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"Come on guys, keep up, this is a training exercise not a joy flight!"

There was a whine of turbines throttling up and the five other jets came level with Bumblebee again as they peeled over the desert in a wide circuit.

"Ok, now you all remember your sub-divisions for the Crosshatch? Timing is crucial, no slacking on this one or you can do each other some serious damage, and Ratchet will have MY hide, not yours."

"I thought Ratchet asked you to train us?" Fireflight piped up a little breathlessly.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean he won't tear strips off me if I mess you all up on the first new manoeuvres I try to teach you. Alright guys, on my mark… ready… break!"

Silverbolt led Slingshot and Air Raid to the left, Bumblebee veering right and followed by Fireflight and Skydive.

So far, the aerial bots as a group were doing better than Bumblebee expected. He'd had to assert dominance over Silverbolt before they could even begin, unfortunately, but his radiation proof plating also covered electrical shock interference. Silverbolt's main weapon was nigh on useless against the triple changer, and a few well placed hits and some bites to the wings had assured Bumblebee a swift victory.

After that of course, the rest of the gestalt (barring Slingshot, who despite his overt insolence seemed to genuinely respect Bumblebee anyway) had followed his every instruction with little problem.

He'd managed to tighten their synchronisation, which wasn't hard given they could simply tap into the Superion spark-pulse frequency and act like a single mech when necessary.

All he'd had to do was give them some framework for better close flight formation and some tips on how not to crash into one another or make themselves an easier target in the process.

They had the basics covered, but this was the most difficult group manoeuvre Bumblebee had tried them with so far.

He led Fireflight and Skydive in a semi-circle, mirroring the other group. Both were perfectly competent flyers, the only issue was Fireflight's tendency to get easily distracted… either by shiny things, birds, or Bumblebee himself.

Skydive was good at gently pulling the red jet's focus back on the task at hand, so they had been an easy choice to pair up. He'd left Air Raid and Slingshot to Silverbolt because he felt they'd listen to their own Leader more than him. Silverbolt was perfectly capable of bringing the two rowdy brothers back into line when they started loosing focus or bickering.

"OK, bank in, and keep note of your chronometers!"

The two groups began converging on the ground targets set up. A group of giant, purple, flour-filled balloons littered the desert floor, and as they approached, Bumblebee yelled "Fire!"

To any mech on the ground (and there was in fact a small audience), it would appear as if the two groups of jets were about to collide. However, as they smattered the ground with low-set laser fire, they criss-crossed through one another, carefully timing the starting and stopping of their shots as they crossed paths in the gaps.

The whole thing was over in a matter of astroseconds, and the ground where their crosshatch of laser-fire had landed was now mostly covered in white maize and bits of balloon.

A few of the mechs sitting atop the exposed aft of the Ark whooped and cheered at the successful exercise.

Bumblebee banked sharply right and met up with Silverbolt, the group settling into a standard formation again as they returned to their circling.

"Excellent work! Timing was spot on guys, just need a bit more practice with aim, but apart from that, I have a feeling the 'Cons will be lubricating themselves when we turn that one on them."

Fireflight giggled and Air Raid snickered at the comment.

"So, what's next?" Silverbolt asked, sounding elated. Despite having been dominated by the smaller flier, he had been completely agreeable the whole time they had been in the air. Bumblebee was sure this was as much the fact he was a rather gentle natured mech as it was because he'd kept everything at a fairly low altitude so far.

He hadn't forgotten the Aerialbot leader's fear of heights however, far from it… he planned to tackle the issue, the same way they used to with sparklings in Vos.

Bumblebee had been telling Prowl and Jazz only that night about his past life, when he had been pure Seeker.

His first job had in fact been, not a courier mech, but a flight instructor for younglings. Himself not that old when he'd taken up the post, he'd been offered it both because of his kind nature and his exceptional flying abilities. He was also the closest thing to the younger fliers sizes, and they had all loved him as an instructor.

Bumblebee had to admit to Ratchet before their training exercise (and the medic had already known about his former occupation), that he was actually nervous about teaching adult jets.

At which point the medic had reminded him that they were fresh-sparked, even if they were in adult frames and running on mostly adult programming. All he had to do was tap into their sparkling nature, of which there was apparently plenty.

And of course, once he was in the air, Bumblebee had felt right at home, and it had all come back so easily it was as if he'd never reformatted.

"Time for some one-on-one training. First up is you Silverbolt, the rest of you can take a break, but don't go too far, you'll all be getting a turn."

The others whooped and chased each other's thrusters, barrel rolling over themselves as they raced to the Ark to sit with their audience and preen a little.

"Alright Silverbolt, you ready?"

"Sure thing. What are we going to be doing?" The concord's voice was chirpy and elated. Bumblebee almost hated to say his next words so happily.

"We're going to be dispelling your fear of heights."

It was in fact amazing to see the rest of the Aerialbots lurch in their flight pattern at the same time their leader did. Gestalts were certainly a slight learning curve for the triple changer.

His comm. was suddenly assaulted, even as Silverbolt remained silent, and apparently, shell-shocked.

Are you serious? You can do that?

No way! He's never going to get over that

Good luck, like we haven't tried!

Aaaaw, Bolty gets a joy flight and we can't come?

HEY! You guys, not helping. You might have tried, but you were never properly trained in the first place. You were sparked from aircraft made into jets, but you weren't raised by jets. There's a big difference, and it's a shame you had to come online under the circumstances you did, but have a little faith, OK?

Bumblebee managed to silence the chattering in his comm. And focused back on Silverbolt.

"Bee, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean… I don't think I can do it, I really don't, you said it yourself, we weren't raised as pure jets-"

"Ah, not raised as, but you WERE sparked jets. This handicap has been holding you back long enough Silverbolt. Don't worry, you know your brothers will catch you if you stall. But you don't need them to. You've got WINGS. You can catch yourself! The atmosphere of earth is thicker than the one on Cybertron, It's actually even better for high altitude flying. Now come on. You're going to concentrate on my tail fins, you're going to follow me WHEREVER I go and however HIGH I go, clear?"

There was a warble of fear, but it was acknowledgement none-the-less.

"Alright then, lets GO!"

Bumblebee shot off so fast, it made Silverbolt sputter and flounder to catch up. He had to concentrate so hard on just keeping up and keeping the mini-seeker's thrusters in his cross-hairs that he didn't really think about altitude… for the moment.

Bumblebee smiled to himself and banked sharply left, heading for a shallow dive. Silverbolt followed a little clumsily, and the triple changer let him catch up before he zipped up and right, arching around lazily as the Concorde got better at following.

He began making the moves more complex, keeping it at a medium altitude, rolling, plunging and looping. The silver carrier craft gunned his powerful engines, his ability to keep up and copy improving the more they flew. Bumblebee could almost feel the pure enjoyment coming off Silverbolt. He didn't often take joy flights quite like this due to his size and fears.

Once the mini-jet was sure he had the silver plane distracted enough he shot upwards in a wide spiral.

Silverbolt followed without hesitation, just waiting for him to make another tricky manoeuvre to be copied.

Bumblebee didn't make any moves to change his flight pattern…

And just when Silverbolt was getting a little impatient for the game to get exciting again, he found himself surrounded by something cold and white. It made it difficult to fly, so he gunned his engines, following what he could see of Bumblebee's thrusters a little closer until they cleared the turbulent patch.

When they emerged, the sunlight seemed… brighter. Silverbolt dialled down his sensors a little, still following Bumblebee as he rolled lazily.

It wasn't until they levelled out and slowed that the Concorde took stock of his surroundings.

"Uuuuh… Bee, where are we?"

"You can glide can't you silver bolt?" the seeker replied in a curious, serene tone.

"Ummm… yes… what-"

"Cut your engines for a klik and glide with me."

Silverbolt sputtered out a burst of static, before listening to realise the jet had already offlined his thrusters and was riding the thermal they had been following.

"Are you sure…"

"C'mon, just try it. Your wings are still there, if you loose too much altitude just give yourself a boost. Trust me."

The calm eagerness in the smaller mechs voice hit Silverbolt's nerves the same way the wheedling of his brothers usually did, and he couldn't say no.

With a deep intake, he did as instructed and glided alongside the other bot, the air silent but for the slight woosh of air passing over their wings and fuselages.

"Hear that?"

"What?" Silverbolt asked a little nervously, straining his audios… but his fear was eased when Bumblebee laughed.

"Nothing. Silence. It's the quietest place you'll ever find."

"You still haven't told me where we are." Silverbolt groused half-sparkedly.

Bumblebee twiddled his Ailerons to wobble himself from side to side a bit in a mirthful gesture.

"We're above the first layer of clouds. I wanted to show you how beautiful it is up here. I thought it might be an incentive for you to get over that fear of yours.

Silverbolt made a slight whine and turned his engines back on, but when the triple changer said nothing and did not say he could go back down below the clouds, he slowly tried to calm himself.

Bumblebee was dominant. He was his superior in the air, and as such, he would follow the jet's commands.

When the silver concord cut his engines again and settled into a nervous glide beside him again, Bumblebee smiled to himself.

"See? You're doing fine. Your wings are still working, and now you know where to go if you ever feel you need some space and silence. I can imagine that's not easy for you to come by."

Silverbolt let out a nervous chuckle. "Heh… yeah. I love my brothers but… they can get to be a bit much, sometimes."

"OK, well, you seem to have a good handle on your surrounding now, so we're going to do some anti-stall manoeuvres. If you know how to catch yourself, you needn't fear falling."

Bumblebee said serenely, doing another lazy upside-down loop to come level on Silverbolt's other side.

The concord made another whine of fear.

"B-But what if… I mean, I'm not as afraid of not being able to catch myself as… I mean… what if a Decepticon messes up my wings? What if they crash into me? I don't… how did you even survive that crash? It was one of the most frightening, horrible things I think I've ever seen!"

The mini-jet had to admit the sudden topic change to his own dog-fight with Sunstorm and subsequent Kamikaze like crash was unexpected. His turbines buzzed slightly. "I… my plating is pretty tough. Yours isn't bad, but mine was a specially designed alloy. I only survived because I changed to root mode before I crashed. If you can help it, DON'T crash in your alt. mode."

"Aren't you afraid of crashing again?" Silverbolt's distress seemed to be going up again, but Bumblebee tilted his wings side to side in the seeker equivalent of a shrug.

