AN: Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp start off a new year in a new apartment but the area is weird, the people are weird, and the club Sanji is pushing Zoro to work at is even weirder, somethings up with this place and Zoro is going to find out what it is before its too late.

This story will be multi pov. So it's all in first person I hope I can pull it off I'll do everyone at least once. Main talkers? though are Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp

pairings: ZoroXSanji. Fluff UsoppXKaya FrankyXRobin

Genera: Romance, drama, hurt/comfort, angst, suspense, horror, mystery, humor, nakamaship

Rating: M for language/dialogue, disturbing scenes, and Yaoi !

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"I wish I could have gone a little further with you guys."

The street looked cold, blue, and empty rain pitter pattered against the window, drops of water ran down cold glass almost as if it were crying. I sighed lost in thought listening to the soft thump of rain. It snowed the day he died. . .

"Hay that one looks like a fish!" Luffy snapped me out of my thought by screaming excitedly pointing to one rain drop in particular that looked more like a cloud then a fish.

"No it doesn't idiot." I squinting at it but still just saw a blob.

"Yes it dose see if you turn your head a little this way and look-"

"Dinners ready you bastards, and lovely ladies!" Sanji called from the kitchen. Luffy forgetting the fish rain drop at the announcement of food, ran to the kitchen and was met with a foot in his face by an angry cook trying to keep him away from it.

Robin invited everyone over for New Years Eve dinner but Sanji insisted on cooking so his beautiful angel wouldn't have to strain herself for the rest of us idiots, ladies not included of course.

I listened to the shuffling feet and shouts from people all around the house gathering together in the dinning room. sighing again I lazily rose from my perch by the window to join everyone else and put on a happy face.


I was so hungry my mouth was practically watering when I finally heard dinner was ready, but I would never admit that to the stupid cook.

I got up from my resting spot by the fire place and followed everyone else into the dinning room.

Robin had invited everyone for New Years dinner. Luffy and his brother Ace, Nami, her sister Nojiko, Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Vivi, kaya, myself, and the bastard cooking all the food who was holding down Luffy at the moment so he wouldn't eat everything before anyone else even got a chance to see it.

We all field in nosily and found spots around the table. Franky was the first to sit at one end of the long polished table, Chopper and Kaya sat next to each other discussing doctor business, Usopp was next to her, at first glance he looked pretty happy but I could tell he wasn't. He'd been pretty mopey lately. Vivi and Nami were sitting next to Robin who was sitting at the other end, on her other side Ace and Nojiko were talking between themselves and I got stuck sitting next to the human garbage disposal and with only one more seat left due to Sanji making sure everyone, especially the ladies, were seated and the food was set on the table properly, had to sit next to me, oh joy.

"Saaaaaanji I want some more meeeeeeaaaaat!"

"No Luffy! You get what I give you and be happy with it your lu-"

"-So I said are you sure you can't give me a small little discount? And he said well maybe a small one. Ha what a sucker-"

"How much of a discount did he-"

"My teacher says Im the best in class and she wouldn't be surprised if I got excepted early."

"Oh Chopper thats wonderful ho-"

"So I hear you got kicked out of college what happened?"

"Oh just a little accident in-"

"I want to thank you all for coming." The host said standing up with a glass of wine in hand. Everyone quieted down to listen.

"Of course my beautiful flower anything for you!" Sanji yelled in the background.

Robin smiled sweetly at him. "None of this would be possible without you Sanji."

"Oh you flatter me, I think Im falling in love all over again!"

I groaned and rolled my eyes.

"Got something to say moss head?!" God I hate that name.

"I invited you all here so we could celebrate the coming New Year and hope the best for one another." Robin continued.

"Beautifully said my wond-"

"Would you shut up already!" I said glaring at sanji who was really starting to get on my nerves with all this beautiful wonderful crap let the women speak for christ sakes.

"You want to fight bastard!" He said bolting up from his seat.

"Hah!?" I got up from my seat too.

"Guys SHUT UP!" Nami shouted over the table eyes blazing and Luffy laughing hysterically.

"Yes Nami!" The blond said and sat back down with no further argument, I followed suit, man she can be scary as hell when she wants to be.

