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Taming Shego

Chapter 25

It was three o'clock in the afternoon, Shego was already at the resort lobby with her luggage, waiting for her 'wife' to arrive. She looked at her watch for the 'nth time and scowled, she was not happy that the 'imp' is making her wait, not to say the least, they are going to be late with their flight. It wasn't even her idea that the two of them took a commercial flight to this island, it was her Kimmie who insisted that it's more fun to fly commercial, especially since, they were newly married.

And now... where is that woman?! She thought.

~maybe she decided to ditch you after what you've done?~

Shego rolled her eyes. When was the last time she felt at peace having no 'voice' over her head? But she mulled over the thought, will Kim really ditch her for what had happened three days ago?

[Flash back]

Shego was having a vivid dream...


"Don't worry, I promise I'll be gentle," soft luscious lips found its way to her supple neck. Alternating movements from kisses then licks, and intermittently suckling.

"Possible we're not...,"

"Aren't I your wife?"


"Come on Shego, we both know you want this as I," The taller woman's response was a moan, as the more aggressive red headed's lips covered her own black painted ones. The younger woman's tongue licking her lips, asking permission.

And permission she gave.

As soon as their tongues met, the feeling of churning in her stomach intensified. Her worries and uncertainty vanished, replaced by the feeling of longing, the feeling of her being filled, with what? she guessed was of need... love. The thought spur her on, she pulled the woman on top of her close and she deepened the kiss, happy that the ex-heroine complied and returned with more eagerness.

She leaned towards the touch that Kim was giving her, from her arms, to her breasts, and now those calloused, yet gentle hands were caressing her flat, well toned abdomen, where she thought millions of butterflies or more perfectly, fireflies, where released and now wreaking havoc over her senses. Whatever pessimistic thought in her head was vanquished, and she returned this special moment in kind. Sooner than she thought, the ex-heroine started undressing her, without complain, she followed. And then her emerald orbs feasted as the smaller woman on top of her removed her own. Unable to wait any longer, she sat up, letting the woman remain by her lap, she reached out and took the younger woman's firm breasts in her hands, testing their weight, inspecting their softness and finally tasting them as if they were ambrosia...

The moan that came out of her princess' mouth was enough to increase her need, she wanted to taste everything that is Kim Possible... and then suddenly their surrounding blurred and she was being pulled away from her Kimmie.

When she came through her dream, she found herself on top of said heroine that had plagued her dream, not just this night, but of the previous nights, even before she got mixed into this chaos that her princess made. She had her hands under the red head's tank top, both hands massaging two, firm breasts. Her right thigh were in between the red head's slightly parted ones and were covered by mini-shorts.

Shego closed her eyes and tried to will herself to go back to sleep and let this image be just part of her dream, but when she opened her eyes, her emerald orbs met her princess' forest green ones. Those greens that darkened with want and yet there was an uncertainty underneath.


She should blame Kimmie, if she didn't sleep in the same bed as hers, she wouldn't be in this position right now, she could keep on denying herself that the red head had always been in her dreams for the past couple of months... no, even years! She could keep denying that she maybe in love with her eternal nemesis.

"I... What..." She was about to take off her hands from the woman below her, get off the bed and take off to wherever in the island to escape, but Kim had stopped her, pulled her in and then kissed her lips. There was no hesitation in the red head's actions. She was sure, she was convinced.

And Shego was taken off-guard.

[End Flash back]

~And then you go screw your chance... what was it that you did?~

Shut up!

~Oh yeah! You pulled away and looked at Kimmie as if she was a leper! You actually... and I mean this one, you actually treated her like dirt! And when she was really high up there and swoooosh...~

I said SHUT UP

~Alright, more than dirt! I can still take being dirty, it was worst I got no word for it!~

Shego lifted one finger and ignited it.

~Not because I'm shutting up means I agree with what you did. Perhaps if she decides to make you late for your flight, I'd say she's still a saint. She probably left you already, there's just too much she can take!~

Shego was seething, her usually greenish hue had darkened on the face, her usual version of getting blood to her facial vessels. When will I get rid of you!

No retort...

Good riddance!

