This story is a spinoff of 'The Cure' 'verse, in which Bumblebee is involved with both Prowl and Jazz and the Twins. For my Cure readers interest, events within this spinoff are self-contained and do not pertain to what may happen in the future plot of that story, this stand alone is an expansion of a theory/bunny devised by ~Lioness007 known also as ~Weeping-cheetah on DA. She's my Cure Beta and this whole story was based off a small comic by her, here: http :// weeping-cheetah. deviantart. com/art /Rough-tf-comic-146285527 (spaces take out obviously)

So i'm not sure if this will stand as a one shot or if i will also write another little bit that is sitting as a brain bunny in my head. If i get time and drive, we shall see. For now, i love this. And much love for Kaitie, this is to cheer you up ^.^

Hope others enjoy this also, the Seeker!Bee concept is Kaitie's brainchild, not mine!I just love it to bits and run with it. Also i've been toying with his design on my DA, so if you know it, go there and have a look, if you don't, then why not? Same username as here, shouldn't be too hard to find, don't be a lazy aft XD If you really couldn't be bothered finding out, then i'll tell you i base Bumblebee's jet mode off the original Skydive toy, but the wings look like a seeker's and not how they look on SD's original root mode. That is all.

~Death Out


Bumblebee writhed under the wonderful onslaught from the golden toughliner. In turn, Sunstreaker wasn't really the driving force behind the deliciously deep thrusts… no, that would be Prowl, who was sandwiching the lambo between himself and the minibot, making the golden twin mewl and vent hot bursts of air across Bumblebee's back.

"Mmmmnn… Bee…" Sunstreaker began licking and nipping at his back plating, tracing seams with his glossa. Bumblebee quivered and tensed, but the reaction was extremely reigned in. Sunstreaker didn't really notice, which was just as well. The minibot had no reason to be hyper sensitive on his back armour, it wasn't a trait he shared with any other minibot grounders, but then Sunny didn't really fraternise with them, so it wasn't like he'd have anything to compare his minibot berth-mate with.

"You have such weird back-plate seam configurations… Primus I just wanna stick my servos in you and -UNGH!"

"No sticking your servos anywhere unless I say you can." Prowl half growled, half purred, thrusting forcefully while he slipped his tapered digits into Sunstreaker's hip seams.

The toughliner's engine revved in response. He and Bumblebee shared one thing in common, and that was a strange love for being dominated by Prowl.

The three were having a wonderful pre-shift bonding session and would quickly reap the rewards of their combined efforts. Jazz and Sideswipe looked like they weren't that far behind them either, the pair doing their best to out-do the threesome, and likewise from the odd assortment writhing together on the berth with heated, blissful sounds.

If there was one thing the 5 of them didn't want to hear at that moment, it was the decepticon attack alarm.

Unfortunately, it was oblivious to their activities and blared brashly away as the mechs all stalled in their motions, looking to the ceiling in disbelief or groaning and cursing in annoyance.

"Unh… come on, I can get off in five astroseconds, and then I'll answer it." Sideswipe whined somewhat breathlessly as he pressed his hips back into Jazz's slowed motions.

Prowl actually growled in regret and frustration, feeling Sunstreaker quivering on his spike as he stopped moving.

"No time, we'll have to finish this later."

"Awww, ya sure there isn't time for one teensy little overload?" Sideswipe pouted. Jazz had stopped moving and sighed resignedly, but had not pulled out.

"No, it will drain your energy reserves and that is dangerous going into combat." Prowl said, trying to switch into professional mode, but his vocaliser hitched slightly as he drew out of Sunstreaker while the golden Lambo clenched tightly around his spike as if trying to keep him there.

Bumblebee gave a small, almost angry noise of discontent as he leaned back onto Sunstreaker's spike. "I hate having to hang a charge. Frag, those 'Cons are going to slagging wish they'd stayed in their own berths today when I get out there." Sunstreaker growled ominously. Bumblebee moaned lowly as the toughliner slowly pulled out of him. The minibot's faceplates were flushed and he straightened, on his knees, optics glowing dark. "They're going to wish I'd never gotten out of recharge this morning when I get out there." The spy stated, tone darker than most of them were used to. The only one in the room who actually smiled at the minibot's words was Jazz.

"The sight of that is only goin' ta keep my charge on edge." He purred, pulling swiftly out of Sideswipe and landing a resounding smack on the red toughliner's aft, earning him a startled yelp and a strong growling rev of arousal from the twin.

"Come on, clean up quickly, we have to respond. I have the feeling the 'Cons won't last long, I doubt they've ever faced off 5 very frustrated and up-charged mechs at once. They will doubtfully be prepared." Prowl soothed as he threw them each a cleaning cloth from Jazz's berth side draw.

The battle was certainly fiercer than any they had had in months. But this was not due to the apparent new arrivals on the Decepticon side… in fact, much to everyone's surprise the most forceful show of aggression was not even from Megatron, but five of the autobot's forces.

Something seemed to have really ticked off both the SIC, the TIC, the toughliner twins and… seemingly enough Bumblebee of all mechs.

None of the autobots had a clue what had ticked the 5 of them off so thoroughly… seemingly their problem was with the Decepticons, as if they'd done them all some kind of individual personal injustice, but hey… they weren't going to complain given the small group were easily pushing the advantage over the stunned 'Cons.

Prowl and Sunstreaker ran at Soundwave, the golden toughliner snarling like a pit demon, the tactician wearing his scariest dark icy look… even the normally stoic blue cassette master seemed wary of the pair, choosing to evade rather than initiate any defensive manoeuvres.

"Is it just me or are those Autobots really pissed?" Rumble grumbled warily at his brother Frenzy. The other cassette shrugged. "Yea, but I don't remember doing anything to them recently-GAK!"

Rumble cried out as his brother fell, but he wasn't quick enough for the yellow blur and it jumped straight off Frenzy and onto him.

Neither of the cassettes stood a chance, Bumblebee had disrupted vital neural lines in their necks with chilling accuracy, sending them both offline. He huffed, still terse and wanting nothing more than to curl up in a berth with his close circle of lovers and share some amazing overloads before the start of his mid-cycle shifts, and these slagging 'Cons had gone and ruined it all just when they'd gotten started.

He'd endured interface related frustration for a long time, and now that he really didn't have to, he just couldn't tolerate being forced to because the enemy got bored and decided it wanted to go raiding some more human energy resources.

Soundwave contacted his leader as he ran and hid from the laser fire of the tactician and the yellow hellion.

:Request- permission to call for aerial re-enforcements:

The silver and crimson gun-former was currently busy trading insults with Prime and amusing himself with threatening human hostages, watching the slight and constant ebb of fear in the Prime's optics as he toyed with the thin line of the fragile organics lives.

: Yes, Soundwave, whatever, do what is necessary for victory!: He snapped back shortly over the comm.

The communications officer opened a channel to Starscream and requested a second wave of seekers.

Currently it was only the lead trine on the offensive. With an obvious sneer in his vocals, the air commander obliged, his tone lazy and uncaring as he strafed across the autobot's front line.