Robin paused to see that all conversation was over.

"We recently lost a very special person to us."

We all guiltily glanced at Usopp who was currently poking at his steak, he had taken Merry's death the hardest. Merry seemed to patch him up and keep him from splitting at the seems with all the lose in his life and to watch him slowly die must have been really hard. I just hope Usopp wont need any more patching up just in case he finally splits in two and we don't know how to put him back together.

"He was there for each of us in our times of need. He gave us a warm place to stay when we had no were to go, he didn't ask questions he didn't criticize, he listened to and comforted us. He will be missed greatly and he knew he was loved dearly. "

We all missed Merry, he took good care of us, but we didn't feel like we cared for him as much as he did for us, what Robin said was true though, he knew we all loved him and passed without regret.

"You are very wonderful friends, I am so lucky to have met you all and I hope the best for each of you in the future."

"To nakama!" Luffy yelled, holding up his glass of milk. Ever since he learned that word he used it constantly but it was alright, it was a good word.

"TO NAKAMA!" We all said in unison holding you our glasses too.

Dinner went well I was able to eat most of my food without Luffy stealing it off my plate and the stupid cook didn't get on my nerves too much after the outburst during the toast.

Afterwards everyone was heading into the living room to watch the ball drop and of course Sanji volunteered to clean up until Robin finally consented, I don't know how but I found that I got suckered into helping him, it was probably Nami's doing.


Ughh, I have to clean up with the stupid moss head, I would much rather prefer the company of one of the lovely ladies then this dirt bag, but I'm glad there having fun.

"Bring the dishes in the kitchen while I start the dish water, if thats not to hard for your muscle head."

Hay if I was stuck with him I was at least going to make him useful.

"Excuse me cook?" Said muscle head was leaning against the wall trying to act all superior.

"What you can't hear now? I said clear the table."

"Why don't you clear the table your the one that volunteered."

"Because I told you to do it bastard!" I really needed a drag.

He pushed himself off the wall and walked over to me. I took a cigaret out of my pocket and lit up. He stopped when he was probably about a foot away.

"When did I become your servant?!"

"I'm not cleaning the god damn table off I cooked all the food that you stuffed your face with so why don't you pull a little weight around here and help out once in a while!"

"I did not sign up for this shit and I don't give a fuck what you or Nami tell me to do!"

"Eh what did you-"

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything." Usopp's nose poked around the corner.

"No, what is it?" I said stepping away from Zoro.

Usopp stepped around the corner. "I forgot to tell you guys, I found a pretty good apartment down on Devil Sea Av."

We had been looking for a new apartment for almost a month now, our current one at Enies Lobby Blv. was a crap hole it was too far from school for Usopp and my job at the Baratie let alone the landlord was a crazy son of a bitch who hated my precious Robin for some reason, he's a shitty ass hole with a messed up face thanks to Franky who got to him before I could after he made a dirty pass at my angel. He gave Robin and Franky a really hard time after that until it went way to far and we all kicked his ass, we probably would have beaten the shitty bastard to death too if he didn't sick his 7 body guards on us and threaten capital punishment -turns out the bastard had connections in very high places- but who the heck has 7 shitty body guards?! After that he gave us a month to get the hell out of there, well good fuckin riddens, but our time was almost up till he kicked us out on our asses so we'll have to hope that the apartment Usopp found is the one.

"Great, we'll stop by early next morning and check it out." Moss head spoke up.

"Usopp?" We heard Kaya calling.

"Good, well I better get back." He said quickly disappearing around the corner boasting that he had to save a fish he saw in the gutter when we first came.

Usopp had been pretty down lately since Merry's funeral but when he was around Kaya he seemed to perk up quite a bit.

I heard plates clinking together, I turned to see Zoro clearing the table but he seemed lost in thought, he was probably too into thinking of leaving our crap apartment to care that he was doing something I told him to do and good I didn't feel like starting a fight right now. I left him to it and started filling the sink with water. He made about four trips bringing everything in and putting it on the counter while I started washing them. When he was finished bringing everything in he stationed himself in between me and the dish drain and grabbed a towel taking the plates I had just washed and drying them.