"Were you trying to visualize us making out again?" Shego jumped back at the sudden intrusion. She looked at her right to see Kim Possible grinning at her, a mischievous look in her eyes. "Tsk-tsk-tsk, I knew I am affecting you already," her grin widened and she did not wait for any comeback from the taller woman, she turned around and headed out of the lobby. "Are you coming or what? We'll gonna be late for our flight!"

Damn you Possible, I've turned white here waiting for you and you got the nerve to look so... so... damn...


Arrrghhhh! Wait... we haven't...

"Oi Possible we haven't checked out yet!" She watched the red head waved a hand at her. She took a deep breath, counted up to ten and then faced the man at the lobby desk. Before she could say a thing, she was handed a paper where bills were written all over it. "What? Why do we have bills? Aren't the cottage fully paid for two weeks?"

The man nodded his head. "The cottage yes ma'am, but anything taken from within it are extras."

"We didn't took anything, we ate out...," she sighed and once again took a deep breath, "Kimmieeee," she growled. She has no other choice though but to pay, more money out of her own pocket. Damn it, why did I ever agree to marrying Kim Possible! I'm losing money not gaining it!

~I don't know where you really came from, but from where I am, we call that 'love'~

Fuck it! I thought you left me already! FUCK!

No answer. Shego stepped out of the lobby to find her companion... err... wife already sitting inside a speed boat. She scowled as she stepped on the wooden deck that would lead her to the boat, "Ahrm,"

Kim looked at her wife and smiled innocently, "What are you waiting for? Christmas?" she asked nonchalantly,

The taller woman growled and released her baggages on the wooden platform, "Possible... I – AM- NOT- GOING – TO – PAY – FOR – THAT!" she shouted, "So get out there and we will take the regular boat!"

Kim just smiled and raised her hands in the air in surrender, "Sorry Shego, I was so hungry and thirsty I have to eat something before our flight." her smile was unrepentant. "And this?" she said putting one hand on the edge of the speed boat and massaged it, "You're not paying, I called on Wade to collect a debt for me."

Shego's scowl turned to uncertainty before it becomes a smile after a nod of assurance from the red head. "You are not messing with me Possible are you?"

Kim held a closed fist at her left chest, made a pout that has lesser evil tone than her usual PDP, and that was directed at the green hued woman, "Would I ever do that to you dear?" the sweetness was coma inducing for someone with DKA...

"Yes," Kim shook her head as she stood and held her hand out, "What?"

"Give me your bags mi lady, your carriage awaits!" she said which caused the older woman to actually blush. Then Shego handed her baggages to Kim who arranged them at the back of the boat. Then gallantly, she helped her wife inside. "Are you ready mi lady?"

"If you don't stop doing that princess, I'll plasma fry you,"


"E-V-I-L remember?" she said in her usual villain tone before sitting on the bench beside the driver. She looked beside her to find Kim Possible watching her with a geeky smile on her face, "If you don't drive now cupcake we'll miss our flight..."

"Why are you so scared of missing our flight? If we missed our flight, that means more days to spend here with just the two of us...,"

"And that's what I'm afraid of,"

Kim frowned, "Do you hate me that much to be afraid of being alone with me?"

This one put the frown on the green skinned woman's face back, "Hate you? Maybe you have forgotten Possible who hates who here?"

"I love you,"

Shego just looked at the red head, "So now you say... I remember long ago, you hated my guts – no – you hated me."


"Is that what this is all about?"

Shego's scowl deepened, "What are you talking about?"

Kim pointed a finger at Shego's chest, "You," she said, "... not returning my feelings for you," then she sighed, "... you trying to walk away from something special when we both know we wanted it so much we both could burst,"

"Kimmie what the hell...,"

"I was a stupid kid Shego! I was hurt! I thought you have a hand on Eric... I was fighting my instinct and I wanted to fit in!"

"Fuck fitting in!"

Silence once again which was followed by the sound of the speed boat being turned on and then Kim driving out of the dock. "I am just human Shego. I make mistakes like the rest do." No reply.


Their trip to the local air base was met with silence. As it turned out, they were late for their flight, but it seemed the red head had planned it all along and called for back up earlier. A private jet was waiting for them at a private hangar, courtesy of a rich politician from the northern region of the island who Kim saved from the fangs of his own pet tigers during her hero days.

