By Scarlett Kitty Kat

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The wind in her face as it blew her hair, the freedom of the open road and the cold metal of her Harley Davidson thrumming between her legs always made her feel good and yet she would trade it all for one simple thing. To find her mother, the mother that abandoned her to an abusive drunk of a father who always made it clear what he thought of the spawn of the bitch who walked out oh so long ago. It had been almost two years since her journey to find the woman had begun after the alcoholic poisoning death of the bastard who was her father. It shocked her how much money the bastard actually had and being his only family she had automatically inherited it all.

Looking up at the sign before her she read in huge letters 'Heatherfield' and sighed hoping this time she would finally hit the jackpot. A part of her wondered why she even bothered anymore, she was 16 years old, 17 in two months and didn't need the woman. Then again she had to see the woman, learn of where she came from and, demand to know why she abandoned her. She would finally get he chance to tell that bitch exactly what the girl thought of her.

Fingering the object in her leather jacket pocket, the jacket being a parting gift from one of her friends in the last own she was at, she prayed for them to give her strength to see this through. Surely if she could join a small group of teens to save the world from the return of the demon lord known as 'The Master' then staring down this bitch would be easy. Pulling out what looked like a cell phone she flipped it open and it unfolded again with a dull red crystal embedded at it's tip. Too bad the thing no longer had any power as it would have helped her a lot here. Closing the thing back up she stuffed it back into her pocket and revved the engine on her bike before peeling out and heading straight into the middle of town.

"Look out Heatherfield, here comes Wilhelmina Vandom." The girl whispered to herself with a small smirk on her face.


Sitting in a lotus position levitating almost a foot of the ground overlooking a small pond in the center chambers of a large marble palace was what appeared to be a young bald headed man with strange tattoo like markings on either side of his head wearing white robes that every now and then would billow as if from a breeze.

"The final guardian has finally arrived and none to soon." The man said cracking his eyes open while a small smile crept across his lips. "And thanks to her little detour in Briarwood she has gained much experience in what will be required of her."

"Is this wise, Oracle? The new Keeper I agree is a good choice but the guardians, some are a bit immature yet as well as having so many differences that great discord is inevitable." An older looking man mumbled as he stood close to the younger man just behind his shoulder.

"Haven't you ever heard of the earth phrase, 'Opposites Attract,' Tibor?" The Oracle asked with a small chuckle. "After all, look what the last group of five young warriors accomplished that the keeper was apart of."

"They did a wonderful job of that as well, freeing two mind controlled warriors and turning many enemies into friends and allies." Tibor admitted, "They did allow Imperious to escape though."

"That can not be blamed on them, he is a slippery one and they didn't know of his subterfuge making it look like tithe group succeeded." The Oracle said, waving his hand at the pool causing it to ripple a few moments. As the water calmed an image appeared in it's waters of a young red haired girl looking for a good restaurant to get a bite to eat. "Inform Yan Lin that it is time before the five meet so she can prepare for her part in what is to come."

"Of course Oracle." The older man said bowing a bit before turning to hurry away. He needed to send a message to earth quickly so the previous guardian of air could set things up on her end. Hopefully things would turn out as well as the Oracle as planned because right now a majority of the council was angry at picking this particular group as it seemed so similar to the previous group and they all knew how well that ended.


"Summer vacation so rocks." A young asian girl cried excitedly as she was a flurry of motion in her room throwing some brightly colored, mismatched clothes on that while would make many look silly they only seemed to add to the girl's strange beauty as her twin ponytails whipped out behind her as she finally finished and rushed down the steps cursing her luck for oversleeping this long. It was almost lunch time and the girls would be arriving any minute to grab a quick meal before the group set out to enjoy their first day of freedom from Sheffield until the break ended and forced the girls back into the school grind.

She was passing her grandmother's door when a loud banging noise drew her attention as well as a bright pink light filtering out through the cracks of the door. Opening the door just as the sounds quieted down and the light died she saw Yan Lin, her grandmother, walking towards her with her hands behind her back.

"Grandmother, what was that? A bear with a spot light?" Hay Lin asked, a little worry and awe mixing into her voice.

"Of course not dear," Yan Lin said while smiling brightly, gently waking past the younger girl. "It was television."

" don't have...a television?" Hay Lin managed to get out as the older woman walked away and down the steps, confusion consuming the younger Lin girl.


