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I awoke to my cell phone's overly loud obnoxious buzz. Hardly anyone would call me this early on a Tuesday morning, so I knew it had to be important. Groggily, I pulled myself out of bed and went to search for it. I looked on my dresser tops, my coat pockets, in desperation I dumped my purse out on the floor, finally finding it in the pile of brushes, chap sticks and gum. It took me a moment to figure out how to answer the call on this little Blackberry that Edward insist that I have. It was Alice.

"Hello?" My voice was still unsteady with sleep.

"Hi, Bella!" Alice sounded as chipper as ever.

I threw myself back into bed. "What's going on? Is everything okay?"

"Perfect. I saw that Edward's going to be home soon and I figured you'd want to meet him. It's too sunny today for him to come to you so I figured he'd want me to call for him."

"Oh!" I sat up. "How long do I have?"

"Calm down, Bella." Her laugh was like the tinkling of tiny bells. "You have more than an hour, so calm yourself."

"Okay. I'm calm. But I'll be right over, okay?"

"Okay, Bella."

"Thanks Alice!" I hung up the phone. I hadn't seen Edward in almost two days. He went to go hunting with Jasper somewhere on the East Coast. Apparently the mountain lions and deer had gotten too boring and now they wanted something different. And two days doesn't seem like a terribly long time, but in truth, it had been months since I had not seen Edward every day, and night for that matter. Even when he did go hunting, he went while I was sleeping and returned before I even woke up. I was so excited that he was finally home.

After taking a quick shower, I ran a brush through my hair and put on a little make up. I thought about adding some perfume, but why ruin my natural scent Edward loves so much? Donning a jean skirt and light blue t-shirt, I grabbed my car keys and was about to leave when I remembered something. My engagement ring.

Mere weeks ago Edward had presented me with his own mother's wedding ring, after asking me to be his wife. Naturally, I accepted, after only a little hesitation. The ring was so beautiful. Little delicate strings of gold wrapped around many different diamonds. I loved it. I slipped it onto my ring finger. Wearing the ring had taken a little getting used to but soon I'd have the rest of forever to do just that.

I called a quick goodbye to Charlie, who was currently sitting in the kitchen cleaning his gun collection. When I stood on the porch I looked out into the driveway, taking in my car. No, it wasn't my old, red pickup that I had grown to love. It was my 'before' car. A sleek, black Mercedes that I had learned was bullet proof, tank proof, had the durability of a nuclear bomb shelter, and wasn't even on the market yet. Leave it to Edward.

The engine purred with a delicate hum and I lurched out of the driveway. Getting used to how fast this car was wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I tapped the pedal with my sandaled foot, making it speed ahead. I lifted my foot off and it came to a relative halt. It was all so complicated. I tried tapping the pedal again, finally learning how to lower the speed to a relatively manageable 80 mph.

When I pulled up to the Cullen's house, the sun was at full force. No wonder Edward couldn't come to me. He would light up like a disco ball. I checked my face in the rearview mirror before exiting the car and going up to the huge front door. Before I had a chance to knock, Esme swung it open, greeting me with one of her monthly smiles.

"Bella! Here, come in. I was just baking." She motioned towards her patterned apron. "Edward's not back yet and I had been dying to try out this recipe I saw on the cooking channel."

I followed her into the immaculate kitchen, instantly smelling cinnamon. "It smells delicious in here Esme."

"I'm glad you think so, Bella. I made cinnamon Rolls. I saw Paula Dean make them one night. That woman really enjoys her butter…" She reached into the oven, without mitts, I noticed, and pulled out a tray full of tiny buns.

Just then, Emmet popped up behind me, startling me severely. "Bella!" He picked me up in a bear hug, knocking the breath almost completely out of me. "As soon as I came in I smelled food and thought to myself, 'Emmet, old mad, Esme must be feeding the human! You really must go down and surprise her!"

"Humans… need… air." I gasped. He instantly dropped me.

