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Chapter 13

After a few hours of hardcore running, Naruto and his Angels (A/N You know it was coming!) finally managed to catch up to Temari, who had taken a small rest at a teahouse off the trail. She seemed a little disturbed to see Team Medic, and more shocked to see Naruto as well. However she was quickly informed of the situation and immediately joined the quartet in the rush to help Gaara.

"Akatsuki's already on the move? I thought the last message from Hokage-sama said it would be at least a few more months." Asked the Suna Jounin.

"That's what we thought. Luckily we have someone that has a lot of intel on Akatsuki." Naruto replied as he leapt from another branch. "At least we know just who we're going up against. You don't happen to have any more information on Sasori, do you?"

Temari shook her head, "Not too much. You would need to ask Chiyo-sama. She's one of our elders and could probably tell you a lot more. However she doesn't really talk much now since she's in a self proclaimed retirement with Ebizo-sama, her brother."

"I also heard she's not too impartial to Leaf shinobi as well. Shishou told us how much she used to be a thorn during the Third Ninja War." Ino added her comment. "Like for every single poison that Chiyo-sama created, Shishou could quickly make a counter or antidote."

"Guess that means she won't like dealing with all three apprentices huh?" Sakura said. "But what can you do?"

The girls all laughed together when Hinata noticed something. "Hey did you all suddenly feel that? It's like it became muggy all of a sudden."

Ino and Sakura shook their heads. Naruto however noticed it. "She's right. The air is a lot more moist. I think we may be heading into a…" And before he could finish, he and his teammates, and Temari ran full force into a massive downpour. "Storm."

"Where in the world did this come from? There weren't any clouds earlier?" Ino screamed from the rain.

"It's probably because we entered a deeper part of the forest. The foliage reduced our field of vision. Right now this rain is too heavy. We need to find shelter for now!" Naruto ordered. "Hinata, can you check the area?"

"I'll try Naruto-kun!" Hinata quickly activated her Byakugan, scanning everything in a 30 meter radius as they moved. "To the southwest. There's a small cave. It also looks abandoned."

"Alright girls, let's move." Naruto took the lead and headed in the direction Hinata pointed out. Her scan proved fruitful as the cave was empty and dry. It wasn't huge, but could easily support the shinobi.

"Whew, that was insane!" Ino said as she wrung the water out of her hair. "I can't believe that hit us so suddenly."

"Yeah well, we don't know how long it's going to last. Our best bet is to set up a small camp for now. We've already been on the move for 15 hours now. Let's wait out the storm and rest." Naruto said. "Sakura-chan, can you get a fire going? It's also best that everyone get out of these wet clothes to prevent sickness."

"That's good and all Naruto, but…aren't you forgetting something?" Ino asked. Naruto looked around the cave like nothing was wrong.

"What, the fact that there are four dripping wet females in here and one guy, and apparently the terms 'getting out of wet clothes' isn't good right now?" Naruto said as he took his jacket off. "Ino-chan, you have no idea what Ero-sennin put me through on my training trip, and trust me, it gave me a much better appreciation for respecting women."

"What do you…" Ino was cut off as Naruto tossed her a blanket. He also had three more that he gave to the other girls as well.

"Don't worry, I'll wait until you're all wrapped up and I have an interesting story for you all." He turned away from the girls and headed back to the entrance of the cave to try and build a wall to keep the wind out.

As for the girls, they all huddled quickly to have a quick conference.

"Ok, seriously, who is he? What guy wouldn't want to stare at four girls that are getting undressed?" Ino whispered.

"Well for one thing he is engaged, so you know he at least has that much respect. I mean yeah he'd probably wanna keep his eyes locked on Hinata-chan here, but that's about it! But did you see how he acted? It's like it wouldn't affect him at all!" Sakura added.

"Maybe he's extremely disciplined. I do know that most Jounin and ANBU level shinobi aren't worried about modesty when on a mission. Being able to overcome that apparently increased teamwork and allows units to better communicate and work together." Temari explained. "Maybe that's it?"

"Um…as much as I'd like to discuss this, it is getting cold in these clothes and I'd like to warm up." Hinata said with a shiver.

"Hinata's right. Honestly if I did have to be stuck here in my underwear with a guy right now, I'd rather it be Naruto-kun." Ino said as she began to unbutton her skirt.

The four quickly undressed and wrapped up in the blankets Naruto gave them. They all huddled together around the fire to share warmth when Naruto came back. He had already stripped down to his shorts and a sleeveless fishnet shirt.