I could hear the others in the living room talking and laughing amongst themselves, I was so lucky to have met all these wonderful people like Robin had said and I couldn't help but smile. Luffy, Chopper, Usopp, and Franky started singing Here We Come A-Wassailing -the American edition- but Im pretty sure thats a christmas song, the ladies were laughing and clapping to the beat.


Again I was broken out of my thoughts by the stupid moss head.

"Nothing." I took another inhale of my cigaret and handed him another plate.

". . ."

". . . I was just thinking about what Robin said earlier."

"What, that none of this would be possible without you? You know that still doesn't mean you have a chance with her."

"No dumb ass not that!" I don't even know why I try.

It was quite for a long time after that I kept listening to my nakama in the other room, to the clinks and clanks of the dishes, to the soft beat of the rain outside. I looked up and watched my reflection in the widow the trail of smoke from my cigaret travel up and out of sight, my new suit and hair they still looked good I passed another dish to Zoro I looked at him in the reflection he was looking down at the dish he was drying I must have been looking a little longer then what would be normal because his eyes shot up and connected with mine. God how dose he do that?! I looked back at the glass I was scrubbing. The rain had died down to a drizzle.



"You mean them in there." Zoro tilted his head in the direction were all the noise was coming from. He had a small smile too.

I turned my head to look at him again before glancing back down to the glass in my hand.


We just finished up with the last of the dishes when we heard them start to count down.

Zoro grabbed a bottle of sake and gave me back the glass I just finished washing.

"Might as well celebrate this, it only comes once a year."

I took the glass and let him poor some of the alcohol while he kept the whole bottle for himself, bastard.


I made a silent toast to myself as I listened to the countdown bringing in the new year and all the stuff that would come with it.


To leaving our crap hole of an apartment.


To the new apartment Usopp found, hopefully it will be the one for us.


To smoking less. Don't know why I keep telling myself that one.


To finding the one.


To getting that recipe just right.


To one upping the crap geezer with that recipe.


To everyone being happy and healthy.


For the absence of a dear friend, and the opening for new ones.


To one hell of a new year.


usopp kept talking about new year resolutions on the way home something about improving something and being stronger I wasn't really listening. I have only two goals in life so I don't bother making any resolutions because they'll be the same each year until I achieve them.

I was thinking about this new apartment, thats all I really wanted to change for this new year. I asked Ussop what it was like but he didn't really know he just found a flyer somewhere. So we just had to hope it wasn't a dump like the apartment we had now because we didn't have any time for this to be the wrong choice.

Sanji was pretty quite on the drive home but I didn't worry to much about it he probably had a lot on his mind with the new year and all too. We were in his Lorinser Mercedes SL500 which was pretty sweet but expensive as hell having a car was too much of a hassle for me paying for gas, insurance, oil change, getting check ups, etc. he only had it because he had a stable job working at the Baratie for his foster father and he'd been saving up for like five years. I shouldn't be sore about it though because he's saved our asses plenty of times with the rent when we couldn't get the money in time.

We finally got to our street but to find stuff strewn across the lawn of our apartment when we got closer and Sanji parked the car we could clearly see that it was our stuff thrown all over the place. I could not believe that fucker! Sanji and I got out of the car at the same time and stormed over to the jack ass, but he was bull shitting trying to look all tough behind his 7 body guards, who the fuck is so weak they need 7 body guards? I could beat the shit out of at least three of them maybe more if I had my katanas Sanji could probably take out two or three too and Usopp wouldn't be totally useless, but we couldn't fight them all at once it was hard enough when everyone was fighting and that Lucci guy was seriously no joke, it took all Luffy had and more just to knock him out.

"What the hells your problem, you said we had a month!?" Sanji said getting as close to Spandam as his dogs would let him.

"Yah well I changed my mind, I want to start the new year off right and that means getting rid of the trash that crowded up the old one.

"You cant do this we still have a week left!" Usopp said slamming the door and coming over to us.

"Well I just did I'm the landlord I can do anything I want, have a happy new year!"

