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c'est la vie - that's life

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"Are you out of your mind? You weren't supposed to hit him that hard." Luxord stood watching Larxene nervously as she dug through Axel's person until she found every last gun he was hiding. His plan hadn't been too brilliant. He figured the best thing to do would be to knock out as many of the gangsters as they could and rush off with the money into the night. So far, Roxas and Axel were the only two they'd rendered unconscious, and dragging their motionless forms somewhere that they wouldn't be noticed proved more time consuming than anything. He felt admittedly a bit guilty about attacking a person while their back was turned. Thankfully, Larxene had no qualms about that sort of thing. "Are we done now?"

Larxene grumbled and slid her hand down Axel's pant leg. "He's got more guns on him than an army! Let me make sure I got them all. The last thing we want is for him to wake up and have something to shoot us with."

Luxord sighed. "Just hurry. I don't want anyone catching us."

"Got it!" Larxene pulled out a small pistol that had been tucked precariously close to Axel's manhood and handed it to Luxord. "Here, you can have this one."

Luxord grabbed the small gun and tucked it in his pocket. "Alright, let's go." He started out of the room and entered the hall quietly when he heard a commotion downstairs. He peered over the railing to see a handful of men in suits rushing through the front door which had been kicked off its hinges. "Christ! What the hell!"

"Shh…" Larxene pulled Luxord back from the railing. "The informant must've sent them in. There's nothing we can do now but use this to our advantage. Demyx said that the safe is kept out in the servant's quarters. I'll go there while you bring a car around."

Luxord shook his head vigorously. "I'm not leaving you. This is way too dangerous."

"We're more likely to get spotted if we stick together. We'll be quicker this way, trust me." Larxene pressed her mouth to Luxord's and smiled widely. "Besides, if that Laurent man or his fellow suits spot me, they know I'm an innocent in all this. They won't shoot at first and I'll just tell them I'm taking cover. They're more likely to shoot you so just get out the front and into a car."

"A-alright." Luxord hugged Larxene tightly. "Just… be careful, love."

"Don't worry, I will." Larxene smiled reassuringly and started down the stairs. She waited for Luxord to make his way out of the front of the mansion before sneaking her way quietly toward the kitchen. She heard the sound of shouting about three rooms from her and knew that the agents had likely caught someone on their way up from the speakeasy. She crept into the kitchen trying her best to see in the dark. She took a step toward the back door but froze as she heard the sound of a gun cock.

Naminé pressed her pistol to the back of Larxene's head. "Don't move. Show me your hands."

"N-Naminé!" Larxene lifted her hands slowly and displayed them to the girl. "What are you doing?"

Naminé scoffed and furrowed her brow, spinning Larxene around by her shoulder so that she could point her gun at the woman's face. "Don't play stupid! I know you turned us over to the feds."

Larxene shook her head. "Nam, I swear…"

"Shut up!" Naminé grit her teeth with tears now stinging in her eyes. "We had the perfect life here! Everything was wonderful! We could've been really happy, but you fucked it up! You bitch!"

"Naminé, I didn't!" Larxene looked down at the girl worriedly. A month ago she would have seriously doubted that Naminé would have the guts to hold a gun to her face, let alone pull the trigger. Now though, now she knew better. She had to be careful with her words or she wouldn't be walking out of this mess. "Listen to me, I would never turn you over. You're my best friend, despite everything and I was happy here!"

"You knew that S. M. Laurent was a suit. You had to have known! Even if you didn't turn him over to us, you knew to warn us! But you didn't, you selfish bitch!" Naminé glared up at Larxene, tears now streaming down her face. "This was the happiest I've ever been in my life! I felt like I was really doing something worth while! I had everything here. But you let it get taken away!" She let her finger twitch over the trigger as she began to shake lightly.

"No! Naminé I promise you I…" Larxene was cut off by the sound of someone bursting through the kitchen door. She shot her gaze to the silhouette in panic and saw that it had a raised gun.

Saïx pointed his gun at the two women and recognized Larxene almost right away. He pointed his gun to the shorter blonde and furrowed his brow. "Lower your weapon or I'll shoot."