"Least you're keeping warm, that's good." He said as he set his clothes by the others to dry.

"Naruto, this just doesn't seem right. I mean you're here with four nearly naked girls…and you're sitting there all comfortable like we're in front of Tsunade-shishou?" Sakura questioned. "Plus there's the fact that you spent three years with Jiraiya-sama…the biggest pervert in Fire country! Something just doesn't add up."

"She's right kid. I mean come on, four hot vixens down to nothing but bras and panties? You need to be all over that like white on rice!" The Kyuubi was definitely questioning Naruto's manhood here. "Hell, make you three clones and tap all four of those asses at once! You know, they're probably all virgins too, so you know they gotta be…"

"Listen fuzz butt I happen to be engaged if you hadn't forgot…" Naruto replied back.

"Yeah, to one hot vixen with a really nice set of hooters on her!" Kyuubi said perversely. "I know you liked the way she kissed when you got back. Wonder what other tricks she's learned with those lips of hers."

"Shut up man! Yeesh!" Naruto snapped back. "Just because you haven't gotten any in who knows how long doesn't mean you can drive me nuts about it! Freaking perv!"

"Whatever. I'm going back to relive those memories of yours. That was a good night!" Kyuubi went back further into the cage he was behind until he was no longer in sight.

"You better not make a mess back there! I swear if I see anything dripping from the walls I'll get Inoichi-sama to erase every single one of those memories you love so much!" Naruto screamed at his tenant.

"Yeah yeah!" Kyuubi blew him off like it was nothing.

"Uh Naruto are you ok?" Sakura asked when she saw his demeanor slightly change.

"Just having to deal with my 'brother' so to speak." Naruto sighed in grief. "As you know, I house Kurama inside of me and it turns out he's just as big a pervert as Ero-sennin is, if not bigger sometimes."

"Kurama? You mean you named the Kyuubi?" Ino was even more shocked.

"No, that's his real name. See during my early training, we didn't see eye to eye. Well eventually, it just got boring yelling and screaming at each other and I finally sucked it up and just talked to him like a normal person. Oddly enough, he's quite civil and intelligent. I learned his name and as time passed I didn't see Kurama as a beast of destruction. Fact is he's more pissed at the guy that took control of him the night I was born, so we actually had somewhat of a common ground." Naruto explained carefully. "And from time to time he'd give me some decent advice…whenever Ero-sennin wasn't around. I mean we don't hate each other, or necessarily like each other, but we do have a mutual respect for one another."

All four girls looked highly confused. "Naruto, that still doesn't make sense about you not wanting to undress us with your eyes and get a good look and 4 very nice packages…especially Hinata's!" Sakura still wanted to know why he didn't take after the now known two perverts. Of course Hinata turned red after hearing her comment.

"Sakura-chan, you've obviously never been thrown to a horde of ravenous, nearly naked, sex-crazed geisha for your 15th birthday." This caused all the girls to jump for a bit. "Yeah I figured that would make you jump. Trust me, it was probably the most messed up night in my life! Honestly, it gives me one reason to HATE using the Kage Bunshin with modified seals."

"Naruto-kun, you…you…" Ino stuttered out.

"Trust me Ino-chan. I came out of that as pure as the day I was born. I can't say the same for the 15 Kage Bunshin I made. But I did have a really interesting event happen that night." Naruto said as he began his story.

(begin flashback)

Thirteen months ago…

Naruto and Jiraiya had arrived in a small town about 200 kilometers outside of Taki. Jiraiya needed to meet up with one of his informants and since Naruto's birthday was fairly close, he could finally treat the boy to some real entertainment. Naruto on the other hand had been thinking about his training and reading up on the latest letter he had gotten from Hinata. Over the past two years that he had been in training, he finally had the chance to truly learn and understand about people being in love. It actually helped him fully understand Hinata's feelings for him and he slowly developed his own love for her. He just wouldn't tell her until he got back to Konoha.

"So what's the deal Ero-sennin? You said we wouldn't be stopping until we got to Taki. Why are we in this village?" asked Naruto.

Jiraiya was intrigued by the boy's eye. "As you know Naruto, I maintain a very tight spy network. Information can be anywhere and is critical for a good shinobi. Having your contacts in the most inconspicuous of places makes it very easy to keep it hidden from your enemies."