"Why should I be? I crashed deliberately. Well, I crashed into him deliberately anyway, I knew I wasn't going to be able to fly after, but I wasn't really thinking about that. 'Bolt, if you spend every moment in the air worrying you'll fall out of it, you might as well give up your wings to save yourself the stress. You need to let it go… don't focus on what MIGHT happen, focus on what you're doing. And hey… you're built more like Skyfire, and look at all the punishment he's taken! And he's survived.

Look, 'Bolt… I know you're afraid because you don't want to hurt your brothers. I know I'm not bonded… and I've never had a trine, but I get it, I do. I know what they'd be like if they lost you."

Silverbolt, who's engines were back on, quivered and dropped a few feet, skimming the tops of the taller cloud formations, but he seemed to be listening and taking in what the mini seeker was saying.

"But they'll be a lot happier if you didn't hold back. You Don't NEED to hold back. I'm pretty sure the only reason you do is dormant code from your previous incarnation as a cargo shuttle… those things HAD to fly low, they weren't allowed to go into the higher lanes because they weren't fast enough, but that's definitely not a problem now! So… ready to give these manoeuvres a shot?"

The concord slowly drifted back up level with Bumblebee, and after a moment, he boosted his engines a little in a show of confidence.

"Alright… let's do this. I'm sick of being afraid. I don't want to hold them back any more."

Bumblebee smiled internally.

He still had that flier pep-talk gift, that was for sure.

Prowl woke first with a start, Jazz not far behind as Bumblebee thrashed at thin air, screaming, engines whining with his terror.

"Bee, wake up mech! It's just another bad purge-" Jazz deflected the blow of a flailing arm, catching the smaller mechs wrist and bringing the fisted servo to his mouth, kissing it.

Prowl clutched a wing to him and revved his engine, murmuring his own reassurances as his other servo sought out a horn and rubbed at it soothingly.

Bumblebee jerked in their hold a few times before he gasped, optics onlining with a start.

He remained tensed against them, form shaking slightly before he groaned and quivered, relaxing into their soothing holds and touches. He whimpered slightly as the echoes of his purge flashed across his meta.

"Sunstorm again?" Prowl asked quietly. Bumblebee just gave a small nod and wriggled deeper into their hold, turbine still whining faintly with unreleased stress.

"Hasn't Ratchet been able to recommend something to help stop the defrags?" Prowl's voice was soft and soothing, but Bumblebee could detect the note of sadness and pity in his tone.

He shook his helm a little, not wanting to dislodge the digits sending calming pulses of sensation from the touch on his horn.

"He said it was something I'd have to heal the old fashioned way. He did admit… there aren't really any psychology qualified mechs on board that could truly help me with it like he wanted. Hoist and Smokescreen just can't… understand enough. Seeker society has completely different protocols… and all this started back then…" The mini jet took in a long shuddering ventilation, voice getting quieter as his optics dimmed.

"It's… it runs… deeper, than just… what happened in the battle… it's everything I… it isn't possible to understand what a seeker goes through, losing their wings, unless you are one. Smokescreen and Hoist just couldn't help me with that… I'm not sure there's any bot who can."

It was a testament to his origins that Bumblebee couldn't even bring himself to swallow his pride and admit how very badly the whole reformat had scarred him… he had denied it himself, out of necessity to live a normal life, or as normal as possible. Now that the truth was out and he was free to take his wings back… there was the problem of all the old wounds that had never actually healed, and it was so ingrained in him to ignore them that that was all he could do. But there was no way to hide how it was taking it's toll.

Jazz snaked an arm around the triple-changer's waist under his wing and traced the edge of his windscreen, eliciting a soft purr from the small mech's engine as the whine of his turbine subsided.

He and Prowl kissed at the yellow and black plating, and the saboteur hummed. He'd always read Bumblebee's expressions better than anyone else. It was his job after all, but being that the mech was assigned to his team in the first place, he'd been especially tuned in to both Bumblebee and Mirage, and could generally tell when they held back on anything. He didn't press though… he was tactful enough to recognise when the minibot wasn't ready to talk about the root of his problems, and he usually got there eventually.

Jazz hummed, tapping lightly on the windscreen glass under his digits. "Well… ah know he ain't a psychological expert, but what about Skyfire? He knows what seekers are about… and his body n' spark have taken quite a beating over time, maybe you should both try ta help each other. If nothing' else, ya can reminisce about the good ol' days in Vos, hmm?"

The flicker of a smile pulled at Bumblebee's mouth. The vibration of Jazz's voice and engine against his wing had yet more of a calming effect, and he practically melted into his lovers touches as he listened.

"Mmmm… guess that's not a bad idea. He did come and talk to me, after that thing with Cliff in the rec. room. I don't… know, that he'd want to talk about his problems, though… I'm not even sure how to approach him to suggest the kinda thing you're talking about."

"I'll talk to him. I'll put it to him logically, we've always had a good mutual understanding of sensibility, and he knows if I'm asking him about something like this that it's a serious issue. I'm sure, if you don't mind me telling him about your defrag problems, that he'd be willing to try and help. And asking isn't going to hurt."

As usual, Prowl's infallible processing managed to help put Bumblebee's mind at some ease and he purred his engine softly in agreement. "OK… that sounds like a good idea… thankyou, both of you…"

The mini-seeker carefully moved, turning himself over to face them, words seeming inadequate to show his gratitude… his spark deep affection and desperate love for the two mechs.

Somewhere between nuzzling and kissing them to show his thanks, their touches became heated, and Bumblebee pressed further into them, practically humming with the need to show them all his love and passion for them.

They welcomed his heated kisses and nips, his delving servos and skilled touches, and they wrapped themselves around him like a protective shield even as Bumblebee teased open their panels and coaxed their spikes to pressurise. He wriggled himself between them as they moved to kneel on the berth, lifting the triple changer between them as he begged for them both to take him together.

They could hardly refuse with his wings quivering with lust and his mewls so desperate and needy.

Jazz and Prowl groaned as they entered Bumblebee together, his valve clenching hard around them, quivering as the jet mewled and writhed between them.

Their lips and servos worshipped his plating as he spoke soft litanies of love to the two black and whites, hips moving to encourage them as they moved in counterpoint within him.

The overload came fast and hard, without any of them even plugging into one another to share their charges. Bumblebee gasped and quailed between the two pressing bodies, the perfect ecstasy brought on as much by their physical efforts as the knowledge of their emotional support.

There was no doubt, at that moment, in Bumblebees mind, that he needed to go through with the plan he had thought out on the mountainside… that he would make the mechs laying now with him, slipping from inside him and nuzzling his wings, his trine mates.

Their lack of wings be damned, he wanted, more than anything, to give his spark to them.

The sound of clanging metal and revving turbines was not a combination usually heard in the training room.

So it was no real surprise that there was something of a crowd when the twins walked in, thinking they'd get a bit of sparring in before patrol.

Looking curiously over the helms of the few other mechs gathered around the raised training ring, their optics widened at what was apparently the main attraction.

Bumblebee was in the ring with Jazz, and they were fighting at a more than leisurely pace, the saboteur grinning wickedly and the mini-seeker letting out small growls and hisses as they parried blows.

Not that they hadn't seen Bumblebee sparring before.

It was part of special ops training, and practice was always essential, but this time… Bumblebee had to compensate for his extra kibble, something he'd not done before.

Jazz tapped a wing in simulation of what would have been a serious blow, and Bumblebee recoiled with a hiss.

Prowl, whom they had not noticed standing inside the ring and leaning against one of the corner posts, stepped forward suddenly.

The fighting stopped and Jazz wordlessly sauntered over to switch places with the tactician.

Prowl fell into a light defensive stance in front of Bumblebee, who mirrored him attentively.

"You keep arching them back, but when you first go into a fight, the best thing to do is keep them flared. The more contact they have with your arms, the easier it is for you to tell where they are. Try not to arch them back as you fight, move your body out of the way rather than just the wing."

Bumblebee gave a short nod, and then they burst into action.

Watching Bumblebee and Jazz spar was one thing.

Jazz had trained the beetle, and they knew each others moves too well.

But Bumblebee and Prowl were new to each other as fighters.

And Prowl was hardly ever seen practicing servo-to-servo.

The sight to the Lamborghinis was quite astounding.

Prowl moved faster than most would assume, and with a grace that rivalled Jazz's own fluidity.

Bumblebee was quick, he'd always been something of a whiplash fighter, darting in to deliver a fast hard blow before retreating. But Prowl was too good at avoiding his punches, and whenever the seeker would dart in, usually with the aid of his thrusters for a boost, the tactician would dodge and use Bumblebee's attack to land his own blows.

He was letting his opponent come to him, and Bumblebee was hissing and growling as more hard taps were reigned down upon his wings and tailfin.

To the spy's credit, he was doing his best to keep his wings forward, and started to adapt to Prowl's style quickly.

He dodged more and more blows, and Prowl praised him, giving short, sharp instructions about evasion and not moving too stiffly.

Bumblebee feigned an attack and Prowl shifted to avoid it, moving the weight on his pedes. Bumblebee suddenly dropped and swung out a leg at close range, catching Prowl off guard and sending him sprawling on his back.

Bumblebee jumped on the tactician and pinned him, grinning and flaring his wings back out of the datsun's reach.

Prowl was also smiling, more than most mechs usually got to see, and it was clear the two sparring partners didn't give much care to their audience.

"Good work. It took Jazz 3 sessions to be able to beat me when we first began sparring."

"Yea, well he wasn't intimately aware of your weak spots at that stage, was he?"

Prowl's optics narrowed and he smirked.

"Admitting to cheating then?"

Bumblebee snorted. "Not unless your pedes have become an erogenous zone now. I could always claim you right here and test the theory out, you know what exhibitionists us fliers are."

Prowl's smirk didn't falter, but his optics flashed in alarm.

Jazz laughed and broke the tension in the room as the rest of the crowd realised they were actually hearing such things from the minibot in public.

"Alright you two, ya know ya ain't startin' anything' without me. That was only one victory flybot, he got a lot a hits on your wings before you got there. That's probably enough for today though, don't wanna hog the trainin' room."

Bumblebee reluctantly bounced back onto his pedes, Prowl rolling onto his own smoothly and standing as was his usual, at attention.

He raised an optic ridge coolly at the mechs gathered around them.

"Haven't you all got schedules to be keeping?"

"How about testing yourself against the masters of Jet Judo?"

