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Edward's POV

After turning the city inside out for hours, never even catching a scent, I was convinced that Bella was no longer in Paris. The rest of the nervous, guilty coven were taking advantage of the now dark night to expand their search further. Although Bella wasn't their responsibility, they believed that they had a hand in her disappearance and promised to work tirelessly to find her. The fact that they would do that for us touched me, however, I had no time for silly sentiments. I had more urgent matters to attend to. Their work allowed me to make a short stop at the hotel in order to find my cell phone. At a loss, I decided to call Carlisle and explain the situation fully. If anyone would know what to do now, it would be him. I noticed instantly that I had several missed calls, all from my family. I hadn't taken my phone with me when Bella and I went into the catacombs, I knew that it wouldn't work all those miles under the ground stone.

The phone didn't even hit the first ring before Carlisle picked up. His usually calm voice had a tint of angst. "Edward. I've been trying to reach you for hours. Alice saw-"

"Carlisle, Bella's gone." The words were short and bitter on my tongue.

"I know." He told me. "Alice saw her being taken by a woman named Daphne, but hasn't been able to see anything since."

"What do I do? I'm with the French coven and no one can find her."

"Alice and Jasper are on their way. They left shortly after Alice saw and might be there even now."

I sighed, only slightly relieved to know that my brother and sister would soon be here to help. "Perhaps Alice can see more when she reaches France."

"It's a possibility, yes." He paused before adding more. "Edward, you must come to the understanding that this may end badly."

"Don't say that." I growled into the receiver.

"Son, don't be angry, you just may have to prepare yourself."

His words deeply hurt me. I knew he was being the voice of reason, but it was hardly necessary to point out the obvious at a time like this. If Carlisle thought there was no hope, then what was I to do? He has been my absolute supporter and most honest confidant since I began this journey of never ending life. If he thought that I should truly be prepared to not find Bella alive, then he really believed that she was gone to me forever.

I left the hotel again, steady in my resolve to find her. I had to. How could I go on without her? After I thought I lost her to the waves of the La Push reservation, I made a promise to myself that I would never let her go or put her in harms way, but now she had been taken my an evil vampire and has been missing for almost a full day. the finality of her disappearance was setting in, but I couldn't lose hope just yet. There were numerous vampires searching for her, turning the city upside down and even beginning to look through the outlaying villages and forests. It would only be a matter of time before she was safe in my arms, I was sure of it.

"Monsieur Cullen!" The hotel clerk ran after me, stopping me right before I left through the gilded front double doors.

"Yes?" I turned sharply, annoyed to be interrupted.

"I am sorry for bothering you, but I have a letter." He produced a small, blue envelope from inside his suit jacket. "The woman said it was very important and that you get it as soon as possible."

"Merci." I took the letter and swiftly left the hotel. The front was blank but I breathed in a light scent of lilacs. It must be from Daphne. I tore the envelope open hastily and pulled out a piece of plain paper. Perfectly curved cursive writing spanned the page.

Dearest Edward,

I know that it has been many years since I saw you last, however, it pained severely me to see you with another. You had promised me your eternal love and affection, now I see you that someone else had replaced me in you heart. All those years ago I firmly believed that we were perfect for each other in every way and now I see it was all a sham. Those many nights we shared in each others company, exploring the city and laughing together has been worth nothing to you. I have been fooled by the most beautiful of deceivers. I have been easily replaced, although you had never been replaced in my own heart's affections. Oh, how I've longed for you all these year, believing that you were waiting, searching for me. However, it seems that you were content to find love in a mere, frail human. Some may be soft on these mortal creatures and, perhaps, I would have grown to love her as, apparently, many of our own kind has. However, I am not that kind. Years in the Volturi's service has madarde me hard and unforgiving to transgressions such as these. Thus, you both must be punished. If you had just stayed true to me, you old, forgotten love, then your precious human would still be alive. I know that you will not receive this note until after she is gone from the mortal world, but I still felt the need to fully explain my actions. Either way, it is too late now to save her. I could have loved you again. We could have been happy together once more. Your mistakes have cost you both your happiness and you so-called love. Now, I am to be gone as well either to sweet death or a life in solitude.

Goodbye, my Edward


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