The End of Duel Academy

Bryan Knight enters his third year at Duel Academy in the top student rank and a prominent spot in Team Lockdown. Matthew Luther reenters the Academy three weeks into classes and has to duel his way back up through the ranks.

After a particularly difficult duel, Bryan and four other Duel Academy students are offered the chance to participate in a two-week course abroad at the Themelic Pantheon, a new university opened in Santa Barbara by the Director of the Industrial Illusions division of Kaiba Corp. (Any existing characters who wish to apply for the course, fill out Form A below; any students of the Thelemic Pantheon may complete Form B.)
Bryan and his cohort quickly learn that the program directors had ulterior motives in gathering this particular group together.

Meanwhile, Matt and the rest of Duel Academy play host to the prestigious GX Captain Tournament, essentially an indirect war between the CEOs of Kaiba Corp. and Schroeder Corp. Each duelist received a medal as proof of participation and as ante for the duels. The tournament is called Captain because each duelist selects a Deck Captain (i.e., think of Noah's virtual world) to grant each duelist extra abilities during the duel. When the tournament expires, the organization with the most medals wins.

The Ghost Duelist continues to lurk in the shadows of Duel Academy, but it turns out he has more followers, some of whom are especially dangerous. What is his goal, and how does it involve Thelemic Pantheon and the GX Captain Tournament?

Form A (for existing characters)
What is your greatest strength?
What is your greatest insecurity?
What motivates you?
How have you earned this opportunity? (Why you and not someone else?)

Form B (for application to Thelemic Pantheon)
Mannerisms/speech patterns:
Year in School:
Deck Theme:
Psychic ability: (something that might help a duelist)
Personality—Aggressive or Passive?
Personality—Logical or Emotional?
Personality—Gracious or Gruff?
Personality—Private or Expressive?
Personality—Self-Confident or Insecure?
What motivates you?

I welcome submissions from anyone already reading if for no other reason than it gives me time to figure out how the character fits into the story well. I may also accept some characters as freshmen at Duel Academy, or some associates for Schroeder Corp. if you want to make a one-shot character. (I currently have Allen Tebaro and Cain Valin submitted by readers at an earlier date enrolled as freshmen.) If you choose to fill out either form, 50 words is your goal for the essay-type questions.

I don't know exactly when I'll post the first chapter of the next arc. I will need time to figure out the story in light of any possible character submissions (*fingers crossed*). I feel reasonably confident the title atop this page is the title I will use; if you are eager to see the next arc, you can check the site each week or subscribe to me as an author and get an email alert anytime I post a story. (That may sound like a shameless effort to increase popularity, but I suggest it as the easiest method of knowing my progress AND a shameless effort to increase my popularity. *wink*)