Sunstreaker piped up, slipping through the crowd as they dispersed, stopping most of them dead.

Bumblebee's optics landed on the frontliners and flashed, his expression surprised. His turbine revved eagerly at the challenge.

"I'm not sure now is the time, Sunstreaker." Prowl said coolly, but the minibot seemed to have already taken to the idea and his wings twitched. "Why not? They're probably the best opponents to test myself against. The harder the level I start at, the quicker I'll be back on form. Besides…"

It was Bumblebee's turn to smirk as Sunstreaker and Sideswipe slipped into the ring, Jazz ushering Prowl to move outside it and off the dias with an amused look.

"- I have to perfect my Lambo-judo."

Sideswipe actually snorted at this as he and his brother stood themselves in two corners on one side of the ring, taking up loose fighting stances.

"Gonna have to work on that title Bee. Lacks a certain creativity and originality."

"Oh, I don't think you'll care much about the name once I whip your afts with it." The minibot teased in pleasant voice.

Without warning, their match began, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe launching forwards in perfect synchronisation, one aiming high, the other low.

Bumblebee waited before springing to the side and doing a sort of cartwheel that took him out of the reach of both mech's grasping servos.

Without missing a beat, Sideswipe, who had aimed low, dropped and rolled, kicking out for the triple changer's midriff. Bumblebee caught the pede and kicked off with his thrusters, pulling Sideswipes leg up and over his own body. This brought him flying forward into Sunstreaker's path, and the golden twin had a fist waiting for him.

Bumblebee twisted his whole body to the side and released Sideswipe's leg before he dragged the red mech's hips over his helm. He used his side twist to his advantage, flaring his wings to manoeuvre his weight, bringing a pede around to kick under Sunstreaker's outstretched arm.

The golden twin rolled back out of range of the kick.

Bumblebee felt a tug on one of his wings and gasped as he was yanked down sideways by Sideswipe.

He thrust his arms and legs out in front of him and landed beside the red mech, letting out a feral growl from his engine as his wing jerked to try and release the grip, but Sideswipe was having none of it and smirked at him.

Sunstreaker used his brother's immobilisation of the minibot to grasp at the other wing.

Bumblebee glared, putting his weight on his arms and getting his legs beneath him, kicking Sideswipe in a side-seam that he knew was rather sensitive. The red mech yelped and released his wing.

Sunstreaker moved around behind the seeker, still gripping his wing, and forced Bumblebee onto his back.

Bumblebee hissed, landing awkwardly with his tailfin in the way as it was. He swung a leg up towards the golden twin, using his flexibility to his advantage and igniting a thruster. It was close enough to Sunstreaker's plating that he too released his grip on the wing, preferring to save his paintwork.

Bumblebee rolled to his pedes. He wasn't really thinking very clearly, but he didn't notice. His frame was hotter than it should be, and he felt as if he was running on high grade.

Sideswipe came at him low again, but with a surprising burst of speed Bumblebee leapt up, landing himself heavily on Sideswipe as he passed beneath him, a loud 'Oof!' coming from the red mech.

Sunstreaker came at him the next instant, and Bumblebee, running on instinctive reflexes, darted sideways and kicked low at his pedes.

Sunstreaker's momentum was such that he couldn't dodge, and with a strangled yelp, he landed heavily on Sideswipe. Both swore loudly, and Bumblebee, not missing a beat, jumped on top of them with enough force to sound out a clang that made their audience wince.

His servos darted out, one catching a black and gold helm fin, the other a black horn, and he gripped them with nearly enough force to crumple plating.

Sideswipe yelped and Sunstreaker growled, but Bumblebee let out a feral thrum from his own turbines and vocaliser, wings flaring.

The red twin squirmed, trapped as he was, trying to get leverage to topple both his brother and the mini-seeker off him.

Sunstreaker however, clawed at the servo over his helm crest.

"Fraggit Bee let that go! I didn't rip your slagging wing up did I- ow! SLAGGIT LEMMEGO!"

Sideswipe actually whimpered and went limp as the grip on his horn dug into the plating and crushed sensors.

Sunstreaker only growled louder and let out an unbroken string of curses as his helm was twisted to the side at an odd angle and tiny digits dug into golden vent slats.


The low, hissed words were so very unlike Bumblebee that Sunstreaker actually shut-up when he heard it, wondering if it really was the minibot who had said it.

He tried to remove the digits again and Bumblebee gave his helm a sharp shake.



This time, the voice was something between a hiss and a growl, and it was… actually scary, coming from Bumblebee.

He clutched the helm fin tighter and pierced into sensors, making Sunstreaker's helm explode with spots of pain.

"Ah! Ngh… fine! Primus, you beat us, now get the slag off-"

To Sunstreaker's annoyance and slight worry, Bumblebee merely growled, but did not release him. He daren't try and throw the mech. He doubted, in this odd state, that Bumblebee would let go of his helm fin at all, and if he yanked it hard enough Sunstreaker could black out momentarily from the pain of the sensors.

"Sunstreaker! Either act submissive or say you yield!"

The golden twin strained his optics to see who outside the ring was talking to him.

Even without seeing Powerglide standing somewhere at the back of the crowd, he could tell the flier from his voice.

"Why?" he growled, before letting out a soft sound of pain as his helm was dragged into an even more awkward position.

"Because he's regressed into heat mode and he's dominating you! His programming won't let him release you until you yield appropriately."

This information was drawled so matter-of-factly that it caused him to slacken his resistance in shock.


Sunstreaker said it as plaintively as he could, and immediately his helm fin was released. Sideswipe grunted softly as Sunstreaker's weight slackened onto him, but it was a relief for the pressure on his horn to be gone.

Bumblebee whirred his engine in a final, victorious growl before pushing off Sunstreaker's back. He then sauntered over to the corner of the ring with his wings flared high and proud.

"Ratchet… we have a problem."

The medic turned at the distressed tone in Bumblebee's voice as the mini-jet strode stiffly towards him.

The red and white mech frowned, not noticing any damage on the triple changer and not picking up more than slightly excess temperature and current-flow rates in a basic scan.

"What's wrong, is there another anti-seeker movement stirring among the rest of the minibots or something? You look like you've been in a fight."

"No, that was just sparring… but that's when it came on… I think… um, I think I'm uh… well, I've come into heat… for some reason."

Ratchet could barely make out the small yellow and black mech's mumbling, but when he did, his optics widened.

"…Oh… well… what symptoms are you displaying exactly?"

Bumblebee rubbed awkwardly at the back of his helm, talking into the floor in embarrassment.

"Well, I was fine when Jazz and Prowl were helping me do melee training to get accustomed to servo-to-servo with my wings and fuselage… and then Sunstreaker and Sideswipe showed up and challenged me to some sparring, and that was fine too. Was kinda fun, at first, and then I… it sorta went blurry, like, I knew what I was doing, but my reasoning protocols completely switched, and I started fighting the way I fought Powerglide for air rank. I uh… not that I remember it properly, but apparently I made Sunstreaker and Sideswipe yield when I floored them. I only kinda came back to reality after I got out of the ring and um… nuzzled Jazz and Prowl and hissed at the nearest mechs. Then I was fine and I didn't know why everyone was staring."

Ratchet heaved a sigh through his vents when Bumblebee finished his explanation, looking pleadingly up at him from under the rim of his helm.

"Well. That sounds like heat protocols. You've experienced heat before yes?"

"Yea, only twice though. Never… had this strong of a reaction before though. Used to be I'd just bunk with whatever jets were interested and go through it with them. But I know what this means, I'm assuming you do to…"

The yellow bot's demeanour became, if possible, even more embarrassed.

"That because we have a Seeker in heat, it will trigger every other flier on base to enter their own, including any helos to some degree. Yes, I know about that." Ratchet scrubbed a servo over his faceplate, leaning on the nearest berth.

"I'm going to have to inform Prime, and there's probably going to have to be a meeting to organise rooms and hangars and claim-ee's schedules to work around this heat."

Ratchet sounded direly resigned, which didn't make Bumblebee feel much better. He knew it wasn't his fault the protocols had kicked in, but it WAS going to be his fault that the base would go nuts with every flying mech fighting for dominance and claims for 10 earth days.

"Ratch, I've never been that… volatile during a heat. Should I be worried that the repression of my seeker coding has corrupted it?"

The medic waved a servo nonchalantly.

"No, no, your coding is pristine, I made sure of that. It's the change of environment and circumstance. You've never had a full heat in the company of grounders while involved in a serious relationship. You never fought amongst seekers much because there was an established order there and circumstances in play that catered to making it easy. I expect it's going to be absolute mayhem here though. Especially with the…"

The CMO stopped mid sentence, optics unfocussed and faceplate slackening in a horrible realisation.

"Ratch, what?-"

"The Aerialbots… Primus almighty, they've never been through a heat before."

The red and white mech buried his face in his servos and groaned.

"Oh… that might be a problem. Do they uh… at least know what one is?….Or more importantly do they know about interfacing?"

Bumblebee asked tentatively, wings wiggling nervously.

"Yes yes, they know what it is but… well, I hadn't felt that their sparks had matured enough yet to unlock their interfacing systems, so they're… all sealed. They've had tactile overloads, but that's all they know. Slag, I guess they're going to have to learn fast-"

Ratchet stopped mid sentence again, but this time his faraway look was thoughtful.

And then his optics alighted on Bumblebee.

"…Whaaaat is that look?" Bumblebee took a step back, wings rising and quivering in a guarded gesture.

A small smile curled at Ratchet's lip-plates and he snapped his digits.

"You and Skyfire."

Bumblebee frowned quizzically, non-plussed, and Ratchet continued enthusiastically.

"You could teach them, show them. You two are the dominants of the base's aerial contingent, it only makes sense. A servos-on lesson in interfacing, it would be much better than giving them the information, unlocking them and letting them at it. I mean between you and Skyfire I'm sure one of you has broken a seal or two, you'd know what you're doing, and you're both trustworthy-"

"Woah-woah, Ratch! You're talking like this is a sure thing here."

Bumblebee's optics were wide and his wings were flared high in alarm.

The CMO however, continued grinning like it was all done and dusted.

"I could just order you both on medical grounds. Anyway, this whole debacle is going to stem from you, it's pretty much your duty. They need to know, and you two are the best options to teach them. And… come ON Bumblebee. You're a Seeker. And this is five virgin jets we're talking about here. FIVE."

