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Jack whimpered as his head throbbed and Nathan wrapped his arms around Jack.

"I'm bleeding again," Jack said holding his nose. Nathan got out of bed and went to the bathroom for a rag. Jack wondered what he was going to do about this. The blood test came back negative for anything and Nathan seemed to be relieved but Jack didn't have to see him to know that the scientist was still worried. Nathan came back from the bathroom and wiped Jack's face.

"I have to go GD and I'm taking you with me," Nathan said.

"No more test, right?" Jack asked.

"No. I have to put some data into my lab files. I would rather do it there then sending it to the computer in my lab."

Jack nodded. This was his first headache in three days so he thought that maybe they were starting to go away. He really did hate being tested as if he was a science experiment.

"It shouldn't take more than an hour," Nathan said and Jack just nodded.

"Fine, but no trying to get me to take another test," Jack said.

"Wouldn't dream of trying to make do something you don't want too, Sheriff," Nathan said with a smirk.

Jack held onto Nathan as he guided him through GD's hallways. People stared at him. He could feel the pity and sympathy they gave off.

Nathan pulled Jack into his lab so he could feel comfortable again. His lab was private and had no cameras. Nathan sat Jack on a stool.

"You okay?" Nathan asked.

"I'm fine," Jack said, smiling. He ignored the dull pain that started in his head.

Nathan sat down at his table and started to gather and go through his data. He started to place some of the entries into his flash drive.

"How long are we going to stay?" Jack asked. "Not too long. We can go to Café Diem for lunch after this."


Jack sat there quietly listening to Nathan typing. His head began to throb again and he was starting to feel dizzy again.

He took a deep breath and tried to not focus on the pain. He didn't know why but his eyes were starting to hurt and burn.

"Nathan," Jack whimpered as the pain became unbearable.

"Jack? What's wrong?"

"My eyes," Jack yelled and then passed out. Nathan moved off his stool knocking it over and on to his knees, catching Jack.

"Jack!" Nathan quickly got off the floor holding Jack and carrying him out of the lab.

"Get me help!" Nathan yelled as he ran down the hall.

Nathan at Jack's bedside. He was still unconscious. They found out that the chemical was still in his system. It was very small traces but it was messing up his system. Such a small amount was causing all of this. They were flushing it out again.

"How is Jack?" Nathan turned to see Allison.

"He's fine," he said turning back to Jack.

"I didn't expect to still see you down here," Allison said. Nathan turned again and smirked.

"Carter needs someone down here to explain to him what happened. I'm the best candidate," Nathan said and he turned back.

"No harassing him when he wakes up," Allison said.

"I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing," Nathan said and Allison shook her head and left.

Nathan grabbed Jack's hand and squeezed it. Jack squeezed back.


"Hi," Jack said.

"How long have you been awake?"

"Well, long enough to hear the conversation. Am I going to be okay?"

"You should be. We're not sure what is going to happen to your system but you won't die."

"I bet you were hoping though," Jack said, trying to lighten the tension in the room.

"No I'm glad because if you're going to die, it will be me who kills you first."

"The same here," Jack said, smiling.

"Allison wanted me to call Zoe but I didn't," Nathan said as he rubbed his thumb up and down the back of Jack's hand.

"Good. She doesn't need to be here again," Jack said.

"So is this chemical altering my DNA structure or is just messing my chemical balance up? I'm guessing that it entered through my eyes and is somehow being produced by my body since its being flushed out again. Why are you so quiet, Nathan?" Jack looked in his direction.

Nathan was looking at him with a surprised look. Jack was by no means stupid. He was quite smart but Jack didn't speak that way. He didn't speak like a scientist. He called instruments 'thingies' and could name it even if you told him what it was.

"I'm going to get Henry and we're going to run another test," Nathan said not wanting to alarm Jack.

"Okay. What test?" Jack asked.

"It'll be something similar to the CAT scan but a bit different," Nathan said.

Henry came out of the room and Nathan looked at him waiting. "His I.Q. is starting to rise. He right now has an I.Q. close to Einstein's."

"That's about 50 points higher than his actual I.Q.," Nathan said as he looked at the floor.

"It's still rising. Also he's gaining more and more function of his brain. I'm sure the I.Q. will level out at some point but he will be able to use more and more of his brain. It's already having a negative effect on him," Henry said.

"The headaches and the bleeding must mean that his body is rejecting the changes," Nathan said and Henry nodded.

"If we don't find a way to completely flush his system and counteract the chemical then he might die. Having full brain function will probably kill him," Henry said and Nathan looked at the floor again. There was no way he was going to let Jack die.

"We need to find the something to counter act it then. Allison has the original ratios for the chemical," Nathan said.

"I'll get started on it right now," Henry said as he left.

Nathan went back in to the room. Jack looked in his direction with a smile. Nathan got to the bed and leaned down and kissed Jack softly. "What's wrong?" Jack asked. "You seem upset," he said.

Nathan frowned. "The chemical is making you I.Q. go up and it's also allowing you more function of your brain than the average human. It's going to keep going until you are at one hundred percent and we don't know what will happen but Henry thinks that it will kill you."

Jack looked in his direction and he had a look of disbelief. "Why?"

"We don't know but Henry is starting on counteracting the chemical," Nathan said.

Jack sighed. "What if I don't die?" He asked.

"Then you don't but no one knows what side effects there will be with that much of your brain functioning. It could shut down your entire body for all we know," Nathan said.

Jack pulled Nathan down and kissed him. "You'll figure it out. At least I'm surrounded by a bunch of geniuses."

Nathan smiled. He was glad that Jack could be optimistic.

"Can I get out of here now," Jack asked.

"Yeah we can get out of here now." Nathan said as he helped Jack up.