Higher Ground: The Fighter

Ch. 2: Beginning the First Day


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It had taken them a day and a half to get to Horizon. Officer Torres had volunteered to make sure Alexa didn't try to run during the night, but to both the officer's and Sophie's surprise she didn't. In the morning the girl parted ways with Officer Torres and traveled the rest of the trip alone. Once the two arrived at Mt. Horizon two men walked towards them. Taylor, another teach came to meet them with Peter.

"Hello Alexa, welcome to Horizon. I'm Peter Scarsburrow, this is Taylor one of our teachers." Peter said holding out his hand.

Alexa kept her arms crossed and ignored his hand. Alexa thought this Peter look like a real mountain man. She wondered why he would work here to deal with 'troubled' teens.

"Taylor here will take you to get your physical done and then Sophie and I will meet you in the processing room in a few minutes." Peter said, but Alexa didn't respond in any way.

After Taylor lead Alexa away Peter turned to Sophie. "So what's her story? I thought she was in trouble for fighting and drug abuse. But she doesn't seem to be violent or high at all."

"I don't know what to tell you Peter. You know Daniel Torres stayed with us last night just in case she ran, but she didn't do anything. She just kept to herself. Also Danny told me she wished she was half way around the world." Sophie replied.

"She is definitely not like any other kids we have gotten in the past. I'll start processing her in. Can you tell the Cliffhangers they're getting a new member?" Peter asked.

"Sure, then I'll be take her to meet the Cliffhangers." Sophie said patting his shoulders and headed to the Cliffhanger's female bunk to tell the girls first and Peter went to the processing room.

-Cliffhanger's Female Bunk-

"I can't believe Peter is punishing us with a newbie." Shelby said.

"Shelby." Sophie replied. "Kat graduated. There's a bed available so she's staying in your group."

"Fine, but we don't have to like it." Daisy stated.

"Please try to make her feel welcomed." Sophie said as she headed out. "Hey Juliet can you show her around?"

"Sure," she said smiling. "I'd love to."

"Suck up." Shelby said and Juliet stuck her tongue out at her.

"Be nice you two." Sophie said as she left.

-Processing Room-

"So the rules are: no drugs, no alcohol, no sex, no fighting, you do your chores, and you do your school work. Any questions?" Peter said but didn't get any answer or find any contraband, which he found odd because of her history of drug and alcohol abuse. All he did find was several leather bound journals and sketches.

Alexa watched the 'Mountain Man' closely as he opened one of her journals and found his puzzling look funny, then quickly looked away. He couldn't read it, no one could. He looked at the book and scanned over the numbers. "So what does this mean?"

But she was still not talking. She just stared at the ground cracking her fingers.


She looked up.

"Well that's a start. I'll let you keep this, but you need to have one in English, without a code. Okay?" He raised his eyebrows but still no reaction. "So you write a journal in code. Very interesting. Afraid someone might read it?" he asked.

"It's private." She said.

"Now that's more like it. No we're getting somewhere." Peter said but that's all he got out of her. Sophie walked in a minute later to bring her to her bunk. After Peter had logged all of her belongings in Sophie took Alexa to meet her roommates.

As they walked Sophie explained about the hikes and trips she will make with the Cliffhangers and any rule breaking will result with more chores. Finally after what had felt like an hour for Alexa, they reached the Cliffhanger's Female Bunk.

Sophie opened the door to let Alexa in first then followed. "Girls, this is Alexa. Alexa this is Shelby, Daisy and Juliet. I'll let you four get acquainted and settle in." Sophie said smiled at Alexa and left.

"So new girl, what's your problem?" Daisy asked.

Alexa just walked over to her bed that Sophie had pointed out and sat down not answering her.

"Come on we all know each other's reasons for being her. What's yours?" Juliet said.

But Alexa just cracked her fingers like before.

"So what, your parents sent you here cause you don't talk?"Shelby asked.

Alexa looked up and cracked all of her knuckles at once then grabbed her side bag and left. Julie ran after her. "Hey where are you going?"

Shelby and Daisy decided to follow since they wanted to meet up with the boys.

"Hey." Juliet said pulling at Alexa's arm. Alexa froze. "You don't know your way around yet. Why don't you just stick with us for now."

