It was Felicity's Birthday, and the Merrimans had a grand party out at grandfather's plantation to celebrate her birthday, inviting many of the family's friends.

At some point, Felicity managed to sneak away to sit by the river.

The storms had cleared up, and it made the weather absoulutely gorgeous.

Felicity looked at her reflection in the clear water.

She was Fifteen today.


Almost old enough to marry.

"You don't look very pleased, don't you like your party?"

Ben had come to join her outside.

"It's all very wonderful" she replied.

Ben came and sat next to her, bringing his knees into his chest and looking at her with his stormy hazel eyes.

"Something is bothering you"

Felicity sighed.

"Now that i'm fifteen, i'm old enough to marry"

Ben looked away.

"I'm sure your parents will find you a good match"

Felcity tore up some grass and threw it in the river.


Ben looked back at her, taking in her wild Red curls and green eyes

"Would you like your birthday present?"

Felicity nodded.

Ben pulled her up and took her hands.

Then, he knelt down on one knee.

"Felicity Merriman, will you marry me?"

Felicity was in shock.

"B-but you said..."

Ben nodded.

"I know, but now i'm asking you"

Felicity bit her lip.

Ben's heart began to fail, would she accept?


Ben stood up quickly, smiling all the while.

It started to rain, and Ben moved to cover her.

"No, leave it, i'm fine"

Ben smiled and stared at his Fiancee.

"I love you"

She grinned.

"I know"

And with that, she took off his hat and kissed him.

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