Shuuji, Nobuta and Akira were lying on a grassy hill after school, enjoying the breeze, when suddenly a thought popped into Shuji's mind…

"Ne, Akira…?" asked a very curious Shuuji, "Why are you the way you are?"

"Eh?" replied Akira puzzled by Shuji's vague question.

"I mean, how come you act so weirdly? Flapping your arms when you go down stairs, always bumping into things, getting Bando and them mad all the time… Getting to know you made me realize that, you're a pretty good guy. You're face isn't bad either. If you polish up a bit you could be the school's idol or... 'prince' as the girls call them these days…" explained Shuji.

"Ah!" grunted the girl lying near the two boys, "a-ah…. I-I would also l-like to know… a-AKIRA" stuttered Nobuta.

"Heh…" Akira let out with a distant look on his face.

Akira let out a long breath. His face became serious as he looked into the blue sky and thought about what his friends had said. Akira remembered a few things about his past that he wished he hadn't remembered and sat up, using his arms as support behind him.

"Ano ne (you know)…" Akira started off with a serious tone. He took one long breath in and said with his usual dopey tone "I wouldn't like the extra attention or people that would only like me for my background –being the son of a company president. Also…" Akira paused to hook his arms around the necks of his friends, "Isn't it more fun like this? Kon~" Bringing up his fox hand, Akira used his fox hand to kiss Shuuji's cheek and his actual lips to kiss Nobuta's cheek.

Akira blinks and sees a blushing Nobuta and Shuji with a blank expression. Realizing what he had just done, Akira springs up, runs around in circles and yells "AH! What did I do?! Sukebe(perv)! Ah! Gomen(sorry)! Ah!" Soon tripping over his pants and rolling down the hill.

All three of them began to laugh when the grass covered Akira was at the bottom of the hill smiling.

AN: This is a short story that popped into my head one day and i thought that i would share it with all the Nobuta fic readers out there. I know this story isn't much and doesn't really have much impact, but i hope that you've enjoyed reading it. Thank you for reading!

ps.... i do NOT own anything from the original Nobuta Produce except this story x)