Disclaimer: Too lazy.

Author's Note: This is kind of the straightjacket story I promised Anime Monster. Kind of, because it's implied here while a significantly later chapter in OWC&SJ will feature one more prominently. So dunno if this really counts…

Anyway, single-sitting fic!


It was late autumn when they came. Trees stood half-naked in the moonlight, still more decent than he was. They had him trapped and their wings sounded on wind like whispers. Uniformly blind and black, with beaks that would reveal distorted human mouths once opened. He was tied to a pole this time and he couldn't run away. Silence lanced through both ears as bodies alighted on his own—a thousand tiny talons dragging into flesh. Their lips pressed impossibly wide, leech-like, and ate of him. His face was covered. His eyes were consumed.

When he screamed, feathers choked him mute.

When he woke, the guard had crows climbing from his head.

He had to get them off. He had to. Jonathan lunged forward and tore.

But they kept coming. One slammed his head into a wall while another ripped his arms off. Blood, there was blood as he stumbled out through the flock. Every part of him felt sticky. He couldn't see, couldn't breathe, couldn't understand their distorted cawing in his mind. Through halls or tunnels they pushed him until all escape clanked shut and he was left bound.


With the birds.