Naruto quickly remembered that information can be more valuable in a mission than a battle or a kill. "I get it. In a big village it would be obvious that there is information about, but for a small village that not a lot of people live in, only the more cunning would know to look for information."

"Excellent job Naruto. That kind of thinking will get you very far as a Hokage. Set your network correctly and you'll have all kinds of information streaming to you and your enemies won't know what hit them."

"Hmm, so if I were to set up a spy like Ino-chan, she'd be really good at going to get the information. Since she likes herbology and horticulture, having her out as someone like a researcher cataloging flowers would give her an unbelievable cover. She could then meet with the contacts by her Mind Transfer jutsu because it would look like she'd be asleep from researching so much!" Naruto thought as Jiraiya led the two to a hotel. "Yeah, something like that will be really valuable…wait, so all those times you're peeping at the baths and hot springs, you're getting information?"

Jiraiya jumped at Naruto's revelation, "W-w-well you could say that. Let's just get some rest. You got a birthday coming up and I know of a place that you'd have a blast at."

"Right…" Naruto just rolled his eyes as he walked behind Jiraiya to the room. "Thinking with his lower head instead of his upper head again. Blasted perv!"

Two days later…

"Ok…so where are we now?" asked the blonde as he walked in with his teacher to another bar.

"My boy, there comes a time in every man's life where he should enjoy the pleasures of life. You're 15 now and I think you'd definitely enjoy some of this pleasure." Jiraiya said as he and Naruto were led to a booth.

"Uh ok…I guess so." Naruto kept looking around cautiously. "Uh Ero-sennin…what's up with all the women in here?"

"Oh that…well they're geisha. I have to say this place is renowned for its fine sake, and fine women!" Jiraiya said proudly as two scantily clad women brought two large bottles of sake and some food. "Oh yeah bring it on! And before I forget, it's my student's birthday here!"

"Oh hell…" Naruto thought to himself as he felt the entire room stare at him. It went quiet for a bit, then a loud siren went off as the owner came to their table.

"Well if it isn't the great Jiraiya! Ladies we have a VIP here today, it's time to go all out! And what's this I hear about a birthday?" He stared straight at Naruto. "I'd say you're about 15, right?"

"Uh…yeah, that's right." Naruto said, loosening his collar.

"Then there's only one way to go! 15 women for all 15 years!" Faster than Naruto could blink, he had 15 nearly naked women all over him, literally ripping at his jacket! And these just weren't any ordinary women…oh no…these women were pros. He was already suffocating behind the massive chests of four women that cornered him, while three more were somehow getting his jacket off, and he felt another two go for his pants!

"Ero-…sennin…I…can't…" Naruto did his best to try and breathe but with eight massive mammaries bigger than Tsunade's suffocating him…it sure wasn't working!

"Enjoy it my boy! It's not every day a man gets 15 women wanting to break him in on the spot!" Jiraiya was downing the sake full force, enjoying everything.

"I swear I am going to kill him for this! And I know that Kurama is probably laughing his furry ass off too!" Naruto thought to himself.

"Hey Naruto, you got that right! This is priceless! Those horny vixens are gonna rip you apart like foxes at a feeding frenzy! 15 sets of knockers that big? Last time I seen hooters like that was back when Matatabi reached adulthood!" Kurama was actually enjoying this moment for the sole reason that Naruto was stuck in this compromising predicament. "Kid you realize that with all of the hot ass you're gonna get, your friends back home will call you a god! I bet these women could probably suck a whole watermelon through a straw!"

"Oh shut the hell up, you furry asshole! You're not helping!" He was going down fast and had to get out of there or he'd end up dead…or probably comatose from the blood loss! "It's bad enough my teacher is a pervert horndog, but this crazy fox takes the cake! Alright, let's see if they like some ninja skill" He did the best he could to use a Kawarimi and get out of the mob. Thinking fast, he created 15 Kage Bunshin. "Well guys, happy birthday and don't get killed!" the real Naruto took off running up a flight of stairs while the clones stared at the mass of untamed flesh and hormone. Things stood still as the clones looked on as if they were a pack of gazelle staring at a bunch of ravenous lions.

"I just realized something." Said one clone.

"What's that?" said another clone.

"He used the modified seals. We're stuck here unless we get hit with enough force to knock out a bull elephant." Said the first clone.

