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I was flying, the wind breezing through my hair, making it tangle into a knot behind my head. I looked around the frigid air that I flew through looking for a cloud to hide behind. People wearing capes who were riding bats behind me screamed that I had to stop, or else. I searched for a place to hide in for cover, but got distracted by a noise split through the air beneath me.

The flying hippopotamus I was riding opened his mouth and started to talk like Richie Duncan, the DJ for my regular radio station.

"Good morning Seattle! Welcome to DJ Duncan's mixes show playing five till nine every morning, here's a special request, 'See you again' by our favouriteartist here at 96.3, Miley Cyrus. Not!"

Suddenly Ryan, my hippo started to belch out a nasally voice that sounded terrible, making my eye's fling open in fright and my back snapped up so I was sitting straight as a pin in my bed. I looked around my bedroom in fright, looking for Ryan, hoping that he was okay.

I lifted the pillow that lay under my head in search for him, getting more and more anxious by the minute. I threw myself back onto my pillow, closing my eyes in hope of finding Ryan behind my lids.

"The last time I freaked out, I just kept looking down."

What the fuck is that noise? Why won't it stop?

Giving up on my search for Ryan behind my eye lids, my hands rummaged across my stool to find the source of the shrieking that had originally came through Ryan's mouth. My hands came in contact with a cool smooth object that was vibrating. It must be the thing that was making the noise. I picked it up and threw it as far away as possible from myself. I heard a crash coming from a fair distance away and I sat up again.

I looked up at the springs and screws that were the remains of the alarm clock, that I had brought only a week ago, thinking about the money I would save and the amount of sleep I would get if I stopped buying the blasted things.

I groaned as I pushed the warm covers off my bare legs and slid my feet onto the hard, cold floor. I untwisted my boxers out of my butt crack and straighten out my basketball jersey, which was my normal sleep uniform, as I walked out my bedroom door and into the loo for a quick piss.

I closed my eyes as I headed downstairs thinking of Ryan and wishing I was back in my fantasy dream again. I mean how cool would it be to have a Hippo as a war horse. Man I have a fucked imagination.

I reached for my yellow mug and poured black coffee out of the already made jug that Jake or Dad must've made a few minutes again since it was hot enough to burn my tongue as I took my first sip. I looked around the kitchen in hope of finding Ryan, discovering that it wasn't a dream after all and I actually owned a flying hippo, but only found my dad who had his head buried in the morning newspaper. He knew better than to bother me with small talk in the morning before I'd had a full mug of coffee.

I looked at the calendar on the fridge and saw the red markings of crosses that all led to a date that was circled with a black vivid. That circled date, I realised after a moment filled with calculation, was today. Today, the day I'd been looking forward to for a month. The day I go to Jacksonville to spend some 'Girl time' with my mother. I looked at the clock on the wall next, realising that I better get dressed soon otherwise I'd miss my ride to school. Even though I was flying across the country today, my dad is still making me go to school, which I think is totally unfair. I started my journey up the stairs, hoping not to trip in my still sleep ridden mind.

As I reached the top stair I heard a girlish squeak coming from my brothers' room. I jogged over, wonder what he was freaking over now.

I spotted him cowered in the corner of his room with his hands out in front of him making the sign of a cross as if he was warding off demons.

"What's wrong Jakey?" I asked, using my childhood nickname for him.

His head snapped towards where I was standing and he made a whimpering noise, like an injured dog.

"There's a Sp-sp-spider on my wall! It's gonna kill me!" He said, his eyes snapping back to where the tiniest bug ever sat quietly on his wall.

"And?" I asked, observing the little bug on the wall. "What do you want me to do about it?"

"I don't know. Kill it or something!" He yelled

"Why would I kill an innocent spider just 'cause you're a fucking pussy?"

"Because I'll give you ten bucks." Sly dog. He knew that I'd never give away a chance to earn a tenner. I walked over to his desk and picked up a magazine that had a massive pair of tits on the cover accompanied by long blonde hair. I think I face might even be on it as well.

I held it up to Jake. "Classy bro."

He didn't reply, being too focused on the bug not attacking him to look up to see what I was mocking him about this time. I rolled up the 'zine and walked over to the wall, making quick work of smacking the bug as hard as I could so I could kill it instantly.

"There," I said, walking over to Jake. "Now where's my money?"

Jake muttered about how all girls are scared off bugs and that I'm a total weirdo for not being terrified by it as he handed me a ten dollar bill. His expression changed as he saw me admiring my newly acquired tenner to an expression of sadness.

"I'm really gonna miss you this summer B. We haven't ever not spent the summer together. I still don't think that you should leave. You have everything you need here."

"I told you already Jake; it's not up to me. Mum wants to spend some time with me alone with the influences of annoying brothers. You know this!"