"Fuck you. I'll shoot." Naminé quickly turned her glare and her weapon toward the man in the doorway. She took a step back so that he would have to re-aim before he shot which gave her the advantage. She fired a shot off and watched with satisfaction as the bullet sailed into his gut. Sure enough, he fired back but his bullet only hit her shoulder. The pain she felt was instant and immense, but fury and adrenaline coursing through her let it all subside. She snapped her gun back at Larxene and growled. "Where were we?"

Larxene stared down at the girl with wide eyes. "Naminé, listen…"

"No! There's nothing for me to listen to! Everything is ruined now!" Naminé stared hard at Larxene. "The one bit of happiness I had and you took it…"

"Naminé, look. The other agents probably heard that shot. They'll be here any second and…" Larxene stopped as the girl repositioned the gun directly to her temple.

Naminé shook her head. "Don't worry. It won't take me that long to kill you at all."

Larxene cringed as the girl's finger shifted over the trigger. She heard a terrifying boom that she knew was a gun shot. But after a few seconds flew by she realized she hadn't been hit. She opened her eyes and saw with shock that Naminé was now doubled over on the ground with blood sprayed everywhere. "N-Naminé!"

"Come on, we don't have much time!" Demyx rushed over to Larxene and grabbed her hand.

"Y-you shot Naminé!" Larxene looked down at the girl's lifeless form before turning her gaze back to Demyx. "Why?"

"Are you serious? She was about to shoot you in the face!" Demyx pulled Larxene toward the back door. "Come on now. We really don't have time for this."

"Alright." Larxene glanced back at Naminé before allowing Demyx to lead her to the servant's quarters in the back of the mansion. Once they were inside he flicked on the light and she saw for the first time the safe that Marluxia had kept there. It was relatively small, likely so that it could be easily moved in emergency situations such as this. She wagered that she and Luxord could easily move it themselves. Demyx wasn't needed. As Demyx started over to the safe she pulled out a gun that she had taken from Roxas from the pocket of the pants she was wearing and pointed it at him. "Okay, just get away from the safe Demyx."

Demyx froze and looked up at Larxene with wide eyes. "What?"

Larxene cocked the gun nervously and aimed it at Demyx's head. "L-look, I don't want to hurt you, alright? But this is as far as you go! Luxord and I are taking the money and we're leaving."

"But Lar!" Demyx looked at Larxene pleadingly, scarcely able to believe what he was hearing. "You and I were going to do this together, darling! We were going to see the world. Don't be silly."

"I mean it, Demyx! You've got your inheritance back home. Go claim it. But Luxord and I… we have nothing. But with this we can live happily and that's all I want and if you love me like you say you do, you'll let us leave with at least this!" Larxene looked at him sadly. She felt on the verge of tears. "I don't want to shoot you, but I will if you try to stop us!"

Demyx took a step toward Larxene slowly. "Larxene, darling. You don't know what you're saying."

"Demyx! I mean it!" Larxene gripped the gun tighter and shook away the tears coming to her eyes. "Don't make me kill you."

Demyx's face fell. "Lar, come on. Its me! You've known me all your life. I've loved you for so long, are you really going to do this now?"

Larxene shook her head as more tears came flooding up. She didn't know if she could actually bring herself to shoot Demyx. He was a dear friend above all else and when it came down to it, she didn't know if she could take his life. "Demyx, don't be stupid!"

Demyx took a few more steps toward Larxene until he was within arms reach. The girl was trembling and obviously very torn. "Shh, shh… Come now, darling. You don't have to shoot me. I know you're scared and confused. Really, that's okay." He reached out and pulled her into his embrace as she began to sob.

Larxene fell into Demyx's arms and began to cry hysterically. She just wanted this, all of this, to be over. She didn't know why she thought this could all end smoothly. Now Naminé, her closest friend and confidant was dead. Her father would likely be killed soon, she didn't even know if Luxord himself was alright, and here she stood only seconds ago with a loaded gun pointed at her childhood friend. This was a wreck. She let Demyx pet her head gently as she cried but then she heard the sound of a gun shot followed an indescribable pain in her stomach. She froze and stared up at Demyx a moment but his gaze was emotionless. It took her a moment of looking between him and the empty doorway before she realized he had been the one that shot her.