Inside the jet, the heroine decided to take the seat at the back most part and left Shego to take the middle seat. About two hours from their take off, the green hued woman became antsy, not because they were in a private jet and for the first time, she wasn't flying it, but because the red head wasn't pestering her for two hours straight. She was also worried that her inner voice is actually doing what she wanted it to do for a long time, that's staying quiet. "Fuck," she mumbled before she unbuckled her seatbelt and stepped to the back of the plane.

She looked down at the red headed ex-heroine who seemed to have fallen asleep way awkwardly. "Damn it Shego... you're getting soft and that's thanks to you Possible." she mumbled and waited for some sarcastic reply from a dark voice inside her head, but was disappointed that none came. She sat at the vacant seat along the isle, beside the red head and easily maneuvered the sleeping woman, whose head ends up leaning on her right shoulder. "Damn it..."

A moan from the red head, and then like a moth to a fire, the smaller woman cuddled closer, her face mere inches from the taller woman's jaw line. Shego took a deep breath and let it out, "Of all people to get tangled with, why you?" she sighed when no forthcoming answer comes. She didn't expect it anyway, she didn't even expect to be heard at all, "I don't hate you." she mumbled on the smaller woman's head, "'Never have... ,"

Soon thereafter, the green skinned woman decided that her princess actually did the right thing. So she joined the smaller woman in tralala land.


Kim felt a drool coming, then again, it wasn't all that she felt at the moment. When she fell asleep, she was sure she had her head leaning on the window sill, and if the current the plane was flying to was for real and not a dream, she should have bumped her head on the hard surface and probably get a bruise somewhere on her forehead... instead, she could feel soft, firm thing under her cheek and she remembered not being offered any pillow. So she slowly opened one eye to see what was happening and then a grin spread across her face when she found her face safely nestled on her wife's breast. She slowly lifted her head and looked at the woman beside her, and found her asleep.

"How did you get here..." she mumbled and giggled, "That was a stupid question wasn't it?" she added in a whisper.

"Very stupid indeed," Kim was taken aback by the response. It's not the response perse, but it was actually Shego being awake, and her cheek on her breast... damn, I wished I was just dreaming, I'm not doing anything right by Shego at all, damn! "Ah... I... I really didn't know how my cheek get there!" Kim said pointing at the older woman's covered breast.

"Relax Kimmie...,"

"I really have no idea! One thing I know I was leaning by the window sill and then I felt this bumping motion and when I open my eyes my face is on your breast! I promise I didn't do it on purpose!" Shego's one brow was raised in amusement at the red head's defensive tirade. Well, not that it wasn't entertaining, it's just that her Kimmie is getting cuter and if she goes on, she'll probably combust herself.

"I said relax, chill princess! I'm not going to swipe your head off, well not today anyway." She said before yawning and the stretching like a cat on her seat.


"Yeah Oh..." Shego stifled a laugh, "You know, if I knew you'd actually cash in on a private plane back, I would have brought with me my pilot license and fly this jet myself."

"It was a last resort Shego, I didn't really planned it to be this way."

A shrugged, "If I were flying this baby, we would not have such a bumpy ride. It seemed the pilot loves going through turbulences..." she looked at Kim, "I was asleep and yet I could picture in my head how many turbulence we have gotten into."

The red head smiled, "It's not as if we had a smooth ride when you fly the Go jet before?"

"Hey! I was an unwilling participant, I'm not giving smooth ride to people who forced their hand on me!"


"I didn't hate you Shego." Kim said out of nowhere.

Okay that just came out of the left field... are we going back to that topic again? Shego thought as she looked at the red head with a question of 'huh?' on her face.

"On that tower, before I kicked you... I didn't mean it. I felt like I actually pierced my heart with a knife after saying that, and when you hit that electrical tower and then fell, I thought I died with you."

Shego took a deep breath and let it out, "It's in the past Possible. I was wrong to bring it up earlier, and I didn't die, thanks to my meteor powers huh?" She smiled, "I'd probably outlive you princess, so you better be in a nice shape for the rest of your life."



"Okay," Kim said raising her hands in surrender for the second time.

