Just another Valentine's Day
Written by Eina.

A/N: For the past three years, all I've been writing are essays and more essays. I believe I have lost my flair. Apologies, but I hope these are still enjoyable and full of fluff. Also, each chapter has a different pairing featured.

It goes in this order: Chiharu x Yamazaki; Rika x Terada; Tomoyo x Eriol; Sakura x Syaoran; friendship!Toya x Yukito; Fujitaka x Nadeshiko. Hope this clears up confusion.

1. Suama

"Ahh, Takashi's late again!" Chiharu groaned as she devoured the cupcake she had brought for him. She felt bad when she was deciding whether or not to eat it, but seeing as she was starving, cold and cranky, the cupcake made her happy.

She hated Valentine's Day for the sole reason that she always had to wait for Takashi Yamazaki on their dates.

What does she even see in him? They've been friends for so long that everyone around them assumed that they'd eventually end up together. Once she hit the magical age of eighteen, her parents have started saving up for their wedding. (They did not fail to inform the Yamazaki residence of this and have started meeting up for plans.) It's been four years since she and Yamazaki were eighteen and she could tell that they were getting impatient.

Chiharu shivered, both from the thought of her parents' actions and from the cold.

"Chi-ha-ru!" It was Yamazaki running towards her carrying a brown paper bag. Times may have changed but he still had that silly expression on his face. Of course he still has the habit of lying, but Chiharu sometimes pretended he grew up a bit.

"Sorry I'm late, Chiharu!" Yamazaki apologized as he tried to catch his breath. "I'm quite unfit now," he laughed, completely ignoring his girlfriend's glares.

"What do you want to do tonight?" Chiharu asked.

"Did you know that…"

"I don't want to know, Takashi. I'm starving."

"Did you know that in old England, whenever men proposed to women, they were actually signing their souls off to the devil? That's why all the marriages were arranged back then!" Yamazaki cheerfully narrated while being dragged towards the nearest restaurant.

Chiharu sighed, "What on earth are you talking about? What's in that bag anyways?"

"Suama! They are my favourite food!" Yamazaki smiled.


"And this box," he said as he fished a black velvet box from inside and handed it over to Chiharu.

She raised her brow and looked at him quizzically. Things were always unpredictable around Yamazaki so she never really knew what to expect. She figured the box had some sort of suama in it. Oh men, how they never grow up.

"What are you waiting for? Open it." Yamazaki blinked as he noticed that Chiharu was looking at the box with such an odd expression.

"Fine," Chiharu gave up trying to guess what was in the box and opened it. Boy, did she not see this coming. "It's a ring."

Yamazaki nodded.

Chiharu always thought that she'd be the one doing the proposing when the time came. She figured she'd lure him into a suama shop and tell him that their parents are growing impatient already. He'd agree, of course. Then Chiharu remembers that Yamazaki is actually a very thoughtful person and has never failed to be by her side ever since they were young.

"Marry me?" Yamazaki smiled, with his eyes open just for the occasion.

"Do I have a choice?" Chiharu laughed as she put the ring on her finger and gave him a kiss.

("Did you know that kissing also sucks the soul out?" "Yeah, yeah, let's go have dinner.")