Jazz ducked and Sideswipe threw himself out of the way.

He needed to get to Sunstreaker so they could attack the seekers together, Jet judo just never worked as well solo.

Sideswipe was just itching to rip into some seeker plating. From the languid way the decepticon's lead trine were flying, the red twin would bet any credits that the horny slaggers had gotten in some decent overloads recently. Bunch of fraggers. Everyone knew seekers were, to put it in earth terms, borderline nymphomaniacs. If they didn't seem to all be total aft-heads or glitches, Sideswipe thought he'd like very much to berth one, but that was never going to happen. He could still, of course, get up close and personal, but then the pleasure would be all his and the unfortunate seeker would only get pain from the encounter.

Sideswipe smirked and scoured the battlefield with his optics, easily catching the golden gleam of his brother's plating.

OH Primus, he couldn't afford to watch Sunstreaker and Prowl fighting together, it just made his still burning charge throb in his spark with lust.

He growled and cast around for a nearby 'Con to relieve some pent up energy on. He caught sight of another yellow figure and couldn't help the smile that spread across his lip components.

Bumblebee was crouched near the unconscious forms of Rumble and Frenzy, still not a mark on him… actually barely a mark on the cassettes either…damn Sideswipe always forgot just how efficient the little spy could be when galvanised into action.

The minibot's expression seemed to match just how he felt. Frustrated and eager to get back to where they had left off, angry at any 'Con coming between him and a good 'facing.

Sideswipe shot viciously at the advancing combaticons, who backed off with apprehensive looks at his loud snarling and Jazz's dangerous expression where he backed up the red twin's shots not five metres to his left. Sideswipe pressed forward towards the minibot's position as he went.

Lazerbeak swooped on Bumblebee where he crouched, but the spy's rifle tracked the turbo hawk with deadly accuracy, hitting a wing and sending the cassette spiralling away back towards it's master… who it couldn't reach because Soundwave was still trying to take cover from Prowl and Sunstreaker's attack.

Sideswipe was just thinking how surprisingly veracious in berth the minibot was and how he probably didn't need to ever berth a seeker given the small yellow mech's apparently very healthy 'face drive.

He kinda regretted not knowing about it much sooner, all the fun they'd been missing out on! Not to mention from what Bumblebee had let slip, he'd been terribly frustrated without any partners or prospectives.

He would definitely have to try and make up for lost time with the minibot, but then he'd have to get in line with the other three, he thought with a smirk. That minibot would never be left wanting again if he had his way.

The red twin was just contemplating going over to see if Bumblebee wanted to learn how to do some Jet Judo when the sound of more jet engines rumbled across the sky.

The sound of additional seekers didn't overly bother Sideswipe as he advanced, shooting at any 'Cons in his range… but glancing back at Bumblebee, the minibot's optics had gone curiously wide and he had stiffened considerably. He looked wildly around, seemingly noticing he was right out in the open (not that it seemed to have been an issue to him a moment ago, even as the lead trine swooped low and strafed laser-fire right near his position), and then made a dash for their frontlines.

Sideswipe frowned anxiously. He knew Bumblebee was no coward, and while it wasn't unusual for him to fight from behind the front lines, the sudden alarm in his optics unnerved Sideswipe. He gave the minibot cover-fire and threw Jazz a look. The Porsche had been watching their companion as well, and knew him even better than the red twin, so it didn't make him feel any better that the saboteur looked as confused by Bumblebees behaviour as him.

The two looked up as the roaring jets got closer. They both raised their rifles and let loose a string of laser fire as first the coneheads and then another trine of seekers passed low overhead and banked to opposite sides.

The three new jets were green, gold and cobalt… a team Jazz at least recognised from Cybertron. Sideswipe thought they seemed vaguely familiar, an old memory file informing him they had something to do with acid-rain storms.

"Fraggin' rainmakers… just what we need." Jazz growled, training his rifle on the once tetra-jets whom had seemingly adopted the same alt. mode as their air commander now that they were on earth.

"That's it, I'm getting Sunny, it's time some fliers got grounded." Sideswipe snarled.

"Bad idea 'Sides, and I'm not sayin' that for Ratchet's sake… that yellow one emits radio-active heat, I'm talkin' melt ya down to the protoform kinda heat. Better off shootin'." Jazz said soberly.

Sideswipe scowled but joined the saboteur with his lazer fire as the new trine swept over the battlefield and back towards them once more.

Is it just me or do they look more interested in scoping the battlefield rather than actually fighting anyone? That can't be good… Jazz thought, wearing a scowl to match Sideswipe's now.

Both their faces fell into shock however as the jet trio suddenly swerved mid flight and headed straight for them.

The two peppered the air with shots at the oncoming jets, and the green one got hit badly in one wing, careening out of control off to the side before changing to root mode and branching off towards Starscream's trine, trailing smoke.

The other two put on a burst of speed, and feeling his energon pump racing Jazz realised the jet's weren't actually heading for them at all.

Whoever they were heading for suddenly opened fire and cursed rather vehemently.

Jazz span around to find… Bumblebee to be the source of desperate rapid-fire, from both his rifle and his mouth.

And then it suddenly dawned on him that the minibot was the target and he was just standing there gawking.

Sideswipe seemed to realise this at the same time, letting out an angry squawk before they both tore towards the yellow mech and the seekers bearing down on him.

It all happened in a flash, and yet it seemed to slow down impossibly as Jazz watched it unfold.

The yellow jet dived at Bumblebee, who was still firing, but his shots seemed to explode at a point a foot from the seeker's actual plating.

Bumblebee yelled and twisted, making to run, but the yellow seeker transformed and barely landed as he reached out and scooped up a yelling, cursing, thrashing Bumblebee as his blue companion (also transformed) ripped the rifle from Bumblebee's servos and tossed it aside.

And then just like that they were flying off and away, taking a loudly protesting Bumblebee with them.


Prowl and Sunstreaker's attack on Soundwave halted abruptly at the sound of both Jazz and Sideswipe calling out desperately.

Blaster was already heading towards them, and the two decided they could leave the assault on the blue and white 'Con to the red and yellow boom-box. They sprinted after Jazz and Sideswipe, who were running perpendicular to the front-line of attack, cutting through the crossfire without a moment's hesitation.

Prowl gazed ahead of them, searching for a sign of Bumblebee… what had happened to him? Where was he? Who were they running after?

Jazz, report, what's happened?

Prowl they took Bee! The rainmakers just swooped down and took him, I don't know what they're gonna-

Calm down Jazz, look ahead, they're rendezvousing with Starscream's trine, that many jets can be tracked easily, just don't lose sight of where they're going!

Bumblebee hadn't heard his name called over the roaring of jet engines. He hated…hated how familiar the feel of the other jet's warm chassis pressed against his back was.

He squirmed and struggled uselessly, earning only a barely discernable snicker of amusement from somewhere over his helm for his troubles. It was very, very hard not to be distracted by the thrill of flying.