He walking back into his shit hole apartment laughing his ass off and slamming the door leaving his watch dogs outside to nip our asses if we got too close.

"I don't need this shit!" Sanji yelled storming up to the door probably ready to kick it down before he was stopped by Jyabura I could tell he was about to kick the guy to high heaven and I probably would have enjoyed it and gotten a couple hits in there too but we were already starting the year off bad and a law suit would not make it any better because technically we didn't live here any more.

I put my hand on his shoulder. "Come on their not worth it." And surprisingly Sanji just said what ever shrugging my hand off and started picking up his stuff. Either he was thinking the same thing I was or he knew we couldn't beat them all at ounce with just us which I guess I was also just thinking.

There was nothing else to do but pick up our stuff and get the hell out of there so thats what we did, it was embarrassing as hell and it really bruised our egos having them watch us pick up our stuff with our tails between our legs.

One of the only good things about Water 7 apartments was that it supplied the basic furniture so we didn't have to worry about strapping a couch to the top of the car.

We finally got everything and Usopp flipped them off before cowering in the backseat when one of them growled at him. There real fucking dogs I swear.

Sanji hit the gas and we were off leaving the piss hole forever and not once looking back. There was one problem though where were we going to go?

As if he were reading my thoughts again Sanji spoke. "Were the hell our we going to go everyone lives on the other half of red line and thats way out in the direction we just came from it will be three by the time we get there and everyones probably going to be asleep by then!"

"Why don't we go down to the apartment I was talking about earlier its closer to here then everyone else is."

"Yah but what about the landlord we don't even live there yet, if we're already waking them up in the middle of the night they probably won't want to rent the place out to us."

"Its New Years they couldn't have gone to bed too long ago if they did at all yet, who knows maybe they had a party too."

Sanji still wasn't giving in.

"We could always sleep in the car." I threw in. The car was jam packed with our stuff now, we could barley move let alone sleep some what comfortably but that didn't bother me i've slept through much worse. Sanji didn't seem to like that idea at all though.

"Fine we'll check out this new place, I want to know if this guys a tight ass anyways." He turned the car around. "Devil Sea Ave. right?"



We pulled up to an apartment for the sixth time that night because we couldn't find the house and the directions I had to it were in one of my jean pockets that was buried under mountains of everything else.

When we finally got to this one though I knew it was the one, don't ask me how I just knew.

"This is the one!"

"Are you sure Usopp we've been to like five others just like this." Sanji said parking the car anyways.

"Yes I'm sure come on." I got out of the car and started walking up the walkway.

The house looked pretty big and it was more of a duplex then an apartment. It looked like the second house was on top of the bottom one with a stair case leading to it from the side.

It was pretty dark so it was hard to see and I hadn't noticed before but it had gotten real foggy too but you could kinda see a dim light coming out of the widows in the lower house behind thin curtains.

I heard Sanji and Zoro get out of the car and walk behind me. We were about ten feet away from the door when I heard this haunting sound and I immediately froze. The others probably heard it too because they stopped also. A chill ran down my spine. At least I hoped this was the right place, and if it was the name really fit. I gulped but held my fear back Im the great Usopp nothing scares me. Besides there were other houses around so if I screamed they could hear. As I got closer I heard the sound better it was a soft melodious humming of some sort but still freaky as hell.

I saw someone walk up to the window I could only see there silhouette though but it looked like they were just staring at us I could feel there eyes on me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. My legs wouldn't go any further I was not going in that house it was decided it was just to creepy and waked out. I turned around to run back to the car but bumped into Zoro.

"Were are you going Usopp."

"Zzzorro I'm not about to go in that house!" I couldn't help stuttering, it was cold.

"Eek!" I jumped when Sanji put his hand on my shoulder he shouldn't sneak up on people like that.

"Come on Usopp nothings going to happen and besides we're here." Yah they were strong but they weren't invincible, who knows what kind of psycho lived here. I felt sorry for ever mentioning this place now.

Sanji turned me around and gave me a little push, oh yah make me the first target even though you say your so strong.

There was that haunting tune again but even louder now. "." Oh my gosh I cant do this! But I didn't have to do anything because the door swung open.


