11. Innocence- No one ever affiliated Rogue with innocence especially because if Rogue ever heard someone had she would at the very least give them a black eye. Gambit knew about the loss of innocence and hardships of the world; he also knew that Rogue was naïve in more ways then she let one and he'd be damned if he couldn't keep it that way.

12. Imagination- Rogue had a very excellent imagination, she could read a book and picture all the characters and scenes in her head; most of the time she mixes up movies and books. Gambit insisted that his imagination had faded with disuse making more room for tactical thought. Rogue reasoned that telling lies was the same as telling stories and find ways to bypass increasingly difficult security systems was the same as painting a picture so his imagination was put to use more then most people.

13. Options- Being untouchable hadn't left Rogue with many options, from clothes to life choices, it could be said that Rogue's life was almost entirely ruled by her mutation. Gambit worked hard to change that. It started being little things, most of which annoyed her to no end, it continued to bigger things, which still sort of annoyed her, and ended with them together. He gave her the choice to be with him regardless of her mutation and for once she completely disregarded her mutation and accepted.

14. Nurturing- Not many knew that Rogue was nurturing by nature. When she was younger she always brought home strays and hurt animals and cared for them until they were better or she was forced to get rid of them, the one exception was, Jigger, her golden retriever. When Gambit started noticing Rogue disappearing to her room at random parts of the day he decided to follow her. What he came across warmed his heart and almost broke it at the same time. There was Rogue hovering over a cardboard box cooing and whispering sweet things. When Rogue picked it up and cradled it in her arms, Gambit smiled sadly, he knew that Rogue always wanted children but couldn't have them. It was one of the things they never talked about. Rogue turned and Gambit could see tears in her eyes; he went to her but he didn't hug her or show any sort of pity. She loved him all the more for it. He smiled, seeing a baby raccoon wrapped in a blanket, and asked her where she found him. She replied that his momma got hurt real bad during one of their outside training sessions and didn't make it and that the Professor let her take care of him until the zoo took him on Monday. Gambit took her into his arms the baby snuggling into their combined warmth and vowed that one day they would have their own.