"Oh sh..!" all the clones said in unison as the women jumped each one and proceeded to…uh… (A/N we're still gonna keep this within a T rating people. Just use your matter how twisted and perverted it is. Just mind you at this point Jiraiya is drunk off his ass somewhere and Kurama can't wait until Naruto dispels these clones so he can see just what his host got! Damn pervs!)

(pause flashback)

"You mean Jiraiya-sama actually did that to you? And Kurama went along with it too? Wow, Hinata you landed one hell of a man if he can rise above that level of perversity." Ino couldn't believe just how crazy a predicament Naruto was in.

"Wonder how he's gonna react when he finds out Hinata's the one with the naughty side." Sakura chuckled, causing Hinata to turn beet red in the face.

"Sakura-chan! That's not true…entirely." Hinata responded, with her last word as quietly as possible.

"Yeah right! You couldn't wait for Naruto to get back so you could give him a good once-over!" Ino added to the embarrassment.

"Why did you have to say it in front of him?" Hinata pulled her blanket over her head in shame. Naruto however didn't really let it get to him.

"It's ok Hinata-chan. You know, you're cute when you're blushing like that." Naruto said, giving her a bit of calm. "Now back to the story…"

(continue flashback.)

As for the real Naruto, he rushed up the stairs to a hallway full of rooms. Throwing caution to the wind, he ran in the first room he found and quickly locked the door.

"Holy cow! I didn't think a birthday could be this insane! I would have been better off fighting the mobs back home!" He was breathing heavily. He had lost his jacket and his shirt, and his shoes, but he luckily still had his pants on. Since he was focused on calming down, he didn't notice that there was someone else in the room.

"It is your birthday? Very well master, I shall do my best to please you tonight. What is it you would like me to do?" Naruto turned to see a teenage girl…almost the same age as him, wearing nothing but a loose fitting yukata.

"Wait, what…master? What the hell are you talking about?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Forgive me master. I did not introduce myself. My name is Kurumi. I have been assigned to this room. I thank you for choosing me. I may be young but I will do my best to satisfy you." Kurumi began to remove her robe, revealing she wasn't wearing anything else but Naruto quickly stepped in.

"Whoa, hold on! Wait a minute! Geez!" He ran in and pulled her robe back up on her shoulders, making sure not to stare at her chest. "What is it with girls and women wanting to get naked all of a sudden?"

"But master, do you not wish me to satisfy you tonight?" Kurumi pouted.

Naruto shook his head to think. "Ok look, first of all, I'm not your master. My name's Naruto. Second…why in the hell is a girl like you here? I mean come on?"

"Forgive me Master Naruto…" Kurumi said.

"Naruto. No Master, no sir, no nothing. Just Naruto."

"Very well. I am one of the young geisha in training. It is my job to fulfill your every desire and to satisfy you tonight." Kurumi bowed curtly. "However I think that I have already failed my job. Forgive me."

Naruto just stood there. In front of him was a teenage girl no older than him that honestly looked very cute. In fact she kinda reminded him of Hinata. "Holy crap…what…I can't be here! I'm engaged for Kami's sake!" Kurumi looked at him quaintly. "Sorry, I should probably explain. I'm a shinobi training with my master and apparently he felt it worthwhile to bring me here today since it's my 15th birthday. He seems to think I should partake in the pleasures of the flesh."

"Well that is the dream of most teenage boys." Kurumi replied as she sat on the large bed. "Why is it that you wish not to use me this night?"

"For one thing…I don't use people. I mean I'll be honest…you're cute…very cute. Seriously part of me as a guy is screaming 'please take that yukata off!' right now so there's no doubt that I am somewhat a normal teenage guy." That caused a heavy blush to appear on Kurumi's face. "But the thing is there's a girl back home that loves me with everything in her being. I became engaged to her two years ago, and although she was one of my best friends, I didn't know if I really loved her because, I never knew about loving someone." Naruto said as he sat down on the bed and laid back to stretch out. "As my training went on, she kept sending me letters, telling me about her own training. She would also send me care packages with things she cooked. Honestly it made me realize just how special she is."

Kurumi listened to his words and could see how sincere he was. "She must be very special to you then. I apologize for my actions. I do not wish to cause any strife for you. If you will excuse me, I shall depart."

Just as she was about to get up from the bed, Naruto grabbed her wrist, "Hey now, you said your job was to satisfy me tonight. Well I like to talk to people and get to know them. I find that satisfying because I can learn so much from them just by talking. So as far as I'm concerned, you've barely put a toe in the pool."