He didn't say any of this in a suggestive tone, which only made it weirder. It wasn't every day Bumblebee was ordered in a perfectly professional way to break five mechs seals.

With Skyfire's help, at that.

It wasn't actually the thought of the Aerialbots inexperience that started to sway him though.

It was the realisation that he would be 'demonstrating' with Skyfire.

His turbine started to purr slightly and Ratchet's grin widened.

"I'll get Skyfire down here to discuss the game plan, shall I?"

"You have to what?"

Bumblebee couldn't help but smirk at Prowl and Jazz's impeccable timing as they mirrored each other's surprise.

"Skyfire and I have to teach the Aerialbots how to interface. And how to deal with their first heat, by extension."

"I thought that was what you said." Jazz mumbled, a sly grin curling his lip-plates. "Soooo how much experience DO you have breaking seals exactly?"

Bumblebee gave them a sheepish grin. "Uhummm… uh, a lot actually."

Prowl's door-wings shot up at this, optics flashing. "I knew you were popular among your circle of Seekers in Vos, but how much is 'a lot'?"

Bumblebee's wings waggled nervously and he avoided their optics, still with that sheepish expression on his face-plate.

"You know how I was a flight instructor for young Seekers? Uh, well… I instructed a few of the older ones when they hit their first heats too. I didn't interface with many of them, just broke the seals and showed them what it was about with some oral. They trusted me, it was expected of youth instructors like me to be able to do that kinda thing in Vos."

Prowl gaped, and Jazz chuckled at him. Both he and the mini-seeker knew Praxus had had a much stricter social order in the old days. Places like Vos and Tarn were seen as downright exotic in comparison to Praxus.

"Well, sounds like ya really are the best bot for the job then." Jazz grinned from audio to audio, brushing his fingers over a black wing, earning a purr from Bumblebee.

"So, uh… have you and Skyfire discussed what your… lesson plan is?" Prowl still sounded awkward, despite the fact he was trying to take it all in stride.

He may have been comfortable with open relationships, but the idea that the Aerialbots would simply have to lose their seals together in such a… wholesale manner just didn't sit well with him.

Bumblebee noticed his disquiet and reached out a servo to pat his arm.

"Don't feel like it's going to be impersonal and horrible for them. It was normal among Seekers to have an older or higher ranking jet break a younger wing's seals. I know it doesn't seem very personal, but Skyfire and I aren't strangers to them. And we won't be un-affectionate, group seal breaking wasn't uncommon either. You have to remember, orgies come naturally to jets."

He said the last part with a cheeky grin, and Prowl couldn't help but smile at that, door-wings fluttering in response.

"Yes, I noticed."

"So when's the deed gettin' done?" Jazz asked cheerily.

"Tomorrow night. We have to prepare the whole Ark for the heat before then, Ratchet and I are pretty sure the whole seal breaking thing will be the tipping point. Beyond that, I'm not going to be thinking with a coherent processor, so you two had better ask me any complex questions you want the answers to now."

They talked into the late night, Bumblebee explaining the sorts of disturbing behaviour they would probably be putting up with from him and the rest of the fliers on base, giving them tips on how to handle it. As well as the do's and don'ts of how to act towards their 'claimer', namely Bumblebee, and other jets.

Prowl and Jazz, after all, were not keen on causing the triple changer to fight with other fliers just because they were talking to other 'claimed' mechs.

The next cycle rolled around and flew past Bumblebee faster than he would have liked, and before he knew it, Ratchet was kicking him out of the med-bay where they'd been stock piling the necessary provisions for a base full of in heat fliers.

"You and Skyfire are scheduled to meet up at the Aerialbots' hanger in a breem. Processor still straight enough to actually give them the talk first?"

The triple changer's wings quivered and he shot Ratchet a glare.

"I'm not the youngling here, Ratchet."

The medic brandished a wrench at him with a pointed look.

"No, but you are the only flier with pure Seeker coding, despite the fact it's accompanied by your ground form coding, it's still your baseline. Don't forget, I was the most respected grounder medic in Vos once. I know exactly how you lot work, in all senses of the word."

Bumblebee huffed and turned, sauntering out of the medbay and signalling something rather rude in vossian with his wings.

Ratchet simply laughed and returned to inventorying their jet-fuel infused high-grade.

The minibot arrived at about the same time as Skyfire, signalling an unconscious greeting/rank display with his wings.

Skyfire did the same, rumbling softly.
"Well, I guess there's no point in stalling. Shall we proceed with the winglet deflowering?" The shuttle said in a good approximation of resignation, though his wings told of his excitement and slight amusement.
Bumblebee grinned. "Lead the way Professor Skyfire."
The scientist chuckled and shook his helm as he pinged Silverbolt for entry and the doors wooshed open to allow them into the hangar.
"I don't have any official qualifications in this… unlike you, according to Ratchet."
Bumblebee buzzed his engine at the jet before going about the business of greeting the Aerialbots.

The young fliers sat in a semi-circle on the floor around Bumblebee and Skyfire, who had perched on the bench in the Aerialbot's common area.
"So. All of you, whether you realise it or not, have some of my coding. You also have some from Skyfire and Powerglide, because Ratchet had to work with what he had. But basically, this means you all have the same interfacing protocols as Seekers, it's just slightly tempered. This is a good thing, because it means you'll be much less violent and possessive than me… relatively speaking."
The triple changer explained calmly, wings swaying forward and backward.
"Uh… so, what's relative for us then?" Silverbolt asked apprehensively, his own wings pinned back in a nervous, slightly anxious manner.
"Well, baseline for most fliers is wanting to 'claim' a few mates. This is likely to be the two or three mechs you are closest to or feel strongest for outside of your trine or brotherhood.

Normally only one or two of the claims are serious interests, any on top of that are merely 'display' mates, which serve the purpose of being status symbols to other fliers, and generally for interface conquest purposes to prove your abilities."

The Shuttle couldn't suppress a grin at the heat that coloured all of the younger fliers faceplates at this statement, but he continued on as if he hadn't noticed.

"An Aerial mech gains status among other jets and verifies rank by the amount of display mates they collect. Fights break out if two fliers want the same mate, either as a serious claim or a display claim. Fights also break out if other fliers infringe on territory or are in too close a proximity to another's claim.

Some fliers will fight if each others claims actually get too close to one another, but that's more likely to be Bumblebee or I than any of you. Our protocols are stronger, and given we're both currently the highest ranking aerials on base, our programming will push us harder to maintain our status." Skyfire supplied simply.

Air Raid gave them an incredulous look. "So… you're telling us even Fireflight is going to go around 'claiming' mechs and fighting us to defend them?"

"Yep. Ordinary personality has nothing to do with heat coding. Personality sequences are mostly over-ruled when it comes to heat protocols. I mean, I'm not generally a violent mech, but… well, you've seen me when the Seeker coding kicks in. I can be a royal aft, and a fairly vicious one at that." Bumblebee said cheerily, earning a snicker from Slingshot.

"What if we all end up stealing Fireflight's claims from him because he can't fight for slag?"

"Hey!" Fireflight whirred and pouted at his brother, Silverbolt reaching out immediately to pet a wing and soothe him.
"What if he takes all your claims? He's got the same coding as the rest of you, and remember, personality doesn't count for much during a claim fight." the minibot quipped back, and Slingshot gave him a horrified look.

"That is a valid question though… generally if a flier's claims want to actually be with him specifically, another flier beating him in a fight doesn't necessarily mean they take all the beaten jet's claims. They merely have dominance, and prevent the loser from acquiring display claims on top of what they have. The needs of a claim are important to us, even in heat." Skyfire explained.

"Yes, and on that note, we've set up a system for this. Jets away from their claims don't tend to fight one another. If anything, they're likely to want to frag, simply because jets appeal to jets, and it strengthens wingmate bonds to counter the tension of fighting over mates. So all the high-grade we'll need to take is in the medbay. You can also get mid-grade to take back to the bots you end up stashing in your 'nest', but they can get some from the rec room themselves if they want. The main thing is, Ratchet can catch us in there and make repairs if there's any nasty injuries." The mini-seeker said.

"Woah woah, hold up, did you say nest?" Slingshot gave them an incredulous look.

Skyfire rumbled in amusement.

"Yes, there's been plenty of nesting material sourced for the heat cycle as well. Wheeljack, don't ask me how, managed to convince a human bedding factory to supply us with 200 king size mattresses. Apparently they had stock that they couldn't sell. Your coding is going to drive you to build something of a nest, a comfortable spot at the centre of your territory, normally centralised around a berth. Wheeljack has them all in the hangar just over from this one, except for those Bumblebee and I have already taken."

"But… why?" Skydive seemed unable to quite understand the point of such a thing.

Bumblebee shrugged and grinned.

"Mates have to be comfortable while we keep them wrangled in one place for cycles at a time. Besides. Soft surfaces are more comfortable on wings, and kinda kinky, and you're not always guaranteed to be on top with your mates."

"Yea, especially since we don't really know what we're doing." Fireflight huffed, crossing his arms as his winglets fluttered in a manner both older fliers recognised well.

The young mechs heat coding was kicking in.

Skyfire and Bumblebee shared a glance.

"Well, that's what we're also here to show you. I'm pretty sure we've covered all the extraneous stuff now." the shuttle said evenly.

Immediately all the Aerialbots perked up.

"Uh, w-what about how long it lasts?" Silverbolt managed to wrangle out.

"Oh, it'll be anywhere between ten and twelve days." the seeker replied nonchalantly as he got to his pedes on the bench and Skyfire pushed himself back. The had only spoken briefly about the lesson plan at this point, but they both knew what the best position would be for them to show the young fliers how to go about Interfacing.

The five jets sat ramrod straight, optics wide and disbelieving as Bumblebee and Skyfire both opened their panels without batting a shutter.

Normally, the minibot and scientist would themselves be somewhat bashful about bearing themselves to one another, let alone to several others at the same time, but with their heat coding engaging in it's initial stages, social conduct protocols changed drastically, and it came as naturally and normally to them as anything else.

Bumblebee bent down over Skyfire's thigh and looked back at the Aerialbots as he traced a digit around the shuttle's spike housing.

"Right, now you all know what's what, Spike housing, Valve port", he ran a digit briefly around each. "You're all still sealed though, as far as Ratchet knows so-"

"Uuuuh I'm not." Slingshot offered meekly.

Bumblebee canted his helm and waggled his wings to indicate Slingshot explain further.