"Sorry, there, Bells." He laughed, a deep bellowing sound. "I can't wait for when you're more durable."

"Me either." I said, rubbing my ribs.

"Now, now, Emmet. Leave Bella alone." Esme lightly scolded. She put a full plate of rolls before me, now slathered in sweet icing. Sliding onto a bar stool at the kitchen's island counter, I took one.

"Thanks, Esme. You're such a good cook." I burned my tongue, eating my roll too quickly.

"Aw, thank you Bella. I love having someone to cook for, it really gives me something to do." She wrinkled her nose dramatically. "Even if it is gross."

Emmet poked at a bun. "How can you eat this stuff? It looks so gross."

"Don't knock it, Emmet. Way back in the day you used to eat food too."

"Ugh. Don't remind me!" He turned and started towards the back door. "I'm going to go get some real food."

"You must excuse Emmet." Esme said, rolling her eyes.

"Esme, I've known him for years. He doesn't bother me at all. I know he's only teasing me."

"All the same, I wouldn't want him to scare you off."

"I'm marrying a vampire, nothing could scare me off, especially Emmet. He's just like the big brother I never had, always scaring and teasing me."

Esme took my hand from a crossed the counter. "I'm so glad that you're going to be a part of our family. I always knew you would be, of course with the way Edward is with you."

"Thanks Esme. It means a lot to have everyone's support, especially Edward's mom." Some women complained about their mother-in-laws, but I really couldn't get enough of mine. I loved her, too.

"Of course, Bella. We all are so excited for the wedding, especially Alice. You have really made her decade."

As if on cue, Alice walked gracefully into the kitchen, a thick binder in her hands. "Did someone say my name?"

"Hi, Alice." I greeted her.

She sat next to me, dropping the binder loudly on the countertop. "Take a look."

"What is it?" I opened it to the first page, seeing many pictures of varied bouquets. This must be how Alice is documenting plans for the wedding.

"Since it is your wedding, I want you to have some say in it. So which do you like the best?"

I stared at the flowers. They all looked somewhat the same to me. "Um…"

"That's what I though… ok, next page, the menu. This is basically the one thing you're going to have to choose." There, on the page were hundreds of food choices. "This is for the appetizers."

"Um… I don't know?"

Signing, she flipped to the next page. "Try main course. Pick a few so people have variety."

"How about chicken?" I guessed.

"Okay… what kind?"

"Cooked? I don't know, Alice."

"Fine, I'll pick those I suppose." She snapped the blinder shut. "Any thoughts on the china pattern?" I stared at her blankly. "Okay.. Guess not."

"I'm sorry, Alice. I just don't know anything about this kind of stuff."

"I'm aware. It's fine, Bella. That's what I'm here for. Someone needs to figure all this out for you."

"I know, thank you so much for all that you're doing. It must be a lot of hard work." I felt bad for putting all of the wedding plans on Alice, although she's the one who pushed for a big wedding and promised she'd take care of everything. I was used to taking care of everyone, not being taken care of.

"Bella, you forget, as a vampire I don't sleep, nor do I have anything better to do at the present time. You just worry about not getting cold feet and I'll do the rest." She smiled at me before getting one of her ever famous blank stares. "Edward and Jasper will be back in a few minutes. They took the Vanquish so they're moving at a very fast pace."

My stomach started doing flip flops. It had been too long since I had seen Edward and I missed him way too much. I looked at all the doors leading into the kitchen, almost expecting him to walk through one at any instant. I tapped my fingers, the nails polished a light pink by Alice the night before, on the smooth counter top.

Alice grabbed my hand gently. "Calm down. You'll mess up your nails… besides. They're walking up the driveway now." then she sprinted away, to see Jasper I assume. I looked back at Esme, to excuse myself from the kitchen when I noticed she wasn't there. Then I heard light steps on the hardwood floor. They were headed into the kitchen. I heard a familiar voice gently call my name. Then the ever familiar, icy embrace eloped me.

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