The small classroom was crowded with desks. These pieces of furniture were created entirely of ice. At each desk, there sat a Phrygisian child at the age of about fourteen. All of them resembled another in the same species, with the exception of different colored markings that covered their alien bodies.

The males (there were nine) were structured differently than the females. They had broad shoulders and chests, with strong arms and legs. Their long limbs ended in three claws, with their feet ending flat and elongated. When they grew to maturity, they sprouted short, tentacle like features below their chins. Only male Phrygisians had the ability to create and manipulate ice. The colors of their bodies were normally darker in hues.

The females (seven count in the classroom) were drastically different. They were smaller in stature than the males, who were a lot bigger and burlier. Their limbs were about the same, except for having one more finger than the men. The women had thin bodies that were not as tough and built as the men. They didn't have armored body parts, or were they heavy like the opposite gender. The women often had brightly colored bodies.

A few examples of some of the children there, are these:
 Grorn. A young Phrygisian light green colored boy who had been awfully premature at birth, his body armor not fully developed, making it squishy and pale. He was exceedingly shy to anyone but his parents, Baydon and Sailuye.

Armant. A female youth of bright orange who favored learning over socialism. She was close friends with all of her literature, some she'd written, some she'd not. Armant's mother and father were very proud of her great knowledge.

Jaiduhs. An eccentric lad with deep brown marks and a quick mouth. He was always on the run, hardly ever stopping for anything but sleep. Jaiduhs usually skidded along anything on Phrygis he could touch, urging himself to go faster than what he normally could. The boy often embarrassed his parents with his wild activity.

But, this story is not about any of them. We are focusing on the most important Phrygisian that may have ever existed.

Rundas, was his name.