"Well what would you like to know about me Naruto?" Kurumi sat back down and began conversation.

"First of all I want to know what a girl like you is doing in a place like this? I mean you look like you're about 15. Most girls that age I know are either working with their families or are full fledged kunoichi." Naruto said.

"Actually, I'm 14. And I almost became a kunoichi. When I was 9 I was almost ready to graduate from the academy in Taki and become a Genin. I wanted to use my shinobi career to help me become a cryptologist." Kurumi began. "I really liked codes and how to decipher them."

"Really? That's awesome! So why didn't you keep going?" asked Naruto.

Kurumi was surprised. Naruto was highly intrigued by her story, "Just before the graduation exams, our village was attacked. My parents and I fled the village, but being shinobi, they returned to try and defend. Unfortunately…that was the last day I ever saw them." A tear started to trickle down her eye as she continued. "This was the first village I came to. I had no money and not many people are willing to take in some unknown 9 year old girl. Well…except this place. The owner saw me and took me in. I had a place to live, but I had to help work. I worked as a servant, helping with the cooking and cleaning and as I got older, I soon moved up to this position."

"You mean you've done this before?" Naruto said in shock.

Kurumi blushed heavily, "Um not really. You would have been my first. When I first saw you, I was so nervous."

"I can tell. So, this whole thing aside…what all did you like about being a ninja?" Naruto asked.

The conversation carried well on into the night. Naruto learned that Kurumi was really talented at codes and deciphering, and Kurumi learned just how much fun and honest Naruto was. Dawn was approaching and Naruto figured he needed to drag Jiraiya back to the hotel.

"Wow morning already." Naruto said as he saw the sunrise through the window. "Guess we just kept going non-stop, huh Kurumi-chan?"

"We did Naruto-kun, but I really enjoyed talking with you tonight. I hope someday I'll still be able to achieve my dream." Kurumi said.

"Actually…hold on for a minute." Luckily Naruto still had his tool pouch with him. He took out two scrolls and began writing something. After he was finished, he took out another seal and took out a small purse from the seal. "Ero-sennin thinks he can take all of my hard earned money…well he doesn't know all my tricks."

"Naruto-kun, what's that?" Kurumi looked at the two scrolls.

"First off, this is your pay." Naruto handed her the purse that contained a very LARGE amount of money. "See, I happen to think your services were top notch tonight. Very so much that I would like to personally request your services back in my home village." That's when he showed the first scroll. "Give this scroll to your boss. If I'm right, after today you'll be well on your way to Konoha. Once you get there, meet with the Hokage and give her this second scroll."

"Naruto-kun, I don't know what to say? I mean, thank you!" Kurumi said with a warm smile. Having a knack for understanding codes and hidden meanings, Kurumi instantly understood what Naruto meant by personally requesting her services.

"Hey, just know that one of my goals as a Hokage is to see everyone in my village achieve their dreams. Well, take care and hopefully I'll see you in a year or so." Naruto left Kurumi in the room and headed out, only to remember about the Kage Bunshin, "Oh hell…I couldn't have!" He ran downstairs back to the booth to see all 15 of his clones in some very…compromising positions. He was afraid of what was going to happen when he released those clones. "This is really gonna suck!"

(end flashback)

"Kurumi…I remember her! That's the new girl that just became a Genin a few months ago and started the apprenticeship in the Cipher division!" Ino said. "I remember because we were all finishing up with Shishou for the day when she got to Konoha."

"So the scrolls you gave her were to get her to Konoha?" asked Sakura.

"Yep. The first scroll said that I had been very pleased with her services and as the heir of the house of Namikaze, I wanted to have her as a personal assistant. I also gave the owner a good chunk of money from my inheritance. That was enough to get Kurumi released, thinking she'd be coming to Konoha for me. The second scroll was asking Baa-chan to help her finish up her training and get her promoted to Genin, so she could start on her dream." Naruto explained. "I knew it all worked out when I got the message from her."

"That's why she asked to meet me!" Hinata suddenly remembered the scene. "Your message to Tsunade-shishou asked Kurumi to meet me because of the messenger toad."

"Yup. That reminds me, when we get back home, I should look her up and see how she's doing. It'll be nice to catch up on some good conversation." Naruto said as he noticed night had fallen. "Well you guys should get some sleep.

"Naruto, one question…whatever happened when you dispelled the clones?" asked Temari.