"Whoa, nice bike girl." A voice said from behind Will as she parked her bike and was getting off. Looking over her shoulder she saw a group of three other girls walking up behind her, from the red head's guess heading to the same restaurant that she herself picked out. After all it had seemed like forever since she had good chinese food.

"Thanks, do you girls know if they have good food here?" Will asked glancing at the blonde who seemed like a snob, almost like another blonde she knew but hopefully this one didn't turn out to be a vampire princess.

"They are the best in town, as if you could afford it." the blonde stated snidely making the brunette's eyes widen in shock.

"In case you didn't notice Corny, that tithing that she just rode in on is a Harley Davidson and it is in mint condition." The brunette said while glaring at the blonde, surprising Will a bit at the girl's knowledge, even if only proven so far a little, at her baby. She also noted how the blonde seemed to anger at he name and was going to retort but the girl continued. "That thing is worth more than my house probably."

"I don't know what your problem is blondie but if you want a smack down just keep it up, I'm itching for an excuse to vent my frustrations." Will said, almost snarling at he group. Normally she wouldn't be so angry and quick to jump someone, especially after her time in Briarwood, but for some reason this girl was getting under her skin and so far they barely said much to each other.

"Please don't fight." The darker skinned girl pleaded getting between the blonde and redhead. "Look, Miss, how about we buy you a meal and we forget this?"

"I don't need charity but you and the tomboy seem really nice, not so sure about her though...think she kept the bleach in her hair too long." Will said crossing her arms, not sure why she was offering this but it was coming out. It almost felt as if a magical source was urging her into this predicament. She ignored the blonde's seething as the brunete held her back, hand covering her mouth while snickering at he comment. "How about his though, despite the blonde's attitude I shouldn't have threatened her so how about I buy everyone a meal?"

The girl's were going to protest as Will pulled out her wallet from her jacket to count her money shocking the girls at he amount of large bills, most being fifties and hundreds.

"We usually eat free, our friend's family owns the place and they insist." Taranee said.

"If you really want to apologize you could treat us to a shopping trip, the mall has the cutest skirt I've been wanting to get." The blonde said eyeing the money almost hungrily.

"These two maybe, only thing I'd buy you would be a tootsie roll...and that's if your lucky." Will mumbled.

"What was that?" Cornelia asked missing what was said mostly while tthe other two heard it clearly.

"Nothing!" The brunette and dark skinned girl said at he same time.

"I'm Will." Will said smiling a bit at he three though he gaze was guarded when meeting the blonde's eyes. "I just got in town after leaving Briarwood."

"I'm Irma, and this is Taranee and Cornelia." Irma said indicating each girl when their name was mentioned.

"Wait, did you say Briarwood?" Taranee asked, her voice a little stronger.

"Yeah, I just got into town today." Will said stuffing her wallet back inside her jacket. She couldn't help but be amused at tthe not interested look the blonde was giving her which was partly making her nervous.

"So you must have seen the Power Rangers then?" Cornelia asked, the sudden change in attitude bothering the redhead. Will knew the only reason the girl was being so sweet now was that she probably wanted to pump all the information out of Will that she could before she'd probably revert to her snobbish behavior.

"Yeah, I saw them fight several times." Will replied casually trying to decide what to do as it was beginning to look like eating her was becoming more and more of a bad idea. Before she knew it the blonde grabbed her hand and dragged her into the restaurant and into a back room while the other two girls chased after demanding that they wait for them.


"Wow, I so can't believe you've seen so many fights." Hay Lin cried excitedly while the others around the table nodded in agreement but a large amount of skepticism shone in the blonde's expression. For the last half hour during their meal in a private side room reserved for the girls the five and Yan Lin sat around the table talking, mostly Will as she told a few stories of her battles but with a sideline perspective.

"Thank you for the wonderful stories," Yan Lin said as she got up from the table and cleared it off with Will helping despite the older woman's protests as well as Hay Lin leaving only a bowl of fortune cookies at the center for everyone to enjoy as well as their drinks.

"Your very welcome and thank you for the great meal, are you sure you won't let me pay for it?" Will asked, hating to act like a free loader like her father was which still confused her after finding out everything the man really owned. His own company as well as millions but he still treated the redhead like dirt and acted like they were poor as he drank and drugged his way through life.