I should NOT be enjoying this, I can't be! Not with him! I'll never forgive him, I don't care what excuses or lies or WHATEVER he gives me… what is this? What is he planning to do with me? Why are we meeting up with Starscream's trine? What, does he think he can get Screamer to force me to be with him? Wait… he knows I'm a… oh primus… no, he's not going to… is he? Oh slag, oh SLAG if he does that I… NO! Frag this to the PIT!

Bumblebee's struggles renewed, but Sunstorm merely tightened his grip. The extraordinary heat and radiation emitting from his plating was being reigned in by the seeker, but it never would have effected his captive anyway. Bumblebee had been the only mech ever known to be immune to the effects of Sunstorm's odd radioactivity.

Which gave the egocentric seeker the idea that they were supposed to be destined, primus-ordained spark-mates. A thought Bumblebee had not always been repulsed by…

No, back when he didn't have a reason to hide who or what he was, he'd been happy to agree with Sunstorm… until the golden-yellow flier had taken it to mean he could do whatever he pleased to Bumblebee, at which point everything had gone horribly sour and Bumblebee had been forced not only to flee the megalomaniac's clutches, but change the very fundamentals of what he was in order to stay hidden and lead a semi-normal life.

But Sunstorm still knew what he was… and Bumblebee didn't have any doubt that the manipulative mech would readily reveal his secret to whoever he pleased, he may even try blackmail.

It didn't matter, the spy new that if anyone on the Ark found out, then that was it… his career was over, his friends would reject him and… he didn't even want to think what his lovers would say…

True horror and fear was starting to grip Bumblebee by the time they came in to land, but he refused to let it show. He continued to struggle even as the other seekers snickered and bound his hands behind him and forced him roughly to the ground.

"This better be good Sunstorm, I'm wasting perfectly good autobot-slagging time here." Starscream drawled, crossing his arms over his cockpit and glaring nonchalantly at Bumblebee.

"Tch, not like it makes much difference Starscream, not like you ever hit anything." Bumblebee sniped venomously. Thundercracker growled and stepped forward to deal the unflinching minibot a blow, but Sunstorm stepped in front of him with a soft chuckle.

"No touchy… only I can do that. After all, you have no idea just how important our little guest is." the sun coloured flier purred, earning a grimace of annoyance from Thundercracker, who fell back into place on Starscream's right.

"Come on, get on with it! You've already talked him up, I still can't see it. And I have a bet to win with TC here." Skywarp crowed, tapping a pede against the dry earth impatiently.

The seekers had surrounded Bumblebee, all optics gazing at him with scornful disbelief and judgement. They were in some kind of clearing, surrounded by tall pines. They were several kilometres at least from the battle-ground now. If help was coming (he was sure Jazz and Sideswipe had to have seen his plight at least) it would be at least a breem. Bumblebee didn't want to think what could happen to him here within a breem… his mind was uncharacteristically blank in the face of his biggest secret teetering on the edge of being blown wide open.

Sunstorm strode languidly around him, golden optics drinking in his form hungrily, though with a note of clear distain.

"Now now now, this look doesn't suit you at all! And yet I'm flattered you would go to the extreme like this just to avoid little old me, but you really should have known you couldn't hide forever! The hide-and-seek has been fun sweet-Bee, but let's drop the charade now shall we? I would so love to see those pretty wings of yours again, don't you miss all the things I used to do to them?" The bright seeker crooned, circling around behind him.

Bumblebee's processor suddenly seemed to kick back into action. Perhaps… if he held out, he could stave this off until help arrived, because it seemed the others seekers… while Sunstorm may have already told them, didn't seem to believe him. He would play on that as long as possible.

"I don't know what the frag you're talking about." Bumblebee growled over his shoulder, and to his credit he sounded genuinely confused… but pit he wasn't one of the Ark's best spies for nothing. He and Mirage often practiced their falsifying techniques with one another, and only Jazz could ever outmatch them at it.

Sunstorm merely chuckled darkly and Bumblebee felt the heat of his plating as the larger mech knelt behind him, wrapping an arm around him, servo reaching to caress his faceplates while Sunstorm's cranial vent settled on the other side of his helm. Bumblebee jerked roughly and tried to bite the servo that ghosted fingertips over his faceplate.

The soft caress quickly turned into a sharp, steely grip, and Bumblebee found his helm pressed hard between Sunstorm's hand and neck-cables, the jet ex-venting sharp hot bursts of air across his back.

"Nice try my little-stinger, but I told them your secret… Aw, Don't be like that…" the seeker was being melodramatic in his tone, but for Sunstorm this was normal. Bumblebee was scowling and putting on his best 'utterly confused' look in a vain attempt to keep the other seekers questioning Sunstorm's credibility.

"They just want a little look. You're such a cute novelty and such a well-kept secret." the yellow flier snickered, releasing Bumblebee suddenly and rising, flicking his wings back imperiously in a stance that clearly stated to any other seeker that Bumblebee was HIS.

The spy glanced at Starscream and his trine, who were all in front of him, watching with curious but still dubious optics.

If Sunstorm were not being so very possessive of the auto-brat minibot, they might pass this off as a prank… but the egomaniacal flier was not known for fairly pawing a grounder like he was a prized pet, so the others remained silent and waited patiently for the posturing mech to get down to business, intrigued despite themselves.

"The only minibot with wings. None of them had even guessed. Yet it explained so much, missing data, copied maps, surprise attacks that would go so wrong…"

Sunstorm began striding around Bumblebee again, the small mech glaring up at him, the apprehension and fear building inside his tense frame as Sunstorm slowly and worryingly revealed unfortunate truths… of course not even Jazz had known just how Bumblebee was such an efficient spy. He'd thankfully never questioned it, just reaped the rewards. Bumblebee hadn't minded lying to keep his secret, because ultimately he was doing good, so what did it matter?

Ooooh, but it would matter if he found out just how Bumblebee was so proficient at his job… the lie would be seen as a personal insult, and no way would Jazz, or any other Ark member trust him if they knew what he was…

Sunstorm was smirking down at his carefully schooled faceplates, as though he could read Bumblebee's mind and see his fears unfurling.

"We worked so hard to separate you from your friends… you don't know how long it's taken to organise a raid where you've come out into the open for us. Come now, won't you indulge us with a show my little spy?"

Sunstorms vocals had a hungry edge to them now as he circled, fingers reaching out and trailing, feather light yet somehow sinister as they dragged across his back plating. Bumblebee hunched and tried to escape the touch, but if he leaned any further forward he'd fall flat on his face. He shuddered as the golden jet traced the spare-tire cover on his back plating… or at least, what was supposed to look like a spare tire cover. It was almost as if the slagger knew his specialised modifications, knew that beneath his digits was hidden his secret, bitter-sweet burden.

"They thought they had a traitor, but they had a little spy. Flying in and out of the Decepticon base with no one being the wiser."

The words were nearly whispered, a definite, predatory, anticipative edge to the seeker's vocals now.

"Can we hurry this up please? It was hard enough to convince Megatron to go on this raid, I don't want him on my aft when he realises we weren't even present for several breems." Starscream snapped, optics intent on Bumblebee.

