Just another Valentine's Day
Written by Eina.

6. Dreams

"Sensei! Don't you think these flowers are lovely? I found some yesterday and decided to buy them. I think they make our apartment look lovelier." Nadeshiko said as she admired the flowers she had bought.

Fujitaka smiled, feeling a sense of regret. He didn't want to make Nadeshiko suffer this poor lifestyle, but she had insisted that she didn't mind doing so if she was with him.

"Hey sensei," she smiled at him.

"What is it?" Fujitaka, caught off guard, asked.

"Stop worrying. I was really happy when I was with you. You're the love of my life."


Fujitaka smiled as he woke up to see that he was in his office. Right, today was Valentine's Day, he looked at the container of cookies his daughter dropped off.

"Thank you," he smiled at the portrait of his late wife on his desk.


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