"I'm sure dear, all of Hay Lin's friends are welcome to enjoy a free meal here so I expect you often while you are in town." Yan Lin said with a smile, "Though I really do wish that you would at least tell me your name."

"I'm sorry but...I'm just not able to yet until I find out if the person I searching for is here or not." Will said as she sat back down with the other girls, Hay Lin following suit.

"Are you sure you aren't in some kind of trouble?" Irma asked with a little worry, "After all my dad is a cop and he might be able to help."

"I'm sure." Will said with a sigh deciding that she may as well tell them a little since they all have been pretty nice and straight forward with her...well all but Cornelia. "I guess I'll tell you a little bit...My dad, he died two years ago and even though he didn't have a will everything he owned went to me since I was the only living relative and my mom divorced and walked out on us when I was a baby. They were going to stick me in foster care but I refused to go and I hired a lawyer and got emancipated and since then I've had an investigator make a list of women with the same name as my mom and what city they lived in. So far all of the cities have turned up a bust and now Heatherfield is my last chance."

"I don't get it, if your emancipated why on earth would you even look for your mother?" Cornelia asked, her tone was genuinely curious and didn't hold any contempt so Will decided to humor her.

"Because I have to know where I've come from, I want to forget, I've tried so hard to but I just can't." Will said, her voice getting softer and softer as emotion filled it. "I just have to confront the bitch and know why she walked out on me and left me with...HIM! I...just have to know...why she hated me so much..."

"Oh Will." Irma and Hay Lin said from either side of the redhead leaning in to hug the girl for a few seconds before the redhead whispered a quiet 'thank you.'

"If you need any help, anything at all Will, feel free to ask." Hay Lin offered with a warm smile as she walked around the table slowly.

"Have you found a place yet?" Hay Lin asked while taking a fortune cookie from the bowl, Will also taking one as the other girls one by one took one.

"Actually not yet, when I said I just got in town I mean I just literally got in town. I figured I'd find a place to eat hen look for a hotel or apartment." Will said while breaking open her fortune cookie before reading the fortune out loud. "...You will make a new best friend..."

"Or four." Irma said winking at he redhead who blushed a bit from all the attention. All of the girls was giving her friendly, welcoming smiles.

"Well, I think we can help with that." Yan Lin said, putting her hand on Will's shoulder from behind making the redhead twist in her chair some and look up at he smiling older woman. "You will stay in the guest room for now, at least until you decide what you are going to do."

"I don't know..." Will said, hesitating a bit.

"Please, please, PLEASE!" Hay Lin squealed excitedly while hugging the redhead again tightly.

"O-One condition." Will said gasping a little.

"Anything!" Hay Lin squealed a little louder as she tightened her hug all the while not noticing the blue tint that was forming in the redhead's face.

"L-Let me b-breath." Will gasped, her breath getting shorter and shorter before the smaller girl cried out in realization and let go of the redhead.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so-so sorry, Will." Hay Lin squeaked.

"It's okay." Will laughed a bit after a few deep breaths, her face returning to its natural color. "If your sure, I'd love to stay but I'm either paying some rent or helping out around the place in some way."

"Good, now that that is settled I think its time for me to tell you all a little story of my own." Yan Lin said reaching out to touch the air, dark ripples appearing around her finger above the table as if the air was water. As the ripples quickly grew darkness spread throughout he room as images of several planets appeared as all the girls looked on in awe except for Will whose eyebrow merely arched in curiosity earning a small nod of approval from the old woman. "There are many world's out there throughout many different dimensions, most good but hundreds of years ago a particular planet fell under the rule of an evil monarch. To keep the evil from spreading as they were very powerful and dangerous a council from another world who was charged with keeping peace and balance through the dimensions decided on the only course of action available to them. They placed a barrier around the world preventing the evil from spreading through invasions that was surely to follow up if something wasn't done. This barrier is known as the veil and every generation a group, the guardians, is chosen to protect the veil and seal up any tears in it."

"I think I better get going." Cornelia said starting to get up but quickly retook her seat from the glare from the older woman.

"Eighteen years ago, a new princess was born to the royal family and there were many prophecies about the girl and her older brother ranging from them being the worst evil ever born to being the ones to finally bring peace to the troubled world. Some of these prophecies even stated that one of the siblings would plunge the world into darkness while the other would banish it with her light. Not wanting to risk it, the parents were planning to kill the two children but something unexpected happened. The son, despite his age, was a genius and already a powerful magic user and when he found out about the latest betrayal from his family he took tthe initiative and murdered his parents and was going to kill his sister but that is all we really know. We don't know if the princess survived or not but the son, Prince Phobos, has ruled Meridian with an iron fist since."