"Just my Spike… got curious. Really hurt though, so I've never touched it again."

It was the first time Bumblebee ever recalled Slingshot looking embarrassed in any genuine fashion. His wings signalled sympathy and he whirred softly.

"The rest of us never touched ours since he broke that seal. Is it… gonna hurt that much for all of us?" Silverbolt asked anxiously.

Skyfire purred his engine.

"No, no, it shouldn't. It depends on how it's done, it's always better to have an experienced mech help you remove them, or a medic. If you go about it the wrong way, yes it does hurt nastily, but only because the sensors down there are unused to registering sensation." Skyfire explained calmly.

"Exactly. Now, the KEY to seal removal is stimulation beforehand. With the Spike, it's best if the cable pressurises itself and pushes it off. They're designed to peel away like that, doing it with digits is very unpleasant. Valves on the other hand, while they too require stimulation to ease the process, must be removed externally using digits… or, as I found with experience, denta are very useful for the job too. Now, to go about stimulating a Spike into pressurisation, it's quite a simple process. You can either use your servos…"

The minibot used a digit to tease the hub of Skyfire's recessed Spike, and the jet rumbled softly, leaning a little further back and spreading his legs.

It didn't take long with the probing to get the Spike to start straining at it's latches.

" Or, if you feel comfortable with the idea of it, you can also use your mouth and glossa, which tend to get faster results with most mechs. A good trick is to make a seal around the housing with your lip-plates and suck gently while prodding the tip of the spike with your glossa. Be prepared, the Spike may be released right into your mouth, and if you don't want to take it all in, just shut your mouth around the hub only. You can keep licking that and sucking it a bit, or you can try licking down the rest of the spike as it emerges."

Bumblebee then proceeded with a demonstration, Skyfire's helm thunking back as he gave a deep moan.

The triple-changer sucked and probed until there was an audible 'click' and Skyfire's impressively large Spike began to rise from it's housing. Bumblebee wrapped his mouth (somehow) around the large hub and worked it, licking and sucking, before he released it and ran his glossa down the underside of the cord.

Skyfire's cable emerged fully, pressurised to it's peak.

Bumblebee purred, his servo returning to the Spike to stroke it languidly as he looked back to the Aerialbots.

All five of them were staring avidly, and one of them whimpered, though he couldn't tell who.

"Now, knowing when a Spike is ready is easy. It should be firm, and generally only gives a little more length out when you pull on it. But don't yank on it too hard, 'cause that'll hurt. There is a trick to 'rough' interfacing that jets tend to have a knack for, but at first I suggest you go slow so you can gauge your limits and get your sensors used to receiving input. It will be uncomfortable at first, but we'll be helping you with that. Now, Skyfire is going to show you the deal with Valve stimulation…"

Bumblebee moved to straddle the shuttle's large white thigh, wings to the white jet's chestplate, baring his interface equipment to the winglets as he kept one servo on the scientists Spike, stroking languidly.

Skyfire, looking very sanguine and relaxed, slid a servo between Bumblebee's black thighs and teased one large white digit over the Seeker's port.

The minibot mewled and rubbed his pelvis into the contact.

Several jet engines whirred loudly and Bumblebee grinned.

"No-ow… ehum, yes, it helps to t-ease around the entrance first, don't just go right in, you want to instigate lubrication first. That's very important. Some mechs systems aren't great at lubricating a lot in a small amount of time, another thing Ratchet has on servo in the medbay is tubes of lubricant in case you find you or any of your claims have this problem. Now, you ca-an… nnnh… generally tell… a mech is ready for you to press your digits in when l-lubricant drips out… ah, li-ike that… hnnn…"

Bumblebee found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on what he was saying as the large smooth digit rubbed and pressed against the platelets of his port entrance.

When Skyfire finally pushed his index finger into the minibot, several of the aerial bots groaned and their wings all shuddered.

Bumblebee himself arched and moaned, the digit being easily as thick as a standard Spike, stretching him nicely and firing up his sensors.

"Ahhh… y-yes, see… ngh… lu-ubri… lubricant… needs to be spread a-aaaa-around… thrusting gently… does that… oooooh."

The seeker lost himself momentarily to riding the shuttle's white finger, and Skyfire chuckled softly to bring him back to reality.

"nnghu… Ok, that'll do…" Bumblebee murmured a little breathlessly.

Skyfire pulled the digit slowly out as the small black wings quivered against his chassis.

With a smirk, he brought the finger to his mouth and sucked the lubricant off with a rumble.

The Aerialbots moaned and whined softly.

It was clear at least that they were getting extremely aroused… which was of course the point.

"Now… this is the simple yet daunting part for newly unsealed mechs. Spike in Valve. Sounds easy enough, but any size differences aside, even for completely compatible gauges of equipment, there's the issue of angle. The more experienced and practiced you get, the less angle tends to matter, because once your valve is worn in it'll have a nice amount of flexibility. For you guys you'll need to take Spikes slowly for a while, or it'll be quite uncomfortable.

Also… I wouldn't recommend trying a size difference like this until you're muuuch more experienced. For the sake of education, this way just works better."

As Bumblebee talked, he climbed up on Skyfire's white thighs, the huge spike between his legs, back still to the shuttle's cockpit.

He unlatched his own spike and let it pressurise, rubbing it against Skyfires simply for the extra stimulation and to show the young jets more ways of sharing stimulation.

The scientist's servos wrapped around small yellow hips and lifted the minibot slightly, placing his valve right over the hub of his Spike.

Bumblebee arched and let out a high pitched, soft keen as Skyfire helped him sink slowly down onto his large cable.

The seeker worked his valve expertly, relaxing and rotating his hips to spiral his platelets around the girth of the hub.

Several of the young jets gasped, optics fixed on their tutors interface equipment, disbelief, arousal, and slight horror clear on their faceplates as they moaned, whimpered and whirred turbines.

Bumblebee schooled his features as he purred loudly, pausing on the hot, pressing Spike.

"Nnnn… note that the valve is a VERY flexible thing… does have limits, but that's why you don't ta-ake in… anything b-bigger than… the circumference of… y-your port aperture." he explained, before rolling his hips back and forth and sinking down on the spike with a deep moan until it hit his socket.

It was still half exposed, being much too long for the minibot.

Neither Skyfire or Bumblebee seemed to mind as they stilled, vents already whirring from the pleasure of being filled and squeezed respectively.

"It's… always best… if spiking… to g-give your partner… a few moments to adjust… especially with size d-differencessss… nnnngh. Frag you're tight Bee…"

Skyfire couldn't help growling out lustfully, hips quivering as he struggled to keep himself still.

Bumblebee gave a chocked kind of chuckle mixed with a moan.

"Nngh… bet you say that to all the mmminibots… heh… can move if y'want…" The yellow and black spy responded, wings shivering with anticipation.

With a relieved groan, the scientist lifted the small hips and drew Bumblebee off his spike to the hub, before pressing him down again as Bumblebee arched and moaned in a far too enticing manner.

"Primus!" It was Air Raid who gasped out, optics fixed to the sight and wings vibrating so hard with arousal they could be heard clattering.

Skyfire rumbled, one of his large servos moving around to the triple-changer's front.

He took Bumblebee's spike delicately between thumb and forefinger and began to stroke it as he guided the mini seeker's rhythm on his own spike.

There was no more talking, only demonstrating as Bumblebee mewled and moaned, working himself expertly over Skyfire's thick cable while the scientist did some very delicious things with his spike.

It took about three kliks for them both to reach overload, and the room was already heavily scented with ionisation and the smell of lubricant hot with friction.

Skyfire rumbled out a moan like thunder as he pinned Bumblebee to his chassis and thrust up, overloading.

A wash of lubricant and silvery metallic fluid streaked down the exposed portion of his cable and Bumblebee keened, thrashed and overloaded himself, jerking his spike between the two fingers that had been stroking his own cord. More silvery liquid burst from the end of Bumblebee's Spike, shocking the Aerialbots.

"Nnnnnh… haaa…. Now… th-that was an o-overload… 'n that silvery stuff… is called Transfluid. Only jets in heat produce that… it's an aid to… sparking. But… 'less you spark merge… with bonded… when you overload in a bot… won't spark anything." Skyfire explained through heavy ventilations.

Bumblebee moaned softly as he rested against the larger mech, engines purring loudly.

"Yea… also feels awesome… n doesn't taste bad either."

The minibot laughed softly as Skyfire took the servo covered in the seeker's transfluid to his lip-plates and licked it off with a happy hum.

While he was busy with that, Bumblebee worked himself off the large Spike with soft noises of pleasure and waggling wings.

The Aerialbots moaned when the jet's hub made an audible pop upon leaving the minibot's valve.

Bumblebee drew a cube of high-grade from his subspace and drained half of it, before slipping off the berth and looking around at the Aerialbots with a satiated grin. His optics and wings told another story about the state of his renewed arousal however.

"So… Silverbolt, seeing as you're the leader, you should be the first to lose your seals. You can open your panel, don't feel shy."

The concord looked like a deer caught in headlights, staring at the Seeker in a mix between wonder and mortification.

Despite being highly embarrassed, he was compelled to obey the higher ranking aerial, and with a slight whimper, his codpiece retracted.

"Now, just sit back and relax, OK? I'm going to unseal your Spike first, because stimulating a pressurised cable while de-sealing the valve will make that bit much easier for you."

Silverbolt gave a squeaky noise and nodded, optics still wide.
Skyfire moved off the bench to sit behind the Aerialbot leader, and began to massage and rub the curvy silver wings.

This seemed to relax the mech quite a bit, but he jolted harshly when Bumblebee began running his digits gently around and over the spike seal.

Silverbolt watched in fascination, doing his best not to jerk his hips again as the Seeker gave him a reassuring smile and chirr as he continued his ministrations.

Soon the triple changer had his helm between quivering golden thighs, licking and stroking over the spike housing, purring against it as he tweaked wires in the mech's hip joints.

The hub of the sealed cable was starting to press against the seal from the inside, and Silverbolt moaned, whimpered and keened in both pleasure and discomfort.

Skyfire rumbled soothing words into the smaller flier's audio while his brothers watched avidly, experiencing his sensations through the gestalt bond.

"It's all right, the pressure will ease soon, you're nearly there…" the shuttle crooned, watching Bumblebee work, his own arousal returning.