"Yeah but I'm still gonna miss you, "he said with an adorable smile on his face. "Who am I gonna hang out with all summer without you here?"

"Well, you know, hmmm, maybe your best friends!"

"I guess." He grumbled. "But they aren't my baby sister, who is always mocking me. The one that I love and adore."

"Don't get soppy on me now Jake!" I said, giving him a pity pat. "We've lasted seventeen years without it happening, let's make it last a bit longer."

Jake laughed, glancing at his watch. "Crap," He said. "We are gonna be late. Hurry up and get dressed if you still want that ride."

"Alright," I said, flinging his porn magazine at him.

I dressed in my usual attire: 60's jeans with no zip, but buttons and a Led Zeppelin tee, with a pair of black doc martins. I ran my brush through my hair not bothering to tie it up today, chucking a pair of ray bans into a bag and a pen, stringing it over my shoulder.

I strolled casually down the stair at a slow pace and Jake ended up grabbing my hand and we ran downstairs, rushing to get to school. Jake has the only car between us since I thought that it was stupid for dad to buy two. I mean, we're basically joined at the hip anyway, so it would pointless to buy two cars. I'm all about saving money for dad and CO2 poisoning for the environment. Hell, I love the fucking environment.

As soon as Jake and I were both sitting in his sleek black truck, Jake started chatting about how he loved the last day of school because of the carnival at the end of the day. Everyone misses out on their afternoon classes and has fun eating candy floss and going on the massive Ferris wheel that the school hires out.

"Are we gonna pick up Quill or Embry this morning or did they manage to acquire a car overnight?" I asked, interrupting Jacob's ramblings about how many corndogs he managed to eat last year. I bet that impressed all the ladies, not.

"We're picking up Quill, but Embry had a swimming meet practise this morning, so he walked." Jake replied. "Poor guy, having swimming practise on the last day of school. Suck's to be him!"

Jake carried on with his ramblings about the carnival with me occasionally added 'hmmm's and 'ahhh's of agreement in, until we arrived at Quill's house, where he stood outside with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Hey Bells, Jake," Quill said jumping into the back of the truck giving us both a friendly wave. "How's it hanging?"

"Everything's amazing!" I said layering my voice with sarcasm. "This morning I had to get up from the most amazing dream."

"The one with the Hippo called Ryan again?" Quill asked, fidgeting with his seatbelt, trying to make it fit in the wrong clasp, while Jake watched him smirking.

"Yep. He's a war horse in it and everything! It's epic!"

"Sure it is Bells," Jake said, giving me a butter wouldn't melt smile.

I gave Jake a smirk as I said the next thing. "I didn't mind missing out on my cool dream for what happened this morning though. After drinking my coffee I arrived upstairs to hear a girl screaming. At first I thought that Jake had a chick in there and she had just realised what he looked like. After a moment's thought, I remembered what my brother looked like, knowing that no girl would ever like him and I started to wonder why my brother sounded like a girl. So I walked into his room and there he is, cowering in the corner because there's a little bug on his wall."

"Oh man," Quill cringed. "Really? A bug?"

"Shut up Quill!" Jake muttered. "It was a huge spider man. You would have shat yourself if you'd seen it."

"You so wouldn't have," I said behind my hand to Quill, as if I was telling him a secret. "It was tiny. And then worst of all, he payed me to kill the poor thing with one of his porn magazines."

"Oh, bro! That is well bad!" Quill laughed, hitting Jake on the shoulder. "Well bad."

"I'm ignoring you," Jake said, starting his car, realising that it was the best way to avoid the conversation about him being a total pussy.

I zoned out of Quill's one-sided conversation about how bugs aren't scary and look out at Quill's house remembering all the good time's that we've had there. Specifically, Quill's twelve birthday.

I remember that Quill's mum had invited her friends kids over as an excuse to sit in the kitchen and gossip as we had a 'party' in the back yard. It was a pretty shit party considering that we were all eleven and twelve and there was games like pin the tail on the donkey. We all totally got bored of the watered down fizzy drinks pretty soon and broke out the lollies.

One of the boys that was there, Jared, was the first the start complaining about this party being boring. He was soon followed by another boy called Paul and then the rest of us joined in the complaints about doing something fun until it was just Jake and a boy named Sam who didn't want to do something more exciting than just sitting there eating lollies.

"What type of game do you want to play?" Sam asked with a sigh, reluctantly giving into our complaints about wanting to play a game. Sam was the oldest of all the people there, being almost thirteen while we were all still eleven and twelve, so when Sam decided that we were doing something, we all did it.

"A fun one," I replied, always being the smart Alec of the bunch.

Sam gave me a look of annoyance. "Any specific games?"

"I know!" Jared said gleefully, an evil smile lighting his face. "Let's play double dog dare."

"I've never heard of that," I said. "How do you play?"