"Oh, if you insist… sorry, my sweet Bee, but you'll just drag this out, I know you too well. It's not like it will matter, this grounder mode of yours is frankly worth spoiling…"

Bumblebee cried out as the digits that had been caressing his back plates suddenly clawed into him and ripped.

Bumblebee shouted, growled, and couldn't hold back a whimper as the specialised subspace mods were torn right open… inhibitor relays damaged and triggering the secondary transform against his will.

"No!" He half gasped, half moaned, as the unmistakeable sounds of transformation cogs heralded the revelation of his secret, the parts of him so carefully hidden with Ratchet's help all those vorns ago sliding smoothly from their concealed and skilfully crafted hiding places.

The collective gasp from the seekers standing around changed the mood in the air completely.

The tension shot up, and Bumblebee's optics were shuttered tight. He didn't want to believe it was happening… so easily at that… but he couldn't even feel appropriately scared for himself… not when it felt so good… the soft air currents passing over his quivering, too often suppressed wings, the quiet thrum of power feeding readily to his turbines, the sudden lightness, knowing he could just lift off with a thought and kiss the sky… it was like a drug.

"You weren't lying… I must say, this IS a surprise." Starscream uttered quietly, a dangerous kind of purr to his normally screechy vocals.

"Ha! Pay up 'Warp!" Thundercracker crowed in triumph. Bumblebee onlined his optics to glare at his audience, defying them to pass judgement on him. He noticed that Skywarp seemed too curious and excited to be all that disappointed about losing his bet with Thundercracker.

Sunstorm didn't seem at all interested in his team-mates reactions… his attention was wholly focussed on Bumblebee, who was realising how uncomfortable the binding of his servos behind his back was given his wings now forced his arms lower. His arms however, were forced to the back of his processor as Sunstorm came around in front of him and grasped the leading edges of his wings, drawing him into a sudden and searing kiss, against which he fought viciously, only to whimper as Sunstorm's grip on his wings became painful.

"Heeeey, 'Screamer… I don't suppose you mind us missing a little more battle-action to catch this action?" Skywarp snickered as he gestured to where the bright gold flier seemed to be gearing up to ravage his mini-seeker prisoner.

"I don't suppose it could hurt." Starscream snickered, optics glowing bright as he watched the spectacle with clear amusement and interest.

One of the reasons Bumblebee had run from Sunstorm was this… he may have been created a seeker himself, but he was something of an exception to the rules, given he was one of a kind. While many of the clone flier models had exhibitionist tendencies when it came to interfacing, he certainly did not… well, not that he didn't enjoy it when the twins would pretend like they would 'face him right in the middle of the rec room, but that was always borderline discreet and they'd never actually do it without his permission… and even then they probably wouldn't cause they found keeping his sex-kitten nature secret a total turn-on.

But not only was Sunstorm quite partial to exhibitionism, he was partial to roughness, and all kinds of kink, and he actively wanted to flaunt Bumblebee in public displays of interface regularly, something Bumblebee had been hard pressed never to allow before he ran… and even then, he hadn't been able to prevent it that one night, hell the golden seeker had practically raped him.

Feeling a much more seeker-ish swell of anger, Bumblebee's engine growled and he bit at the large, perfectly contoured lips trying to part his own.

Sunstorm withdrew with a gasp and an angry flash of his bright yellow optics, looking very much like he would strike Bumblebee, who glared defiantly back. A blow never came however, as energon dripped from the torn dermal metal he had bitten. Instead, to his dismay, it only seemed to serve as kindling to Sunstorm's fire.

He felt the larger seeker's plating begin to emit that hot radiation to which he was immune in pulsing waves. He struggled harder in the jet's grasp with a whine, but the grip on his over-sensitive wings was just too painful.

Sunstorm began to caress him… ooooh how he remembered those touches, how he loved their knowing motions and bitterly hated them to his very core at the same time.

He shuddered, hearing Sunstorm purr loudly, reverberating his already high-strung and partially charged chassis, but he refused to moan.

The others came to mind… Jazz and Prowl, the twins, their loving touches, beautiful words and tender embraces, their acceptance and affection…

He whimpered, knowing this was the end of it all, and he would be taken away by Sunstorm and become a slave to his whim, his public toy, his destined treasure, and he would waste away… he would rather be pierced right through the spark, right now, to avoid his fate.

At his whimper, Sunstorm seemed to realise by the anguished tone that he was not responding positively to his touches… that he was recoiling, resisting, and looking at his face…

"Who are you thinking about, hmm? Who? ANSWER!"

Just like that, there he was… that insanely volatile side that came with the radiation addled processor of a mech who believes they are a living God. A living, lustful, powerful, vengeful god…

The seeker had grasped Bumblebee's chin in a vice like and painful grip, forcing the small flier to look him in the optics. Bumblebee stared back defiantly.

"I don't want you Sunstorm… I never will." The winged beetle uttered coldly, barely above a whisper.

With a growl and a change of demeanour so quick even the other seekers shuttered their optics a few times in surprise, the golden flier raised the smaller mech by his neck and threw him hard to his side.

Bumblebee grunted in pain as a sensitive wing scraped harshly across the ground, but the damage, while painful, was superficial.

"You cannot deny me! You cannot deny the very will of PRIMUS! You know there is no other, my sweet-sting! You forget that you are mine, you were MADE for me! You will do all that I will you to, and there will be, no, question!"

Bumblebee looked up, refusing to meet Sunstorm's optics, instead looking at the other seekers. Starscream was watching the golden Seeker's outburst with what looked like appreciation… he was certainly displaying his Decepticon qualities very well right now, and obviously Starscream had had his doubts about the flippant, ego-centric, slightly maniacal seeker.

Sunstorm growled at his passive aggressive refusal to look him in the optics, and stormed over to no doubt continue to cow Bumblebee, but the minibot was not helpless, despite his size… and what was more he was desperate now, to escape the fate he had hidden from for so long, even if he couldn't go back to the Autobots…

Bumblebee kicked out and hit hard against the heel-cone of one of Sunstorms thrusters. It was literally his 'Achilles heel' as the humans would call it. The cone structure was very strong when it came to supporting the upright weight of the large mech, but a hard blow from the side easily warped the metal.

Sunstorm cursed loudly and hopped on the spot, clutching his pede.

Bumblebee felt a rush of burning energy… another seeker trait, flooding through his processors now that his inhibitor relays had been damaged along with the subspace pockets that hid his flier transform components.

He stretched his arms back painfully far and ignited his main tail thruster where it sat on his back. The scorching heat damaged the sensors in his servos slightly, but effectively melted and severed the low-grade wire binding his wrist joints.

Bumblebee propelled himself to his feet using his free arms and thrashing legs, but Sunstorm leapt on him with a snarl before he could escape.

He heard the other fliers jeering and leering as Sunstorm clawed into his frame while he thrashed uselessly. The bigger mech had his arms pinned back with his own looped under the shoulder joints and servos ripping at his chest-plate.

Bumblebee cried out as radiation heat assaulted his sensitive wings and his tail-fins scraped against the other's cockpit. Sunstorm was tearing away at the hood of his ground alt. mode, the glass in the windows and windshield shattering under pressure, the metal warping painfully as the big gold seeker attempted to reveal the minibot's own hidden cockpit, which rested under his yellow Volkswagen roof.