Unlike the seeker, he had only ever broken two mech's seals, and not his own. The honour of his had gone to one of his mentors at the academy of science, and that had been a very pleasurable affair, but nothing quite as exotic as Bumblebee's technique.

When Bumblebee finally let out a whirr and gave the seal a firm lave of his glossa, Silverbolt gave a loud cry as the hub of his spike popped open the silicon like cover.

The other Aerialbots whirred, gasped, and moaned, watching their leader's cable emerge for the first time.

Bumblebee gave the hub a few licks to stimulate full pressurisation before he wrapped a servo around it and rubbed gently. He moved his mouth's attentions down to the valve, signalling something to Skyfire with his wings as he purred.

The scientist grinned and gently slipped his servos beneath Silverbolt's golden thighs, lifting them up and apart for the minibot.

The concord gasped and keened. The position not only showed off his bared interface array better to his brothers, it also gave the triple changer easier access to his valve.

And apart from that, it felt extremely arousing.

Bumblebee ran his glossa around the rim of the valve, and then right across the seal. He felt out it's edges with digits and hummed, sealing his mouth over it and sucking lightly.

Silverbolt couldn't help bucking and thrashing slightly with a wail. Primus, the stimulation was almost too much! His spike twitched in the Seeker's servo, but Bumblebee seemed completely unfazed by his squirming.

Silverbolt didn't even notice when Bumblebee snagged the edge of the valve seal between his denta and peeled it away.

The sting was nothing compared to the amazing feel of air hitting his lubricant soaked port, and he keened, overloading from the sensations in his interfacing equipment for the first time.
Bumblebee crooned soothingly in approval, gently stoking the spike as it spurted transfluid across the gestalt leader's chest-plates.

"Holy slag, I call dibs on next de-seal!" Slingshot pronounced, gazing at his leader with an open mouth and wide, dark blue optics.

Skyfire and Bumblebee both chuckled, Silverbolt groaning as his fans whirred loudly, cooling him down.

The Seeker licked whatever transfluid had spilled onto his servo, sharing a look with the shuttle.

Without warning, the minibot pounced Slingshot, who squeaked rather loudly.

"Open." He purr-growled the command, servos landing on the harriers wings and petting in a masterful fashion.

Slingshot whimpered and obeyed immediately, his spike springing free the moment his codpiece was out of the way.

Bumblebee revved his turbines, still hovering dominatingly over the round helmed Aerial, one servo on the wings while his other played with the spike a little.

Slingshot mewled and bucked into the touches, Air Raid snickering and making a jab about how eager and easy he was.

Slingshot prepared a retort, but it died in his vocaliser the moment Bumblebee slid down his chassis and nipped at the base of his cable.

The triple changer wasted no time in teasing his glossa around the edges of the valve seal, servo growing firmer on the twitching spike.

It was only a matter of a klik or two before he had the wingling writhing in overload, at which point he nipped the valve seal off, making sure Slingshot didn't feel an iota of the discomfort of his first seal break.

Silverbolt flopped on his front beside the groaning harrier with a silly grin on his faceplates, and went about petting his wings as Skyfire started teasing a finger over Air Raid's panel.

The black jet whimpered, snicking back his codpiece and grinding insistently into the shuttle's petting digits.

"I suppose I could try your technique Bumblebee… my denta would certainly be more delicate a tool than my servos in this area."

"Mmmm, you're just hungry for more lubricant." The minibot teased, giving Fireflight a wing-rub to ease his apparent tension.

Skydive whined and pawed at Air-Raid, so Skyfire's other servo got to work on the aerial tactician's already open panel.

With encouragement over the gestalt bond, Fireflight retracted his own codpiece, and Bumblebee snaked a servo around his hips to play around his spike housing.

Pressed up against the red jet's fuselage kibble, he revved his engine over the cockpit glass, enjoying the cry of pleasure it garnered.

Much to Bumblebee's surprise, a second rev had Fireflight's Spike break it's seal, and he murmured in congratulatory approval.

Air-Raid huffed, Skyfire's teasing not yet having broken his own seal. He seemed disappointed that Fireflight's had before his.

Bumblebee chuckled, moving around to the red jet's front to lick at his spike, making him squeak and buck.

The Seeker held his hips steady, giving the spike a few more licks over the hub before sealing his mouth around the end and sucking downwards.

Fireflight squealed and writhed, frame and wings shuddering violently.

He didn't even notice one of Bumblebee's servos pinching the edge of his valve seal, and he certainly didn't feel it get stripped off when he overloaded into the triple-changer's swallowing intake.

Fireflight leaned heavily back on his arms, legs akimbo and ventilations working hard.

Over with Skyfire, Air-Raid and Skydive were both moaning at the sight of Bumblebee with his mouth full of their brother's spike.

The scientist had lowered himself to his front, but he still had to hold Skydive's hips up from the floor to reach his valve with his mouth. Both the aerial tactician's and black jet's spikes had broken their seals when Fireflight overloaded, and the shuttle was lapping at Skydive's valve while teasing Air-Raid's pressurised cable.
Silverbolt, who had recovered relatively well already, shuffled over and began to stroke Skydive's spike experimentally.

The grey jet squealed much like Fireflight had, and Skyfire peeled the valve seal away as he overloaded.

While Silverbolt took Skydive into his lap and inspected the silver fluid on his servos with interest, the scientist turned his full attention on the writhing, moaning Air Raid.

Given he was the last to have his valve seal in tact, Bumblebee came over to help. He and the shuttle got the black jet on his front, Skyfire holding the smaller jet's hips up off the floor, digits teasing the stiff spike while he lapped at the valve seal. Bumblebee gave Air Raid's wings special attention, until with a keen he overloaded hard, and the red and white shuttle peeled off the last seal between his denta.

Fireflight made a chirping sort of noise as he crawled over and flopped beside Bumblebee and Air Raid.

The older fliers let the five rest for a few Kliks, their own heats now providing a consistent level of arousal and sustained warmth internally.

The mini seeker waggled his wings and purred. "Congratulations all of you. You're now fully unsealed and prepared for phase two."

"Ph-phase two?" Skydive questioned in a much higher register than normal.

Skyfire rumbled in amusement.

"We can't just break your seals and let you guess your way through your first interfaces. If you really don't wish to interface with Bumblebee or I, you do not have to. It is an excellent opportunity to get in your first practice however."

The brothers all looked between each other, seemingly debating over the idea.

"None of us mind either of you being our first." Silverbolt pronounced eventually.

Skyfire and Bumblebee smiled reassuringly, and the minibot petted the nearest jet to him, which was Fireflight.

"Want to go first? Your valve seems fairly ready, and I won't go any faster than you want me to."

Fireflight squeaked, looking over his shoulder at the Seeker patting his leg with wide optics, wings fluttering in automatic, heat-induced invitation.

His faceplate however showed he was clearly not sure that he was ready.

"Go on Flight, take it like a mech. He's a Seeker! You can't say no" Air Raid prodded.

While Fireflight slowly rolled himself over, Skyfire moved over to Silverbolt.

"While Bumblebee starts on breaking in your brother's valve, would you like me to teach you some Spike technique? That's my main purpose here after all." The scientist purred.

The concord gave him a rather startled, lust filled look.

The shuttle grinned and leant down, pecking Silverbolt on the lips before he lay down carefully on his back, inviting the aerial leader to settle himself between his legs.

One long white arm snaked down to play between the gold thighs, and Silverbolt mewled softly, grinding against the bigger mech.

Skyfire rumbled soothingly, his other servo petting the aerial leader's wings.

"Mmm, your spike is already pressurised, so when you feel ready, you can guide it to my port and test what penetrating feels like, get a feel for the firmness of your own cable. And don't be worried about hurting me, I'm large and experienced enough that you won't really do me any damage or pain."

Silverbolt nodded, biting his bottom lip-plating.

He had to reach down with a servo to find the shuttle's valve opening, and he gingerly guided the hub of his spike to it.

With excruciating slowness, he began to press in, gasping and hissing through his vents as he felt the warm walls of a valve press around his spike for the first time. The slickness and movement was something he'd never even thought about, and the nature of the new sensation was highly erotic to him.

Skyfire murmured encouragements, slowly, and not always voluntarily, rolling the tension cables in his port walls to massage the cable as it eventually came to hilt inside him.

"Ooooh Primus… that… feels so fantastic…"

Skyfire chuckled at Silverbolts breathless moan as he quivered atop the scientist.

"You can move you know… in fact, it's an encouraged practice" the scientist said mildly, teasing.

The concord gave him a huff and a waggle of his wings before he began to move his hips back, pulling out. He didn't take more than half his length out before pressing back into the valve.

Skyfire let him experiment a bit before he stepped in to guide the inexperienced mech.

White servos held silver hips gently, showing him how far to pull out, a good speed to make his thrusts, good angles to remember and the technique for rolling his hips in a way that mutually set off more sensors for both of them.

While Skyfire was busy with Silverbolt, Bumblebee had managed to relax Fireflight, and was showing him the virtues of oral ministrations with his glossa preparing the red jets port.

Once satisfied, through the aerial's squirming and keening, that he was lubricated enough to make things easy, Bumblebee settled himself on the floor, his Spike already pressurised and raring to go.

"Ok Flight, easy… just straddle my legs there… yes, just like that. This way you can control the speed, so you don't need to worry about it hurting, you've got control, alright?"

Bumblebee spoke in soothing tones as Fireflight got into position, guided by small black servos until his valve opening pressed down against the seeker's hub.

"Ok, now, just lower yourself, niiiiice and easy… don't worry, you're not going to hurt me, just don't go too fast or your sensors won't thank you. That's it…"

Fireflight gasped and gave a soft, breathy moan as the tip of the spike popped past the lubricated platelets of his valve entrance and lit up the first sensors in his port walls.

It was slow work for the aerial to sink onto the spike, but once he had Bumblebee hilted in him, he relaxed.
"Ooooh wow… that didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would!" He chirped, flexing his valve walls involuntarily and squeaking.

Bumblebee chuckled and petted his wings.

"Don't get too ahead of yourself. You're not out of the woods yet, but I'm not especially big, in fact you're a bit bigger… I'm not likely to hurt, but keep taking it slow first, you haven't experienced proper fiction or movement yet. You can move when you're ready, just up and down, as far as you feel you can at first."

Fireflight nodded, making a soft, high pitched sound at the back of his vocaliser before he squeezed Bumblebee's shoulders nervously and started to pull off.

