"Guilty." The judge slammed his gavel hard on his desk, stating the verdict of the case. She was sentenced to four months house arrest for vandalism. Ichigo Momomiya had trashed Tae's car, an enemy who had convinced Aoyama that Ichigo had been cheating on him, than claiming him for herself after he broke up with her. The audience rose and began to exit the court, Ichigo's mother walking in her direction. She knew that what she had to say wasn't going to make her happy. She knew it was going to let her down. The pinkette's shoulders sank as she exhaled and than straightened up, ready to face whatever was to come.

"You had better find some place to live, Ichigo." Her jaw dropped at the thought of this situation at hand. She was being kicked out of her parent's house. She wasn't so collected anymore as she prepared to testify.

"Mom, what are you saying! You can't kick me out!" Her body jerked forward to grab her mother's hand, but the she moved it from Ichigo's reach. "M-mom." She hated seeing her mother's facial expression like this, it was like a knife turning in her heart.

"You have been so... you haven't been yourself lately at all. And you're eighteen, old enough to be living without the help of your parents." She slowly breathed out and started to walk out of the room, waving Ichigo to follow. "We'll talk about this in the car." The pinkette hesitated to move, but in the end, found herself right there, next to her mother, sitting in the passenger seat of the family car. The ride home was silent for a while. People in the court house that tried speaking with her kept going on about how she needed to think about what she had done wrong, but she just couldn't understand why they didn't see it the way she did. The bitch cheated her out of her own boyfriend, so she trashed her damn car. Suddenly, out of the silence, in the car her mother started another lecture. Like she hadn't gotten enough of those in the last week and a half.

"Have your stuff packed in the ne-" Ichigo could have exploded, but instead kept as calm as possible while stating what she felt was unfair.

"I know you're telling me to move out, but Mom, I have nomoney. It's not like I can get an apartment. I don't have anywhere to go." Her mother heard her out, keeping her eyes on the road. Ichigo brushed her hair back, hating where this was going. This was a day of stress, so much stress that her father didn't even want to witness the trail, but instead, staid home to 'clean the house'. What a lame excuse, like she couldn't see right through that one. "The job at the cafe doesn't pay anywhere near enough." She rested her head on the window, hugging her knees in a slanted position on the seat.

"Ichigo, I love you. I really do, but you're going go have to learn your lesson, and this... this just has to be done." Ichigo didn't want to hear it anymore, so she reached for the radio knob, turning it on. Her mother quickly swatted her hand away, turning it back off. "Damnit Ichigo, I don't think you get it. People will always see this on your background records, and you're too nice and smart of a woman for it to be that way!" She sighed deeply, shaking her head when her daughter didn't respond. "I want you to pack your bags when we get home, and start calling up your friends or something if you can't afford an apartment. The judge said that you have fourty eight hours to figure out a plan before they hook up the ankle bracelet."

As soon as the car pulled in the driveway, the pinkette wasted no time storming into the house, jumping out of the car before it even stopped moving. She walked as aggressively and fast as she could possibly go into her room and onto her bed, pulling out her phone. She scrolled through her contacts, but she just couldn't find anyone that would be half alright for her burden. Mint was rich, yes, but she still couldn't stand the thought of living with that snob. Lettuce was polite, but not the roommate type. Pudding had like four sisters fo take care of, and didn't need another dependant. Zakuro was in her own space and time. There was nobody. This frustrated the pinkette as her face turned the same color of her hair while she chunked her phone against the wall and let out a scream.

Where was she going to go?
There was so Aoyama, he was with that whore. The only person that she wanted to be this frustration was getting to her, wearing her out and she found herself asleep in seconds, laying on her bed, fully clothed.

When she woke up, her clock read nine-thirty AM. She scratched her head, than brushed her hair back with her hand. Moaning, she wasn't ready to get up, until she saw her mother standing in the doorway. They just started at each other for a while without speaking. She hated what their relationship had turned to. She hated how thin the walls were, to where she could hear her mother crying at night. Did never tries to comfort her anymore, she thought. It was almost like a competition of pride as she felt like she had to keep eye contact with her mom until she finally disappeared into another room.

Just then, Ichigo's phone rang. She looked around the room for a second, recalling when she had thrown it the night before. As fast as she could, she bend over the bed to grab her cell, answering the call.


"Where are you, Ichigo?" It was Ryou calling her. That's right, I had work today, the thought raced through her head in that instant. "Are you planning on joining us today?" Should she explain, she had to find somewhere to live? No, that would make her seem incapable. She didn't need that. And what would he care anyways? She thought about her answer, how to phrase that no, she wouldn't be attending because of legal issues. And than she wouldn't be attending for the next four month's either. But it felt right to just come out and say it.

"I need somewhere to live, and I have to quit my job."