"Since then the veil has grown increasingly weaker and the new generation of guardians has their work cut out for them." Yan Lin said with a heavy sigh.

"So, like this new group has to use extra heavy duty thread or something to sew this veil back up?" Irma asked, humor in her voice.

"No child," Yan Lin said laughing a bit herself at the brunette's joke. "The new generation of guardians will, like all previous generations, use their magic to seal up any tears that take on the form of portals between their world and ours. Magic that I'm sure each of you have noticed has been developing around you recently."

"Why does this shift always happen to me?" Will moaned quietly dropping her forehead to tthe table, the girls not really hearing as their attention is drawn to the old woman as the mage faded away leaving the room as it was before.

"Irma, as you have probably noticed you have starting gaining control over water." Yan Lin said, smiling as the other girls stared wide eyed at the brunette who was swirling her straw in her soda and lifting it into the air trailing behind it the liquid leaving patterns in the air as the girl waved the straw around.

"My little Hay Lin, you are gifted with control over the air." Yan Lin said picking up a paper lantern from the shelf next to the large fish tank where several tropical fish swam around ignorant of the things going on around them as Hay Lin took a deep breath and exhaled completely filling the lantern up from where she was sitting making it hover in the air a few moments before gently landing back in the older woman's outstretched hand.

"Taranee, you my dear have been granted control over the element of fire." Yan Lin said softly as she took a candle from next o where the paper latern was a few moments ago and sat it next to the dark skinned girl while giving her an encouraging smile. After a few moments the girl gulped and shakily pointed at he candle to let out a small burst of flame that flew towards the wick on the candle but barely missed hitting the end of a banana that was in a fruit tray on the table lighting it on fire instead.

"I got it." Irma said with a small smirk as she made a little of the water from the aquarium fly out and land on the banana dousing the tiny flame and splashing the blonde infuriating her. "Oops, sorry Corny."

"Ooooooohh-You did that on purpose!" Cornelia growled loudly while wiping her face off with the towel Yan Lin provided her, "And DON'T call me Corny, Irmie!"

"Ahem...Cornelia, you have been gifted with soverance over the earth." Yan Lin said trying to misdirect the obvious argument that was forming while giving the brunette a reproachful gaze making the girl sink back in her seat sheepishly. Taking the last item from the shelf Yan Lin placed a small flower pot before Cornelia who barely waved her hand over it making a tall flower quickly sprout and grow to full maturity before the pot shattered as the roots grew too big for it.

"And you Will," Yan Lin said as her smile brightened, pulling a small crystal on a chain from her pocket and let it dangle before the redhead as it glowed with pink energy. "You are who will unite the guardians, you are the heart of the group. This girls is the Heart of Candracar and when the guardians unite all of your powers will be magnified greatly as well as enhancing your bodies to their peak condition."

"Just great." Will sighed as the older woman gently placed the chain around her neck . It wasn't that she didn't want to help people but she already had been sidetracked long enough for her search and now it was happening all over again. Then again this was her last town and she had promised herself that she would give up her search if she didn't find the woman in this town. There was also a major branch of her new company in town and even if she was letting the board run the company until she went to college she could still stop by and learn a little more about what her company did. It felt wrong in some ways that she received a rather large payment deposited in her account for doing nothing other than being the owner.


"This is where you want to practice?" Will asked looking around the area under the end of the large suspension bridge near the end of town. While there wasn't any building or homes near by there was traffic up above them. Then again said traffic couldn't exactly see what was going on down there without causing an accident besides them being a fair distance above the girls.

"There's so much trash and...and there isn't anything around for me to practice my powers on, it's all paved over." Cornelia whined as Will pulled out he crystal and let it dangle from her fingers. While she did think it was rather cute it would be a cold day in hell before she wore it on a daily basis as it looked to childish for her taste, almost resembling a piece of costume jewelry.

"Let's just at least try a little and get used to our guardian forms, okay?" Will asked, her nerves starting to fray because of the blonde's attitude.

"Hay Lin, are you sure your grandmother is right in the head?" Cornelia grumbled earning her four pairs of angry eyes glaring at her.

