Higher Ground: The Fighter

Ch. 1: Sentencing


This is my attempt at a season 2 of the show. I don't own the shows characters, only my own. Please R&R.

"Miss Dawson, do you understand your choice here?" the Judge asked the young brunette standing before him.

"Please Your Honor. She's troubled, that's all. She's not a bad person. She needs help, not punishment." A man in a grey suit said standing up and placing his hands on the girl's shoulders.

"Please Mr. Richards; I'm trying to make sure Miss Dawson understands her sentencing. Do you Miss Dawson?"

"It's either jail or a school for freaks. I chose jail." The young girl replied.

"Please Your Honor; don't send her to a detention facility." The man behind the girl pleaded.

"You're a very lucky young woman to have been placed with such a caring foster family." The Judge said.

"Yeah I'm blessed." The girl whispered.

"So since you have a family who cares and feel you can turn your life around. I am sending you to Mt. Horizon High School. You will stay there until you graduate. I hope you use this chance to change your behavior and your life around. I also hope I never see you in a court room again." And the Judge struck his mallet against his desk.

The man in the grey suit led the young brunette girl out of the court room. They met up with a tall slender woman with dark hair and a young man with short similarly dark hair. The woman was wearing a blue sun dress and the young man, faded jeans and a red Korn t-shirt.

"So?" the young man asked.

"She's going to Horizon." The older man replied.

"So we can visit her." The young man said with a smile.


"Wonderful." He placed his arm around the young girl. "I'll visit all the time."

"Great." The girl responded.

An officer walked up to the group. "I am Officer Torres, Mr. Richards. I will be escorting Miss Dawson back to your home for her things. Someone from the school will come by to pick her up."

"Of course officer. My car is in the lot. A blue Toyota." The man replied.

"Actually I will be taking Miss Dawson in my car and we will meet you at your home." Torres stated.

"Of course, forgive me. We will see you in a few baby girl." The man said.

The girl just smiled half heartedly and went with the officer. After they were away from her foster family the officer stopped. "Alexa, you got off easy here. If you pull any of your aggressive behavior at Horizon they might send you to jail not a detention center. Now I know the guy who runs the place, he's a good friend of mine. I think you will be able to be happy there. So don't blow it. Also I will be riding up with you for part of the trip so no funny business." Officer Torres said.

"There's just one problem with this place." Alexa stated.

Torres looked down at her, "And what's that?" he asked.

"It's not at the opposite side of the world." She replied.

Torres raised his eye brows curious by what she just said, but he didn't push it. He decided that he would just tell Sophie, who was the one coming to pick her up.

It was an hour after they got to her foster parent's house when she was all pack. Officer Torres had watched her as she packed. She had grabbed her journals, pen, pencils, sketch books, and cloths into two duffel bags and a side bag. A few minutes later the door bell rang and Alexa heard her foster parents and brother greeting their guest.

"Ready?" Torres asked.

All she could do was nod and followed him down the stairs where a blond woman was waiting for her.

"Sophie this is our daughter, Alexa." Mr. Richards said.

"Foster daughter." Alexa corrected.

Sophie had taken note of this and planned to ask her about it later. Sophie walked up to Alexa to shake her hand but Alex folded her arms across her chest.

"Are you packed and ready to go?" Sophie asked.

Alexa didn't say anything. "Alexa don't be rude." Mr. Richards said.

"It's okay Mr. Richards, a lot of the kids we get hate the fact of being taken away from the life they know." Sophie replied.

"Please call me Tom." He turned to Alexa, "Please be good and we'll come and visit you as soon as we're aloud to."

Alexa picked up her bags and walked to the front door, opened it and walked out to the unfamiliar car parked outside. At first Sophie and Torres thought she might run, but after quickly following her out they saw her sit by the car.

"She doesn't like goodbyes much. Too much pain has come from them." Tom said. I hope you call us when you get there."

"Of course Mr. Richards. It was nice meeting all of you."

As Torres and Sophie head over to the car Torres tells Sophie about Alexa wanting to be on the other side of the world. Sophie made a note to bring that up in their first personal meeting tomorrow.