Kurama overheard this and decided to butt in. "Yeah kid, tell 'em what happened when you dispelled the clones!"

Naruto felt a chill run down his spine, "Kami help me. That is something I never want to think about again! I never knew that women could get so…primal!" All four girls immediately went red in the face with embarrassment. "You don't have a side like that, do you Hina-chan?"

"I…well…um…I…eep!" Hinata turned completely red all over as she covered her head with her blanket again.

"Heh, isn't she cute?" Naruto commented. "Well, the entrance is sealed off just enough to keep proper air circulation, so no need to worry about keeping watch. Let's get about 6-8 hours of good sleep. Temari, how long do you think we have before we get to Suna?"

"From the rate we've been going, I'd say we're about eight hours away." Temari replied. "If we up our pace, we might be able to shave an hour or two off."

"Alright, we'll get eight hours of sleep then and make it to Suna in 6." Naruto said as he used his backpack as a pillow. "And to get back to your question Sakura-chan, the four of you are very beautiful and attractive and if I didn't already commit myself to Hinata-chan, part of me probably would try to undress you with my eyes." That caused the girls to all blush. "Rest easy everyone."

"Good night Naruto." Everyone else quickly dozed off. However Hinata was the last one awake when she noticed Naruto was out cold.

"He was so busy making sure we were ok that he forgot to keep warm himself." Hinata looked over the blonde. She already knew just what he had from the shower incident, but she even saw traces of shivers run across his body. "I wonder…if Kurama hadn't been taken over that night…would he have had a better life with Minato-sama and Kushina-sama? Well they may not be here anymore, but I promise you Naruto-kun, I'll never leave your side." Hinata quietly got up and moved next to Naruto. She worked her way into his arms and worked them around so he would have them on her back, making sure not to get his hands stuck in her bra. She could feel the heat leaving his body, so she shared her own as she pulled the blanket over the two of them.

Time passed quickly for the shinobi as the rains had gone. Everyone else was still asleep, except for Naruto. He awoke to see that Hinata was snuggled up to his chest. He could also see the blanket that he gave her was slightly falling off her shoulders as well. "Hmm…what smells so good?" Even after the rainstorm, he could still smell the light fragrance Hinata wore. It smelled of lavender and was very pleasing. "I never knew Hina-chan could be so cute when she's asleep." He then got a closer look at what she was wearing. "Well Ero-sennin did say a man should always appreciate an attractive woman. I will say this, Hinata-chan got smoking hot in three years! If she's that hot in her underwear, I wonder…" Naruto shook his head and smiled. He'd keep that image to himself and appreciate just what he now had. But for now he figured it was best to get up and get ready, and possibly prepare a small breakfast for his team. However the surprise was slowly interrupted when Sakura was the next one awake.

"Morning everyone. That had to be the best…" Her eyes focused to Naruto trying to slip out of Hinata's arms, especially when she knew the two fell asleep apart from each other. She did take this opportunity to do something she hadn't done in over three years…tease Naruto. "Hey Naruto…seems you had a good night last night."

"S-s-sakura-chan! This isn't…I mean it's not…I mean we didn't do anything!" Naruto stuttered out. He was definitely nervous as who knows what since it did look like he was in a compromising situation.

"Oh really? Then why is one of Hinata's bra straps slightly off her shoulder?" Sakura shot a small glance in that direction, causing Naruto to sweat even more.

"I…I don't know! I promise I didn't do anything!"

Sakura started giggling as Naruto was flipping out. "It's ok Naruto-kun. If anything happened, we would have heard Hinata-chan last night. We hinted this last night, but she does have a little bit of a perverted side when it comes to you. You should have heard her some nights back when we were in training. Those dreams of hers were so wild sometimes, we'd hear 'Naruto-kun, please Naruto-kun, make me into a woman!'"

That really made Naruto go red in the face. "Hina-chan said that in her sleep?"

"It's ok Naruto-kun. Tsunade-shishou said it's perfectly normal for a teenage girl in love. Guess she did everything right when it came to you." Sakura said as she went for her clothes to get dressed.

"Sakura-chan I…"

"Naruto-kun, it's ok. If anyone deserves a wonderful guy like you…it's her." Sakura said as she put her top on. "Maybe someday we'll all find someone like you."

Naruto felt honored that Sakura thought of him that way. "Thanks Sakura-chan."

The two finished getting dressed and started breakfast. Ino and Temari were the next to wake up and Hinata was the last one.

