"Hey Ash!" Gary exclaimed as he walked into Ash's room. Ash sat up and put the manga aside.

"I hear you have caught many new pokemon from the Hoenn region." Gary said sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Wanna fight me?" Ash asked.

"Sure!" Gary answered. As they walked out Misty, Brock, May and Max met them. After chatting for a few minutes, Gary threw a pokeball and out came Umbreon. In the other side Jigglypuff stepped out of the pokeball.

Umbreon started circling Jigglypuff. Faster, Faster. Ash ordered Jigglypuff to start singing. But before I could start, tackled Jigglypuff and it went dashing on the wall. Jigglypuff was knocked out. Ash called it back. He threw another pokeball. From it came Haunter.

"Wait! Stop!" misty snapped. "First fight with me!"


"No buts young man!" misty snapped again.

"As you wish." Gary said as he walked back.

"Then come to my Gym!" Misty ordered.

"Okay then!" Ash exclaimed.

All of them went to Cerulean city in Delia's ten seater-car.

"Are you ready to lose Ash?" misty taunted as they reached the gym.

"You be ready!" ash answered.

As they stepped on the gym Ash felt nervous. But after a while he recovered.

"It will be two-on-two." Brock announced.

Misty threw a poke ball in the water and out came Gyarados. Ash threw a poke ball and Dragonite flew out.

"Thunderbolt!" ash commanded.

"Flame throw Gyardos!" misty ordered. Fireballs shot out of Gyarados's mouth. One of them hit Dragonite.

"Dragonite water gun!" ash guided. Taking up courage Dragonite sprayed water on the fireballs.

"Iron-tail Dragonite!" Ash commanded. Gyarados dodged and tackled Dragonite in the water.

"Thunderbolt!" misty commanded. After a few minutes of lighting the gym grew silent. Dragonite then slowly floated on the water. Knocked out.

"Come back!" Ash said then flipped another poke ball out. From it came Haunter.

"Come back!" misty then fished out a poke ball and out of it came Gengar.

"Black-Thunder ball Haunter!" Ash commanded.

"Black-Thunder ball Haunter!" Misty repeated. Both of the balls clashed and made a loud boom-like sound.

"Gengar bite!" Misty guided. Gengar moved like wind and was about to bite when "Haunter dodge and then skull-bash!" ash commanded.

"Gengar quick! Swift!" misty guided. Gengar luckily dodged Haunter with swiftness caught up with Haunter who was still turning and flying here and there quickly.

"Haunter, into the water!" Ash commanded. As Haunter raced down into the water Gengar began attacking with the black-thunder balls. Haunter dodged each and every ball and safely reached into the water. As Gengar sped towards the water…

A familiar voice spoke "come quickly to professor Oak's lab!"

"Tracy!?" misty, Ash and Brock together cried.

"What happened?" Ash asked.

"Ho-oh has been seen. Then there was a blast nearby and the Team Rocket's army with robots, tanks and fighter planes has gone behind it!" Tracy reported.

"Then we shall be there!" Brock said rushing towards the car. May, Max, Misty and Ash hopped in.

As they were going Tracy reported "that's not all! The pokemon also panicked and ran away from the scaring voices of the tanks and planes. Anything could happen to them!"

Then he saw ash and said "only Balbasaur is behind with us."

When they returned Prof. Oak's lab, there they saw Delia crying and Prof. Oak & Mr. Mine trying to calm her. Balbasaur sat beside Prof. Oak. Balbasaur looked fretted.

"Don't worry Prof. Oak!" Ash exclaimed and darted out of the door. Pikachu hurried behind him.

"Come on pikachu!" ash said as he ran towards the Viridien forest. As he walked on he saw a Taurus. It came running on towards ash. Ash hugged it. It was his. He threw out a poke ball and called it in. then suddenly he heard a crash. He turned round and saw a tree collapse. Then he saw a metallic truck with a sign of R. it was team rocket's truck. It had two arm like parts. Inside it sat a bulky man with muscles poking out of his arms.

"Hey, ash!" Garry exclaimed as he ran up to him "I have just created a machine which can locate our lost pokemon!"

"But how will we know which pokemon is ours?" ash asked.

"That's the machine's specialty! It will show only our pokemon!" Garry explained. Suddenly there was a huge cloud. Ash saw up and saw the most amazing site. An Aerodactyl chased by a fighter plane. The plane was double the size of the Aerodactyl.

"We have to go behind them! Come out, Charizard!" Garry ordered as he sat upon it.

"Come out, Dragonite!" ash ordered as he too sat on Dragonite.

"We have to fly to the Grandfather Canyon!" Garry said.

"You mean it are from the Grandfather Canyon?!" ash asked in surprise.

Garry rolled his eyes and said "I hope you didn't forget that you were about to be eaten by the Aerodactyl."

"But who told you that?" ash asked.

"Brock." Garry answered.

After hours of chasing the Aerodactyl around the sky they reached the Grandfather Canyon. There as they entered kabutops greeted them by attacking them. Both of them dodged and Charizard threw fire balls at kabutops. But it didn't show much effect.

"Dragonite solar-beam!" Ash guided. Even after the attack of solar-beam the kabutops advanced.

"Kabutops swift! Aerodactyl steel-wings!" a voice ordered.

Ash and Gary saw Lance standing there with a smile on his face.

"Want help?" he asked. His kabutops hit one of the kabutops and Aerodactyl attacked the plane. The plane went down then again went up then sped forward. From inside Giovanni smiled at ash.

"Giovanni!?" ash cried in stunned expression.

"Let's chase them!" Gary suggested. Lance climbed on Aerodactyl and ash and Gary on their pokemon. The plane flew over islands and cities with the youngsters behind them. Giovanni saw them and ordered his men to shoot them down. Two men came up with machine guns and started shooting. Their pokemon dodged every bullet but one hit ash on his shoulder and became unconscious. Dragonite thought he was dead and began attacking the plane with his thunder bolt and solar-beam together. Due to the thunder bolt the men fell off the plane. Luckily they had parachute and landed safely on the trees. After sometime they learnt that the forest was teeming with… beedrils!

Ash slipped and fell from his Dragonite. Till then Giovanni had a canon ready on his plane. One shot and Dragonite fell knocked out.

"Ash's gonna die." Lance said slowly, eyeing Gary. Then another shot and it just missed Charizard.

"Wow! We have to be very careful." Garry exclaimed. Charizard swooped down and then up to get balance lost due to the canon-shot.

"steel-wings Aerodactyl!" Lance exclaimed. Aerodactyl sped forward and when it was about to attack, Giovanni's plane's canon sprayed water. Aerodactyl just missed but its steel-wings were of no use. Charizard blasted fire but again water came out and the attack became useless.

Suddenly a water pokemon jumped out. It was actually made of water! It limbs, head, body all of water. It turned into s water-ball. A rather big one and rolled on the edge of the plane then jumped on Charizard. Gary quickly took out a pidgeot and leaped on it. And as for Charizard he called it back. The water pokemon just turned into air.