The turbulent ride intensified and this cause Shego to cursed out loud. Kim laughed as it was only through Shego that she actually hears curses that would wet even the strongest of the nuns.

"I should just go in that pit and push the pilot out! Damn it!"

"Cool it Shego,"


"So when did you know that you were in love with me?" Shego asked suddenly, breaking the silence. "Well, that is if you really are in love with me."

"I didn't realized back then that I was crushing on you, until Monique pointed it out... I mean she was curious that out of all the villains I fought I only got you and Dr. D's pictures on my lockers at school, and yours wasn't a mag shot unlike that of Dr. D's."

"Wow...," Both women nodded, "I was asking about you falling in love with me though,"

Kim raised one brow, "Is this a twenty question game?"

"No, you didn't answer my question so I just reminded you."

"Okay," she smiled and shrugged her shoulders, "Team Go incident." Kim sighed. "You were there in our kitchen and tried to re heat my brothers' toasts with your plasma... I thought then, oh my, Shego is really sexy, those stats on catsuit..."

"Kimmie I was asking about you falling in love, not lusting after me!"

"I was going there! Stop cutting me,"

Shego raised her hand in surrender this time,"Okay, okay,"

"Anyway, you were there trying to look evil in the face of my dad and brothers, then suddenly I realized... Oh my god, I have fallen for my nemesis." Kim smiled, "I can't help it, maybe I like bad girls after all."

"I'm not a bad girl Kimmie..."

"Evil, yeah yeah I got that already."


"I still love you and...well, I was in High school, and everyone expects me to be with the hottest guy so I have to deny everything about me."

"Except being a hero."

"A mistake which grew on me,"

"So you're saying Stoppable is a hot guy?"

Kim laughed, "Nah, he's the regular guy who was my best friend, and more expectation was on us."

"Because you were friends,"

"Because we were friends." Kim said while nodding her head. "And I wouldn't have the courage to admit my feelings for you if not for what happened with Mr. Kinston."

"Reward brought out your love for me? Wasn't that so Un-Possible?"

Another laugh from the red head which was returned by Shego with a smile, "No it's not the reward, it was Ron actually. He was so sure you feel the same for me so I went for it."

"Imagine that?" That was said sarcastically,

"Hey, he got his moment."

"Yeah, I know that now."

They both laughed after sometime of quiet.

"You know we still got a lot of time in our hands before we actually arrive at Middleton airport,"

"Want to play a game?"

"No kinky games Possible!"

"Shucks... and I just got the best game in my mind."

Out of curiousity, the older woman asked, one brow raised, "Like what?"

"Truth or Dare?"

Shego smiled, "Well that isn't kinky..." she looked around, "... plus being in a plane makes the 'dare' more interesting isn't it?"

Kim grinned, "True,"

"How do we decide on who goes first?"

"You can go first..."

Shego's raised eyebrow raises more, "Okay... truth or dare?"


"Come on Possible, that's boring!"

"Hey that's my choice!"

"Okay," the taller woman made a pose to think, "This is really embarrassing and I can't wait to see you blush,"

"Haha, nothing has put a blushed on this face in the last seven years! You are so welcome to try."

"You bet Possible..." Shego smiled, "My question... to whom did you lost your virginity?"

No answer for a few seconds, "Are you sure you want me to answer that question?"

"You're not getting away with the question Kimmie."

"Okay you ask for it..."

"You're not scaring me,"




"Tara? That Tara?!"

Kim laughed, "Not that Tara, that one was an impostor, we established that already."

Shego nodded, "Oookay... and I thought it was Stoppable."

"Hey one question at a time! Now my turn... truth or dare?"

Shego grinned, "dare,"

The grin on Kim's face was far grimmer than the villain's, "I dare you to strip to your undergarments!"


Chapter 26

Twenty four hours later, they were at the Middleton Space Center landing strip. Shego was looking at the huge hangar that holds at least five state of the art Jets that if she were still a villain, she would have done everything to obtain and fly it.

"Why did we land here again? Not that I'm complaining..."

"Since we are from honeymoon, I thought we should come back at Middleton in style,"

Shego looked at her grinning wife, "Okay I get your point," she said and walked passed Kim. She then turned to look at the red head who was rooted at her place, "What are you waiting for? Christmas?"

