This is where everything begin's

A/N: Hello this my 10TH(!) Fanfiction! I couldn't get this idea out of my head and I just had to write this I am still working on my other fanfiction's to thought! Enjoy! This is just a prologue but it is different from how the story is going to be it is very hard to explain... But this story is going to be different from all of my other stories I can explain that... This is going to get really... Interesting.


Normal POV

In a room secluded from other people was Amu Hinamori.

Amu was the 1st princess of the Hinamori family, who were the rulers of their kingdom Contello (A/N: IDK about the name, I just made that randomly so yeah...).

She was a puppet without the strings.

Her family sent her to the Hotori's, who were another royal family of a distant kingdom.

Amu was going to be in arranged marriage with the prince of their kingdom. (A/N: It hurts to write this...)

Tadase Hotori.

That is his name, the man that Amu could only respond to without being 'punished'.

She couldn't do anything just sit in that room they put her in.

Her parents loved her so much before she left to the Hotori's kingdom...

She was like a puppet without the strings.

She had to live with the sadistic 'puppet masters' in this stupid kingdom.

Truthfully the Hotori's Kingdom was a beautiful place on the outside, but on the inside...

It was a terrifying place.

Unknown to Amu and everyone else in both the Hinamori's and the Hotori's kingdom their was two people coming to save her.

A/N: Okay well I like how this turned out but at the same time I don't... Well the next chapter is going to like include the things I said in here and some other things... Please wait eagerly for the next chapter! :)