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Lyrical Decade: Prologue

In these worlds, there are billions of people and despite how different we are, we are all very similar. Everyone looks up at the blue sky, swims in the same blue waters, and wish for small things.

But, people always want more and sometimes those small wishes become twisted. And because we misunderstand each other, we fight each other. If it was possible, I would wish that everyone could all live together peacefully forever.


Tired and battered, the man arrived to his destination: a marble throne room. Despite being bruised all over, the man's stride reeked with confidence. Hands in his pocket, he walked with such poise that it certainly didn't feel like he was about to meet one of the galaxy's most infamous villains.

Tap! The second his foot connected to the ground, his presence was already known to his associate. It was just another issue that he might have to deal with later.

"…Did you retrieve the belt?" The feminine voice asked in immediate response. The woman sat on her stone throne, dressed in a black ballroom dress.

Their eyes locked onto each other as the man looked up to meet hers. Glaring at the other, neither of the participants would yield to the other. The curly haired man answered, "Of course. Who do you think I am? I am the man-"

"Enough of that. Give it to me." The purple haired woman immediately cut the man off as he continued his introduction. She would have none of that. She already knew who he was and what he was capable of and her patience had worn thin. Al Hazard had not given the direct method to resurrection, but it had shown her many options to research.

The man narrowed his eyes slightly at the woman; he knew it was dangerous to continue playing this game and asking such a question would bind him further down. But, it was a risk he had to take. "Will this method work?"

The noble nearly beamed at the question, looking like a sinister cat toying with a helpless mouse, she replied: "Of course, it could work. I wouldn't put my daughter at risk now would I?"

The man's glare worsened and began to spill out with venom. It was that statement that was a reminder of the stats quo. Breathing in and out deeply, the man's face returned back to a neutral expression. He would play her game for now. "I see. It would be a shame for you if this place never existed now. Wouldn't it?"

The woman nodded, but then frowned at the implications of that statement. It was her turn for her face to twist in silent fury.

Forcing a strained smile, the woman forced out: "Yes, yes. It would be very problematic for me. But, wouldn't it be more problematic for you?"

Putting on his best poker face, the man replied, "Maybe, but this isn't my world. I simply would just have to try harder to find someone else."

The woman too neutrally masked her emotions before summoning a small brown package and throwing it at the man's feet. "Maybe. Here's your next assignment. It should be easier than the last assignment. This man hasn't mastered the belt as well as the other."

Nodding in acknowledgement, the man kicked the package up and grabbed it with his hands. There was no way he would give the woman the pleasures of seeing him kneel to the ground. "Understood, its best we continue working then."

Leaving the scene, the man left the lady to her own devices. Acknowledging that another round had past and neither player was dead.

Once more the roulette was spun. Where it will stop this time, neither player knew.


"Good job today, Vivio! See you tomorrow!"

Waving back energetically, the young Kaiser wished her friends a good night. Smiling proudly, the pig-tailed girl turned to her head to the right and was greeted by a familiar sight: a floating white bunny. However, the sight wasn't as odd as it sounded since there was a recent boom in such designs for intelligent devices.

"Good job today, Chris. You're the best."

The bunny responded by doing front flips in midair, it was its way of saying thanks. Since for whatever reason, the device simply didn't talk. However, in midsession, the bunny stop flipping, summoned a panel, and waved it in front of Vivio's face.

Curiously wondering what had alarmed the device, Vivio glanced at the screen. Apparently, there was a small distress signal being sent out approximately one hundred meters north of her location.

To be honest, Vivio rarely strayed from her path home. It wasn't because she wasn't adventurous, but the last time she walked alone in an alley way she nearly got lost for an hour. However, that shouldn't be an issue this time after all, she had Chris. There was nothing she couldn't do!

After all she actually bested Nove today! She felt like she could do anything! Even take on Nanoha-mama!

However, a quick reminder of her mother's rather explosive magic caused Vivio to shake her head back and forward trying to erase the thought as fast as she could. Ok, maybe she couldn't take on Nanoha-mama, but she felt on top of the world. She was on Cloud Nine; there wasn't anything she couldn't do!