Kim laughed and followed the taller woman out of the center.


"See you again Shego," Kim said as she put down Shego's bags in the woman's living room. "I know it's kinda unmanly of me to leave you bringing your things up but if I want to be able to go see my parents before the sun sets."

Shego was standing at the divider that separates the living room from her kitchen, she was eyeing the bags, "They were all mine Kimmie,"

Kim's brow met in confusion, "Yeah,"

The older woman looked at the ex-heroine, "Where are yours?"

"I left it at my car, whereelse?"

"What thehell... and where will you sleep tonight?"

"At my apartment?"

"The fuck... you expect me to sleep in your apartment? Are you nuts Possible?"

"No?" Kim puts her hand on her waist, "Aren't you staying here in your place?"

"I should!" She walked towards the still densed ex-heroine.


"What the hell Possible, you're brain filled with pervert thoughts you forgot how to think straight?"

"I'm lesbian, so I probably did,"

"POOSSIBBLE!" Shego ignited her hands


"We are married and someone's at our tail! Do you want to blow your cover this fast?!"

Kim's eyes widened, "Oh my... I forgot about Counsel West!" she started pacing, "What should we do?"

"First thing first Kimmie, you will stay here! There's no way I'm staying at your stinky apartment."

"Hey it maybe small but it has served its purpose and it's not stinky!"

"Did I hit a nerve somewhere?"


"Okay! You will stay here, and about that Counsel, I got the perverse idea that he would send here minions of paid people to make sure we were faking everything. So we got to be careful...,"

"Worst, he'll probably send one to keep us apart." The red head said before sighing. "You think I should just give him the money?"

"WHAT? Are you crazy? Then what would happen to you?"

Kim waved a hand, "I could still arranged for him to give your part of the deal..."

"HEY! Are you telling me you're giving up already? Who are you and what did you do to Kim Possible?"

The red head laughed, "You know Wade told me something in that line before," she laughed once more. "I just hate greedy people, and thats from someone who sees good in everyone,"


"Including you...,"

"I wasn't talking about me, I was talking about..."


"I've checked Counsel West, the wedding was legal."

"How could it be legal? It was spontaneous and Ms. Possible even did this event that shocked America! It must be a scam!" The rotund lawyer shouted at the man he paid to verify the authenticity of Kim Possible's marriage to Lilian Pandora Gonzales, a.k.a Shego, an ex felon who was granted full pardon after helping the heroine saved the world from an Alien invasion.

The part about the two not knowing each other was then out of the question. From all angles, media wise, everyone knew Kim Possible was indeed known to the ex-villainess, and though their relationship was that of the good versus the bad kind, the possibility of them being together was probable. He knew a lot of stories about heroes falling for their nemesis after all. For now, since his paid villain Camille Leon decided to lay low, he needs to do something since time was running fast on him. And the angle about falsified public documents wasn't going anywhere as the investigator had proven that everything was legal done.

He has to do something.

He has to prove to the public that Kim Possible lied about her marriage, that she had not fulfilled the additional clause he made on Mr. Kinston's will and then, he will have the money that was meant for him.

He have to get rid of the ex-villainess first. Camille was scared of Kim Possible, but he noticed that she was more apprehensive with this woman... what power does this woman Kim Possible married has? He thought and decided he should consult the internet.


[Three days later]

Shego was pacing back and and forth in her living room. About three hours ago, Kim told her that she has to go to Middleton High for some interview. She knew she need not concern herself, but three hours? What kind of interview takes three hours to finish? Even a job interview will not take that long. And it cannot be a job interview... she can't have a 9-5 work schedule if she wants to go back to the hero business right?

To top it off, a friend of hers by the name of Monique called and confirmed that there will be a get together for Middleton Cheer Squad alumna, and when she asked if she knew someone named Tara and if she was part of the cheer squad alumna, she said YES! What the fuck is thaaat! Her Kimmie is already a married woman and she decided to get flirty with old relationship all of a sudden?!



"If it's not Possible... ," Bonnie Rockwaller made her late entrance at the gym. The Middleton Cheer Squad is going to celebrate a decade of great cheering that has put the school in the list of the top five schools who had the most trophy's won by their cheer squad. Kim Possible's batch leads the alumni since it was during their time that Middleton had gotten the most awards. And of course, Bonnie Rockwaller was included in the guest list.

