A/N: Word Prompt based dabbles. Please enjoy!

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1. Coma- The one thing that Rogue knew about was comas, she had put so many people into them that she couldn't look at a person and not see what they looked like lifeless. It was Gambit that didn't seem to get the severity of comas, the way he kept trying to cause himself to fall into one.

2. Warmth- Rogue would never get used to his warmth. The way it would seep through both their gloves was nothing short of amazing. Sometimes when they were alone she would close her eyes a pretend that their hands were bare. Gambit would never tell her but secretly he would keep the inner lining of his glove charged to make it that much better for her.

3. Shadows- After a horrible nightmare, Rogue was always a little afraid of the shadows around her especially when most of the students were gone for the holidays. Gambit was more apart of the shadows than anyone she had ever met. After Rogue made him promise to keep them in line Gambit surprised her with how serious he took it.

4. Sunset- Sunsets where never a big deal for Rogue they were just something that happened every day. It wasn't until Gambit made her sit and watch one with him did she appreciate the beauty of one. That night was when Gambit stopped calling sunsets beautiful.

5. Driven- Rogue was never more driven then when she was helping someone. It was that same drive that had Gambit worried she would do something stupid, for someone that didn't care either way, and get hurt.