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The excruciating pain started to spread through the hunters body. From his frozen toes to his sweating mane. he knew this could be his final moment, the moment of judgement. He recalled when an old man told him "If life was easy, where would all the adventures be?" HIs life was far from easy and sure it was full of adventure, but none of what the old man would call fun. The old man was nothing but a bunch of crazy loose bolts that could never be screwed back into place.

Why did he waste his time thinking about an old man? he had two kids at home who were waitingto see if their daddy would make it back from this hunt. And if he ever did, his eldest would say, "How's the hunt go dad? did you kill the monster?" and occasionally, "Did you find the thing that killed mom?" He would inevitably answer, "No son, I'm sorry" And then he'd see the hurt and calamitous in his sons golden hazel eyes. He would watch his son go to his room and cry himself to sleep.

His youngest would run up to him and say, "Daddy! How was your trip? I missed you! did you bring me anything?" Then wrap his small arms around his neck and whisper, "I love you daddy." Then what could he say? His youngest didnt have the slightest inkling of what he did for a living, what put food on the table, what put a roof over their darling little heads. His youngest had no clue of what was out there, no clue on what lurked in the deepest darkest corners of their little happy mind. But he knew he couldnt keep them out of the dark forever, they would soon find out and then they would either continue in ther buisiness or move on to a normal life.

His heart began to slow down, he shed a last tear and silently prayed to god that his children would be looked after and well-cared for. And now heaven was waiting. It's time to move on.


A man was found dead last night in the forest in the freezing cold. He left two children behind. A teenage boy and a little girl. No one knew that he died for the greater good...no one cared that he gave up his last breath so they could sleep in peace, so no supernatural force could kill them. No one knew that man was a hunter...a hunter named Dean Winchester