Jared went on to explain the rules. A person spins the bottle and it lands on a person who sitting in the circle. The person who spun the bottle gets to give the person who the bottle landed on a dare. The person must do the dare, or they would suffer dire consequences. We all readily agreed to play, forming a circle on the grass. Quill went to retrieve a bottle from the kitchen to play with, and when he came back, he declared that he got to spin first since this was his party.

Quill placed the bottle in the middle of the circle and spun it. Everyone in the circle's eyes followed the bottle round and round until it eventually stopped.

"Jake!" Quill announced happily. "Lucky Number one aye?"

"Yep," He said cheerfully. "What do you want me to do?"

"I don't know really," Quill said, stroking his chin thoughtfully. "So many ways to get revenge on you, how will I ever choose? I've got it! I double dog dare you to put ice down your pants for the rest of this game."

"Alright," Jake said warily. He walked over to the refreshments table and scooped up some ice that was in a ice tea pitcher, then carefully put them down his pants. His only reaction was to let out a hiss threw his teeth as the ice first made contact with his skin. He casually came and sat back down in the circle. "My turn then."

Jake spun the bottle and the game continued. Sam got dared to wear his pants on his head, Jared got dared to go steal some of his mum's lipstick and apply it. Embry got dared to prank call a girl at our school called Emily, who he had a massive crush on and I got dared to prank call Mike Newton, the biggest asshole ever, and tell him that I was devotedly in love with him. That wasn't even the worst bit though; he told me that he'd always felt the same way. The boys were in hysterics at my facial expressions that I made.

We finally decided that since Paul hadn't been called up yet, he could have the last dare, since everyone's mum's were starting to look a bit antsy in the kitchen. Sam was the one to give the dare.

"Oh god, I have the perfect dare for you!" Sam said cheerfully. "Okay, I want you to kiss Bella… On the lips!"

"What?" Paul, Jacob and I shouted at the same time.

"I can't kiss Bells, she's like my little sister!" Paul said with a groan.

"She is my little sister," Jake said dryly. "And she's far too young to be kissing guys."

"One minute older Jake, one minute older," I muttered.

"Fine, I'll change the dare a bit," Sam said reluctantly. "You still have to kiss her, but just on the cheek."

"Fine," Jake grumbled, not at all happy with this solution, but not wanting to be a party pooper.

"Alright then," Paul said, leaning towards my cheek.

"Wait," I said, looking at his wet lips, which were stained a bright red colour from the drink he'd had earlier. "Wipe your lips; I don't want slobber on my face!"

The guy's chuckles and Paul wiped his lips on his sleeve dramatically. He slowly leaned towards my check and ever so sweetly kissed my cheek. The guys all "Awwwed" I just sat there blushing bright red while Paul showed them his middle finger.

"Okay my turn, since I haven't had a chance to dare anyone and we can't just leave a game like that," Paul said still blushing. He spun the bottle and it landed on me. "Bella. Okay. I double dog dare you to belch the alphabet." He said with a proud smile.

"Aww is that all," I teased. "I thought that you would make me do something harder than that!"

"Well hurry up then," Jared encouraged.

"Okay, Okay. Don't get your knickers in a bunch," I said.

That was the day that my crush on Paul started. His ever so sweet kiss made me take an interest in boys for the first time. Before they were just people that were cool to hang out with and didn't mind getting their clothes dirty, unlike the girls my age. But after that small peck on the cheek, boys were a whole new species.

I kind of fell in love with Paul as the years went by. When we all started high school, Paul, Jared and Sam joined our group, since we hung together so much since to our mothers who loved to gossip, and I got really close to Paul. We were tight, but we both thought of each other in different ways.

That was one of the reasons that I wanted to go see my mother in Jacksonville, to get away from the boys. They always talked to me as one of the boys, that I wasn't a girl with tit's and the lot. But I was a girl, and when they didn't treat me like one, it hurt. I needed them to think of me as a girl, for me to feel better. That's why I decided to go and stay with my mother. I told Jake and my father that she bullied me into going, but that wasn't what really happened.

After my mother left when I was thirteen, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida and married a minor league baseball player. I had no females to guide me through my tender teenage years. No one to help me buy my first bra, no one to buy my first pads when I got my period, no one to argue with me about the length of my skirt (Not that I wore skirts). I had no female influence.

It didn't matter much back then, when all I did was hang out with boys. But lately, I've been noticing girls around me. How they wear makeup and thongs (Which I only see when we get changed for Phys Ed., I'm not a perv). And I feel like I've missed out on a whole experience that could have been really rewarding. So I decided to go stay with my mother and let her give me a makeover (Which she has been begging about for ages.). I wanted cool looking boys like Paul to notice me as an attractive girl and the only way to do that would be to leave them for the summer and come back looking completely hot!

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