OKAY another outtake!

APOV (I LOVE writing in Aro's POV :D)

"Come on Bella"I urged, she sighed, "Why you won't tell me where we are going?" she asked, "It's a surprise!" I said grinning, "You very enthusiastic about this" she commented. "Yes. Yes I am" I grinned.

She rolled her perfect brown eyes, "okay, let's go," she said taking my hand. I led her through the castle and soon found the door. I entered and it led to a dead end, "Wow this is amazing" Bella said sarcastically, I chuckled and kissed her cheek, I touched a brick and the wall started to move. Bella gasped and watched as the wall slid away. I led her through the slowly inclining tunnel upwards. "It's so squishy" Bella said. "It will be worth it." I promised.

Soon we came up to the circular room of one of the towers I took her hand again and brought her over to the window. "Look" I said, in front of us was a perfect view of the entire city, and the Italian country side beyond that. She gasped, "It's beautiful" she whispered.

"Nothing compared to you, my love" I said kissing her head, we watched the sun set. "Do you want to go back?" I asked,

"Can you carry me?" she asked. I chuckled, "Anything for you" I said and scooped her up and ran down at vampire speed.

OKAY! What did you think? :D