"Are you blind Corny, didn't you see the stuff that happened back there?" Irma asked causing the blonde to start and turn red from anger.

"Guardians UNITE!" Will cried out as having enough of the blonde's mouth and hopefully this would shut her up. As five tear drop shaped orbs of power shot out of the earth the redhead couldn't help from gasping as she felt he power wash through her. She could feel all four of the other girls' elements flow through her for several moments making her want o scream out in pain but it quickly faded as the orbs spun around her before shooting out and striking each of the girls encasing them in a different colored cocoon of power. She realized that she truly was the heart of the group and much more, she was the conduit that he energy from somewhere forced itself through her and into the heart and from there into each of the girls.

As the pain subsided she could feel the power meant for her washing throughout her body, strengthening her, maturing her even more. Her old clothes where ripped from her body as the energy caressed her making the pain turn to pleasure as it solidified around herself forming a form fitting, dark aqua colored, body suit that had no arms to it. The power started to lick down her arms, teasing them as it caressed and washed down their lengths leaving a pair of black fingerless gloves that ran half way between her elbow and shoulder. Along her legs the power washed forming almost thigh high stocking that was stripped blue and green, the top band being blue and almost resembling a crashing wave on each one. The power started to flow back along her legs leaving her feet and lower legs covered an a dark violet pair of boots. As the power reached the tips of her appendages and flowed back leaving a long sleeve top that left her midriff bare so the body suit easily showed. It's sleeves started to flare out at he elbows in a bell shape with a slit in them. Finally a split yin-yang symbol flared on her chest, leaving each breast covered in the black out line as power tore from her back forming two large fairy type wings. With a loud scream she lashed out with her arms and legs in an almost spread eagle pose with her head thrown back shattering the energy cocoon that had imprisoned her just moments before letting her float to the ground as the other girls followed suit.

"Oh my gosh, look at us, we look like we are twenty something!" Hay Lin squealed excitedly. Unlike Will, the other girl's wings seemed so small though their costumes having basically the same color pattern though the designs varying from girl to girl.

"Y-You have bigger boobs than me!?" Cornelia snapped in shook pointing to Hay Lin who before the transformation easily sported the smallest cup size.

"Hehehe, I guess I am!" Hay Lin squealed cupping them to make sure they were real which made a couple of the girls blush a bit from the asian girl's lack of modesty.

"Actually," Will said, she felt she had to say it for some reason. After making her life miserable with her whining and bitching the last thirty minutes it took to get here a little bit of pay back felt good. "We all have bigger tits than you."

"You BITCH!" Cornelia shrieked as she almost lunged at the redhead as Irma caught the blonde while trying her best not to burst out in laughter as was Taranee and Hay Lin.

"Oooooh, we have wings!" Hay Lin cried happily as she fluttered them excitedly causing them to shoot her high into the air as she tried to get used to them.

"Speaking of bigger Will, why is your outfit so much more detailed than ours, not to mention your wings?" Taranee said pointing out tthe very thing Will was wondering about herself. "In fact, yours is the only outfit with a symbol on it."

"Actually, I have no idea." Will admitted sheepishly though she had some suspicions. Could she still have some magical residue left in her after her time in Briarwood that interacted with the magic?

"Look out!" A scream came out of no where before a bluish portal ripped open spilling out a boy about the same age as tthe girls' real age followed by a pack of...things following close behind. The creatures all seemed to be humanoid in shape but they barely had any intelligence in their eyes. The only clothes most seemed to wear was loin clothes which thankfully hid their male parts...if they had any. All of them was equipped with clubs or swords which looked rather dangerous. The most eerie thing about them was how wrong they felt, they felt like pure darkness and at he same time so familiar.

"Hey, that wasn't nice!" Will snapped as she dodged one of the things sword before kicking tthe things wrist knocking it from it's hand where she caught it and fell into a ready stance that Bowen and his father had taught her after they were freed from the Master's control.

"So you can handle a sword?" the boy asked in mild surprise, "By the way, name's Caleb."

"Mine's Will, now that the introductions are over I think our guests have waited patiently enough." Will replied as she blocked a sword strike and knocked another of the things in the head knocking it to the ground.

"Haven't meet many girl's who could fight so well." Caleb said as he sweeped the legs out from under another one before jumping up to roundhouse kick two more of the things knocking them back.