The red jet, as unsure as he seemed, was actually quite the natural, and Bumblebee purred and murmured encouragements as he got into an easy rhythm on his spike.

Their attention was diverted momentarily as Skyfire let out a pleasured rumble, Silverbolt finally finding his confidence with his spike given the shuttle's encouragement.

Slingshot and Skydive were watching avidly as their leader picked up the pace of his rolling thrusts, the scientist pulling his legs up to change the angle subtly before moaning.
"Yesss… Just like that, Bolt… right… there…"

Silverbolt keened and shuddered as Skyfire manipulated his valve around his spike so deliciously he thought he would just melt into the larger mech.

Somehow, he managed to keep up his own ministrations, going faster, increasing the pleasure, building to what was unmistakeably another overload.

Before he even got there though, Skyfire cried out, hugging him to his chassis, his port walls clenching down so hard he couldn't move his hips, but he no longer needed to.

The moment Silverbolt realised he'd made Skyfire overload first, he went crashing into his own, and he moaned loudly into the shuttle's chassis as he jerked, his transfluid spilling into the quivering, hot valve.

Bumblebee's turbines revved at the sight and sound, and rolled his hips up a little firmer, making Fireflight moan and shudder.

Playing with the bottom edges of Fireflight's wings, he picked up the pace, and the red jet followed eagerly.

It wasn't long, with encouragement from a moaning Air Raid behind him, before Fireflight finally reached his peak and keened loudly, clutching at Bumblebee's shoulders as the seeker jerked up into his clenching valve gently, growling out his own overload in a way that melted the aerial's circuits. Coupled with the feel of the triple-changer's hot transfluid filling him, Fireflight ended up rolling into a secondary overload, mewling as he rolled his hips over the spike, automatically milking it for all it was worth.

Bumblebee moaned, clutching the jet's hips as his overload cycled down and his wings flared in satisfaction.

The afterglow was cut short by AirRaid pawing at his brother.
"C'moooon my goooo."
Bumblebee grinned at AirRaid as he helped Fireflight off his spike, the jet understandably reluctant to leave his perch and hissing at his brother.
Bumblebee gave a warning rumble to prevent any fights before they began. Now was not the time, they would be doing that later.
Fireflight chirred an apology and crawled over to Slingshot, petting at his wings while they both watched Skydive take his turn learning to spike with Skyfire.
Bumblebee could tell just from looking at the sheen of lubricant around AirRaids's thighs that he wouldn't need any preparation.
He had to force the black jet to take it slow when he straddled him.
It wasn't long before AirRaid was bouncing and moaning on Bumblebee's spike, and the minibot gave the chest vents in front of him a little nipping treatment, recognising the aerial as being the kind who liked a bit of sharp interfacing.

There were just some bots like that, and Bumblebee liked it, because it made his job easy.
AirRaid turned out to be even more of a natural than Fireflight, without a scrap of trepidation, until of course he snagged his valve lining on Bumblebee's spike hub getting a bit too excited.
Bumblebee stilled him and petted his wings soothingly.
"See, that's why you take it slow first. You're too tight, when you clench you risk snagging. That will happen much less the more use your valve gets, but just be careful, OK? Sometimes you can do yourself serious damage snagging, and Ratchet haaates fixing valve linings."
A cry from the area where the rest of the jets were caught their attention, and both their turbines purred to see Skydive overloading with Skyfire, the aerial tactician doing an impressive job of stimulating the shuttle's spike while he pumped into the valve.

"Heh… 'Dive was always good at multi-tasking." AirRaid snickered, starting up his rhythm again, but slower this time, purring.
Bumblebee hummed and matched the black jet, licking and nipping the edge of his chest-plates, rolling his hips for maximum stimulation.
It wasn't long before Air Raid was keening and quivering atop him, before overloading with a spectacular flaring of wings.
Mirring with pleasured afterglow, Air Raid staggered over to Fireflight, flopping onto his brother and nuzzling him as he squawked in slight protest.
Slingshot was now busy with Skyfire, so Bumblebee crawled over to Silverbolt, who seemed to have recovered.
"Oh… um… Bumblebee, is it okay if I… I mean, if he wants to… I was hoping Skyfire could s-spike me?"
Bumblebee tilted his helm with slight surprise before grinning at the small noise Skyfire made hearing that.
"That's fine Silverbolt, but are you sure you want to try something that big on your first go? I mean… I could still warm you up, my servo is about at thick as his spike." he snickered slightly, flexing his digits in a suggestive manner.
Silverbolt flushed with heat at that suggestion.
"Don't worry Silverbolt… I'll help you prepare. You can get fisted by the minibot another time." The scientist panted back with a smirk at the mini-seeker, who gave a mock rev of indignation and signed something rude with his wings.
Skyfire merely laughed, then moaned at Slingshot, who'd curled in on himself to suck the tip of the shuttle's spike. Slingshot, after all, did not like being ignored when he was doing something he felt was important. Plus he had to prove he could outdo his brother in the multi-tasking department.

Bumblebee moved over to a very content looking Skydive, massaging his wings as he recuperated his strength. Bumblebee hadn't expected the aerial bots to be able to take more than two overloads in their first session, and a little break wouldn't do him any harm either.
When Skydive seemed ready to try his first vale interface, he gave Bumblebee a nervous look.
"I was… um… was wondering if maybe… you could… I mean… I always thought turbo-wolf style would feel good."
The minibot was surprised by the suggestion, but it made his engine rev eagerly.
"Of course, if you'd like to try that, that's fine Skydive. You may want to lock your knee joints though, mechs taking that position for their first time tend to loose some motor control… it is very arousing." He purred with a heated grin.
Skydive nodded, assuming the position and dropping his helm to look down between his own legs curiously, wings fluttering in anticipation.

Bumblebee took up position behind the aerial, bending first to nuzzle and lap at the bared valve.
He got a squeak in return, and Skydive arched, re-pressurising spike bobbing beneath him,
In truth he didn't really need any preparation, but the miniseeker liked to sample his partners before mounting when it came to this method.
When he had his fill and had Skydive keening, he swiftly adopted the dominant position, servos gripping the aerial around the waist where his thumbs could just tease the bottom seam of the wing.

He pulled the hips into position, rubbing the underside of his erect cord against the jet's entrance.
Skydive, still looking down under his own body, moaned and pressed against Bumblebee needily.
Slowly, gently, Bumblebee pressed the tip of his spike in, turbines revving at the feel.
Skydive keened in response, wings flaring and quivering deliciously, and Bumblebee attacked them with his glossa, unable to help himself, as he slowly sank his spike all the way home, Skydive pressing back, eager and tight.

The miniseeker waited for Skydive to adjust, nuzzling his fuselage and turbine, nipping the tailfin before he began to pull out. Skydive had stopped looking beneath him, instead adopting a more natural position, his hips up against Bumblebee's, knees locked, and chassis lowered with his helm resting on trembling arms as he pawed at the floor.
It was hard for Bumblebee to keep a check on his pace, with the grey jet pressing and bucking into him and his own desire to just pound the clenching wet heat, but he mastered himself, rumbling his engine and moving his hips sensuously.
"Oh frag, his spike, touch his spike!" AirRaid moaned from the other side of the room, and the spy looked up to see who he was addressing.
It was surprising to find them all watching him spike the aerial tactician. Even Slingshot, who was still pumping into Skyfire and sucking the tip of his spike, had turned his helm to watch.
"S-sorry… projecting… can't help… so good… more, pleeeeeease!" the grey jet mewled, quivering.
Surprised, and feeling a surge of pride, Bumblebee curled around Skydive and took his stiff cable in one servo, pumping down whenever he thrust in, building the pace when he was sure the valve would not snag.
Skydive wailed, and with a nip to the leading edge of his tailfin from the seeker he overloaded louder than any of them had so far.
Bumblebee moaned as he went with him, grinding his hips into Skydive's aft as he shot off a hard load of transfluid inside him.
Ooooh but that had been exceptionally satisfying, and he gently milked the other's spike for every last drop it could produce before he used both servos to soothingly pet black wings.
He didn't like to be biased, but out of all the Aerialbots, he would be most happy to accept Skydive into his berth again sometime. And probably Fireflight, because there was just something about their timid innocence that turned him the frag on.

He slowly pulled out, moaning in tandem with the aerial tactician at the feel and sound.
No sooner had Bumblebee plopped on his aft with a satisfied mirring sound than his wings were pleasantly assaulted by servos, and he arched back, looking over his shoulder.
Air Raid nuzzled his fuselage, admiring his own brother's sated and dripping valve over the seeker's shoulder.
Skydive twittered as though he was in absolute heaven, unlocking his knees and flopping spread eagle on his front, purring loudly and not giving a damn how many fluids were all over him.
Bumblebee grinned at the sight of him, ego still very much boosted, and looked back at AirRaid, still plaintively rubbing at his wings.
"Did you need something 'Raid?" He purred, watching the jet bite his lip in an enticingly nervous manner.
"I was… wondering if um… maybe I could spike you?"
It came out in rather a rush, but Bumblebee grinned and purred, leaning his wing into the petting.
"Certainly. I am going to be a little snug on you, but I don't think you could do me any real damage. I'm used to tight fits." He gave an aroused growl, turning around and pressing a very excited looking Air Raid to sit.
He straddled the mech's ankles, leaning down to nuzzle and lick at his exposed spike leisurely.
AirRaid certainly did make very pleasing noises, and Bumblebee took his time preparing him, until a little proto-transfluid seeped from the tip of his hub.
Bumblebee straightened, shuffling up to straddle his hips, kissing the black jet firmly so he could taste the essence of his own cable.
Raid whimpered and revved, hips bucking needily beneath the seeker, who chuckled.
Bumblebee purred deeply, and then decided he wanted to give AirRaid more control on his first spiking.
He rolled to the side and adjusted his back kibble, leaning back with splayed wings and splayed legs, port soaked and inviting and cable stiff against his midriff plating.
He could physically see the black jet's arousal skyrocket, and he smirked a little, beckoning him to come closer.