Demyx smiled down at Larxene as realization dawned on her face and tucked his gun away. He tore her pistol from her hands and eased her down gently to the floor. "No offense, darling. But that money is mine and I'm not letting a damn thing get in my way. I loved you, but there isn't a girl in the world worth giving up that kind of money for. And splitting it three ways with that sad excuse of a husband of yours just isn't and option. You had your chance and you fucked up by choosing him."

Larxene stared up at Demyx furiously after the initial wave of shock wore off. "Y-you son of a bitch!"

Demyx shrugged. "Little words, Larxene. You've called me worse. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get to that safe and take care of business." He stepped over to the small safe and knelt down before it. "You know, the funny thing is that you lot are all too trusting. Marluxia, for example, gave every single one of his underlings the combination to the safe incase of emergency. While most were able to remember the number, you know Axel, he isn't the brightest of the bunch. He had to keep it written down on a piece of paper. Thankfully you and Luxord so kindly dispatched Axel so I met with no resistance when I had to fish this out of his coat pocket."

Larxene's face paled as she saw Demyx hold up a sliver of paper that she had earlier discarded as useless while searching through Axel's pockets. She grit her teeth and growled. "You've been planning this for a lot longer than you made it seem!"

Demyx glanced at Larxene and chuckled. "Not that long, really. Actually I had hoped we'd never reach this point, but it couldn't be helped. You see, Saïx found me stumbling through the streets in the French Quarter about three weeks ago. He'd been watching us for a while and knew exactly what we'd been doing. But we were small fish compared to the sharks he needed to catch. He offered me a deal and I took it. I turned over everyone else back home, including our fathers. Then I made my way here. It was never my intention to actually rob Marluxia, but the fool made it so dreadfully easy. And well, why should I sit around and wait for the feds to change their minds? No, I think I'll just be on my merry way. Really, it is so unfortunate it had to end this way darling, but c'est la vie."

"You unimaginable coward!" Larxene made an effort to sit up but she was loosing blood quickly and the pain prevented her from moving very much. "Ngh… I'll kill you."

"No, I don't think you will." Demyx smiled and turned his attention back to the safe. He began turning the dial on the safe when he heard the sound of a gun cock. He looked to Larxene in time to see her aim another pistol at him and shoot. The bullet flew into his right arm and he let out a pained scream. "Y-you bitch!" He stood quickly and kicked the gun out of her hand before kneeling down to slam her head against the floor. By the third time her head connected with the hardwood, she was unconscious. He stood furiously and clutched his arm where blood now seeped down. "You really are more trouble than you're worth."

"So are you." Luxord stepped into the servant's quarters with his gun aimed at the back of Demyx's head. He stepped closer to the man and glanced down at the lifeless blonde mass laying on the floor. At first he assumed it was Naminé based on Demyx's actions, but as he drew nearer he realized it was Larxene. "Wh-what happened to her?"

Demyx scoffed and turned around. "Does it matter?"

"It matters! You fucker, what did you do!" Luxord stepped closer to Larxene and nudged her with his foot gently. "Larxene! Larxene, love. W-wake up."

Demyx rolled his eyes and smirked. "She isn't waking up. She won't, ever again. And really, isn't it better this way? All my life she strung me along and she did the same to you. She was a spoiled, selfish, ungrateful little bitch and nothing else mattered to her but her own wellbeing! Come now, you can't still profess to love her after what she's done."

Luxord glared at Demyx, his hands shaking. "Don't you?"

"Well, I suppose I'll always love her. But life without her will be so much more simple. Besides, the money is worth killing anybody over." Demyx shrugged. "She would have killed you in a heartbeat for the money."

"No. No she wouldn't have! Because she had a heart and compassion and feelings! Despite how she acted, I could at least see that much! You hurt her. You son of a bitch, you hurt her!" Luxord stepped closer to Demyx with his gun ready. At first he couldn't believe that Demyx would hurt Larxene, but as he listened to the man talk it became more and more clear that he had done it, and intentionally at that. "Why?"