"Hello Bonnie," Kim said smiling as she looked down at the list of people to come, "I see you haven't changed your last name?"

"What's your point?" she asked returning the smile, "You haven't change yours too."

"Well, my wife doesn't want to use her last name so she changed hers to mine."

The room went silent... everyone present knew of the rivalry between the two women, there's none like them at the present, this rivalry was also the reason that the cheerleading squad of their time had been the best of the best.

The rivals stopped and then looked around before they laugh. "Damn Possible, I missed those times."

"Me too," Their attention was taken by Tara and Claire's arrival. "Hey Tara, Claire,"

"Hey Kim," both women said in unison. The two were actually holding hands.

"So you finally got the nerve to out yourself?" The tanned woman asked the blond haired P.E. teacher.

"Just recently Bon," she replied in kind.

"And Claire?" She added, "I thought you got married?"

"Three months,"

"Oh sorry to hear that Claire," Kim said in her usual.

"Nah, I was happy it didn't last longer. I'm not that stupid to stay in an unhappy relationship, and to a saddist to boot." the dark haired woman said. "I'm happy with Tara." she said as she pressed the hand of the woman beside her who looked at her lovingly.

"That's great to hear." Kim said.

"You two get a room!" Bonnie added in jest.

"Anyway, you're one to ask, what happened to you and Mankey?" Claire asked back.

Bonnie rolled her eyes, "Mankey went monkeying, so the wedding was cancelled."

"Oh..." the three women said in unison.

"Anyway, I heard about the ruckus you made Kim, you should have chosen me instead of your ex-nemesis. I'm sure i'm a better actress than her." The rockwaller woman said grinning.

"Bonnie, even if you were the last woman on earth, I won't offer you marriage."

"Why not?" she even looked downtrodden.

"Don't take it too bad Bonnie, but you and me together even if it was just an act isn't healthy. We may not exchanged fist but together in one roof for longer than twelve hours smell disaster for us." Kim explained smiling.

"I have to agree with Kim," Tara seconded.

"Then why didn't you?"

Tara rolled her eyes this time, "Well for one thing, I don't know how to act unlike you, and second, me and Kim had dated and we're just not meant to be together."

"What?!" Both Claire and Bonnie asked in surprise.

"You and Kim? When?"

"Late senior year..." Tara was cut off,

"But you were with Stoppable that time Possible!"

"Well, it was a secret relationship, and the time me and Tara dated, I have already talked to Ron that we weren't working out. I already went out to him."

"So the Alien fiasco...,"

"Show," Kim sighed, "Ron saw Tara was coming, she was scared that time of course and we don't want her to do something that she would regret...,"

"Like getting out of the closet in front of the whole world. I was a closeted lesbian remember?"

"And Kim was the hero who needs to have a good moral standard." The three women turned to see Ron Stoppable making his way to them. "Oh hi Kim, long time no see," he grinned then turned his focus on Bonnie, before nodding at Tara and Claire's way. "By the way Kim, Monique says sorry."

"Stoppable... you look... well... great?"

"I'm the man!"

Claire and Kim rolled their eyes, Tara giggled and Bonnie just smiled.

"So why was Monique apologizing?"

"She kinda told Shego you went to the cheerleading get together."


"I think you failed to tell her that..."

"What? But I told her..."

"Oh yeah, you failed to inform her." Ron said before turning his focus on Bonnie, "Saw some punch around, care for one?"

Bonnie smiled, "Lead the way Stoppable,"

Claire stepped close to Kim, "Don't worry Kim, it's not the end of the world." she said smiling and then tap the red head's shoulder. "We saw Marcela, we'll go greet her, will you be okay Kim?"

The red head nodded, this is a major disaster in the making...

-End Part 13-

Three or four parts more... I'm nearing the end of my vision! I was thinking of a sequel, just thinking...

"I want a baby,"

"As you can see, I wasn't equipped to give you one."

five minutes later

"I want a baby!"

"Okay let's adopt,"

three minutes later

"But I want your baby!"

"Shego! How do you propose we do that!"