OKAY WELL outtake number one! :D I wrote this while on Holidays. It has been in my Journal for like 3 weeks and I've just been way too lazy to type it up. But here it is!

APOV *swoon*

I heard her scream. My eyes shot up from the book I was currently reading and I ran. I rounded a corner and I could smell the blood, "No" I whispered. I barely knew this girl, but I held a connection to her. I didn't know why, but I couldn't bear to see her hurt.

I burst into the court yard and saw Bella lying motionless next to the fountain, blood all around her. Felix and Demetri were crouched over her. An animalistic growl erupted from my chest. "Get away from her!" I snarled as I ran over to them.

I pushed them both away they flew across the room. "Bella" I said in a gentle voice. I picked her up. Felix came back over to me "I'm so sorry" he said looking down. I felt my eyes widen "You did this!?" I growled. "It was an accident" he defended.

"Accident or not, you hurt her! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't burn you right now!" I roared. "Aro, she's losing too much blood. You can deal with Felix later" Demetri tried to reason with me. I nodded "Brothers!" I called out and started to run to her room "I need your assistance!" I called again; I laid her on her bed as my brothers entered the room.

"What happened?" Marcus asked,

"She fell off my back while I was running" Felix said. I let a low growl escape my lips as I took the first aid kit off Caius. I cleaned all the blood off and applied some bandages. Marcus and Caius got rid of the now bloody sheets and gauze. They left then, Felix trailing after them.

I looked at Bella. So weak. So human. It was then I swore on my life to protect her.