"Yeah we're about to meet up with the guys in the cafeteria." Daisy said.

"Come on Ms. Silent. You must be hungry." Shelby added.

Daisy and Shelby headed toward a big cabin, and Juliet tugged on Alexa's sleeve. "Come on." And Alexa followed.

Alexa looked around the cabin looking building amazed. She followed her roommates to a table where four boys were sitting. Shelby sat next to a handsome blond, who looked athletic; Daisy sat between a curly haired boy and an angry boy; while Juliet sat next to a Hispanic boy who called her Jules.

"Who's this?" the angry boy asked.

"That, David, is our new member." Shelby said.

"So what's she done then?" he asked.

"Shut up David. It's her first day she doesn't know anyone yet alone trust anyone." The athletic boy said. He looked at Alexa, "Just ignore him. I'm Scott, that's Ezra, "he pointed to the curly haired boy, "that's Auggie," he pointed to the Hispanic who smiled, "and the jerk is David."

Alexa smiled at Scott and thought he was nice and wondered why he was at Horizon, he seemed perfect.

Shelby didn't like how Alexa was looking at her man. "Hey get your sluty eyes off my man. He's taken."

Alexa looked at her feet. She had to try not to start any fights. "Relax Shel." Scott told his girlfriend. "Why don't you sit and eat?" he offered.

Alexa didn't want to be near this group at the moment, with the exception of Scott. She wanted to be alone and so she decided to find an empty table instead of joining theirs.

"Okay so what's her problem?" David asked.

"Shut up David." Scott, Auggie, and Juliet said together.

Juliet watched Alexa sit at a table that was the furthest from where they sat. "Auggie lets go sit with her."

"I don't know Twig. Maybe she wants to be alone." He replied.

"Come on let's just try." She begged.

"Alright Jules." He said and followed his girlfriend over to where Alexa sat.

"Mind if we joined you?" Juliet asked.

Alexa thought it was weird that they had come over to her, but decided to just ignore her and continued to draw. She didn't even move when they both sat down.

"So you draw, huh?" Auggie asked.

Alexa covered her note pad. She never shared her art with anyone before and was a little concerned with started now.

"Auggie draws to. He's really good. Can we please see your work?" Juliet asked.

This time she looked up at Juliet and pushed her notebook towards her. She thought that it couldn't be too bad showing them. Juliet smiled and grabbed the book and her eyes grew wider when she saw the art and said 'wow'.

Auggie then looked down at the pad, "You're really good Alexa." He added.

"Thanks." Alexa said then worried about breaking her silence.

Both Juliet and Auggie looked up at her. "So you do talk." Auggie replied.

Alexa decided that she had to try to open up, here of all places. "Only when I want to. I can go silent for weeks, months even." Alexa replied.

"Cool." Auggie said and Juliet smile.

"Don't tell anyone that I do talk. It's actually a lot more fun to watch them be all uneasy around me." Alexa said.

Auggie laughed quietly. "So earlier with Shelby?"

"All an act. I've learned to play roles. It's kept me alive so far." Alexa replied.

"Why do you have too?" Juliet asked.

Alexa gave a small smile. "No one is ready to hear what I have to say. Not even me."

"No problem." Auggie said. "Twig and I will keep your secret."

"Cool now I'm going to go back to my dorm, or at least try. Juliet are you up for some acting?" Alexa asked.

"Yeah." She smiled. "Why though?"

Alexa pointed with her eyes behind Auggie. "Peter and Sophie have been watching. Now they haven't seen us talk, I've made sure of that but I want to give a little performance for them and Shelby."

"I'm not so sure." Juliet said.

"Come on, it'll be fun."

"Okay I'm in." Juliet stated

"Me too." Auggie added.

Alexa smiled then wrote down what she wanted Auggie and Juliet to do because Peter started watch them again. After saying they understood Alexa grabbed her stuff aggressively and started leaving. Juliet followed pulling her arm like she had done earlier. Alexa then turned around and pushed Juliet to the floor and then Auggie started yelling at her and Alexa ran out. The whole student body was staring at Auggie and Juliet while Peter ran after Alexa. Sophie went over to Auggie and Juliet to see what had happened.