Title: After The Lovin'

Author: the-notebooks-voice (me, unless this is my evil twin where then she truly is evil for posting this for me…lol now if only I had an evil twin, yeah that won't work…lol)

Summary: This involves: House singing to a certain someone with big brown eyes…and boyish good looks, cute bedtime sweet dreams romance, and Wilson getting a little too drunk and not remembering much of the night before.

Author's note: This is a sweet hearted fluff. No explicit smut or anything of that nature, this is just a very sweet story. There is a mention of sex but no details or description.(sorry if that's what you were looking for.)This was done to the iPod challenge and this song was the shuffles choice… so TaDa Yes I did have House quote a good few lines from the song and yet again I don't on the song…this guy does, Engelbert Humperdinck. But anyway…Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own "House" or its characters, nor anything to do with owning any part of the show or anything relating to it. I just own this idea and the stories plot... same goes for the other stories I write. Note: I also do not own the song After The Lovin' By Engelbert Humperdinck, that is his and who ever worked on making it listenable.

WARNING: This is Slash…House Wilson Slash If you don't like that kind of thing Do Not Read.

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After The Lovin'- Engelbert Humperdinck

Hands fling up to rub his head as the sound of singing aids the painful pulsing headache.

House continued to sing as he walks into the bedroom where Wilson is, laying on the bed naked with a sheet slightly draped over him.

"You are so beautiful-to me!"House continues to sing, looking into Wilson's eyes. Wilson looks confused and at a loss for words.

"Good morning sleepy head." House stops singing and greets Wilson.

"What happened last night? I remember getting drunk and us going home. I remember the sex but nothing else." Wilson asks, giving a tiny smile reimagining the bits of the night he remembered.

"Nothing happened after that, we went to sleep and that was it."House answered, Wilson accepted the answer, no questions needed. He still didn't remember but that was a good answer.

Later that Night as Wilson Fell Asleep

House held Wilson in his arms, both of them cuddling under the covers. Wilson positioned his head against House's chest and started yawning. He just couldn't keep his eyes open. House kissed the top of Wilson's head as he nestled closer to him.

"So I sang you to sleep after the lovin'… " House begins to sing lightly.

"And I hope you can hear what the words and the music have to say…" Wilson's eyes are fully closed now and House assumes he's asleep, so he continues to sing to the no lulled Wilson.

"It's so hard to explain everything that I'm feeling, face to face. I just seem to go dry. But I love you so much that the sound of your voice can get me high…"Out of the corner of Wilson's lips there's a small smile growing.

"So I sang you to sleep after the lovin'. I brush back the hair from your eyes." With two fingers House brushes the hair out from in front of Wilson's forehead and kisses it softly.

" And the love on your face, it's so real that it makes me wanna cry…But after the loving I'm still in love with you…"House sings softer until he whispers in Wilson's ear "This is what happened last night Wilson, I just wanted to tell you I love you." As House kissed him for the final time that night, he moved further down under the covers and fell asleep holding a sound asleep, smiling Wilson in his arms.