Bumblebee hated how weak he was against the attack… he just couldn't win, not against Sunstorm… if he could, he'd never of had to go into hiding in the first place.

"You will learn, my sweet-Bee, oh I will teach you your lesson!" the words were growled, half seductive, half feral and deadly in his audio before one of his helm horns was bitten down upon hard, making him cry out sharply at the pain.


The minibot never thought he'd heard such a wonderful and terrifying sound in his life… the chorus of the mechs he loved crashing though the trees to come to his rescue.


Sunstorm was beginning to sound hysterical, and the other seekers closest to him backed away as his radiation field flared dangerously.

Desperate, Bumblebee squirmed and tried to activate his transform sequence… maybe he could salvage this, maybe… with a bit of good lying and some swift help from Ratchet…

Bumblebee's wings scraped painfully as they attempted to retract into warped back plating, and they nearly managed to fold back into his sub-space mods… but the wing he'd landed on when thrown had bent just the slightest bit, and the ailerons were still sticking out… not to mention his cockpit was now quite visible where the glass of his chest plate had been smashed and one corner door-column bent away from his body.

"Mine! MINE!" the insensible golden jet hissed as he dug his digits into gaps in Bumblebee's plating, making him yelp in pain.

Suddenly, laser fire was erupting everywhere, and Starscream took to the air with his trine, returning fire with the suddenly appeared autobot SIC and TIC.

Sunstorm's wing mates were not smart enough to get their afts in the air post-haste, and as a consequence, each ended up with their own Lambo twin.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe wasted no time laying into the two new seekers, pouncing and pounding… really it was the easiest Jet Judo they'd ever done, the idiot slaggers weren't even taking off!

When Starscream and his wing mates decided retreat was more advantageous, they left their flier comrades to deal with four exceedingly pissed Autobots, and Prowl immediately made a run for Sunstorm. But as the edge of the radiation field hit him he froze in his tracks, skidding on the ground as he halted and staggered back slightly.

He growled and made to press ahead with a steely look in his optics, but Bumblebee cried out, "NO!"

That was when Prowl looked at him… really looked at him… and realised something was most definitely not right.

Before he could assess what he saw, the apoplectic golden Seeker that was clinging and snarling at the minibot jerked roughly where he stood… before neatly keeling over forwards, pinning Bumblebee to the ground under his unmoving chassis.

The wave of radiation began to abate, and standing opposite Prowl on the other edge of the radiation limit was Sunstreaker, who lowered his rifle with a piercing cold look still in his optics.

He hadn't been able to kill the seeker with the shot (the laser pulse stopping short of the spark chamber due to radioactive interference) but it was clear that was what he'd been aiming for, and his aim was certainly true.

Sunstreaker had already knocked cold the dark blue seeker… Sideswipe was still subduing the green one, but it didn't take long.

Jazz had joined Prowl at the tactician's side, and the four edged impatiently at the slowly dissipating radiation field, eager to get to Bumblebee.

Prowl shared a look with Jazz that told him the saboteur had also seen the worrying changes to Bumblebee's frame… but neither of them had a clue what it meant.

Before any of them could get within even a meter of the yellow seeker and their minibot companion (who seemed to have been jarred into stand-by offline by the fall and the pressure on his injuries), the sound of running pedes came from the tree line they themselves had emerged from.

They turned with rifles ready, only to hastily lower them as Ratchet came tearing over.

How he was prepared with a radiation dissipating wand, none of them dared to ask… all they knew was his attention was focussed solely on getting to Bumblebee.

Prowl couldn't shake the distinct impression that Ratchet had been… prepared for this.

How that was possible, he didn't know, but he was sure to ask when they returned to the ark… once , of course, Bumblebee was safe.

The twins looked both shocked and appalled when they tried to approach and Ratchet told them to stay back.

"You don't have medical resistance to the radioactivity he's still giving off, I don't need to worry about your fried circuits and melted plating on top of Bumblebee's injuries thankyou." The medic said gruffly before they could argue.

It was at least two tense Breems before Ratchet let them anywhere near Bumblebee, instructing that they put him in Ratchet's hold once the medic Transformed.

The twins did this with great care, and Prowl found himself frowning at the offline yellow mech… Ratchet had not only put the minibot in stasis to prevent pain from his injuries, but he'd fixed whatever strange changes Prowl had noted on the spy's frame…

He shared a meaningful look with Jazz before the two officers and the twins transformed and flanked Ratchet. They all headed back to the ark, the main contingent of the army having by now driven off the decepticons.

"What the frag was that about?" Sideswipe asked tersely, questioning no one in particular as the look in Sunstreaker's optics mirrored his query.

They were sitting outside the medbay with Jazz. Prowl had needed to head off and do the necessary debrief with Optimus, but he would likely join them in a few kliks. They had been back for a cycle, and the only thing Ratchet had said in regards to Bumblebee's condition was 'stay the frag out of my medbay until I say you can come in'.

So they had waited outside, silently, unwilling to leave without seeing that Bee was OK. None of them had injuries severe enough to require attention, and their self repair systems had by now nearly finished their work.

What over-charge had been in their systems that they hadn't managed to burn during battle had drained with the adrenalin of Bumblebee's plight. They all of them felt empty and off-balanced by the less than preferred means of energy dissipation. Really, they just wanted to know the minibot was undamaged in both body and mind.

Jazz looked up at Sideswipe's vague question, feeling rather unnerved that he actually had some crazy, impossible idea that could be the answer. And of course, he knew the red mech was referring to the involvement of a whole two seeker trines just to capture one minibot.

"Didn't either of ya see… something odd goin' on with Bee's frame?" he questioned quietly, a small frown marring his faceplates.

Sunstreaker shared an uneasy glance with his twin. "I thought something was off… I thought Sunstorm had done something to him, added… I don't know, extra stuff on him, that seeker is insane, it wouldn't surprise me if he tried to modify his victim for some psychotic reason known only to him." Sunstreaker mumbled angrily.

"I didn't see anything, I was too focussed on taking out the slagging bird-brains… but I still don't get what they wanted with him." Sideswipe said, his faceplate mirroring Jazz's.

"Well… so far as I can tell, seems like Bee's got some history with Sunstorm. Never mentioned it before, but I could understand why." Jazz muttered thoughtfully.

"Yea, but how does he have history with that planet-ego jet? I mean, he's a minibot, since when do fliers, Seekers no less, fraternise with grounders let alone small grounders. From what I know of Screamer and his buddies they particularly loath minibots… not as much as they hate me and Sunny, but close." Sideswipe mused with no small amount of confusion. Jazz's frown only deepened.

"I have a bad feeling that I know why, or how… but it's crazy, I don't even wanna entertain the idea until I can put it past Prowler."

"Are you saying that whatever changes Sunstorm made…" Sunstreaker blurted suddenly before snapping his lips together in a firm line, an uneasy look on his faceplate. It was as if he didn't want to know, suddenly, because the answer was probably something he didn't want to hear.

