Zachariah zapped them back into their motel room.

"What are you, the ghost of Christmas? Screw you."

"Enough." Zachariah said calmly. "Dean, enough. You saw it right? You saw what happens. You're the only one who can prove the devil wrong, just say yes."

"How do I know this isn't one of your tricks? Some angel hocus-pocus?"

"The time for tricks is over. Give yourself to Michael. Say yes, so that we can strike. Before Lucifer gets to Sam, before billions die."

Dean looked at him, then at Kayla. "Nah."

"Nah?" He repeated in disbelief. "Do you mean you haven't learned your lesson?"

"Oh I learned a lesson alright, just not the one you wanted to teach."

"Then I'll just have to teach it again!" He shouted. "Because I got you now boy, and I'm never letting you…"

His sentence was cut off, they suddenly on the street with Castiel.

"That's pretty nice timing Cas." Dean nodded.

He smiled smugly. "We had an appointment."

Kayla hugged him tightly, with definitely more enthusiasm than Castiel could understand. Dean patted him on the shoulder.

"Don't ever change."

He smiled to Kayla as she finally let him go. "How did Zachariah find you?"

"Human informants." She told him.

"Yeah, let's stay away from Jehovah's witnesses." Dean was already dialing on his phone.

"What are you doing?"

"Something I should have done in the first place." Kayla smiled at him and he pulled her over to kiss her on the forehead. He was going to change the future, the whole freaking thing.


"Sam!" Kayla could hardly let him get out of his car before she threw her arms around him excitedly.

He grinned. "I missed you too." Thank God for Kayla making him feel human. He looked to Dean, who wasn't nearly as excited to see him.

"Sam." He reached in his pocket and pulled out Ruby's knife. "If you're serious, and you want back in, you're gonna need to hold on to that."

He took it from him.

"And I'm sorry, you know, whatever I need to be. I was wrong."

"What made you change your mind?"

"Long story. The point is, maybe we are each other's Achilles' heel. Maybe they'll find a way to use us against each other I don't know. I just know, we're all we've got. More than that, we keep each other human."

"Thank you." Sam nodded. "Really, thank you. I won't let you down."

"Oh I know it." He smirked. "You are the second best hunter on the planet."

Sam smiled. "So now what?"

"We make our own future."

"I guess we have no choice."

"Besides." He grabbed Kayla and slid his arm around her shoulders. "How could I say no to a face like that?"

"Yeah," Sam agreed. "It is pretty pathetic."

"Damn you just got back! You can't be a jerk to me already."

"At least give it a few days." Dean smirked and headed back to the car.

Kayla rolled her eyes. "Thanks. I'm starving."

"Me too."