Boldly walking forwards, Vivio figured it would be ok to assist the situation before calling someone about the situation.

Maybe she would meet her own ferret friend just like Nanoha-mama found her familiar, Yuuno!


It was that particular moment, a certain librarian sneezed loudly. Muttering a small curse, he went back to his work.


Rushing to the scene, the girl immediately noticed it seemed to be a mundane scene. The alleyway was dark, the footing on the ground was uneven, and the area stank. Pushing onwards, the girl scanned the area looking for the source of the S.O.S.

There seemed to be nothing wrong.

"Maybe we should try walking a little further, Chris."

The girl ambled onward with her eyes shifting back and forth. Maybe she should just go back soon, the girl thought to herself.


Eyes snapping open, Vivio immediately shifted into a fighting stance and wondered where the voice had come from.

"You're stepping on me." The voice from below sounded a bit pained. "You're heavy…Get off."

Immediately looking down, the girl saw she had just stepped on a wounded man in a black trench coat. The girl immediately jumped back retracting her foot so that it was no longer shoving his head face forward into the mud. "Oh, I'm so sorry! Are you all right…Mister…"

"Agggggh…did you ever consider going on a diet?" The man raised his head slightly from the muddy ground showing his battered mug.

Vivio's cheeks puffed up at the insult. She was not fat! Shamal stated that her body was in excellent shape: it contained less than ten percent fat.

It was only a few seconds later, did Vivio's mind processed the man's voice. Those blunt insults and that firm voice, even though it has been several years, she didn't think she would ever forget that voice.

"Tsukasa-san!?! Are you ok?" The girl instantly rushed to the man's side, flipping the man on his back. "Here, let me help you up!'

However, the man immediately slapped her hand away. "I'm perfectly fine…. I don't need anyone's help." He warily stated. "I'm fine."

The girl arched an eyebrow and gave Tsukasa a good look. His face showed signs of a severe beating, perhaps a fight gone wrong. Besides the red rivers traveling down his face, his face was covered in dirt. He has clearly seen better days.

"I am. I can help myself." He replied back irritably as he glared at her fiercely.

Heterochrome eyes stared at the adult disbelievingly as he failed to rise to his feet. "What happened to you?"


The girl was startled by his harsh words, but chose to ignore them. "Stay here, I'm calling for help."

"I told you… I… don't need help." Struggling to get up, the man argued with his younger acquaintance as he further exhausted himself. However, after several attempts, his body would eventually work its magic and force the man to restrain himself.

Glancing worriedly at the man, Vivio whispered: "Tsukasa-san…really, what happened to you?"


In the cavernous office, the lady knight Carim was again befuddled by the faint flowing text. "I thought this case was over…"

"It's not over yet. The destroyer of worlds has returned to finish the job."

The blonds' eyes snapped open and immediately turned to the source of the voice, a middle aged man wearing a beige trench coat with thick rimmed glasses. However, this time he was accompanied by another man: he looked no older than twenty. Adorn in civilian attire, he looked like a Japanese pop star. Carim wanted to just ignore the older man's presence, but there was something different about him. His amber eyes made her felt as if she was in the arctic. His sad gaze looked cool and aloof. Something happened to him, and Carim could feel the rage scorching out from him.

But, Carim was not dubbed a knight of the church for nothing. Steeling her will, the woman press for more information, "Why should I bother trusting you again? Last time you were wrong!"

The old man looked as if he was about to speak, but the younger man raised his hand. Sufficiently silencing the older man, the younger man answered.

"We're sorry for the intrusion. However, it has appeared that the Destroyer of Worlds has appeared once more. Surely you have noticed the sudden increase in activity between the worlds and how some of them are disappearing?"

Carim immediately thought about recent reports mentioning strange readings from Earth and how enforcers had mentioned that it looked like some worlds just vanished. The Bureau had yet to find a proper explanation for the occurrence.

Noting this was what these men believed to be the reason, the maiden question their next course of action. "And what do you…suggest?"

The brown hair man turned his gaze away from the blond and looked towards the window. "It is regrettable. But, Decade can not simply be aloud to exist. To save millions, he must be eliminated."