Author's Notes

This story contains original characters from the "Worlds Of Suzumiya Haruhi VN Project" the official website is out there just google it.

Don't let that keep you from enjoying the story. Alan's just another character forcefully pulled into Haruhi's antics from time to time. I estimate if the fan fiction readers can accept yuri, yaoi, genderbend, and all kinds of other insane, crazy, and interesting ideas, reading from an original character's point of view shouldn't be a problem. I'm confident that this would qualify as a "good story" and since there's a whole lot to read that's just much more to enjoy out of a story. Don't be turned off by just one add in the character cast, by all means "Come in, come in" I hope all of you readers can accept Alan as another element to this universe. I hope you take good care of him.

But just in case I'll give you the basic story of Alan.

He was a student in Canada who was being transferred to a school in japan. on the plane before take off he's suddenly warped into the Haruhi universe. he wakes up in a middle of a suburban area. Supposedly he was supposedly in Japan after exploring an urban area full of signs in Japanese. It was getting dark and Alan has nowhere to sleep, so he settles dozing off on a park bench. He's soon found by Haruhi in the middle of his sleep and after learning that he's a transfer student and has nowhere else to go offers him a place to stay at her house (which is extremely nice of her, but I didn't make up the entire story you know...) Eventually and inevitably he's forced into the SOS Brigade after entering school and being placed in the same class as Haruhi.

With the explaining aside I'd like to say a few things before we start our story. Asakura is one of my favorite characters in the series. I was disappointed to realize that she won't be with us till the end. She had much potential and I was hoping to see what interesting things are possible with this interesting character in this interesting story and world. Only to be fed a meager portion of what I wanted. With the Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya the Movie soon to be released, I suddenly had many ideas spinning around my head about what more could've been done with Asakura. It wasn't too hard spinning up a base and logic for the return of this character. With Haruhi being a god, almost everything is possible in this world. It's was especially fun to play around with her powers which makes this an interesting fan fiction.

Thus my own counterpart story to the "Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" I present to you "The Reappearance of Asakura Ryoko"

It was just a Monday. Waking up to Haruhi's Death Gong I was dragged into another morning jog. The sports festival was next Monday and Haruhi's making me run overtime to get in shape for the track. I doubt the entire sports club community put together have more enthusiasm that Haruhi, nor the exercise. Soon after returning I had a hastily made breakfast and left for school.

"You're not that exhausted are you? It's only the first day of training for the Sports Festival. We'll be running extra laps in the evening as well so don't do anything crazy for the day. You'll need the energy later. I might even buy you some strawberry milk if you do a good job"

"I'm aching all over, why aren't the other brigade members doing this pointless training with us?"

"You're the laziest of them all! You have some nerve sleeping all day in class! I'll run you ragged."

I had nothing else to say. It hurts to admit but she's right. I was the laziest. What do you want me to do about it? Is it my fault god (or possibly Haruhi) made me like this? No use asking myself. Catching as much Zs as possible is the main objective for today. The fact that the week had started off with such a mood did help me cheer up. As for class, we made it just as the bell rang. Something was different about the atmosphere, it was noisier than usual. I sat and leaned forward to start sleeping as soon as possible, until Okabe made his entrance into the room.

"Alright class, settle down, and be quiet now, homeroom has started."

The room had quieted down only a little bit. The class felt a bit unorganized. Okabe looked around at the class. If you have something to say Okabe you better get it out before the attention span of the class runs short.

"This class feels a bit messy. Therefore we will be hold class elections for the new president. Since we've lost ours, it's been a bit confusing keeping everything together with the attendance, cleaning duties, and announcements. I know there's no one really up to the job but it would really help if someone stepped up to help."

Okabe hopefully looked around for any volunteers so did I. I never did think much about the fact this class didn't have a president. It was possibly the least interesting conversation subject in the entire class.

"I really need someone to help me organize the Sports Festival, since our class is in charge of the arrangements it might not be as big if nobody comes up to the challenge."

