"Hey, Kate."

"Hi, Paula. How's he doing?" She walked into the shade of the large tree Paula was swinging from.

"Still at it. Another 'Kelly', poor guy."

"He'd smack you if he heard that. Anything new?" She sat on the swing that fell from the branches.

"Not much. 'Colonel Hollis Mann' is trying to get with him again, Jenny won't like that."

"Mmm. Oh, speak of the devil. Hey, Jen."

"Hey, Jen."

"Hey, Paula, Kate. What's up?" She reached for the new swing that fell as she approached.

"Mann is trying to get with Gibbs again." They informed her in unison.

"Mmm. She's really not his type." Jen replied, rocking slowly. "What does the team think?"

"Tony's being a pervert, as always." Kate said, rolling her eyes.

"And Ziva's being rational, as always." Paula finished.

"I wish I could have met Ziva." Kate sighed. "I think we would have gotten along."

"That, or you'd be at each other's throats." Jen chuckled. "Did you see Abby's reaction? She did not like replacing you, Kate. Did you two have a thing?"

"No, did you and Ziva?" Kate smirked. Paula laughed at their exchange.

"No, we did not. Cassidy, what about you and DiNozzo?" Jen turned the focus to the blonde. She blushed.

"No, Tony and I never did anything like that. But I think he might have a thing for Ziva."

"Hard to tell." Kate muttered, looking at her former partner. "He's such a womanizer I don't know if he means all that flirting or not. I doubt it, though. Ziva doesn't seem like the sort to get fooled by his charm."

"Yes, but he has grown on her." Jen responded. "She's more open now. He even got her to use contractions every now and then."

"I remember when I first got here, Gibbs wouldn't let Ziva sit at my desk. It was kind of sweet, in a weird way. Which reminds me, I still need to get back at Tony for picking on McGee when I died. He was totally over the line. Perhaps I'll visit Abby in a dream." Kate mused.

"Too late now." Paula laughed. "How many years has it been for them?"

"I'm not sure. Four? Five? Funny how I can't even keep track of how long it's been since my death." She laughed. "God, I remember when Gibbs taped my PDA to that target and the shot destroyed it. I had so much trouble explaining that to the guy at the store."

"Did you see Ziva's reaction to the hat Tony shot?" Jen asked.

"No, I thought he gave that to Abby!"

"I'm not exactly sure how, but Gibbs gave her that hat and her first reaction was to ask why where was a nine-millimeter hole in it. She even stuck her finger through the hole!" Jen laughed. "And Gibbs' response was 'ventilation'." She chuckled. "Damn, I really wish Ari hadn't shot you. We could have had so much fun together in life."

"Abby would likely have dragged all of us to a 'Girl's Day' every now and again." Kate groaned, grinning. "Does she do that with Ziva?"

"She tried."

"Oh, dear."

"I'm going to go visit my team." Paula said, waving as she walked away. Her swing rose back up into the leaves.

"Ok, see you."

"Later, Paula. So, Jen, what did Ziva do when Abby tried to give her a 'Girl's Day'?"

"Well at first she tried to be nice and back out, but you know how stubborn Abby is."

"Oh, I do. Which reminds me, I never got back at you for almost killing my first friend at NCIS." She socked Jen's shoulder. "That's for Chip."

"Do you want to hear the story, or not?"

"Fine, fine."

"Well, eventually, Ziva ran out of excuses and went to Abby's apartment for a 'Girl's Night'. Abby played chick flick movies, did Ziva's hair, and even painted her nails!"

"Ziva told you all this?"

"I caught her picking off the nail polish. Abby was happy to share details, as well."

"I can imagine. Well, it's nice to know they can go on without us." They swung slowly for a while, in companionable silence, looking down at the people they left behind.

"I miss them."

"Me, too. At least Cassidy has her team back."