Chapter 2

''Hey guys, missed me?'' Puck asked as he strutted into the room.

Eleven shocked faces gaped as Puck and Quinn made their way to the seats.

Santana and Brittany were the first to respond as they ran over to the ex-Cheerio captain.

''Oh my god Quinn, you look fantastic! Where have you been!?'' Squealed Santana excitedly.

''Where are your Cheerio outfits?'' Quinn asked, surveying them both.

''Well, since Miss Sylvester has been suspended, we're not practising any more and if she doesn't come back soon, there's talk of the Cheerios disbanding.'' Brittany said vaguely, flicking her blonde hair.

''Anyways, stop avoiding the question. Spill, where you been hiding?'' Santana repeated.

''Well.....'' Quinn began.

''ERM guys?'' Will interrupted ''Sorry to interrupt the reunion, but since we don't need to run auditions now, I can give you the song I want you to rehearse by Friday. How do you guys feel about The All American rejects?'' Will asked.

There was a murmur of agreement, everyone was still staring at Puck and Quinn then back to Finn .

''Finn, you've got the lead.'' continued Will.

Getting no response he raised his voice.


''Oh, what?'' Finn asked, startled.

''You've got the lead.'' Will repeated wearily, rolling his eyes.

''What's the song Mr. Shue?'' Racheal piped up.

''Swing Swing.'' replied Will.

''Awesome.'' Puck said, grinning.

''I love that song!'' Tina chirped.

''Brilliant,'' Will said, clapping his hands together, ''I will see you all tomorrow after school for rehearsal.''

The bell rang to signal the beginning of a new class.

Finn shot out the door before the bell even finished ringing.

''Finn, wait up!'' shouted Puck, following Finn out the open door.

''Well, today's gonna be an interesting day.'' said Kurt putting his bag over his shoulder.

One by one they filtered out the room until it was just Rachel left who was getting some sheet music off Brad the piano player.

''Hey Rachel, got a minute?'' Will asked walking towards her.

Rachel looked at Will. She just wanted to leave and catch up with Finn.

''Erm... well,'' Rachel replied inching towards the open door, ''Not really sir. I've got to go to...'' Rachel trailed off.

Mr. Shue crossed the room and closed the door. ''Could you give us a minute Brad?'' he asked, looking at the piano player.

''Sure.'' Brad replied, packing up his things and leaving by the back door.

''Rachel...'' Will began, looking at the teen. Her hair was in a tight bun with little bits hanging loose, her face pale. She didn't look like the usual bubbly, somewhat annoying, Rachel the glee club members had come to love and hate in equal measures, thought Will ''I need to ask you something and I want a answer.'' he continued.

Rachel looked at him quizzically, ''Sir?''

''Are you having problems at home or are you being bullied?''

''I'm in glee... We get bullied, it's our thing.'' Rachel chuckled.

Will just shook his head, ''Seriously, Rachel.''

''It's nothing I can't handle.'' she replied determinedly.

''I've made you an appointment with Miss Pillsbury and I want you to keep it.'' Will continued as if he hadn't heard Rachel reply.

He handed her a small card, which she threw on the the floor.

''I DON'T NEED COUNSELING!'' she shouted and stormed out the room.

Rachel ran through the corridor in tears only to be slushied. She let out a whimper and ran to the closest bathroom.

Will sighed quietly and bent down to pick up the card.

''What the hell is going on with her...'' thought Will. Something had happed at the party they had to celebrate their sectional win, he knew that much.

Will left deep in thought and bumped into an unsuspecting Ken Tanaka.

''Oh, crap,'' thought Will.

''Hey Ken, you okay?''

''Fine.'' he snapped

''You going somewhere?'' Will questioned, looking at the box Ken was carrying.

''Yeah,'' he grunted, ''London.''

''What! London as in, England London!?''

''I've got a job with my cousin,'' he said eyeing Will angrily.

''Really,'' Will shifted uncomfortably, ''Well... Erm, good luck.'' Will turned to leave.

''You're a jackass Schuster.'' Ken snapped.

Lightning struck across the sky, illuminating the corridor.

''Great,'' muttered Will, ''Just great.''


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