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Chapter 1

It's late afternoon and the student council room is still pretty busy with all the paper works that are due tomorrow thanks to the president who keeps on delaying them. This is the reason why the secretary of the student council is not in a very good mood but it is just one of the reasons. In fact, the other reason is that he's running late on getting tickets for the concert of a very famous actress/singer that his girlfriend Nagisa wanted to watch. For him getting that ticket is a matter of life or death. Akira on the other hand is really calm about the whole tension surrounding him and that he too is getting a little chance of getting that ticket for his girlfriend as well but being the famous thief, he can easily get that ticket. Though everyone knew about this concert, the ever famous student council president is in fact oblivious of this event! He didn't even know the famous singer/actress let alone know her name but that's going to change by some fortunate accident.

"Nokoru! If you don't do this paper works at this instant it'll just pile up again and worse we might be forced to stay in this room all night just to finish this in time!" Suoh exclaimed.

"Yeah and you might not be able to buy Nagisa her gift."

"It's not that! Besides it's not like I can't buy her anytime." Suoh replied with a slight nervousness in his voice. Actually he is a fan of the said singer as well and he don't want them especially Nokoru to know about his idol.

'Suoh is completely hiding something from me. I wonder what that is?' Nokoru thought to himself.

"Anyway could we get just a little break and I promise I'll do everything by tonight. I bet it with my this month's allowance." Nokoru stated desperate for a break.

"Alright but be sure to finish it by tonight or else it's not just your allowance that's gonna be ripped off of you!"

"Alright, alright I promise! Now go you two have your break and I'll just have a walk around the garden."

After some time, Nokoru is already at the garden walking unconsciously around him, when he felt something thrown on his head.

"Ow! What IS that?" he exclaimed. Then he heard a soft giggle coming from the trees. He walks towards it and saw a girl sitting on a branch of a tree with a kitten on her lap. Nokoru was stunned with the girl's beauty, with her golden locks flowing beautifully with the wind like the waves of a golden sea, if there is such thing, her eyes as blue as the sky with her lips that is as red as an apple and her cheeks that has been flushed by her laughing. Coming out of his reverie he ask the girl,

"Hello there Miss, I didn't want to accuse you but is there any chance that you're the one who threw this branch at me?"

"Yes I'm the one. I'm sorry if I have to do that but I have to get your attention somehow and you seem to space out since I've been calling you but you're not responding to me."

"Oh? It's okay you're forgiven but may I ask why you wanted to get my attention?"

"As you can see I'm up here and I can't go down. Can you help me?"

Nokoru, being the gentleman that he is, immediately lit up with the words of the girl in trouble.

"Of course my lady I'll be happy to help now just jump from that branch and I'll catch you I promise." He said as he gave her a reassuring smile.

"Okay catch me okay?" as she said it she jump from the tree branch and as Nokoru promised he catch her before she could fall to the ground.

As soon as he felt her skin against his', his heart immediately skipped a beat and he could smell her. He was almost flying to his own little world when he notice that the girl's hair had fallen to the ground!

"Miss your hair fell off." He managed to say despite the awkwardness of their situation since she's still on his arms.

"Oh no I hope no one else can see us!"

"Miss may I ask you why do you have to wear a wig?"

"It's to keep a low profile and I don't want to throw any unwanted attention." She said it with a smile

"I see but why would you want to do that?"

"You really don't recognize me at all? Mr. Nokoru Imonoyama?" she asked stunned

"I'm sorry if I don't but how do you know my name?"

"Oh I think everyone here knows your name, being the third son of the Imonoyama zaibatsu and not to mention the president of the high school division of clamp school. I think it would not be a surprise if I know your name." She said with a wink that made the said boy blush.

"Of course but may I have the pleasure to know who this beautiful girl before me is?"

"Thanks for your very kind compliment and you could just call me Belle since it's my real name."

"Nice to meet you Belle but I'm afraid that I should get going if I want to finish all my work by tonight."

"I could help you! Since you help me go down that tree, I'll be happy to help you."

"I really can't do that it may just be a burden for you."

"It's just okay with me don't worry about it. I insist and if you still continue to refuse I'm afraid I'll just have to follow you until you say yes." She said with a grin spreading across her face.

"I guess I have no other choice but if it's not too much to ask can I see your true hair and eyes?" he said immediately feeling stupid for saying such stupid words.

"Of course Mr. Imonoyama or else I'm going to stalk you." She said this with a laugh.

"I think it's not a right behavior a proper lady should have."

"Well perhaps I'm not a proper lady."

"Okay then you win. So shall we?" he said as he offered a hand to the blonde haired (wigged) girl.

When they arrive at the student council room, Belle was surprised to see so many piles of paper before her. The room actually looks like a factory of paper with all the piles almost occupying the whole room.

"Wow! I guess you really need some help if you want to finish all of those by tonight! Do you always have to do this all the time?" she asked still stunned with what she saw.

"Yeah pretty much but there's much more today than usual since there's this coming school festival and a concert that'll be held here."

"Oh then I really should help you. With my help you'll be able to work faster just tell me what to do."

"Alright but you have to take off that wig I'm sure you're a bit uncomfortable by that right?"

"Yeah it's a bit uncomfortable but it's necessary to keep a low profile." After saying this, she pulled off the wig and the bandage that covers her hair to reveal a long shiny brown hair with curls at its ends. After taking off her wig, she also removed her contacts and revealed her golden brown eyes. Nokoru could almost feel his heart skipped a thousand beats if that's even possible after seeing this beautiful angel before him. For him it's just like a dream and if it is he never wanted to wake from this dream ever.

"I like your real hair and eyes better." Though it almost didn't make sense, he just wanted to say something to distract him from his thoughts of the angel before him.

"I guess I should take it as a compliment. So where should we start?"

"Here you could check these papers if there's anything wrong with them and after checking them you could just put it in the pile of papers there." He said pointing to the pile of paper at the left of his table."

The two of them spend the next couple of hours checking some reports and sorting them and talking about themselves once in a while.

"So you have a twin brother?"

"Yeah he has the same hair color as mine but he has emerald eyes not like mine."

"Do you have a good relationship with him?"

"Of course! He's the best brother I could ever have and he's very kind and loving and he kind of spoils me a little bit. How about you, are you close to your brothers?"

Before he could answer they were interrupted by two figures that just entered at the room.

"President we're back?!"

"Are you who we think you are?!" Akira exclaimed noticing the girl beside Nokoru.

"I see you know her already." Nokoru concluded.

"Of course we know her! Nokoru don't you know how popular she is?!" Suoh reasoned

"Popular?" Nokoru ask suddenly becoming confused again

"You might be a genius but you know nothing about show business. She is the famous singer that'll have a concert here." Suoh replied blantly

"Really?! I didn't know. Belle I'm sorry if I didn't recognize you earlier it's just that…"

"Don't worry about it. I understand that having such many responsibilities you just don't have the time for these things. But you really should take a break every once in a while. It'll be bad for your health if you just work all the time."

"Wait, wait. Why did the president called you Belle?"Akira asked

"Tomoyo is just my screen name, Belle is my real name. I think I should get going now my brother would be worried but if you don't mind, here's some ticket for tomorrow's concert. I'm sorry I only have five left and I hope you could come. Bye!"


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