"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Usopp jumped behind Zoro just as the door swung open to reveal a ridiculously tall man with a huge afro which only made him look TALLER. He was light skinned, he wore small round dark glasses so I couldn't see his eyes. He actually reminded me of Ozzy Osbourne with an afro. He was wearing a black suit with orange frills and big blue cravat. He had a top hat, dress shoes, and a cane that he wasn't even using. And what was even weirder was that he was dressed like this at two o'clock in the morning!

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!" He screamed too but just stood there. Then he took a sip from his broken tea cup I hadn't noticed. Usopp was too scared and I was too flabbergasted to speak so moss head did.

"Umm hello, sorry were coming by so late I hope we didn't disturb you."

The guy seemed to forget his surprise pretty soon though because he started laughing. He had the most unique laugh I've ever heard.

"Yohohohohohohohoho! Its no bother at all! Come in come in." We all glanced at each other we were a bit weary, if this guys appearance wasn't weird enough he seemed a bit too friendly and excited for shitty two in the morning, but I guess I shouldn't judge too much because all my friends were a bit weird in some way or other, except the ladies they were perfect.

Zoro walked in first with a freaked out Usopp dragging behind so I took up the tail. I mean what was the worst that could happen the guy looked like he was in his late thirties and I don't think any one else was there, me and Zoro could take him if he was a psycho nut.

When we were all in he closed the door and Usopp let out a small eep still hiding behind Zoros back.

"Sit sit make yourselves at home." He said gesturing to a large velvet black victorian couch. How ironic since thats why we came here in the first place but I was starting to rethink that now.

I looked around actually everything looked antiquey and fancy. His walls were deep burgundy his windows had white pains and his sheer curtains were black. He had a grandfather clock in the corner of the room and a tall glass side table filled with little glass objects and figures inside. But the most interesting thing in the room was a beautiful grand piano that looked like it had just been polished.

The tall man sat across from us in a matching chair setting his tea cup on the coffee table in between us. I had to admit for a guy who seemed weird as hell he had really good taste for the finer things.

We sat there for a minute before he finally spoke up. "Yohohohohoho I invited you in and we don't even know each other." We all let out a small nervous chuckle before introducing ourselves.

"Well hello its so great to meet all of you I'm Brook." He held out his hand so we could each shake it. "And may I ask why you are all here in my house at two o'clock in the morning?"


We explained to him for about an hour what an ass hole our landlord was and our current homeless situation. He was a pretty easy guy to talk to, yah he was a bit weird but that was okay if I thought about it all my friends were pretty weird in a way.

"So correct me if I'm wrong but you're saying that you three would like to rent the upstairs apartment staring tonight, right now?"

"If thats not to much trouble for you, we wouldn't want to impose." Sanji said trying to be as polite as possible.

"YOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" Brook stood up, which is saying something since his afro almost brushed the ceiling, he was covering his eyes and laughing hysterically.

We all got up too, me and Sanji to see if there was something wrong with him Usopp probably because he thought he snapped and was about to attack.

"Oh do not worry I am just happy." He wiped his eyes and sat back down. "You see I have been alone for so long." As he said this he truly looked heart broken.

We all were confused and he could probably see it on our faces.

"I miss them so much, my old friends. . ." It sounded more like he was talking to himself. He picked up his cup looked into it for a long time and then sipped up the rest of it.

"You lost your friends?" Usopp leaned forward on the couch frowning also looking at Brooks tea cup.

Me and Sanji couldn't help but look at each other.

"Yes, I had the most wonderful of friends who I cared for very deeply. They are all gone now though." His head was down so I couldn't see his face but I saw a tear drop run to the tip of his nose and spill onto the coffee table. I didn't want to bring up any bad memories for the guy who was letting us stay here. I put a hand on Usopps shoulder to let him know now wasn't the time but Brook kept talking.

"It has been so long since anyone has offered to live here thank you thank you so much." He looked back up at us through watery eyes. I felt like we were the ones who should be thanking him. He got up and went over to the big piano in the corner of the room.

"I feel like singing won't you join me."


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