He landed on top of me and air left my lungs in a rush. It probably wasn't my greatest idea to pull the son of Poseidon into the creek, where he instantly got stronger thanks to the water. He hovered over me with a smirk. I scowled back, but instantly got lost in his beautiful sea green eyes. I don't remember who did it, but next thing I know I'm kissing him. Me, Annabeth Chase, kissing Percy Jackson...and enjoying it. Didn't last too long though, because next thing I know, me and Percy are being torn apart and staring into the very angry eyes of our parents.

Annabeth POV

"Warriors! Heroes!" I heard Chiron yell to everyone at camp. "Fall in."

I stopped sparring with Percy and looked over toward where Chiron was, flicking away a pesky strand of brunette hair from my eyes.

Percy obviously didn't hear Chiron, because next thing I know we're both falling to the ground ('cuz he butted me with his sword and I grabbed him as I went down).

"Percy!" I screamed at him, trying to push him off my suddenly hypersensitive body.

"Sorry Annabeth," he said, hovering over me, arms on either side of my body.

"Get off me!" I said, pushing on his chest.

"Oh, right. Sorry," he said, getting off of me and holding out a hand.

"I can get up myself, thank you." I said.

"Just trying to be friendly, sheesh!" he said, shaking his messy dark hair out.

I think my core body temperature shot up a few degrees. Why? Why does he have to look so damn hot? His eyes, which are the color of the sea, are bright and alive with happiness. They made my stomach do somersaults, the intensity of them. I allowed him to help me up and we ran over to where Chiron was, pushing people out of the way to get to the front. I noticed a lot of people were whispering and pointing at us, especially the children of Aphrodite. I ignored them and focused my attention on Chiron.

"Demigods, hello. I am here to bring a special announcement, straight from Olympus. Due to the recent actions concerning the Lightning Bolt and its theft, Lord Zeus has allowed a week for the Gods and Goddesses to visit their demigod children here at camp. They will arrive tomorrow."

Anything else that Chiron was about to say was cut off by cheering. No one here at camp had ever met their Olympian parent, besides me and Percy when we returned Zeus's bolt. We glanced at each other before we were told to return to our cabins to clean and prepare them. Everyone was working hard, and pretty soon it was night and time to go to sleep. I crawled into my bed and slipped into a deep slumber, filled with dreams of a certain sea green eyed-dark haired demigod son of Poseidon.