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This is the final chapter of 333 and More Ways to Get Kicked Out!

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496. Go into a car wash

It was a new cleaning place in Risembool for cars and tractors, and when Edward and Alphonse returned home filthy, Winry decided to give the place a try but for a different reason.

"At least she covered the blood seal brother!"

"But we're soaking wet!"

497. Become a millionaire

Fuery finally hit gold, literally. One of his inventions, a electronic device called an MPEG, and MP3 for short.

He promptly retired to his mansion, having a bunch of girls chilling with him in a hot tub.

Needless to say his old team paid him many visits.

498. Go to Space

An attempt to get rid of Mustang by Edward by creating a space craft and launching it into the atmosphere.

Sadly, it backfired when Roy came back an even bigger hero for exploring ("HA") the vastness of space.

499. Make a Movie

The Elrics' former therapist ended up with a good amount of money too for the movie she wrote on the…issues of the family of patients gave her.

Sadly, they didn't get to star in it either.

500. Get Kicked Out of HQ

A female private was finally kicked out of the military building after stalking numerous officers and the Furher himself to create a guide for new recruits and various officers on the going-ons of the military.

The guide was finally completed and distributed to the delight of officers.

She was never heard from again...in Amestris at least