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It had been a few days later that Inoue started living with both Rukia and Ichigo. The orange-brown hair woman slowly opened her eyes to reveal gray orbs, but instantly closed them as the harsh sunlight greeted her.

She sat up, rubbed her eyes so that they would become used to the bright surroundings of the room. After what it seemed to be seconds, she stretched her arms upwards then let them fall back to her sides. She then observed the room she currently resided in.

It was Ichigo's. The room where her most beloved man stayed. she glanced at the disarrayed bed, where she had slept just now. She ran her fingers on the soft textures of the blue mattress, grabbed a white-plain pillow and sunk her face in it. She smelt it deeply and laid her head on it for a while. This pillow smells just like Kurosaki-kun.

However, her train of thoughts stopped right there when she suddenly heard the clang sound from the kitchen, which was situated at the opposite side of the bedroom. She immediately remembered that she was not alone at that time that she stood abruptly and went to the kitchen to find…

"Ah, Inoue-san." A certain jet-black-haired midget stood in front of the refrigerator, with a bottle of milk in her hand and seemed to be surprised to see her there.

"Kuchiki-san." Inoue sighed and flashed a smile at her. She kind of forgot that Rukia also lived with them. She shook her head in disapproval at her short-term memory.

She glanced at Rukia. The said girl as usual wore an apron with the school uniform under it, while her hair were tied in two low ponytails, which made her looked…cute. No wonder Kurosaki-kun…

Rukia stayed rooted at the ground, waited patiently whether the woman had anything to say at her or not. When she was so sure that there was nothing else, she turned away from the woman and grabbed a frying pan, which she got from the top cupboard, and started to prepare a breakfast.

"Um, Kuchiki-san?" Rukia paused from her task and turned her head to look at the woman. The woman seemed to be uncertain with the way she fidgeted and looked everywhere but her. "Do you know where Kurosaki-kun is?" she whispered quietly yet audible enough for Rukia to hear her.

Rukia shrugged, giving the sign that she did not know where the said orange-haired man. For a short moment, a silence erupted in the room, but was shattered when the black-haired girl turned around to face her with her arms folded in front of her chest. "Perhaps he is in the living room, I guess." She then continued with cooking the breakfast.

Inoue then glanced to her left, where the living room was and strode quietly at the area. However it was not long that she found Ichigo. The shinigami was sleeping on the couch, his face freed from any frown he always wore wherever he went. He looks so serene. Inoue giggled at the sight of him and gasped suddenly when she remembered the main reason why she up this morning. Hm…this head of mine is always on Kurosaki-kun… she sighed mentally and dashed towards the kitchen, only to surprise Rukia again.

Though it did not like it, deep down in her heart, Rukia felt that it was irritating. The way the woman up early in the morning only to ask where the carrot-top idiot is, really was irritating…and annoying. But she did not dare to say it out loud; afraid that her words would probably hurt the woman.

"Ne, Kuchiki-san! Teach me how to cook!" Her gray orbs gleamed in determination; Rukia could see that. She wondered where the determination came from.

"Uh, okay then." Rukia sweat-dropped. But it did not hurt to teach the woman, right?


Ichigo gulped nervously at the sight of the slightly weird-looking meal in front of him. He then eyed Rukia, who was sitting opposite from him. Brown orbs met violet orbs.

Is this her doings? As if she could hear what he was thinking right now, Rukia replied in a quick nod.

Don't worry. It's edible. I'm the one who assisted her, so rest assure. Rukia let out a smirk which made a vein popped on his head.

He stole a glance at the woman next to him, who was looking at him expectantly. And Ichigo became nervous of the way her gray eyes gleamed in expectation. Or more accurately, high expectation.

He sighed and took a bite of a sliced rolled omelet in hesitation. He hoped mentally that he would still alive after eating it.

Inoue blinked innocently and her heart skipped a beat when she saw Ichigo's sudden stiffness. And Rukia could only gulp nervously at the said man's unexpected reaction.

"It's delicious!" A voice boomed suddenly, surprising both Rukia and Inoue at the same time. Ichigo, without any hesitation anymore, quickly gulped down the meal in front of him and asked for seconds at Rukia. She just sighed and smirked at him, before rose from her seat and strode towards the rice cooker to fill Ichigo's empty bowl.

He felt very grateful that he was still alive and was unexpected that finally Inoue cooked something edible for the first time!

"Is that really true, Kurosaki-kun?" Inoue's gray eyes gleamed in happiness and bliss because Ichigo had praised her. They smiled at each other for a second before Ichigo looked away from her, taking his bowl from Rukia.

However, a certain midget only ate her breakfast with silence and ignored the commotion in front of her. Though she seemed to be calm but deep down in her heart, she felt something burning in her heart. She just did not know why she was feeling this every time she saw both Ichigo and Inoue exchanged smiles with each other.

In the end, she just brushed off the feeling, knowing that it was only because she felt loneliness in her heart. Lonely that Shirayuki was not there with her. God, she missed her so much…

However, no matter how much she did, she still could not get rid of the feeling in her heart. She glanced at both adults beside her.

Inoue was walking with Ichigo, side by side, while smiling and talking happily. She seemed to be in her own world whenever Ichigo was beside her.

Rukia tried to interrupt their conversation but failed in her attempt because she just did not get the idea of what they were talking about. It was something about Soul Society and something-something. Whatever it was, the only thing that clicked in her mind was the 'Soul Society' word. She did not know why but she knew that she had heard that word somewhere and that it was something familiar and got something to do with her. But what was it?

She stole a glance towards them again. She unconsciously began to contemplate that if the orange-brown-haired woman was not there, she would be the one who would always stood beside Ichigo, walking down the streets while laughing their heads off.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks with her eyes widened as realization hit her hard. Did I just…

"Oi, Rukia. Are you alright?" The man asked her suddenly, placing a hand on her shoulder with his brown eyes showing concern towards the petite girl.

He felt weird when the said girl suddenly fell into silence, because before this, she would be the one who would be noisier in the early morning that could grab unwanted attention from people around them, making him felt embarrassed that he had to yell at her for making such a stupid behavior in front of those people.

But when she suddenly silent just like the moment, he felt something missing…and wrong without her cheerful and chirpy tone though it irritated the hell out of him. But right now, it was not the point.

Suddenly his hand, that being placed on her shoulder, was pushed away harshly by none other than Rukia herself. Her violet eyes reflected shock at her sudden reaction and then they turned into glares.

"Don't ever touch me so casually, you carrot-top idiot!" She yelled at him however her eyes widened in disbelief at her loud voice.

Ichigo was taken aback at her aggressive reaction and narrowed his eyes. "Carrot-top?" he gritted his teeth with a nerve popped on his head. "MIDGET!"

"You!" The said midget growled at the forbidden word and dashed towards him.

It was too fast for his mind to register what had happened. The only thing that he knew was that there was a pain shot through his shin and that at the moment, he was kneeling down, stroking the pain out of his shin.

And at the mention of the midget, she quickly dashed towards the gate of Karakura High School that was not really far away from the place where Ichigo and Inoue were. Before she entered the gate, she managed to stick out her tongue at the kneeling man and shouted a 'Carrot-top idiot!' at him, while laughing her head off.

Ugh, she is going to pay for this! Ichigo hissed mentally, making a mental note. He was too busy easing his pain that he totally forgot Inoue's presence behind him nor the disappointment shown on her expression after watching the everyday's interaction between her Kurosaki-kun and Kuchiki-san.

Inoue could only turn a blind eye at the sight but failed when she got to see another side of Ichigo at that time. His playful and childish side that he rarely showed to anyone but Rukia…

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