"I didn't get a good look. Prowl probably saw better than me, but from where I was standing… I coulda sworn the extra metal was kinda… in deep enough to suggest it wasn't just put there by someone in the space of the breem and a half we weren't there." Jazz said, his voice low and subdued.

Sideswipe opened his mouth to question what exactly the two had seen when pede-falls heralded Prowl's approach.

The three looked up at the stony faced tactician, but the black and white mech's expression became more concerned the closer he got.

"Has Ratchet said anything?" he asked quietly as he came level with them.

They all shook their heads, and the Datsun's door-wings drooped slightly. Then, as if he had been listening in on their conversation, the doors to the med-bay wooshed open softly and Ratchet stood, affixing four sets of worried optics with a single, stern glance before motioning them all inside.

None of the four were worried about being seen looking so concerned for Bumblebee, the rest of the ark knew the beetle was close to Jazz and Prowl, and that the Twins seemed to have somewhere along the way to pranking the minibot grown rather protective and friendly with him. None of them quite knew the extent of the relationship between the four, and all of them were happy to keep it that way. However, at least no one would see it as strange that they would all together want to visit the injured minibot.

Jazz brushed against Prowl in a soothing gesture as they entered the medbay, and the tactician flashed him a grateful look before he scanned the room for Bumblebee.

He saw only other patients who had suffered a few laser shot wounds and plating tears (and one servo detachment in the case of a grumpy Cliffjumper ). Ratchet however was leading them to one of the private operating rooms in the back of the bay, which caused the SIC to twitch his wings in slight alarm. Those rooms were generally reserved for major or life-threatening surgery, surely Bumblebee hadn't been that badly wounded?

But then his logic chip threw up that disturbing calculation relating to the odd changes he'd noted to Bumblebee's frame… and he thought perhaps the placement in that room had more to do with privacy than severity of injuries.

Trying to cast aside the disturbing conclusions nagging at his CPU, he threw Jazz a worried glance, which the saboteur returned with a slight shrug.

The twins, who were following the SIC and TIC, did not fail to notice their small gestures, and had a running dialogue across their spark bond.

:So what did you guys see? What was Jazz talking about?: Sideswipe asked anxiously.

:There was extra plating of some-sort sticking out of Bee's back and pedes. I couldn't be sure but… seems like Jazz is worried about it being the same thing I'm worried about it being:

:Which is?: Sideswipe prodded impatiently as they came to the door of the surgery room.

:We may all be jumping to conclusions, and it may well have been something the seekers did, but I swear it looked like he had aile-:

"He's good as new. Seekers didn't do much more than severe surface damage. He'll need the rest of the day off to rest, but his repair welds are settled, so as soon as he's ready to go back on duty he'll be fine." Ratchet grumbled, not sounding at all as light mooded as he should given the news.

Bumblebee was sitting up on the edge of the berth, optics on the floor… it disturbed all four of them just how stricken and nervous he seemed. Something was very, very wrong with this scene…

"It's great to hear that, Ratchet… but why are we here then? Couldn't you just discharge Bumblebee?" Prowl asked softly, his tone still professional despite the warring emotions and concern within him.

At this Ratchet shot the minibot a look that was definitely anxious and disapproving, but with a deep cycle of air he responded "He thought it was necessary to disclose something about his encounter and injuries with the four of you. AND-" the medic became emphatic to the point where it sounded very much like he was threatening them, "what he's about to reveal to you does not leave this room, do I make myself clear?"

The four of them exchanged slightly startled looks between each other and the minibot who's gaze was still fixed on the floor.

"We will not reveal anything if you don't want us to, you have our word Bumblebee."

When Prowl addressed him directly rather than Ratchet, the yellow mech looked up. The actual fear in his optics startled them.

"And just to be clear, I don't entirely condone this. None of you strictly need to know this at all-" Ratchet groused, but Bumblebee cut him off in a small but determined voice.

"Yes they do, Ratchet… I'm sure they saw, anyway… they deserve an explanation, at least, and well… I can't do it anymore… I can't lie to them, not after everything they've done for me."

Prowl was taken aback by the near desperation in Bumblebee's tone, as if he was about to write his own death sentence.

Ratchet's expression seemed to soften and he cycled another, resigned sigh. "Go on then… you better show them."

The four of them watched in utter shock and fascination as Bumblebee slid from the berth, stood tense for a few moments… and then with the sound of a transformation sequence engaging, something extraordinary happened…

Before them stood Bumblebee… the same yellow minibot they had all grown to love so deeply… but now he had wings… and not just wings, he had what looked like the tail and thrusters and… Primus, was that really a cockpit under the un-tinted glass of his chassis?

The four of them merely stood with their mouths agape in total shock for several astroseconds.

Bumblebee's wings were visibly trembling under their disbelieving stares.

Eventually, it was Sideswipe who broke the silence.

"Primus…are you… are you trying to… tell us that… you're, like, Sunstorm's lovechild?"

It was Bumblebee's turn to stare open mouthed, and Ratchet actually smacked a red servo over his faceplate.

"He's a seeker model you glitch." The medic said thickly under his own hand.

"Well… technically a triple-changer since you reformatted me, but I… was created a Seeker…" Bumblebee said uncomfortable, gaze falling to the floor again.

"Wait… so those aren't additions? They're… and you're a… but… you're a minibot."

No one in the room had ever heard Sunstreaker stumble over his words so much as he did in that moment.

Prowl, personally, was merely surprised his logic circuits hadn't given out on him by now. But seeing as they hadn't, they were providing him with some pressing questions instead.

"How have you hidden your original form all this time?" he asked in slight awe.

The mini-jet chanced a look up at the tactician's face… it seemed by his odd expression that he had not been expecting such an amicable response from them. And given that this was a pretty big secret to be hiding, Prowl supposed he could understand Bumblebee bracing for the worst.

"Ratchet installed special subspace units in my plating, every obvious part of my Jet mode is hidden in those, except my cockpit… but no-one sees that when I adjust the tint of my windshield and windows, and my transform is altered so no one sees it when I go into vehicle mode either." Bumblebee explained.

"But why?… Why'd ya hafta change in the first place? What made you go to all that trouble? And how did you not go mad, I thought fliers went nuts when they're grounded for too long." Jazz asked, perplexed and, though he tried not to sound it, a little hurt. After all, he'd been closer to Bumblebee than the other three before they'd gotten together, and not once had he ever suspected the minibot to be hiding anything from him, let alone something as big as this.

"Sunstorm." Bumblebee said with some strange mix of exasperation, hate and weariness.

"Soooo, he's… not your creator or anything?" Sideswipe asked timidly.

Bumblebee shook his head. "No… but he thinks that because I'm the only mech who isn't affected by his radiation that we're destined by Primus to be together… except his definition of being together involves owning and doing whatever he wants to me." Bumblebee spat bitterly before cycling a ventilation to calm himself, "Back before the war I was with him, and it was great for a little while, but then… then his instability started to show, and when he started trying to force me to do stuff, and control me… and then he got really violent, and I… had to get away. But I couldn't hide anywhere, not the only minibot-seeker on cybertron! Reformatting… was the only way to hide. And Ratchet was the one who did it. And he got me a new job, and taught me how to be a ground mech, and helped me get over the nearly going insane thing."