Demyx smirked. The way Luxord was trembling, it was clear he had qualms about taking the life of another human being. He reached into his pocket where his own gun was tucked away and cocked it as he began to speak. "I won't let anything stand in my way. And as you know, that includes you."

Luxord watched as Demyx pulled his hand quickly from his pocket. He gave the other man no time to act as he pulled his trigger. The bullet from his gun sailed into Demyx's chest before he could even raise his own weapon. He watched Demyx stumble backward and hit the wall before sliding slowly down. Luxord advanced on him quickly and raised his gun again to Demyx's head. The look of fear in the younger man's eyes was satisfying. He pulled the trigger again, shooting Demyx point blank in the face. With brains splattered all over the wall behind him, it was clear he would not be getting up to fight back. Luxord then turned and rushed over to Larxene. Her skin was pale and cold to the touch. "L-Larxene! Come on, love. Please wake up."

"If she does wake, it won't be for very long." Marluxia stood behind Luxord with arms crossed. "What a shame, such a beauty had to die. And so young."

Luxord cradled Larxene in his arms and looked down at her with tears pouring down his face. "D-Demyx hurt her."

Marluxia nodded. "I overhead the conversation. From the looks of it, he also killed my dear Naminé, and possibly S. M. Laurent as well. I commend you for ending his life. I didn't think you had it in you."

Luxord continued to stare down at Larxene, stroking her face gently. "He had it coming."

"Yes, as do we all." Marluxia smiled and pulled his gun from the holster on his hip. "I've come to give you a choice as far as that is concerned, by the way."

Luxord scoffed. "What kind of choice?"

"Unfortunately, I can not ignore the fact that you and your lovely wife plotted to steal money from me. Nor can I ignore that you knew about the feds for a while and didn't tell me. I don't take kindly to being double crossed, as you can imagine." Marluxia cocked the gun in his hand and aimed it at Luxord. "Thus, your choices are as follows. I can kill you now and you can die like a man. Or, you can go to prison and die in a cell all alone and broken decades from now."

"Some kind of choice." Luxord snickered and shook his head. "Alright, just give me a second." He lay Larxene down on the floor and kissed her lips softly. The tears he was crying dotted like little freckles along her face and neck. He pulled his mother's ring from his pinky finger and took up Larxene's hand, sliding it delicately onto her ring finger. He cupped her hand in his own and brought it to his lips sadly. "This… this I never had any right to take from you. I love you, and I always have. It is a symbol of just how much you truly mean to me and not once should I have ever taken it away." Luxord leaned down and pressed his lips to her forehead and then her mouth once more. "I love you Larxene."

Marluxia watched with interest as Luxord brushed the tears he had cried off the girl's face before standing slowly. As the British man advanced toward him he forced a smile. "Touching, really it was."

Luxord nodded. "Alright. I'm ready."

Marluxia nodded and raised his gun to Luxord's chest. He waited for the other man to nod one last time before pulling the trigger. Luxord fell backward to the ground and Marluxia followed him, re-aiming and firing at his chest once again to make certain that he died. He stepped over to where Demyx lay and nudged the boy's foot with his own which only caused his body to slump over onto the ground. "Here lies the County Paris, slain. And Romeo dead, and Juliet…" Marluxia furrowed his brow as a light cough escaped Larxene's lips. He stepped toward her slowly as she opened her eyes and let out a low groan. "So, you did wake up after all."

Larxene whimpered as her eyesight focused on Marluxia. "Wh-what happened?"

Marluxia chuckled and knelt beside Larxene. He tucked a stray strand of her hair behind her ear and cooed to her softly. "Oh, sweet. You've all killed each other over an empty safe."

It took a moment for Marluxia's words to make sense, but when they did Larxene stared up at him with wide eyes. "What?"

Marluxia made a tsk sound and shook his head. "Silly girl, I don't trust anyone. I personally empty that safe every night and take the money elsewhere. All this sneaking around and gun pointing and killing, it was all for nothing."

Larxene swallowed hard as tears began rising to her eyes. "Where's Luxord?"

"Don't worry your pretty little head about that now." Marluxia ruffled her hair and stood slowly with his gun ready. "Which reminds me. I've come to give you a choice…"

"Wh-what kind of choice?"