Haruhi had a concerned look on her face (oh no…). Nobody really had any interest in the sports festival anyway. Nobody in our class was a member of a club related to sports. Why the heck are we in charge? Just because Okabe is some sports teacher doesn't mean he's the best choice for the job. Haruhi was the only one who actually felt like she wanted this event. I better ask her…

"Hey Haruhi, why don't you go for prez?"

She turned to me with a disdained look. Not that I didn't expect this. She whispered back

"No way, the president has to go home late and I can't let it get in the way of the SOS Brigade."

It was hopeless. No one wanted the responsibility.

"I see, if anyone has a change of mind you can talk to me about it in the main office…"

With that said home room was over and Haruhi was left with a puzzled look. Kyon came up to me. Even if he didn't look at Haruhi during Okabe's speech it bet he could feel the heat on his back.

"My, my, the Sports festival in jeopardy, I wonder what that means for us brigade members. Good luck Alan, it looks like you'll be the main target for her stress. I see you've been doing extra laps in the morning."

"You saw us? What a surprise, I didn't know you woke that early."

"I could hear Haruhi yelling at you a mile away. I see you often passing by."

"Were you ever forced to do laps in the morning?"

"Not that I remember. Haruhi's been so busy with you lately she hasn't been giving the rest of us a hard time. Keep up the good work, and keep sleeping in class."

Easy for you to say… The rest of the classes were extremely ordinary. Haruhi was keeping quiet for a change. Was the sports festival that important? I guess one of the worst things in life is looking forward to something, then, finding out it might not be what you expected. After the final class had ended, Haruhi had rushed out of the room. What's she up to? Nobody knows, at this point it would be less painful if it hits me without me knowing. I went to the clubroom with Kyon.

In the clubroom was Nagato only. Kyon and I sat down and played some Othello. We were soon joined by Asahina and Koizumi. Time passed, the clock seemed to move faster with every game I lost. Haruhi suddenly burst into the room. Asahina and I jumped in surprise. We were the only ones who weren't used to her entrances. She was not happy.

"What up this time? You're not usually late like this." No Kyon! Don't make it worse!

"Shut up, I tried for the place of president but that nut Okabe didn't take me seriously. From the looks of it that idiot's going to ruin the whole event if nobody comes to help him."

Haruhi had sat at her desk and went on the computer for a few minutes. After she had become sick of sitting around she got up.

"I'm going home for today. Come on Alan we still have to practice jogging for the Festival hopefully it won't be a complete mess."

Forcefully dragging me out the room, I turned back to see my share of the heavenly Asahina brewed tea picked up by Koizumi. That bastard!

The walk back wasn't any better Haruhi was quiet and was already jogging, forcing me to jog behind her. We arrived at her house and we both changed into sweat suits, and resumed shortly after. She had as promised, ran me into the ground with the relentless distance. We stopped by at the park to rest. Haruhi was still thinking about the Sports Festival. She let out a small sigh.

"I'm going to buy some drinks, wait here."

I leaned back on the bench, taking in the warm evening (late night) air. Just then a girl with long blue hair had walked past me. I would've reacted faster if I wasn't so beat. I looked up and turned to see who she was but she was nowhere in sight. This is creepy…

"I got the drinks!" I jumped in surprise.

"What's the problem? Anyway here's yours"

Yes. Strawberry Milk, I've done my job.

I chugged it down to rehydrate. Haruhi had finished her energy drink as well.

"We're not done yet Alan we still have to make our way back home."


I finished the jog due to some miracle I wasn't conscious enough to witness. I don't remember much about dinner either. Haruhi had made me eat chicken breast and celery, healthy meal to keep me in shape, or something. And that wraps up the first day. Things really get started from the second.

To Our Beloved Reader: I hope you've enjoyed the first chapter of this story. There are thousands of words to come, but do not be discouraged, it's as interesting as it is long. Read with your own pace.

I wonder what you all think about the character Alan. Do you like him? Does he fit in to the universe? Is the story affected in any negative way because of his presence? A short review to this question will actually help me lots to decide on my next story. Using Alan is a lot easier. More like using a tool made just for my use to carve a good story.

Thanks for reading: LordPlagus777