"Hey Hina-chan, sleep ok?" asked Naruto.

"Uh huh. That was the best sleep I've had in months. Although it felt strange because something was poking me in the stomach last night." She said as she rubbed her eyes. Naruto froze and went red in the face again as Sakura started laughing.

"Hey forehead, what's so funny? And why is Naruto red in the face?" Ino questioned as she checked her gear.

"Oh it's nothing. Naruto-kun might have been a little stiff from sleeping on the ground last night." Sakura said with a giggle.

"SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto whined out.

Ino just looked confused, but blew it off. "Ok you two obviously are not the Naruto and Sakura from a few years ago." It took her a few minutes but she suddenly got what Sakura meant. "Oh! Now I get it." Her eyes were now on Naruto. She had a sly look on her face with a devilish smile.

"Don't you start too!" Naruto was doing everything he could to defend himself.

"Start what?" Hinata was now fully awake wondering what everyone else was talking about.

"Oh, nothing." Ino giggled as everyone else finished preparing.

The team was back on the move full speed to Suna in hopes of recovering Gaara back from the Akatsuki. Temari figured she'd try to get a little more info about Naruto.

"Naruto, you said that you're now on more of a mutual respect level with Kurama. How difficult was it for you to do that?"

"It wasn't easy in the beginning. For a while he still saw me as a worthless human." Naruto explained. "I had to go through some pretty tough training before he would see that I was serious in wanting to get rid of the animosity between us."

"Do you think Gaara could do that with his Bijuu?" Temari hoped it was possible as it may give Gaara some kind of comfort in life.

"It's possible. Once we get him back, I'll talk to Kurama and see what Gaara would need to do with his Bijuu." Naruto said with determination. "For now let's get back to…"

"Naruto look out!" Hinata quickly pushed Naruto to the side, deftly avoiding some kunai that would have hit him. "We've got trouble."

"Trouble, where…" The group paused as Naruto started surveying the area. "Hina-chan, do you see any unusual chakra signatures?"

"Not likely. Mine is very difficult to find." Naruto instantly recognized that voice. He turned to a tree and saw a person in ANBU combat garb with a familiar mask.

"Crow-sensei, interesting meeting you here." Naruto recognized his second teacher Crow. "Guys, this was one of the ANBU helping to train me on my journey."

"Caught you off guard there Naruto. You're lucky you had a good teammate watching your back." Crow commented. "The former Hyuuga heir none the less."

"Naruto-kun how does he know about me?" Hinata was shocked to know that his teacher knew her and she'd never heard of him.

"I know much my lady. I even know about your other teammates. I stay quite informed." Crow replied. "And I believe you are in route to rescue the Kazekage from the Akatsuki."

"Do you might know where he's being taken?" Naruto asked, hoping for a lead.

"Unfortunately no. I do know it will be a secure location where they will perform the extraction ritual to remove and seal the Ichibi." Crow shook his head. "However I did find a hint that may help you. You will need to 'go to the place where water and stone are in harmony'."

"Water and stone in harmony…what's that supposed to mean?" Ino tried to figure out what exactly was the message.

"You know Kurumi-chan would be a big help right about now." Naruto sighed as he thought of the hidden meaning behind the clue as well.

Crow then threw two scrolls at Naruto. "Work together to decipher the clue Naruto. You have an excellent team and they will not fail you. Also give these to Tsunade-sama. She will be pleased with this information."

"Thanks Crow-sensei. When will we meet again?" Naruto hoped for another reunion soon.

"In time my friend. But one final hint of advice for you. I hear Suna has a very nice spa. After the mission you should treat your friends. You know the staff will be happy to see you again." Crow made a quick handsign and in a puff of smoke he was gone.

"Naruto…" Sakura started to ask but Naruto cut her off.

"It's another story you'll love hearing. I'll tell you after the mission. Just know that you'll love seaweed wraps." Naruto put the scrolls away. "Let's go. Gaara is waiting for us."

The girls all nodded as the team took off full speed. But each of them had more questions about the friend they all knew. Hopefully in time they would all know.

So just a lighthearted chapter showing that Naruto really is just a normal teenage guy. It's too bad that he had to be trained by a super pervert and now has another super pervert sealed inside him, but least he proved he could rise up against the perversity! But what did the hint from Crow mean? And what about Hinata? What's she going to do now that her two best friends are probably going to embarass her more around Naruto!

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