Chapter 4

Mewtwo then made a blue colored ball in his palm and flung it at the houndoom. Then went a few steps back and then started howling. Mewtwo quickly kicked a houndoom. But a figure appeared from the darkness ahead. It had yellow eyes. It was as big as mewtwo but was shaped like a wolf or dog. Its claws were as long and sharp as knives. Mewtwo lifted Gary and teleported both into a maze. "Don't even scratch yourself on the walls or you will be sorry." Mewtwo said in his deep voice. Gary noticed that the walls had nails on them. Even a scratch and the person will get badly injured. After walking a few steps they heard footsteps or paw-steps of pokemon. "They are coming." Mewtwo said deeply. Suddenly two houndhour jumped on them. But mewtwo hit one and then the other. Suddenly the figure that they saw at the beginning came forward. It was none other than a houndoom. Only a large sized one. It tried to paw mewtwo when mewtwo jumped and threw another blue colored ball. The large pokemon howled and fired a black colored ball. Both the balls clashed and blasted. It had become very dark inside. Mewtwo let out a high squeal and then landed on the floor. The houndoom leaped high when a lugia dashed into the houndoom. It landed on its legs and snarled at Lugia. Ice beam started from Lugia's mouth until the large houndoom was not covered entirely. Then a familiar voice called out "Gary! Mewtwo! Are you all right?"

"Misty!?" Gary cried in surprise. Mewtwo then just vanished from there. Brock and Tracy and Lance were also there. Suddenly there was a crack. They all turned around. They saw the ice melting. The huge houndoom howled and leaped towards them when lugia skull bashed it. The huge pokemon hit the wall and its eyes bulged out. Blood dripped from its stomach. Then misty realized it was dead. She busted into tears. She then said "let's move forward." After sometime with the help of Brock's map and Gary's map device they got out of the maze. They came in front of a building. A man guarded the door. He was in grey and had a rifle. Brock and Gary leaped on him and Gary took his rifle and Brock made him out cold by smashing his face. They went in. there was no one around. After wandering threw passages and corridors they entered a room with the name 'the cross'. They dashed in and saw a metal pillar in the shape of a cross. When they saw what was on the other side of the cross they all screamed. Because they saw the condition of ash. Without his shirt, beaten up and bleeding furiously. His body had become red due to lashing. Brock went up held up ash's face and saw that there were scars on his face and over his eye. Ash coughed and spitted blood. "Ash! Ash!" Brock said. Suddenly the door opened and a man with a whip came in. he was dark without any hair and also without a shirt. As he came forward Gary leaped and gripped his waist while Brock and Tracy held his legs. He lashed Brock and Tracy until they loosened their grip then he picked up Gary in one arm and flung him on the other two. As the man came forward Lance stepped in front of Misty as if protecting her. The man walked past them. He lashed ash's neck. Lance tried to push the man's leg but it was of no use. Instead the man kicked lance. Lance rolled in pain. After whipping ash for an hour the man left whereas Brock, Tracy, Misty, Gary and Lance saw him miserably. After the whipping ash started coughing badly. He did not stop for around three minutes. And every time he coughed a glass full of blood splashed on the floor. Brock took out Steelix and ordered it to chew up the metal chain. After taking out ash, they ran back. But houndoom had surrounded the room. The houndoom were like the first one which got killed. 7-8 men stood behind the large pokemon. One man put on claws like the Persian has with a red stone inside the palm. To say in clear words they are paws with razors as claws and a ruby in its palm. The man swung his arm as the Persian does to scratch and a red colored attack came out and attacked steelix. In one attack it was knocked out.

"These claws are our invention. They have the ability to move the attack as the wearer wants!" one shouted with a sneer.

"Scyther, it's your turn! Scissor-Dance attack!" Tracy ordered throwing a poke ball. Scyther tried cutting the man but he gave a tough fight. In the last, the man clawed Scyther. Tracy called it back. The men then arrested all of them. Everyday they weren't fed and were lashed for 2 hours in an interval of half an hour.

Suddenly one night the door crept open. Two human figures and one small figure floating entered.

"Huh?" Lance said weakly. There was a sparkle of light. The light came from a torch. The figures were none other than Mew, Mewtwo, Richie, Raikou, Sabrina and Alakazam. Mewtwo's eyes glowed blue. The chain that held the prisoners clicked open. Alakazam held Ash in one hand and Gary on his shoulder. Raikou had Tracy, Brock and Misty. As they ran out there was another room. Mew blasted the door with its power. Jessie, James and Mewouth were locked in chains just like ash and all. Mewtwo then carried James. Mew had Mewouth on its back. Jessie was put on Raikou.

As they ran Lance asked "how did you guys come here?"

"Pikachu's thunderbolt gave us the signal that they were in trouble." Richie explained. Suddenly two men with guns blocked the way. Sabrina held her arm up and the men went flying, then with her powers tossed them into a room. Mewtwo then, teleported them in front of ash's house. As lance knocked the door, the legendary pokemon vanished. Delia blasted out almost breaking the door.

"where's ash!? What mess are you guys in!?" Delia asked in shock. After misty and all woke up a hundred questions were waiting for them. After 2 days lance returned to his head quarters.

In a month ash set out to look for his most trust worthy pokemon, Pikachu.