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"Don't ever forget about me, ne, Ichigo. No matter what."

It had been so many years he heard those last words from her. Yes, so many years had passed and he already had become a doctor, following his father's footsteps, in Karakura General Hospital, owned by his companion, Ishida Uryuu.

He was Kurosaki Ichigo. Twenty-four years old. Still a Shinigami though he often hunting down hollows; the assigned Shinigami sometimes was very slow to finish the job, leaving him no choice but to replace him for a 'while'. He now lived in an apartment, which he afforded with his own money. And lastly, he was still a single, unmarried man. (A/N: Feewittt!!!!)

It was already late. He rarely went back home this late except for today, because there was a certain someone kept on getting his nerves by offering him this and that though he rejected those offers so many times. No. Almost every time. That certain someone was Inoue Orihime.

It was not like he hated her. No, it was just that she always needed his help on certain matters and in return, offered him to have a tea at her house or something like that. It was kind of difficult for him to turn her down since she had a very fragile heart, so he had to always take a really good care of her.

They were now became just a normal friend. Back in the past, after his little visit to the Soul Society, they instantly broke up. It was because he only loved her and could not even forget everything about her.

He came out from his daze when a playground park came into view. He stopped in his tracks and instead of going back home; he went to sit on a bench under the Sakura tree. There was no one since it was already midnight and he glanced upon the moon, which reminded him of her.

Kuchiki Rukia. He had fallen for her however he was too late to even realize his feelings for her. By the time he realize his feelings for her, she had already gone. Gone to another world where he could not even reach to bring her back. She only left him nothing but memories and a letter; a confession letter. He even dreamt of her, always kept muttering a word of 'soon' to him. He did not understand at all of the meaning of the dream and he kept on having the same dream.

A tear ran down his cheek and he quickly wiped it, afraid that someone would see him and make it as a laughing stock in the town and that would be the last thing he ever wanted to be happened. (A/N: who dares?)

He tried to wipe the rest of the tears that seemed to flow out of his control. If only he had not remembered Rukia in the first place, then he did not have to cry. He shook uncontrollably and wailed, calling out for Rukia under the moon.


She went out this late just for a walk, relieving the stress she had from doing her Maths homework. "Why does Maths always this difficult?" she asked herself, tilting her head a bit to the side while putting a finger on her cheek. She tended to ask herself these questions, knowing that no one would answer her question.

She was only in her t-shirt and a pair of pants, while drinking a box of juice, which she brought from home, around the corner of the street. She tried to remember those complicated ways from her home to her new school. Yes, she just moved into this town yesterday with her best friend, Shirayuki, who got a job in this town.

She was a sixteen-year-old student and had a short, jet-black hair. She was quite short for a girl in her age and because of that, almost everyone at her previous school, mocked her, which made her really furious and end up beating them to a pulp. And also because of that, Shirayuki had to move out of the town and find a new job in another town. Of course, she did not even regret of her choice instead proud of her 'victory'.

Shirayuki was a twenty-year-old woman with long, as-blue-as-an-ice hair which Rukia found it weird for a woman of her age nowadays, or was it a fashion, she did not know. Though, Shirayuki was her childhood friend but she could not recollect her memories of her childhood. It was just too weird, since every people could even remember a little bit of their childhood and she could not. However, she just shrugged it off as it did not even matter to her.

It was quite eerie while walking all alone in the street. However, it was relaxing and calmed her mind. She kept on walking down the street until she stopped in her tracks. She heard something or rather, someone wailing. She went closer to the sound and found herself at the entrance of the park.

The park was a bit small and she felt a bit chilly. She then regretted that she only wore a thin t-shirt and hugged herself so that it could provide extra warmth. She observed around the park and her violet eyes stopped to a figure on a bench situated not far from her.

She walked to the figure and immediately surprised when an orange hair came in view. 'Orange? That's pretty rare for nowadays fashion,' she thought to herself and tried to stifle a giggle.

"Rukia….Rukia…." She heard a faint wail from the man as she stood before him. She waited for a while for the man to notice her. Instead, he ignored her as if she had never appeared before him.

A nerve popped on her head as she began to clear her throat. "Ano, are you okay?" The man flinched, before his head turned to her. Brown orbs met violet orbs. She did not understand why her heart started to beat faster when she looked into those eyes of his.


He did not care if anyone heard him, wailing over her name. He still could not forget her. He would never forget her as she already occupied most parts in his heart. He kept on wailing until someone stood before him.

He ignored the person and kept wailing faintly before the person before him voiced out. However, what he did not expect was that the voice sounded too familiar in his ears. It was her voice. The voice that kept on haunting his mind.

He turned rigid, as his head slowly turned towards the person. Violet orbs met brown orbs. It was her. It was really her. The only word that he could mutter was…


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