and I went down the next morning and toured the empty shell of the building. Once we determined that everything was up to code, Edward turned and faced me, his smile causing him to beam gloriously. "It's yours." I squealed as he lifted me up, and my legs wrapped around his waist as he held me in a strong embrace.

Things flew by quickly. Edward hired all the contractors and organized the entire construction phase. I was in charge of everything else - staffing, menu, pricing, and most importantly, the name. It only felt right calling it by my nickname, knowing that the name had far more power and meaning than outsiders would ever know. Every time I walked into work, I would see the name and be reminded of how precious life is now that I had Edward. The last few months had been extremely busy. Business was booming and customers were all too happy to keep eating.

"Hey sweetie," Edward snuck up behind me, kissing my right shoulder.

"Hi handsome," I turned in his arms to face him. It still blew my mind, how close we had become. Everything we went through only drew us closer together. All of our loved ones were happy as well.

I saw Rosalie, Emmett and Anthony from the corner of my eye and felt my heart swell as I watched their little family from afar. They had come a long way also. Little Anthony wasn't so little anymore. He stood proudly beside his father, albeit only reaching Emmett's chest. Emmett adopted Anthony earlier this year. Anthony was his and Rosalie's son – no one would ever question that. It didn't take them long to move to Seattle as well - with Rosalie's family already living there as well as Edward and me, it made sense to call Seattle home. They bought a condo in the same building as Edward and me. A short time later, Emmett and Edward joined forces and opened their own real estate business.

Rosalie found her niche as well, becoming an award-winning event planner. All the big wigs wanted special flare for their social events or weddings. Of course, I reaped the benefits as her best friend – she would constantly give her clients my business card. Not that I didn't do the same; as she would say, we were a "package deal". I'd catered numerous functions for her, but never had he thrown an event in my restaurant. It was amazing to see how the accents and lighting she has used had changed my posh restaurant into a tranquil, warm gathering.

"Your parents looked so happy," Edward brushed a strand of hair off my face as I looked up into his eyes.

"Yes, they did," I smiled happily.

We all took our seats, eating and laughing the whole night away. The band began to play and my parents stood up and made their way to the dance floor, circling slowly as cameras flashed around them. Edward draped his arm around my shoulder as we both watched the happy couple enjoy the beauty that surrounded them at this moment. Everyone applauded once they finished their dance. They walked hand in hand towards the band, and I watched confused as my father grabbed the microphone from the quartet. "Hello everyone," my father greeted everyone.

A chill soared down my arm as Edward drew circles on my arm. "You cold, Bella?" he looked at me as my father continued to thank his guests.

"I just got a chill," I smiled at him, scooting closer into him, his body heat warming me. He placed a kiss on the top of my head as I rested my cheek on his collarbone.

"Today wouldn't have been as perfect as it was without you, Rosalie. Thank you." Charlie continued. "Bella," I looked at him and felt my heart pounding. "You have made your mother and I so very proud." I wiped away the tear that fell. "We wouldn't be standing here like this today without you, sweetheart." I trembled, knowing the dark moments of my life did bring some light into our lives. That part of my life had to happen, I knew that now.

"We only wish you and Edward the same happy future that you bestowed on us." Everyone started to clap. "Edward my boy," I looked up to Edward as my father spoke to him directly. "I couldn't wish for anyone better for my daughter. You complete her, you make her happy and for that, Renée and I give you our blessing."

My breath hitched as Edward's arms grasped me with more force. Suddenly he stood up beside me. I looked up at him like a deer in headlights; he just smiled down at me.

"Edward, what's going on?" I whispered, feeling everyone in the room staring at us two as we sat at the head table.

"Isabella," I closed my eyes as my name fell from his lips, his voice sounding so very loving. "Look at me," he pleaded as he tugged at my hand, willing my eyes to open. I looked at him, fighting back the tears that threatened to overflow. His warm, strong hand grasped my left one as he knelt down in front of me.

"Oh my god," my body trembled further as I continued to look his green heavenly eyes.

"I want you to know that you mean everything to me. The moment you entered my life, there was no going back to the way I used to be." His thumb stroked my hand gently. I looked over his shoulder to see Alice wiping her face with her napkin. "I wanted this moment to be as special to you as you are to me. We're so close to our families that I only felt it right for them to witness the happiest moment of my life so far." He swallowed hard as his free hand dug into his pant pocket, pulling out a sparkling diamond ring.

I gasped as the beautifully designed ring sparkled up at me. "Isabella Swan," I looked into his eyes as they sparkled just as much as the ring he held. "Will you do me the greatest honor by spending your life by my side always... as my wife?"

I covered my face with my right hand, feeling the tears cascade down. Silence filled the room in anticipation of my response. Once I finally found my voice, in a small whisper I said, "Yes."

The corner of his mouth twitched before the most heavenly smile ever spread across his face. He slipped the ring on my finger; as soon as he set it perfectly on my hand, he stood up and pulled me up to stand. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he stood straight and lifted my feet off the ground, holding me tightly. The room erupted in applause and cheering as he playfully spun us around in circles.

"Thank you, Angel Eyes," he spoke into my neck for only me to hear. "Thank you for making me the happiest man alive."

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