AirRaid was eager and hesitant all at once. After all, Bumblebee was his superior as far as flier protocol went, but he was willingly bottoming, and Raid didn't want to incur punishment for being presumptuous.
Bumblebee was gentle though, and unconcerned by rank at the moment.
"Come on, it's ok… just get comfortable, have a go at lining up without touching it… yea, there you go-oooooo yeeeeeesssss…"

AirRaid's confidence soared as he watched the expression on Bumblebee's face. He moaned too as he sank deeper into the unprimusly tight, hot valve. He gasped and stopped once or twice, the seeker's engine rumbling as he let his helm fall back, and on instinct AirRaid lowered his helm and sucked at the spy's neck cables.
Once he was seated, he could feel Bumblebee's valve sucking at him hungrily… slag almighty it was everything he'd always hoped it would be!

He moaned loudly into the cables in his mouth, biting down slightly as he pulled back.
Bumblebee could feel the inexperience keenly, but it didn't matter, because the black jet was not getting too bold, and his thick spike did feel sooo good on his over-sensitised nodes.
He wound his legs around AirRaid's waist and tried to guide the rhythm of his thrusts a little by rolling his hips.
He picked it up quickly, and soon Air Raid found himself whimpering and moaning in ecstasy as he sunk deliciously into the clenching, rippling port again and again. He would never get tired of this sensation and he knew it. Primus, what he'd been missing all this time! He knew that technically he couldn't have been doing this any earlier, since he was still young, and knew he wouldn't have had the maturity before to make the right decisions with how and when he did this but… it was certainly pleasing to think he was about to go into his first heat and get lots, lots more of it.

Bumblebee didn't need to encourage AirRaid to speed up at the right time. The bot was good at following his instincts, and he rolled along with the ebb and flow of pleasure, rocking faster, cries getting shorter as the charge built slow and powerful between them.
Bumblebee massaged the black wings expertly, tweaking ailerons at just the right moments to spike hot waves of bliss right down AirRaid's backstruts, causing him to throw his helm back and keen.

The black jet found himself pounding the noisy wet port hard and fast, reaching for that one last bit of sensation before…
AirRaid arched and bucked, releasing his transfluid right into the depths of Bumblebee's clenching port as the sudden, hard bite on his neck-cables sent him reeling into overload.

Bumblebee growled around the lines between his denta, clutching AirRaid as his load filled him nicely, hub pressing insistently and wonderfully into the back of his valve until the overload finally ebbed and they both slumped.
Their vents panted hot air as metal pinged, slowly cooling, and AirRaid seemed to realise after a few astroseconds that he was leaning his full weight on Bumblebee. He shuffled off, pulling out slowly with a soft moan. Shivering at the pop his spike made leaving the tight valve.
The seeker purred and snatched the jet back down onto the floor with him for a cuddle, which AirRaid had absolutely no objection to.
Once Bumblebee started looking around, he realised Slingshot had finished with Skyfire. It must have been quiet, or in tandem with he and Skydive, for him not to have noticed.
Either way, the harrier seemed to be happily practicing self service with Skydive, encouraged by Skyfire to explore themselves and gauge their own limits.
He was trying to coax Fireflight to spike him, but the poor red jet didn't seem to take to it naturally. Bumblebee mirred softly.

"Fireflight? Did you want to try with me while Skyfire spikes Silverbolt? That way you can just watch what Skyfire does and copy him, okay?"
The red and white jet looked between Skyfire, Silverbolt and Bumblebee, wings flickering unsurely.
"G'wan Flighty, it feels soooooo good… he's so nice and tight and just…oooooh."
AirRaids moaning purr seemed to be enough to convince his brother, who twittered and shuffled over to Bumblebee.
The mini-seeker smiled at him, and he and AirRaid gave Fireflight a little wing rub together before Air Raid moved to join Skydive and Slingshot, pouncing both and cheekily playing with their spikes.
Bumblebee urged Fireflight a little closer to where Silverbolt and Skyfire were caressing each other.
He didn't say anything, but he knew the look in the shuttles optics.
There was more than just the heat of this training exercise starting between them.
He continued to massage the red jet's wings, kissing him gently to relax him, and it worked.
"Mmmmm you know how my mouth felt around your spike?"
The red jet nodded, faceplates flushed a dull orange with heat.
"Weeeell… valves feel teeeen times better… and you don't have to worry at all, okay? I'll help you if you're not sure how to move, it's really easy." He purred, nuzzling the jet, who warbled and nodded.
Bumblebee lay back the way he had for AirRaid, his helm pointed towards Skyfire so Fireflight could just look up and reference the shuttle's motions if he needed to.
Bumblebee found when he leant his helm back, he also had a really nicely angled view of the proceedings too.

Skyfire was reclined back against the wall at a sloped angle, one servo around Silverbolts middle, the aerial leader's back to his chest plates.
Silverbolt clutched Skyfire's arm and moaned breathily as large white digits teased his port, slipping in and out and rubbing around the outer platelets.

Bumblebee looked down his chassis as Fireflight hovered over him unsurely.

He took the jet's half-stiff spike in servo and gently, sensuously teased it to full pressurisation, Fireflight shuddering and mewling above him.
The spy continued to check where Skyfire was up to, his own valve getting tingly with the prospect of one last spiking.
Skyfire's cable seemed to be made eager simply from the sounds Silverbolt made and the way he squirmed, and Bumblebee didn't blame him.

"Alright… ready Fireflight? You can take your time… there you go, all lined up… yep, angle is good. Now, all you have to do is push in, nice and easy."
Fireflight nodded, biting his bottom lip plating as he wiggled his hips slightly, sured the grip of his knees on the floor, and began to sink his cable into Bumblebee.
The mini-seeker arched his helm back, turbines revving in pleasure as the thick spike pressed in with agonising slowness.
He could see Skyfire pressing with the same amount of slowness into Silverbolt, and the concord's arching and keening seemed to set off the rest of his gestalt.
"Oooooh primus…"
Slingshot's moaned words were merely voicing what every single one of them was feeling in their own way. The three not involved in the spikings petted and groped one another as intense pleasure flooded their bond from Fireflight and, to a greater degree Silverbolt.
The Aerial leader seemed to lose all pretence of composure and bashfulness as Skyfire slowly and carefully filled and stretched his virgin port.
The shuttle grunted and moaned.
"Slaaag… forgot… how t-tight it could… nnnnnnngh"
Bumblebee mewled and purred, petting Fireflight's wings and nuzzling him encouragingly.
"You can go faster if you like… you're not going to hurt me, Skyfire just has to be slow since it's Bolt's first time."
The red jet bit his bottom lip, clearly enjoying the enveloping sensation on his cable but unsure of himself.
Bumblebee helped by sliding a pede up behind his thighs, stroking it over his aft and applying a light pressure, which seemed to be enough encouragement for the young flier, who twittered and sank home to the hilt with a nice firm push.

Bumblebee let him enjoy the feeling of just being fully sheathed in his port before he gave a few clenches to encourage him to move.
Fireflight nuzzled into his neck cables with a squeak, pulling back and gasping at the feel of cool air on his lubricant slicked spike when he drew it out again.
"Mmmm thaaat's it… that's goooood… a little faster, and you'll get a really nice friction feeling." Bumblebee murmured, licking and kissing at the red jet's audio.
Fireflight shuddered and sank back into his valve rather quickly, keening at the sensation of faster movement.
It wasn't long before the miniseeker had Fireflight rolling his hips at a good steady pace, the red jet picking up the idea of pulling nearly all the way out before thrusting back in without a problem.
Bumblebee arched and moaned at the slow, sensual feel of the aerial's thick spike parting his now over-sensitised and rippling valve walls with such gentleness.
He unshuttered his optics, getting a delicious upside-down view of Skyfire sinking Silverbolt onto his thick spike again, lubricant squeezing out from around the cable and running to pool on the floor.
The shuttle had also coaxed the Concorde's spike out and was rubbing it between his servo and the aerial commander's own plating.
Bumblebee moaned deeply at the sight, smell and sound, wrapping himself around Fireflight a little more and kissing him.
Encouraged, and getting into the feel and the rhythm, Fireflight moved faster, thrusts a little more forceful to try and get right into the back of the tight, clenching valve.
Ooooh, Bumblebee was so right… it did feel better than a mouth… so much sensation! So much heat! And the way it moved when he thrust at different angles…
"Mmmnnn so good…" Fireflight panted.
The seeker whirred happily. "Very… you're doing a looooovely job Flighty, going to take me into a long, rolling overload like this." The minibot panted, lapping at Fireflight's neck cables.

The jet watched his gestalt leader with a weak moan, unconsciously making his inward thrusts quicker as his arousal flared.

Bumblebee soon found himself on the knife edge of overload, keening softly with Fireflight, the red flier giving into instincts and flaring his wings, leaning his helm down to nip and lick and suck at a helm horn.
It was Silverbolt's overload that tipped them though, the Concorde hollering and lighting up the room with tingling volts of electricity that jumped between them all when Skyfire surged deep into his valve and clenched his spike.
Bumblebee and Fireflight watched with wide optics, the mini-seeker warbling as overload rolled deep and hot through his frame, Fireflight jerking and hitting the back of his valve as he came too.
Silverbolt looked extremely erotic, draped over Skyfire with the shuttle's spike hilted in him and a deep rumble of interstellar engines undercutting the bolts of light. The concord's silvery transfluid shot hard over his own chassis, adding to the arousing image, and Bumblebee couldn't help but roll into a secondary overload, taking a keening Fireflight with him.
Primus but he hadn't seen a show like that since his days in the towers of Vos.

They all came down off their highs very slowly and with the loud whirr of many vents.
Bumblebee purred loudly, snuggling and stroking Fireflight's wings as the aerial remained hilted in him comfortably.
Skyfire was in a similar position with Silverbolt, all of them marvelling silently at the impressive impromptu display of what a good overload could make the Concorde do.

Eventually, Fireflight warbled and pulled out slowly, mirring and nuzzling him happily.
Skyfire and Silverbolt also parted, with the shuttle pulling himself carefully from the still snug valve with a loud pop that had them all quivering.
Without words, riding the atmosphere and afterglow of what had been one pit of an orgy, the jets ignored their happy messes and piled together around the large scientist, who was now flat on his back on the floor with Silverbolt draped over his chest plates.
Bumblebee found himself pleasantly wedged between Fireflight and Skydive over Skyfire's legs.
Feeling highly satisfied and satiated, they all succumbed to recharge, leaving the task of refuelling and cleaning for later.

All in all, Bumblebee thought before he slipped into stasis, he was sure the Aerialbots wouldn't regret losing their seals this way in the slightest.
Unbeknownst to him, the gestalt were all thinking pretty much the same thing.