"What's this 'nearly' business?" Ratchet snorted suddenly, arms crossed over his windshield and mood a little lighter, "if I hadn't found that abandoned store-house on the Iacon docks for you to fly around in, you woulda cracked after one orn."

"Yea, well, I got better… I haven't flown since my last mission, and that was two months ago now."

"Missions? You mean… so that's how you… Primus, it kinda seems so obvious now, no wonder you're so slaggin' good at spyin' on the 'Cons." Jazz said with a grin spreading onto his faceplates.

Bumblebee seemed both slightly startled by and dubious about Jazz's expression.

"So… you don't think I'm a traitor?" he said in a very small, ever so slightly hopeful voice.

To everyone's surprise, Sunstreaker snorted loudly at this.

He fixed the mini-jet with intense optics. "You really are a seeker… just 'cause you're our best spy, doesn't mean we wouldn't notice if you were double-dealing us out to the 'Cons. You're good, but you're not THAT good." he said softly. There was a definite sharp edge to his tone but… he was clearly trying to make a playful jibe. Apparently he was taking the revelation the hardest, but even he had already forgiven the yellow mech.

"Does Prime know about this?" Prowl asked softly, no accusation in his tone.

Bumblebee nodded, wings relaxing slightly from their tense upright position as he realised that they were not all rejecting him outright upon his confession.

"Ratchet and I told him before I joined the Autobots… I was surprised he ever let me in, but I knew I could never reveal myself, not at the beginning of the war, with all the seekers going over to Megatron… no one would ever trust me, and with Sunstorm always on the lookout, I'd only bring danger down on everyone."

"That slagger will never lay a servo on you again if I can help it." Sunstreaker growled, optics glinting possessively.

"Yea, one psycho lover at a time is enough for our resident super-secret-mini-jet." Sideswipe grinned, his golden twin throwing him a death glare.

"Scary how they've even got nearly identical paint colours too, maybe there's some link to gold enamel and processor workings that no-one's found yet." Jazz teased, Sunstreaker turning his iresome glare on the grinning saboteur.

Prowl's door wings fluttered slightly to see a small smile creep onto Bumblebee's face plate at the banter as well.

"Well, seeing as you've all taken this so well, it's about time I kicked you all out of my fragging medbay." Ratchet grumbled nonchalantly with a reassuring glance at Bumblebee, who nodded and retracted his secret jet parts, until standing there was the same old Bumblebee they'd known (or thought they'd known) for stellar cycles.

"Those subspace modifications are really well crafted." Sunstreaker muttered approvingly as he appraised Bumblebee's form with a new eye.

Ratchet shuttered a few times, daring to believe the infamously high-standards artist twin had just complimented his handiwork. He was slightly less gruff with them as he shooed them out.

"Well I'll be slagged, a round with six seekers and only a cycle under Ratchet's servos and you're not even scratched." Cliffjumper groused at Bumblebee as he passed.

The minibot offered up a weak smile and an apologetic wave as he followed Prowl and Jazz out of the medbay, the twins in tow, who both gave the red minibot pronounced sneers as they went by. Ratchet stomped over to Cliffjumper's berth and irritably began to re-affix the red minibot's servo.

Bumblebee felt distinctly… confused.

Even though he knew the attention of all four of his favourite mechs were focused on him intensely, it was somehow… comforting, rather than unsettling.

They had returned to where they had been before the Decepticon alarm had gone off. The others had not demanded anything of him, but he knew what they wanted, their optics said it all.

The moment the door was locked, Bumblebee allowed his true form freedom once more. For at least a klik, there was only the silent and palpable awe of the four larger mechs and Bumblebee's patience, allowing them to simply absorb him as he was… as he really was.

His emotions were somewhere between thrilling relief and nervous tension. He still wasn't entirely sure where he stood with them all. Would they have to start again? Would he be denied any intimacy? A place in their berths, until he proved himself trustworthy again? He didn't know, and the thought of returning to a cold, lonely berth indefinitely nearly made him physically shudder. But whatever the case… whatever it took to show them, he'd do it.

He opened his mouth to say so… and closed it after a moment, completely unsure of where to start and his spark and wings quivering with doubt and uncertainty.

His failed attempt at voicing any kind of understanding or apology seemed to snap the others out of their trance however.

The first to move was Sunstreaker, who very slowly, as though in some sort of dream, walked around Bumblebee, inspecting his body anew. The look in his optics was nothing short of intrigued… and Bumblebee, glancing nervously at the beautiful golden toughliner a few times, noted he had what looked like an almost appreciative look In his optics.

When Sunstreaker stopped, he very tentatively… in a very un-sunstreakerish way… stretched out a hand towards one of the yellow and blue striped black wings. He locked optics with Bumblebee in what was unmistakeably a request for permission.

Bumblebee held his gaze as he gave a slight nod.

He broke it as golden servos trailed tentatively… curiously… reverently, across the leading edge of the wing. Bumblebee shuttered his optics and ex-vented with a shiver that ran through the sensitive panel under Suntreaker's digits, and the golden twin's mouth plate curled into a tiny, delighted smile.

Bumblebee leaned into his touch and bit his bottom lip component.

Before he was quite sure how it happened, there were more servos on him… caressing, stroking, exploring, mapping…

They still want me… they want to know me and feel me and- "Oh Primus!" Bumblebee gasped as he felt what he was sure was a glossa run lightly over one of his ailerons.

"Mmmmm… still tastes like the rest of you." Sunstreaker purred, pressing the wing to his chassis and revving his engine, earning a whine from the overwhelmed Mini-jet.

"I think it best I confirm that theory before we can be definitively sure." Prowl said softly, and the next thing Bumblebee knew, he was moaning loudly as Prowl ran his glossa along the leading edge of the other wing before closing his mouth around the aileron on the end and sucking.

Bumblebee's veritable howl of pleasure signalled a failing of his knee joints, but Jazz and Sideswipe had already twined themselves around his lower half and supported him as if he weighed nothing.

"No wonder you're such a little 'facing fiend in the recharge room… I bet you had to self-service sooo much before we came along to satisfy that seeker lust of yours." Sideswipe mumbled dirtily into Bumblebee's hip plating as he traced the edge of one of the stabilising winglets that protruded from behind his pede wheel-arch. His other servo was trailing up a seam on the mini-triple changer's inner thigh-plating. "You have no idea…" Bumblebee moaned breathily, noting the twitch of what had to be Jazz's servos at this statement.

"Mmmmmm tell us what you did Bee… tell us how to please ya…" the saboteur groaned arousingly as he traced kisses over Bumblebee's right midriff and teased his fingers under his windscreen to try and caress the edge of his cockpit.

Bumblebee gasped and let out a few little 'ah!' noises, writhing at touches to parts of him that had felt nothing but his own servos for stellar cycles.

"I… ooooh… I used to… nnnh! I fingered by port and… uuuuh, Primus YES my wings, Sunny please do that again!"