"Well, I've had a lot of practice." Will said grinning cockily at he boy while sparing a glance back at the other four girls. "Any time now girls."

"W-We can't, y-your too close we might h-hit you!" Taranee called as the four girls flew around the group but every time they started to call upon their powers they backed down which honestly Will couldn't blame. Unlike with the ranger powers these guardian powers didn't come with much instinct to sue them other than the basic and no one knew exactly what to expect and if they accidently tried anything too big either Caleb or Will herself could be seriously injured.

"When this is over we are SO practicing our powers!" Will called out as she instinctually reached down in herself drawing from deep within herself as she blocked and parried two more strikes from another of the creatures as they gathered around her and the boy trying to box them in. Hell it worked before so why not now, she had new magic to call on didn't she?

With a smirk as she concentrated she turned the closest of the creatures into a large ball, pink energy crackling around it and the redhead as she rested her foot on it and gave a bright, mischievous smile to the creature before asking, "So, whose up for a game of ball."

"Red, I don't think now is the time to play games!" Caleb called as the things started to separate them and force him back to the portal. Instead of a reply Will only channeled a small amount of power to her foot before giving the creature turned ball into a strong kick before bouncing off the chest of the closest one knocking it back through the air to land on to more. Will spun around as the ball richoched back at high speed and round housed the ball kicking it back into the group again at even higher speeds knocking a larger number of them back and out before it flew back towards Will who kneed the ball sending it straight up where she used her wings to fly up, spinning and flipping before doing an upside down kick at the apex of her flight knocking the ball back don again knocking all of the remaining things unconscious while leaving a small crater where the ball turned back into a very confused and hurting thing. The three left over just stared at the redhead before dropping their weapons and fleeing back through the portal.

"Cowards!" A deep voice screamed as a large man like snake burst from the portal glowering down at Will while she only stared back in contempt. She faced much worse as her time as a ranger and wouldn't back down to this walking...err...slithering purse.

"FIRE!" Taranee shouted followed by Hay Lin's twin cry of, "AIR!"

A whirlwind of fire blasted at the thing blowing it back through the portal in an inhuman scream of pain.

"Hurry, close the portal!" Caleb cried out confusing the girls, Yan Lin had mentioned that they needed to seal the portals but now that Will thought about it he woman didn't say how.

"The crystal, use the crystal!" Caleb said hurriedly as the outline of the snake-man started to take shape in the portal.

"I'll try!" Will cried out over the infuriated voice coming from the portal as she yanked the crystal out and pointed it at the portal as wild arcs of power show forth but seemed to slowly move away from the portal.

"Everyone, help her!" Irma called out, "WATER!"

"FIRE!" Taranee shouted, her voice soft and meek but with a little force to it.

"AIR!" Came Hay Lin's melodious voice next.

"EARTH!" Cornelia cried out lastly as four beams of different colors shot from the girls and into the crystal. Will could feel tthe pain again as the energy channeled through her but she gritted her teeth and forced the power to fuse into one beam and directed it at he portal sealing it just before the snake-man came through.

"Your the new guardians of the veil, aren't you?" Caleb asked as Will nodded a bit, looking up at the boy she couldn't help but blush a bit. The only other time she felt like this was before Bowen and herself decided that as close as they felt to each other their destinies led the two down two completely different paths which would never let them be together. Instead, Bowen had gotten together with Madi just before Will left Briarwood.

"Yes we are, my name's Cornelia." Cornelia said with what Will could only classify with an attempted seductive smile. The girl definitely needed work on that if it was what she meant butt it had to be as she kept trying to flirt with the boy. Will couldn't exactly fault the blonde though, the boy was rather attractive and he knew how to fight.


"So that girl is the new keeper of the heart?" Phobos asked as he sat on his thrown looking down in his scrying circle at the base of pedestal he sat upon. "I have to admit, she is quite beautiful...If things were different...I think I'd be tempted to make her my queen."

"You know that can not be my lord." A shadowy figure said from behind his right shoulder. "This girl is our enemy and they ones hiding your sister's identity from you so they can use her against you and take over Meridian and then Metamoor. We can not allow that, these guardians are deceitful as well as your sister and would kill you at a moments notice. We must strike first, they MUST die before they can tear apart the tentative peace you have built here."

"I...Suppose you are right, as soon as Cedric is back we will plan our next move." Phobos said, his voice taken a faraway quality to it.