The golden twin put on an innocent expression that the beetle hardly noticed in the throes of his ecstasy.

"What, this?" he said simply as he traced a finger beneath the flaps that allowed Bumblebee to increase or decrease his altitude. Bumblebee keened and threw his helm back, and Prowl quickly took advantage by diving into the black neck cables while firmly caressing one of the large flight vents at the top base of the wing nearest him.

Prowl pressed his chassis to the wing and revved his engine hard, and Bumblebee arched his back in response to the stimulation, his entire weight still held by the other four mechs.

Bumblebee wanted to reciprocate, to reach out and caress and pleasure, but upon flailing his servos a little just to sense in his bliss muddled processor where exactly they were… he found them thoroughly trapped by his lovers, who refused to let them go.

Resigning himself to defeat, Bumblebee allowed himself to go limp and let his body react however it deemed fit to the touches of the others.

He bucked and writhed and moaned as he was teased senseless.

He felt Jazz slide back his interface cover, and before he knew it, his spike was thrusting weakly into Sideswipe's servo while the saboteur teased his port, Sunny and Prowl still happily toying with his wings and the main thruster on his back.

"I wanna feel the first minibot Seeker inside me… I always wondered how it felt to be spiked by a flier." Sideswipe vented hotly across Bumblebee's hip, which he was nuzzling affectionately.

"But he's spiked you before, you already know how it feels." Prowl murmured in an amused tone as he kissed along the broad surface of a black wing, making sensors tingle and ping at the oh-so-light friction.

"That was him spiking me as a grounder though… he doesn't have to hide anything now, he can take me like a seeker… Primus, Bee, just feeling your spike and seeing your wings shaking like that has me wet, please let me…" Sideswipe moaned, looking pleadingly up into the minibot's faceplate.

Bumblebee gave him a stunned, deeply aroused look.

"Y-yes, of course!… but I thi- hhhhhnnaaah! You'll have to take it, I don't think… I can… ooooh I can't do anything like this… hhaaaaa, oh yes, there Prowl, THERE!"

The tactician's glossa had worked it's way to the base of a wing, trailing the curve of the aerofoil while a servo pinched the aileron.

Sideswipe seemed more than satisfied with Bumblebee's answer and Jazz helped him re-arrange the mini-jet so that the Porsche was sitting cross legged on the floor with the yellow and black seeker half in his lap, aft supported on a thigh, the angle making Bumblebee's erect spike stand proud and quivering.

The position meant prowl could no longer reach the bottom of Bumblebee's wing with his mouth, so he took to nipping along the top edge instead, Sunstreaker lavishing attention on the other wing with his own glossa and fingers while Sideswipe knelt to position his bared and dripping valve over the small seeker's spike.

Bumblebee and Sideswipe moaned in tandem as the red twin lowered himself onto the black and yellow cord, but Bumblebee's cry was louder given a smirking Jazz had slipped two fingers into his valve at the same time he felt his spike penetrate Sideswipe's delicious wet heat.

The red toughliner seemed more than happy to ride the smaller mech draped over Jazz's knee, the saboteur drinking in the sounds and smells of all his lovers as he kissed and hummed into Bumblebee's chassis, thrusting his fingers in the mini-triple changer in time with Sideswipe's movements.

Bumblebee thrashed at the pleasure quickly consuming him. He bucked erratically into Sideswipe's clenching valve and Jazz's divine fingers, helm rolling from side to side as his wings were assaulted with delicious, processor blowing sensations.

Wave after wave of ecstasy rushed across his sensor net… the touches, the noises, the smells.

Sideswipe could sense how close to the edge Bumblebee was, so he cut any pretence and got right down to business, pumping his hips over the yellow pelvis plating, working his valve beautifully… relax, slam down, clench, pull away, relax, slam down, clench, pull away… let it slide out, relax, plunge, yes it's in, change angle, thrust harder…

Every time Bumblebee's hot cord slid through him, Sideswipe keened, watching the small seeker writhe beneath him. He smiled, the sounds Bumblebee made were driving him crazy… he whimpered as the yellow and black mech bucked up strong and hit a sensor node inside him dead on.

He continued to ride Bumblebee hard, feeling his own charge coming up fast, letting out small whimpers and whines with each delicious impalement.

Quickly, Bumblebee found himself thrusting up to meet every one of Sideswipe's movements, and his valve clenched wildly around Jazz's quick, firm penetrating thrusts with his two slicked digits.

Prowl and Sunstreaker both wrapped their mouths around his ailerons and pinched his helm horns, and that sent him crashing into his overload.

It tore through his frame in a violent shudder with a very loud cry and a forceful whirr from his main turbine. His hips jerked uncontrollably as Sideswipe quivered and slammed his own hips down, connecting to Bumblebee mid- charge release, port clenching tight and rippling in a shared overload that spurred Bumblebee's higher. The red Lamborghini gasped and keened as the power flowed from the smaller mech's systems and right through his.

Bumblebee hadn't felt exquisite ecstasy last so long in ages… It had to be a double overload, surely, when Sides had plugged in just an astrosecond after he'd gone off, and the red twin's systems and own release must have triggered a second wave.

Bumblebee's loud cry of raw bliss turned to shorter, sharper sounds with every hard thrust of Jazz's fingers in his port, hitting a particular sensor node at a particular angle again, and again, and again… Sideswipe seemed to be coming along for the ride, his hips feeling almost magnetically attached to Bumblebee's own, riding and clenching and quivering, he gasped as he felt every one of Jazz's thrusts through the connection.

If Bumblebee had been purely in his grounder root-mode, he would have passed out by now… but different relays powered his flight-ready frame, and they conducted the charge release so much better, so that as the overwhelmingly sweet and intense sensations ebbed, his processor remained online to experience it all perfectly.

…Which was more than could be said for Sideswipe, who fell backwards off Bumblebee with a little sigh and a resounding thunk.

Bumblebee shuddered with a mewl as Sunstreaker laughed around his left aileron, the vibrations doing wonderful things to his over-sensitive array reception.

Jazz finally pulled his fingers out of Bumblebee and instantly popped them in his mouth, massaging the minibot's aft as he hummed around his digits.

"Still tastes as sweet as ever." he purred when he had cleaned them.

"Primus, you must have given him one pit of a power surge to knock him offline." Sunstreaker mumbled, petting the wing in his grasp softly before crawling over to his brother to inspect his status.

The golden twin flicked his brother's face a few times before the red mech let out a groan and stirred, sitting up slowly with dimmed optics and a far-off, awed expression in his optics.

"That was…that…wooooooow…"

"And here… I was worried… I'd have to earn the trust of each one of you all over again." Bumblebee panted with relieved content as he rested back against Prowl's chassis and Jazz's lap.

"Who's to say you don't? You may now have Sideswipe's trust, but I'm not yet so convinced…" Prowl said coolly into his audio. Bumblebee craned his neck back, wings twitching nervously until he caught the tactician's lust-filled gaze.

"I guess I'll just have to win you over too." Bumblebee purred, a small, devious smile working it's way onto his faceplate.